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10 Craziest Ways People Have Tried To Cool PC's

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Having a badass computer is a must for many gamers, but besides the extraordinarily powerful source and a top-notch processor and GPU, everyone knows that a well optimized cooling system is mandatory. In order to keep their rigs at the right temperature, people have come up with some pretty wild ideas and in what follows we’ll be presenting 10 of the craziest ways some modders tried to cool down their precious PCs. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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leviathanfafner (2 days ago)
That was shit.
bra1nc417d (30 days ago)
Ummmm....The A/C method is, how do I put this "completely fucking wrong". This dumb fuck has his A/C Exhaust going through the PC....The exhaust is HOT AIR........LOL
Robert Perry (1 month ago)
3:31 was he using the AC in reverse??
fred durst (1 month ago)
they should create a case that touches the gpu and cpu and that can be filled with ice cold water so that it keeps the damn thing cool all the time.
Innocent rookie (3 months ago)
Lol. They even should use cooling via farts...
Firelog2000 (5 months ago)
Mfw they act as if playing 4k youtube videos is demanding
War Nuts (5 months ago)
Water cooling does nothing but scare me. If there is a risk for wet components at all, I don't want any.
Yiğit (5 months ago)
water cooling system :/
Psoma_Brufd (5 months ago)
Ice might work because it is actually a method used, with superconductors, however, moving parts will no longer move.
D2daK87 (5 months ago)
FYI. Don't use vegetable oil or cooking oil. Use mineral oil also usable is baby oil.
Shindinder (6 months ago)
dev57 (6 months ago)
Well I use my computer as a heater for my bath water. Its pretty cool in the end.
DeathToDrugUsers21 (7 months ago)
84c for cpu is TERRIBLE! Wtf are you talking about? Unless the cpu was overclocked to 5.5ghz that is fucking bad and close to the redline temp Terrible video done by people who don't know jack shit about pc
Z3ROLABZ (9 months ago)
The dude with the portable AC had the hot exhaust vent blowing into his PC...
Robert Perry (9 months ago)
its mineral oil not cooking oil good god
Daniel (9 months ago)
Salman Khan (9 months ago)
Can someone explain the Mineral oil one to me? Isn't he just getting his components wet and just messing them up, or am I missing the science aspect of that method.
Salman Khan (8 months ago)
Thank you for the Explanation my Friend. That is very interesting, I'll look in to it :)
Joe Player (8 months ago)
The important part of mineral oil is that is does not conduct electricity. The components becoming wet is actually not such a bad thing because a) fluids perfectly adapt to any shape they surround meaning the maximum cooling area will be covered by cool liquids and b) where there are non conducting fluids there is no humid air which is way more dangerous for electrical components. If you want to try something like this however I wouldn't recommend using mineral oil. There are way better industrial grade solutions like Novec (made by a company called 3M) that are easier to handle and cool better. If you want to see that in action, der8auer (a popular German modder) set up a Novec cooled PC at gamescom 2017 a few weeks ago, there are lots of interviews with him on Youtube (this one for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPx4qyKPsw0)
Terraunce Bowie (9 months ago)
this mofo did a no case pc. Now i done seen it all. 😂💀
gen ciri (9 months ago)
I usually use ice for cool down my pc
Will Scover (9 months ago)
so cooking oil doesn't destroy the components when the computer is soaked in it
Bah, I dump my PC in the ocean to cool it down, works perfectly.
Terraunce Bowie (9 months ago)
TheUnknownD (10 months ago)
My computer never overheats.
Dylan Brewer (10 months ago)
I have that same plug in fan. It is a Pelonis.
TERRORTREMOR (10 months ago)
Why put clickbait pics on other videos? Fraghero will u tell me?
Sean Boyle (10 months ago)
Fraghero is cancer.
Radu Jackson (10 months ago)
Where is whole room water cooled pcs from LinusTechTips? I think he deserves a spot
Gordon Freeman (10 months ago)
My laptop's cooling system is weak so i use a fan that is about the half of that industral fan to help it cool down:3
Flaming sword_xxx (10 months ago)
# Russian genius !!
Poochie Collins (10 months ago)
How did the cooking oil not damage electrical components?
Sergy straystar (7 days ago)
JW86SH wait. I thought mineral oil corroded parts?
JW86SH (10 months ago)
I'm not sure on "cooking" oil, but "mineral" oil is inert, meaning it does not conduct electricity. Also, it is non-corrosive. As it is an oil, it will protect the electrical components for eternity. I'm sure something in the system will eventually break down, but it won't be due to electrical failure or corrosion.
Hit Merker (10 months ago)
like..why..? 108ti watercooled is all u need
Dax Corsiar (Weeaboo) (10 months ago)
I'm the type of person who cooks food on my hot pc.
FrostBite (10 months ago)
love your guys's channel! I hope to grind and grow to a channel as great as yours someday!!!
Darth Star Killer (10 months ago)
Instead of having running water pumped through the pc replace the water with cum and it'll keep it ice cold
Destari Technologies (10 months ago)
Taking the side case off a computer actually will make it HOTTER. Cases are enclosed for a reason, it directs airflow from front to back. Without a direction to that air flow all your case fans become worthless and you will actually make it hotter.
JW86SH (10 months ago)
Not necessarily, like in the case of the PC with the fan set beside it blowing air in it. Also, direction is overrated as it has been proven that simply removing the hot air is the most effective method. A guy tried numerous fan setups and found that the ones where all of the fans were pulling air out of the case were the most effective., You only need case fans to move the heat away from the case. Look at the most effective air coolers for CPUs right now. None of them direct cool air on the CPU anymore. They use a heat spreader to displace the heat. Nothing directed about the airflow. The fans simply remove the heat from the CPU and the case fans then remove that heat from the case.
vmiki888 (10 months ago)
I'm gonna throwing out "blöööööööööh"
Louis Peeters (10 months ago)
even German reluctant trailer administer prominent column.
Monkeyboy 1002 (10 months ago)
I'm study at RCC AC and my biggest trick is taking all the hot air on my console and put outside by using a vacuum system while Fanning it into the vacuum system
JDdawide (10 months ago)
I once used the liquid nitrogen method, I over locked my CPU (i7 7700k) up to 6.2ghz but well the power consumption was hilarius and my motherboard almost died, but well its a cool thing to play with
Kids Games (10 months ago)
wow ... amazing
Kids Games (10 months ago)
wow ... amazing
ayush sharma (10 months ago)
just take off your computer side panel
Vaughn Nottingham (10 months ago)
1. People have been using mineral oil for years, although he did say vegetable oil. 2. The ice and ac would kill your components due to condensation. 3.The freezer would only work for a short time, because it wasn't designed to cool down a continuous heat source. 4. The guy at the end only put his rad in the pool it looked like. 5. You guys need to get your shit together, and actually put out quality content, not just another video.
Jessie Janson (5 months ago)
Ayyy, almost exactly what i wanted to say.
Thanks for saving my time, now i dont need to write all that.
Semi-Hilarious Oreo (10 months ago)
The fan case will give me dust nightmares forever
Crazycrafter 0 (10 months ago)
Is the Aquarium pc buyable
PiratmitHolzbein (10 months ago)
i cant believe that the components still work when swimming in oil
Doofindork (10 months ago)
Yes. But getting a mineral oil computer is a pain in the ass. Not recommended.
S M (10 months ago)
that AC would blew out its warmth air into the PC..... also would the oil method kill the CPU Fan after some time, if it is in use anyway
Muamin Hugsy (10 months ago)
0:37 imagine a PC that doses every time it has a spike in temperature
Vinyl (10 months ago)
I used to cool an old pc with water from the tank that holds the water to flush the toilet, it worked great because the water had about 10 °C, but from time to time someone had to use the toilet because the water would get hot within about 2 hours, I used an old 4 core amd cpu that I overclocked from 3,3 to 4,4 ghz, sadly it ran dry one day and died, but I am not giving up on cooling a pc with a toilet
Kokuyous3ki (10 months ago)
If you need that much cooling, you are probably going overboard with the OC. You are simply not getting that much improvement to make it worth the trouble. But I guess, people want to go as far as possible sometimes even if there is no logical reason to do so.
TheSpojak19 (10 months ago)
I put a plastic bag of ice against my processor and water tubes
Sewitscher HD (10 months ago)
lol xD
Jpopz (10 months ago)
I use liquid nitrogen on mine by submerging the pc on it
Raul RajKumar (10 months ago)
2:12 That cat is looking into my soul
shaggy9522 (10 months ago)
The A/C unit made me cringe, so much condensation
ShadinqTR (10 months ago)
Cool video. Huh!
hugs free hugs (10 months ago)
I put my phone in the freezer if it's too hit
VACationLover (10 months ago)
You could even put the phone in a closed bag and leave it in there for a night. Phones like Samsungs work under those tempatures, Iphones however dont.
hugs free hugs (10 months ago)
Just 10 sec should do
Hayden D. (10 months ago)
question for people: I'm new to building PC's can I use an air cooler with a i7 7700 and GTX 1070?
Xoce (9 months ago)
tfw same setup as you
Hexaquan (10 months ago)
Yes you can. I would recommend the H7 or quad lumi
Jacob Smith (10 months ago)
yes you can use air cooling with pretty much everything
Dr. Monty A.K.A That Duck (10 months ago)
Im watching porn tonight.
Durcaz (10 months ago)
Or do.
Semi-Hilarious Oreo (10 months ago)
Nice! Don't ever tell us how it goes
PSU Calculator (10 months ago)
Pool water!
snow (10 months ago)
Just pee on it.
Special Doctorツ (10 months ago)
I stop playing on mine when it is burning up. I have a life you see
Zach Craig (10 months ago)
Professor Chaos No you don't because you have a anime profile pic so we can clearly tell you don't have a life
heartbreakmanNo1 (10 months ago)
Nobody give a shit about you having a life, they're too busy saying they have a life.........nigga :T
Durcaz (10 months ago)
So, not trying to start an argument here. Just curious. Why would you word it like that if your cooling isnt a problem? If you have sufficient cooling your pc will never get too hot.
Kieran1878 (10 months ago)
Professor Chaos still you should buy a fan
Crazycrafter 0 (10 months ago)
cory williamson (10 months ago)
Very inventive ... Hope most of the computers still work
GU KingOfHeart (10 months ago)
11. Go to Antarctica and put your computer outside, with no cases!
TheSpojak19 (10 months ago)
Why not build a little shed around it
Basementfridge (10 months ago)
Matthew Canale dick
He who calls others Gay (10 months ago)
GU KingOfHeart if you do that the snow will melt and damage the components •-•
Kimza (10 months ago)
Not first but, first to admit it
MrSammy (10 months ago)
😒 mmmm Nooooobs!
Bl4ck0ut 1nf1n1t3 (10 months ago)
I just stop playing on it to let it cool down
Kieran1878 (10 months ago)
Shinobi Savage or you could buy a case fan.
Twilight craft (10 months ago)
Second comment :)
Z Ash (10 months ago)
I use bag of ice :) to cool mines
This is no mine. It's a tomb.
Special Doctorツ (10 months ago)
Guy must have skill to cool those mines
Night Howl (10 months ago)
Z Ash to cool fucking mines? MINES?!?!

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