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Overwatch Hidden Mechanics

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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Overwatch. Here are some hidden mechanics you probably didn't know in Overwatch ● Send us your Overwatch Plays! ➜ https://goo.gl/RxqV5U ● Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos! Click to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 ● Written & Voiced by TGN Network Partner Moxness: https://twitter.com/JonathanMoxness Edited by TGN Network Partner Fgeitas: https://www.youtube.com/MagicalNoob ●Produce Content with TGN ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/work-with-us/● The TGN channel is a collaboration between the TGN Network and TGN partners. We work directly with TGN Partners in the Network to create and co-produced videos for this channel. If you're interested in joining TGN and working with us, click below for more information. Partner with TGN ➜ http://bit.ly/1VDyHq3 Store ➜ http://shop.tgn.tv Website ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/ Like Us ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV Follow Us ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games Minecraft ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/TGNMinecraft Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com TGN is your source for Overwatch YouTube! We post daily gaming videos including a Overwatch facts, Overwatch lore, Overwatch tips, and Overwatch Community Highlights.
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Text Comments (842)
Lisa Chaffin (2 days ago)
If you hit widow Maker's hook with roadhog's hook she will still come to you
Lisa Chaffin (2 days ago)
Patrick 07 (3 days ago)
As Genji you can actually pick up healthpacks and you don't have to spam "I need healing" when your healers are dead.
OWEN_XD (13 days ago)
there is a way to get play of the game on rialto
Monkey Mode (1 month ago)
How about the roadhog space program? Hook an enemy tank and as soon as it connects, cancel the animation by ulting. The enemy still takes time to be pulled in whilst catching a full whole hog in their face, launching them into space
Ergotth (1 month ago)
With some practice, you could show us some Moira trick teleports, you can kinda propel yourself pretty high and far if you teleport over angled surfaces, kinda like speeding a car over a ramp.
Christopher Uno (1 month ago)
YES DO IT!!!!!!!!
Izzie water toad (4 months ago)
If you use the mei-rry skin for mei and play the voice line “you have to let it go” it will say “you have to let it snow” instead
Und3adPeace (4 months ago)
also, when two roadhogs are fighting each other, the one who hooks first will be at a disadvantage because the delay after hooking is longer than the delay after being hooked.
flying phoenix (4 months ago)
One time I got 7 kills with Hanzo scatter arrow and I only killed 1 person idk
Jermz1019 (5 months ago)
You can do the lucio wall ride trick on lijang garden on the tower side and get extremely high and drop down with a speed boost to get to the bridges safely.
Eduardo Bautista (6 months ago)
I’m a mei main
Hayden Stacey (6 months ago)
i like the last one
La Gladiators fan (6 months ago)
I know all of them now after I watched the video
Harsh P (6 months ago)
I have experience with zen. When he you left few balls less than 5 than use right click i mean fire 5 ball same time. Even you have 1 ball but shoot 5 instead. Same with sym. May already bastion reload by shifting.
I dont have overwatch my mom wont let me buy overwatch can you send me overwatch pls
overwatch king (7 months ago)
Holly wood invisible Building
Mister X52 (7 months ago)
Everybody shutup this is good video I only knew 1 of these things... And those are fun and useful things... And this Channel doesnt make all videos like 10.01 Just to get the ad revenue...
Captain Topkek (8 months ago)
Most people don't know TGN aren't paying for plays you send them, yet they monetize their compilations.
Itz me JoKeR ItzmeJoKer (8 months ago)
The dva mech boot that trick got me killed as reaper doing my die die die she called it fell down damaged me
Birgitte Engeseth (8 months ago)
Most people didn’t know you could help the team by switching
Angelina Calderon (8 months ago)
Niall Quinlivan (8 months ago)
At the practice range there is a area that looks like there is no floor but there is actually a barrier.
The Gaming Sylveon (8 months ago)
There's a sombra glitch where you can glitch with no limits for abilities near the left corner of the train tunnel keep throwing translocaters until you glitch then land on the gate and switch to pharah
Christian M (8 months ago)
That hook thing happened to me when I got hooked it was awesome
Thats Ruff Dog (8 months ago)
I've seen the delayed headshot trick.
Thats Ruff Dog (8 months ago)
I've seen the delayed headshot trick.
butter pan gaming (9 months ago)
I knew number 8
JoelvsGaming (9 months ago)
I didn't know 10 6 3
Abolasis (9 months ago)
TGN i became a PRO in overwatch cuz of you
A pretty shity Guy (9 months ago)
I knew all of them but not 3 thx for the tip :D
ChadOfStats (9 months ago)
I ended up junkrat lounging in the echo point map. It worked quite well hiding from the enemy
J Dragonblade (9 months ago)
Most players don't know that they can switch off Genji or hanzo if the team doesn't have a healer.
Pixel Slice (9 months ago)
I will definitely be taking advantage of the hanzo headshot
Kilgrave Zombies (9 months ago)
That hanzo one is rediculous
Chang'e (9 months ago)
geeklette99 (9 months ago)
That hanzo one is both cool as fuck and slightly scary
jean-frederick bolduc (9 months ago)
I usually know most things in those kind of video but I din't know any of these. Nice job.
Joshuagriff (9 months ago)
Already new number 1
Erza Chan (9 months ago)
Most people don't know that the payload heals you. 1 good reason to push it.
THE PIG (9 months ago)
I knew like half the stuff... surprisingly xD some of it I knew but never tried it because you know? it's not everyday that you can come across a hanzo trying to shoot across the map😐😂
Reaper Reyes (9 months ago)
I found 8 on my own
Steve (9 months ago)
These aren’t very practical
Samuil Nachev (9 months ago)
on ps4 you can select auto aim
potatooou (9 months ago)
2:33 , we will never have rez again... :'( ( blizzard GIVE OLD MERCY BACK )
Johnnycocacola 》 (9 months ago)
Im proud to say i knew all of these
Mc'Garr the Great (9 months ago)
you can also block Reinhardt's hammer damage with genji's deflect
Yume (9 months ago)
I've done the Hanzo headshot delay before.
Matt Walker (9 months ago)
My favorite is the Mei-ddle finger. I figured out that if you boost yourself up with an ice wall as Mei and then hit SHIFT, it looks like you're flipping somebody off with ice.
Cluck Dimple (9 months ago)
This is the dumbest shit I've seen all day
Faris Iqmal (9 months ago)
I thought I knew all the hanzo tricks...interesting... Bwahahahaah
Strategy (9 months ago)
Thanks For That Cool Tip On The Arrow Thing So What We Did Is My Friend Went Pharrah And Started Shooting The Rein after I Shot the arrow on top so he aimed up than he broke his shield and that's how the west was won
VerySpicyy (9 months ago)
You can crouch while in reapers ghost thing
Timmy Girard (10 months ago)
I've gotten potg by getting a triple kill with D.Va's call mech :P
Hu gdck (10 months ago)
How about you give credit to the people you stole these tips and video clips from. They didn't send them into you they are on their channels
windowmeiker twitch (10 months ago)
I already know all them cuz I have no life and 700+ hours on the game also fuck dva mains
Hop182 (10 months ago)
Have any of these been patched ?
naiveninja (10 months ago)
thank you for making this video WITH information most of us probably wont know and not some dumb clickbait
Falconsite (10 months ago)
As genji you can deflect an enemy soldier 76's healing thing onto yourself. And the payload speed maxes out at 3 players.
Neo _ (10 months ago)
The number 1 happened to me. #feelsbadman
Oppiko (10 months ago)
Oh man. Glide as mercy and boop people. Mind blown.
Ak gaming (10 months ago)
Ak gaming (10 months ago)
اشتركوا بقناتي الله يحفظكم يا اخواتي
Ollie Topps (10 months ago)
this video is so fucked up and I shall be using most if not all of it the next time I play.
itay zisso (10 months ago)
I knew all of them
RichHobo (10 months ago)
I knew the hanzo one
NKN82 (10 months ago)
Video starts at 0:47
Gunman Gaming (10 months ago)
I died yo hanzos delayed arrow and was like wtf guess I know why now , how do you break roadhog a hook ?
Brylle Fronteras (10 months ago)
Can I make people stay on the payload so we won't lose ?
i knew everysingle one of these, so stupid man, you guys are running out of ideas...
Cainan Balagia (10 months ago)
Video starts at 0:47
cjdaboss (10 months ago)
there's another lucio infinite wallrides on temple of anubis, it's in the top left of the little high ground that everyone sets up on
wow717 (10 months ago)
I had no idea, these are amazing!!!
Rynne (10 months ago)
Found my new Mercy escape route
SrMorua (10 months ago)
I was expecting to learn nothing, as OW is already way too exploited in many channels, but you did indeed show me some things I didn't know Thank you!
The_ Tygr (10 months ago)
lol that's littttt
ArtzyGameZ (10 months ago)
Thanks! Im a Hanzo main :)
Torrcha (10 months ago)
Glad you switched over to Overwatch so you can stop ruining online content for TW:W. Stooge.
(10 months ago)
From my experience, it seems like no one knows the payload can actually heal you. And I've only seen one video even acknowledge it.
Henti Kirby (10 months ago)
i know all the tricks u can do with genji
Vexed Valentine (10 months ago)
On Nepal. On the enclosed map. The ledge opposite of the point above the boop goal. You can walk on the 4 of them that are attached to pillars.
The Otaku (10 months ago)
I play on console, can I still submit plays ? (No hate against pc)
-DERPE10- (10 months ago)
Wait how much do you bet? Cause i knew all these
HappyEyeBall (10 months ago)
This is stupid, the shooting through wall thing isn't shooting through a wall, its just the character's hitbox is sticking out the wall, especially roadhogs hitbox
Lexa (10 months ago)
at first I didn't know ana could heal when she shoots and I didn't know her e could also do things to enemies I am a bad ana
The Friendliest Gamer (10 months ago)
Anyone who plays spyro knows how to glide like that
Maxime Charest (10 months ago)
Could someone explain number 2?
gage King (10 months ago)
I new all
Natalie Halling (10 months ago)
When I was playing dva once I destroyed a teleporter when I was calling my mech on top of it XD
LazyTurtle (10 months ago)
Ppl have no video ideas anymore....
Dean Kennelly (10 months ago)
For hanzo delayed head shots you can also fire the sonic arrow on top of mei's ice block and land a head shot when she comes out of it
Ashley Brown (10 months ago)
Legend has it that if you get on the payload mei won't block you in the spawn :0 shocking
Dazart (10 months ago)
Little known fact: it is possible to stand on the point to win the game.
Connor Charlton (10 months ago)
That's not the only infinite wall ride spot
TaeTae SVT (10 months ago)
The Hanzo one I do all the time but don't notice XD
DasJ0nas (10 months ago)
of you melee with reaper while reloding, after gerade droped his weapons, Thanksgiving he will so melee damage anderen reload a bit faster.. try it y out
TomatoBro (10 months ago)
I know that roadhog thing
Comic Jester17 (10 months ago)
One more "When you're running about of ideas" I'm gonna die just stop. These videos really aren't too bad so just stop hating they probably have better vids then You *And* Me
Sakaisa (10 months ago)
most ppl ain't know that your an lùciomain when you just spam crossfade/jump every -0.8second
Samtimus Prime (10 months ago)
The way you say 'capability' makes my skin crawl.
NotEli M (10 months ago)
I know the invis floor on ecopoint, I mistakenly found it

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