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Game Of Thrones Season 8 : Trailer #2 (HBO)

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READ BELOW: Fan made trailer of game of thrones season 8. I was bored so decided to put it together. Well, the footages shown in the video belongs to HBO and i don't own them. Neither i intend to make profit out of them. And if u see ads in the video, its cause of the copyrighted music put in the video, the owner of the music monetized it. Peace. X Keywords: Game of thrones season 8 trailer Got s8 trailer Got season 8
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Text Comments (450)
Trailer Pro (1 month ago)
Song in background: Hell- Jordan Max
Daniel Moreno (2 days ago)
You guys do realize Jon is gonna end up having to kill Danny in order to defeat the night king
Eric Rawlings (4 days ago)
This was really done well.
Vikash Yadav (7 days ago)
Hindi me kis side se dekhne Ko milega
khanyisa Mpani (9 days ago)
Danilo Maciel (27 days ago)
Uma das melhores séries já criadas
I love Hollywood it makes my fairy babies giggle and say weep
I think they are giggling and there is fairy dust everyehere
should have been more seroius
Alina Domnisoru (1 month ago)
This is amazing
Littlefinger lived, he paid that blonde girl to wear his face. I don't think his treacherous ways are over quite yet!
Spoiler trailer 😂😅
liz yannifer (1 month ago)
Muy bueno grasias
Armin Henkel (1 month ago)
What’s the song bro? It’s dope btw!
Trailer Pro (1 month ago)
Its, Hell-Jordan Max. Thanks bro.
Gábor Korecz (1 month ago)
Ez kibaszotul nem a 8. Évad előzetese. Ez kamu
Rob Lavonne Hale (1 month ago)
lili ks (1 month ago)
this is not season 8 trailer but a video montage of seasons 1-7 . nice video though ( don't care for the music)
bcire3k (1 month ago)
Nicely made, change the title
jess viton (1 month ago)
afromexican 762 (1 month ago)
Am i the only person who thinks that when it's all said and done the imp will be king long live tyriaan Lannister
The Watcher (1 month ago)
"Winter is coming"
Adityaa Sharma (1 month ago)
Not interesting without tyrion lannister.😣
Milena Marin (1 month ago)
nada nuevo, partes de otros capitulos
Arya Stark (1 month ago)
I hope Jaime survives
Rahi Raza (1 month ago)
were to watch & how to get Reid of unauthorized website
Parth Vatsa (1 month ago)
ohh.. can't wait to see everyone die..
Nurdaulet Mirlan (1 month ago)
Ryan Tahlilkar (1 month ago)
God of war gaia voice is narrating
В К (1 month ago)
Россия 🇷🇺 ждёт
Sevosh Doe (1 month ago)
Clickbait. It is not a new Trailer
Cry Me A Rivher (1 month ago)
Song pls
يمته يعروضه مو انشلع گِـۂلــۂبـۂي. 😂💔
sultan karahan (1 month ago)
Ciğerim soldu 8.sezon beklemekten
Alex Deco (1 month ago)
taimur168 (1 month ago)
I am from pakistan is their any one who can tell me the date of relsing the season 8 plz
Vladimir seryi (1 month ago)
Teresa Ward (1 month ago)
I hope the producers are working on Season 9 Game of thrones.
Florin Caracas (1 month ago)
Unde pot sa vad episoadele full...ca nu merge😥
Julia Vovk (1 month ago)
seriously good
Lol it wasnt a trailer...twas a recap
Andy Moss (1 month ago)
Well done indeed.Thanks
Adam Gladstein (1 month ago)
Is this real?
amandahawkins70 (1 month ago)
Wow that was fantastic. You have an amazing talent 🤗
FUNKY and MNATTY (1 month ago)
very nice
0:39 voice of drogon 😥😥
Evan Motions (1 month ago)
great job, I love how you used the symbolism of "Fire" and "Ice" in the mixing of the video shots! great job :)
Trailer Pro (1 month ago)
Thank you : D
Edward Nelson (1 month ago)
Thomas Spence (1 month ago)
Holy shit, watching this has confirmed even more of what I already knew, Game Of Thrones is AWESOME ❤️ ❤️ 😍
newvillagefilms (1 month ago)
Click bait!
B F (2 months ago)
King Arthur will be in season 8!!!
Treza Fathy (2 months ago)
رجاءا لو اى حد يعرف امتى هيتعرض الموسم الثامن يبلغنى شكرا
Mustbe Venus (2 months ago)
Seriously. How do I keep falling for this!?
Ross Luigi (2 months ago)
¿Porque no acaban con los caminantes blancos. Con fuego valiriano?
deeptimayee behera (2 months ago)
Huh...It just skipped my heart
Denise Waukau (2 months ago)
Upset me when they went to HBO now I'm waiting to rent the series when they come out...They lost me when they did that Cruel move to us watching your Story of Illuminati beginnings...They're all sick individuals anyway!
Trailer Pro (2 months ago)
Illuminati whaat?
Gang Xia (2 months ago)
we have been waiting so long time !
Chuka Okoli (2 months ago)
what song is this ?? i need to know
Alex Silva (2 months ago)
Tem nada de traller ai
Asha Khamis (2 months ago)
season 8I lov this drama wallah
rochelle reyes (2 months ago)
This is not trailer haha
mss mimi (2 months ago)
متى ينزل الجزء على osn hbo
Amr El_Behery (2 months ago)
What is the name of this song?
Taylor (2 months ago)
This almost made me want to watch all the episodes again but I have done it before. Cant wait for the final season!
Star Profile (2 months ago)
WoW!!!! Love from us! Keep it up bro!
Роза Акопян (2 months ago)
Wow 🤘🤘👍👍👍
Garvit Kumar (2 months ago)
What's new in this trailer
Kristy Johnson (2 months ago)
This is SOOOOOOOOOO good! Great job!!!
Robert Nielsen (2 months ago)
Satyam Raj (2 months ago)
I believe Ned stark will be back as they have put soo much focus on him
Ryan (2 months ago)
guys I don't remember this part 1:08
Lenequi Jabu Mabasa (2 months ago)
This is season 7😒
Alex Zarraga (2 months ago)
I really hope sansan doesn't die
Loide Zaaruka (2 months ago)
*Spoiler* Bran is the Night King!!! #KeepYourEyesOpen
SUDHANSHU MAURYA (2 months ago)
WTF ....not something new
Lina Sina (2 months ago)
Ich bin so gespannt ..... Tyrion ist auch mein Favorit. Wäre schön wenn der Spoiler stimmt. 😉😅😀
Global warming is end of the series..:-P not really a bad joke?? ...
1212coffee (2 months ago)
Wow dude not cool
Diversity means chasing down the last white Person.
Heather Moore (2 months ago)
This was not a trailer. Just a recap of everything that's already happened... 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Paweł Olszewski (2 months ago)
Grow to strog Power is a in spells
N0bLy_Hades (2 months ago)
Tralier 2 ???? Its the same damn thing
Rodrigo Alves (2 months ago)
Seu cu que é o trailer da 8 temporada
noder nedarim be-aba (2 months ago)
Nice *fanmade* clip
John Vang (2 months ago)
Beemer (2 months ago)
**Spoiler** Tyrion will win the game of thrones
Şifanur Gürbüz (1 month ago)
No. Danny Will win. She is the winner
nikesh dubey (1 month ago)
I don't think, any man will win.
milton bradley (1 month ago)
Valor Dohaeris
milton bradley (1 month ago)
He's hands down the main character. Daenerys is a villan, Aegon will be a victim, and Tyrion will rule. Take that to the iron bank.
Javier Cuela (1 month ago)
No susan
Ahamad Bishal (2 months ago)
which song
Lesha Melni4enko (2 months ago)
shammah benjamin (2 months ago)
the fuck danaerys is dope hey .....i hope finally she gets preg with SIR snows bby ....tht wld b fcn awesome
GB Est (2 months ago)
Those are not season 8 scenes
Karma Queen (2 months ago)
:'( y does this show have to end!! :'(
Dawn Ellen (2 months ago)
Karma Queen people are still waiting for that last 2 books to come out. We could cast new actors, put the show on Netflix n redo the whole 8 seasons, n still be waiting fir book 6 n 7
MrDodo (2 months ago)
Global freezing will kill them all
Lups Joh (2 months ago)
Stupid trailer
ReeLoy Kenjins (2 months ago)
Varys sounds like Gaia from God of War.
Susi Lemar (2 months ago)
Great Vid! 👑Trailer Pro!It's A Rad Remniscing, Of All the GOT 👑 Actors 🐲 🌬🌫❄🐺🌫❄🗡🛡 🏹Cheers! love y'all! Rad Song Aswell.... ⭐ 💜 Blessings and Love 💜 ⭐ ⭐ FoREVer! ⭐
Trailer Pro (2 months ago)
Thankss 😁😁
travis burrows (2 months ago)
this is a good vid to show to people who never seen the series they'll want to watch it after seeing tht
Miranda Van Alphen (2 months ago)
Wouw! Like it a lot! Awesome!
membu chibuzormembu (2 months ago)
This isn't season 8
Jian Dong (2 months ago)
Amanda Silva (2 months ago)

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