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Ultimate Stolen Bait Pranks Compilation 2016

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Text Comments (5300)
SiDE ESP. 24/7 (3 hours ago)
What are the ñame of the song of 07:00?
MAD MAORI (8 hours ago)
Typical niggas stealing everything
Connor Vermont Winters (13 hours ago)
Mexican trash lol
Connor Vermont Winters (13 hours ago)
chicano trash that infest my city!!! shoot these scum!
NWforager (14 hours ago)
-_- youtubes please never recommend such craps ever again . thanksomuch
Susan Roberts (14 hours ago)
dscott 858 (18 hours ago)
definitely not staged
BreakingAPaper (19 hours ago)
I love patty mayo and buzzpranks
Ruski Ryan (20 hours ago)
Doggie turd in the purse next time guys
Avlia Thomas (21 hours ago)
That shit is funny your buddy it not nice to steal
tupac t.m.g (21 hours ago)
ههههههههههههههه 👍
Sling Gaming (22 hours ago)
katzen wildkatzen (22 hours ago)
No puede ser que solos putos negros sean ladrones, no aparece ningun fuck blonde .. jajajjjja
katzen wildkatzen (22 hours ago)
Like , fucking thieves deserve it and pay their punishment ladrones csm
FearOfTheTrooper (1 day ago)
hmmm a lot of dindu nuffins here subhumans
Pankaj Sharma (1 day ago)
ninjamalachi (1 day ago)
So you steal people's fucking vids and put a watermark on it.. shameless Fucks
A LAMP (1 day ago)
Mark Mckeown (1 day ago)
Tell you what. Incidentally I had my bike stolen last week. Got a new and better one so fuck em. Leave the bike at the top of a hill. Double the charge. Wait til they're going fast. Then press the fucking button. Which first pushes nails our the hand grips covered in salt. Then teeth curb him.
waffiki (1 day ago)
you must be the worst criminals, testing others people integrity is only because you are worst yourself.
Daniel Smith (1 day ago)
Yes patty mayo is the best
Qazi Sohail (2 days ago)
Emilia Veliz (2 days ago)
Lucian Solomon (2 days ago)
Very good thinking
Jas Ron (2 days ago)
Just liberal left wing diversity, that's all.
Lasse P X Mikkelsen (2 days ago)
pathetic lowlife theif's they should get a life before they take from the wrong dude, who aint fking pranking,
Yabets Teferi (2 days ago)
the way you treat them is not correct
IBRAHIM KHALIL (2 days ago)
Its not funny and they found the things with out owner so they dident stil any things. Sorry funny ppl u should learn how to respect ppl.
Jasniel Del Rosario (2 days ago)
4:13 patty mayoooooooo
rae sremmurd sremmurd (2 days ago)
After watching rio criminals this make me feel good
N p (2 days ago)
Country of theieves
Rich Farfugnuven (2 days ago)
Should put OC spray in the stolen purse.
KASHYAP K KAMBLE (2 days ago)
It's scripted👎👎👎👎
red neck (2 days ago)
Ever one just needs to unsubscribe since they can't make new videos
Jim Morrison (2 days ago)
Patty Mayo way to go asshole setting people that are poor up thats entrapment dick. I hope you get you head in your hands if one of those less fortunate guys get the hold of you. If one gets hurt and sued you then you may need someone to bail your sorry ass out of jail. Lol you would be broke by the time you pay the guy you hurt maybe even on the streets yourself. what a sorry excuse for a human being you are. Ass wipe Mayo.
Slimothy Jones (2 days ago)
Fuckery from pekerwoods
Matt Fitgerald (2 days ago)
Fucking douche bags Megalomaniacal assholes.
My Ahmed Fadel (2 days ago)
It’s stolen idea!
Latisha Beaugard (2 days ago)
I think its so funny. Dont think its staged. We live in America and they are doing this in the hood. They are roguish in the hood
Raymond Stemmer (2 days ago)
Ha ha ha ! Silly you !
Raymond Stemmer (2 days ago)
That poor nig on the first one !!!
Cowboys Minion (3 days ago)
I feels like these guys and every other prankster target certain communities dominated by a certain demographic of people to shame and embarrass them
Eman35411 (3 days ago)
Omg patty mayo!!!
Brayden Burmeister (3 days ago)
You guys are gods
kelly shea (3 days ago)
John Martin (3 days ago)
I have forwarded this shameful display to the proper law enforcement authorities for further investigation. What you are doing is entrapment and conspiracy. I hope they throw the book at you punks...How would you feel if your mother or grandmother saw this ?
Xristos Manakas (3 days ago)
What music is in 7:02?
TrainWreck3000 (3 days ago)
Ooohh Carl shiny
Lord Jesus (3 days ago)
1:49 he almost broke his ancle
YaDudeDoik Ek (3 days ago)
I'm g0nNa [email protected] ;-)
TBC Shadow_412 (3 days ago)
How convenient the thief’s can’t see a camera in the middle of the road in broad daylight
Christopher Wilson (3 days ago)
Wait he a bounty hunter
Aurora IntheSky (3 days ago)
patty mayo is a cops
Ali Koray (3 days ago)
Brilliant,we’ll done
The C Nator (3 days ago)
PATTY MAYO !!!!!!!!!
Mitch Mitch (4 days ago)
flutist218 (4 days ago)
Shoulda taken that guy down at 7:00.
Andriod Duck (4 days ago)
You guys really does hardwork for this love it
Andriod Duck (4 days ago)
Really love your video bro I want a heart
Tim Roberts (4 days ago)
Even tho these assholes got what they deserved if you leave ALL your worldly positions on the sidewalk (including items of value) it's not stealing," its called "finders keepers" you stupid fucking liberals...
ICE BEAR 25 GAMIN (4 days ago)
I feel like it is staged
Rizwan Qureshi (4 days ago)
Andri man (4 days ago)
Min 12:00 this wakanda... 😅😂
Andri man (4 days ago)
Cooolllll dude 🤣🤣🤣
احمد الصالح (4 days ago)
I hate black-skinned
Elliott Bork (4 days ago)
Video filled with pussies
Kevin Pena (4 days ago)
Good one
George Scott (4 days ago)
I love it!!! This video was worth a second comment and I'm only on the purse thief! But how did you get away dressing like a woman but with a beard? I know that some people are so stupid though. Maybe I just answered my own question. I don't really know society. Had some bad experiences, seen things on the internet so I just stay away.
George Scott (4 days ago)
I loath me a thief, I've been robbed by government and people at the same time (including all my ID) If I ever recover from this, well you 3 have certainly been an inspiration to me and if I ever have money again one day i'm doing some shit myself. Can you all please do one more video like this, only fucking with cops. And please be sure you get away with it. I don't want to lose inspiration.
Rick S (4 days ago)
Thats what you call birth control
That's racist
syabilazizan adzim (4 days ago)
fuck you go to jail buzzpranks fuck off
White Rain605 (4 days ago)
Funniest shit ever
Albakri Family (4 days ago)
That full of shit, it's not prank when you heart som one else
Justin Credible (5 days ago)
3:15 BARNEY!!!
James Baxter (5 days ago)
Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Unvme Icy (5 days ago)
Why arent any of these pranks in white neighborhoods?
DarkLord (5 days ago)
you should replace paint with ACID !!
Rick Tata (5 days ago)
you film in public , you can show their faces
Keukengetest (5 days ago)
if this is real LOL
BEN BENJAMIN (5 days ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah!!!!..... awesome!... i loved it...
Melissa Zielstorf (5 days ago)
I love patty mayo
Demon Bros (5 days ago)
chase e'm patty 😂
Sven Rheinheimer (5 days ago)
patty mayo??????!!what the hell
Michael Galindo (5 days ago)
How much I gotta pay you to come do this bike prank in my hood? Moreno Valley, California
I believe patty Mayo messed with the crip and blood
Rudi De Wet (5 days ago)
Common, who steals a bike with a long electric cable attached to a bike?
Ju Heard211 (5 days ago)
How u get mad cuz u can't steal they shit😂😂😂😂
Ju Heard211 (5 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂my stomach hurts b
Scoop's Sky Scooters (5 days ago)
5 words: Next... time... hire... better... actors!!!
Luc Alexandre (5 days ago)
Yes,its so good,hahahaha..
Braden Richardson (5 days ago)
wanna ride the lightning?
Sharon Thompson (5 days ago)
Love you Patty 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Larry 13 (5 days ago)
Let get it patte
Osman Pineda (5 days ago)
YouTube Iran you I know patio Mayo he's my favorite and you too you're really funny
Shay Scully (5 days ago)
You pay someone to take a hit like that off a moped . Man he slammed the ground like a sack of spanners.
hector madrid (5 days ago)
All thieves and robbers are black and 1 Mexican whats up with that?
Rusty Dusty (5 days ago)
i had 3 of my bikes stolen. u guys did good
Antonio Dominguez (5 days ago)
Negros tenian que ser
Antonio Dominguez (5 days ago)
Siiii buena esa!!!! Yo odio las ratas que agarran lo que no es de ellos,bien hecho chicos.

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