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State of Decay 2: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

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State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One) is deeper than you might expect, so here are some things to keep in mind before jumping in as a new player. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx
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KV HW (1 day ago)
Don’t fight hostile enclaves with guns or melee weapons. Run them over with a vehicle. You will take little to no damage, and they will die quicker
Anonymous Muffin (1 day ago)
Does anyone else’s game freeze a lot? I’ll be roaming around and a loading symbol will appear at the corner and I’ll have to restart the game :/
iDivineAegis (3 days ago)
Good guide If I could add a tip myself. Yes, always bring a companion. But also some enclaves are gonna enlist your help for a certain mission pertaining to them. They'll then begin to follow you. When I was running thru the first time, Greenie and the other broad needed my help so they joined my party on top of already having a follower. I haven't tested doing other missions while they are currently under my follow. But say you need help clearing infestations or plague hearts, now you're gonna have a grp of people and not just a duo. Also on my new play through, I kept my enclave at bout 5 people (for building larger shit) and spent the first 3 days farming resources. Have 1-2 enclaves for allies/trade(which will also keep you from the constant running around and losing allies). Focus on those and you'll have a cheerful enclave like myself. I have yet to drop below Cheerful. Next goal now is to move to a bigger facility then I can worry about getting more survivors.
Grays0n (3 days ago)
One of the best way to kill Plague Hearts is Molotovs! They are relatively easy to get if you have a workshop, and they do crazy damage to them. Just make sure to have something to distract zombies with and you'll be good to go.
Gary McKinnon (4 days ago)
Basically SoD2 is like having another job.
iSuRRendeReDuK (4 days ago)
Dull as fu...nd repetative god is it repetative best thing about it was the uninstaller
Sean Santos (5 days ago)
Bloaters are a pain
Breadlord God (5 days ago)
well, i wont be needing these tips cuz my fucking game doesn't even load. Great fucking game.
ash G. (6 days ago)
i only have one question......i dont have a xbox controller, will this be hell to play?
frizzb72 (7 days ago)
How do you get this to run in 1920x1080...…..It's says its set a desk top resolution which is 1920x 1080 but game shows 12?? x720...….any help would be appreciated.
nasos sarikas (8 days ago)
That game is really boring....Ms has little to none quality games so far.
SongMixes SC (8 days ago)
Number 11 take advantage of glitches in one of 3 communities to have fun and stuff
TheClimbTo1 (8 days ago)
You can find both Power and Water Facilities which can be Outposts. They cost Fuel per Day as Upkeep. I find it very valuable to gun for one of these (and the Fuel Points required to keep it running) for the huge Morale Boost, as these will Power/Water the ENTIRE BASE as long as fueled. Much better than Water Collection and Generators. This frees you up 2 Spots for other things INSIDE your Base, though it does put a small crunch early on since you need 2 Outposts for Fuel (on the Valley Map however there is a Base that adds 100 Extra Fuel Storage, though it's considered the SECOND best Home Base), in the North, near a Power Outpost.
Member Berry (8 days ago)
1:24 That aim...
Pradatoru (9 days ago)
You forgot to mention that being on good side of conclave when you trade with them , items are cheaper For example on neutral this military conclave was asking 700 inf for ar-15 when they became friendly it was only 325inf
Albz (9 days ago)
Yo, I’ve got a problem in the game; All my characters have their specialties and therefore I can’t use the computer skill to upgrade my command center.. What to do?
Akin Gamer (12 days ago)
Is it on disk
saucy (12 days ago)
Yes and digital download
Antix (12 days ago)
tried it out since it was with game pass. its pretty addicting. survival strategy action. it does have some bugs and controls can be clunky but hey, it was free for me so i cant complain.
Jason Bane (13 days ago)
Just use a suppressor
FreedomFighterEx (13 days ago)
"You can bring rucksack back one at a time" Oh the horror in SOD1 before ruck in trunk update.
TAD HYDRO (15 days ago)
Why does it take so long to load a new community?
jacky BelgianGamer (15 days ago)
what do you mean ?
Pablo Pharoah (16 days ago)
In the first game, we could send members out on missions on their own - i.e. find materials, supplies, etc. Sometimes, they’d get stuck or caught in a bind, depending on their skills, and we’d have to rescue them. Why did they remove this? It was a great way to multitask, was a good incentive to improve ALL characters...
Starzcraft88 (16 days ago)
Too bad you can't drive into your parking space with a car full of rucksacks and auto deliver all of them at once anymore. :(
Charmader Orange (17 days ago)
Find a van and cherish it. It can hold a ton of supplies.
ArkaelDren (18 days ago)
So basically you need to know.... oh wait, nothing from this vid, cause its RPG, MMO Atari adventure basics of every game we have ever played that had an inventory/skill system blah blah...
MarkEz DEZ (18 days ago)
I must be lucky as hell. I just finished all 4 runs, gaining all the achievements (except the 10K zombie kills), and only gotten stuck once. Other that that there is a wide variety of MINOR bugs which is passible. Here's a list i've encountered: Door open when closed (But works perfectly fine), Cars getting stuck on Rocks, Hud freezing rendering everything uncontrollable (so I have to close the game and relaunch), At one point some enemy human npc was INVINCIBLE, your companion running away to a weird direction, side quest npc's running away, a weird white line across your screen when driving during dark, I think at one point a Juggernaut was invincible in my base and all 8 of my npc's with all carrying machine guns couldn't dmg him (so had to close game before it killed anyone in my base), INFESTATIONS weren't popping up on map (so you had to manually hover over every house to figure out which place is infested, one of my npc's gardening skill wasn't levelling up no matter i did (which probably pissed me off the most cause i was highly invested in that character and could never fix even when turning OFF n ON the game), the plague soldiers you radio for help comes out the plague house and jogs away (as in they don't fucking help you take out the plague house), and probably some other minor bugs that wasn't worth remembering. Now what saved all of this was the game's AUTO-SAVE Mechanic. If it wasn't for this sole mechanic, I probably wouldn't be playing this game still.
Lewis Carrol (18 days ago)
Always be prepared for traders. Some of them are traps and will try to kill you when you get to them.
Chuggabug 45 (18 days ago)
Is there any preference to which area to start your first base, and which direction to progress from there?
marilyn begay (18 days ago)
When starting a new game? More like when playing this game? Change title
Luis Wyatt (19 days ago)
Looking for rare stuff to trade have a lot add me on Xbox one Tribledoughnut
Planet Theo (19 days ago)
lol at 4:17 i thought i heard te scremers noise but quiet but whenever i go to that moment the pc makes that noise like a screamer-ish
Neal Conway (19 days ago)
Great. It Reminds me of The Walking Dead
LocalBoxer (19 days ago)
Am I just a bad driver because my damn cars are always getting jammed in the smallest damn things
GhostCreek (19 days ago)
Another tip; Play through the tutorial, start a new game, skip the tutorial and you can pick three survivors from scratch instead of the douchebags you get assigned automatically.
Simon Harvey (19 days ago)
Chris Pratt, it's really cool that you do these kind of game reviews.
Cam L (20 days ago)
When you start your second playthrough how many characters do you get to bring? (Including leader)
Vikingkombat (20 days ago)
The people whin so much and so often. One day they will be wanting to leave. No patients they are like a 12-year-old girl.
Dark Side (20 days ago)
can you war with other enclaves
CSS BEAST (20 days ago)
I'm playing this game and you know that part at the start of the game after you speak to the doctor you and the companions go in a car press RT to accelerate I did that it pops up on my screen State of Decay 2 then it's loading but it never finishes the loading someone help 😦
Kory Stoudt (20 days ago)
State of Decay and Dying Light are the best zombie games to date in my opinion
liamx102 (21 days ago)
Great game did 4 days of play but had to delete and start again because first Base was terrible it was in an area full of houses with zombies and my Dr left me because she didn't feel safe my mains buddy got killed by a hored including an infected fast type zombie just from a bit of noise I made 😁😁 also main character from the start got kill along with a other buddy because I threatened a nabor so was down to 2 last survivors so I have high hopes for my 2nd savefile 😁😁😁
Daniel Cecena (21 days ago)
Great video thanks!
KingBonerfart (21 days ago)
If you get the mission to find eagle eyes rifle... Do it... 3 shots will destroy a plauge heart...
StudentYaoi (21 days ago)
can you costumize, modify and change your team's bio-type, body & faces ?
Eagle Eye Gaming (21 days ago)
Tip 11, be aware your character will freeze and get stuck every 30 45 min thus ruining the game.
xGhostGaming (21 days ago)
Does anyone know if when you’re in someone else’s game if your supplies still go down? (Like food, fuel etc) Also when you’re in someone else’s game can survivors that you aren’t playing as still die of blood plague or leave the camp due to low morale?
JFF Gaming (21 days ago)
Bought the game last night and I can’t get the hang of it lol
GRIM GANq B3AST (21 days ago)
too much responsibility to enjoy the game :/
BIOhazard Gaming (22 days ago)
I love this game
HellStingOzUnit (22 days ago)
My advice is have a van or any kind of car in a parking spot at your base so u can store bags in it with haven to worry about survivors in you base breaking all of it also good if u don't have a lot of storage space at your base also never really bring anyone with u to stop a heart because if your trying to set up a bomb they might attack the heart and screw u up because zombies will start coming at you the stuck action on the walky isn't really that good because for me it was more of the cars getting stuck then u
Jeff (22 days ago)
This game just feels empty to me, the survivors in your group don’t do anything and just seem like npc’s rather than your friends. You can’t even send them out on runs or scouting missions, nothing! Zombies are waaay too easy as well, I’ve never died once and I’ve played 30 hours!
Kooky katt (13 days ago)
Jeff Um....that makes zero sense
Robbie Anstead (22 days ago)
Something I found later on that I wish I knew to begin with was putting suppressors on bolt action rifles is good because they can’t break or jam anyways. I figure that is kinda Important.
Davey gaat je niks aan (22 days ago)
The should have made it only multiplayer think this game gone get boring pretty fast
Jeffery Eckford (22 days ago)
Also with Rucksacks, bring someone with you from the safe house and switch to that character, so you can bring an additional rucksack with them also :)
Mearlyn Ambrosius (22 days ago)
Hey uhm i think the rucksack thing is a personnal situation thing! I barely ever find rucksacks!
Ninja Hazukemi (23 days ago)
To be honest, I love getting water and power outposts so I don't have to waste a free build space on those. Fuel is kinda easy to find
TheGodFather (23 days ago)
1-10 been doing since day 1 well now day 286 mood enthusiastic, Food: 39, meds: 34, Ammo: 40, Materials: 42, Fuel: 40 And yes you can kill the enclaves theyr just annoying tbh just do a headshot on em and theyre easy picking just scavenge left n right its easy
89qwyg9yqa34t (23 days ago)
Also, the signal booster is probably the single greatest item in the game.
Chris Manley (23 days ago)
This video makes me very happy because it's actually helpful for a new player (not me but someone like my finest friend who's never played SOD). It's like this video was made by real gamers who has actually played the game. Just before watching this video I saw another that claimed they were giving tips but instead suggested Doing things that would absolutely get you're whole community killed and literally suggested to kill you're infected survivors like curing them is too hard to do, and to take their things like you couldn't still use them while the character is alive... they didn't even justify it, they just ended the segment with a joke. These tips are actually things that I've been using since the first SOD so I'd highly recommend taking these tips into consideration and not listen to a game journalist who just wants you to experience the new features of the game instead of actually playing it.
Trevor Storm (23 days ago)
Something to note about the medical radio feature: it’s only available if you have a doctor in your community.
MATT PROOF (23 days ago)
I have had to use that button ounce
Aa Campbell (23 days ago)
What's the best resource outpost starting out? And does it remain the best going forward for the rest of the game?
Philipe Gonzalaz (23 days ago)
Am I the only one who can't even get into the game... It just sits here forever loading and telling me new hints here and there... I've tried unplugging my xbox and restarting my system but nothing works... Really seems like a waste of my money
flipflops 180 (24 days ago)
Bolt action rifles and revolvers don’t break
Teinwin Baldikan (24 days ago)
Sooo..... It’s basically State of Decay 1
dacentafielda12 (22 days ago)
I tried to get into the first one a few months ago but didn't like it. I have a hard time putting the controller down playing this one. Surprising to me because I'm burned out on zombie games.
Christopher Gonzalez (24 days ago)
The bugs and weird things that have happened to me: Door looks open but it isn't (still works like one though), My character not being able to climb a ladder(fixed it already), Cars stuck on rocks, An invisible follower following me (cant interact), One time i ran out of fuel near a wall and the fuel hatch was on the wall side so there was no way of refueling it, Last bug is that my screen keeps flashing a grey line and the hud disappears and reappears a few times.
Lily Ferrari (24 days ago)
Nice tips, I agree with you, and I did mention most of them like the gas thing or the radio in my review => https://goodmorninggamers.blogspot.com/2018/05/review-state-of-decay-2.html A funny remark I read somewhere though... "if zombie apocalypse happened 18 months ago, how come the cars look like they were wrecked years ago?" XD
LTD1293 (24 days ago)
The damn 9 survivor limit is some bullshit, in the first game I was able to get up to 35 survivors
The Xextreem (24 days ago)
PRESS T people when you want to unload just press the fucking T key
Anybody know how to let ur players regain stamina i switch off them but they never get stamina back
dacentafielda12 (22 days ago)
Depends on if they're just tired (You'll see Zs) or if it's trauma related. If it's trauma related, you'll have to treat them manually if you don't have an Infirmary 2 or higher. If it's just fatigue, just switch to another character until you get the notification they're rested. Either way, it's going to take time.
Wrestling Bear (24 days ago)
I wish unstuck worked for vehicles. I lost my damn van. Fully repaired and fueled. )':
Wrestling Bear (22 days ago)
dacentafielda12 it's the worst. The vehicles get stuck SO easy. High center it and you're just fucked.
dacentafielda12 (22 days ago)
I did the same thing. Ran it over a box somehow and couldn't get it to move. I was across the map headed back to base with a full load of supplies.
Mushroom Elm (24 days ago)
I've been playing for days. Haven't gotten stuck once. But the multiplayer is shit. Got videos I need to upload of playing with friends. Constant bandwith issues. We would tap each other's cars and start flipping around.
OrangeCat (24 days ago)
Dude i have the funniest clip of me ramming my brothers car with mine, and his car I shit you not launched higher in the air than when a giant in skyrim hits you into air and he somehow survived it lmao
BetaMax Gaming (24 days ago)
If you trade out characters pretty regularly, your stats will all be around the same. You won't have to worry near as much unless you have a fresh character join your enclave.
Robert Walker (24 days ago)
Useless video is useless.
Rune Njordhag (24 days ago)
Clunky controls as the first game. I want this mixed with Dying light
Gamer Dude (25 days ago)
state of decay was amazing even in the first one, the second also amazing but harder thats why its really good
IIISixStringIII (25 days ago)
So here's a really big question.. I've never played state of decay, and I've looked at reviews and most of them are saying that the game isn't very good JUST BC IT'S SO MUCH LIKE THE FIRST ONE. I can't find n e thing about how much newcomers would enjoy this game, compared to the vets who've been playing and have invested a lot of time in the first game. But n e ways, my question is, as a gamer who loves things like a good and deep progression system, I.E. obtaining new skills, new weapons (for playable characters), good combat, grinding for resources, using said resources to upgrade my HQ/base, and other things that games like Warframe, Monster Hunter: World, Witcher 3, Borderlands, and others of that type, will I like this game? ..My time is very valuable to me, so before spending $30 on something that I might enjoy at first, but get burned out on within a few weeks, I'd like to know if you, Gameranx, and anyone who reads this comment, would suggest this game to someone like me. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. :)
Rain Forest Whitaker (14 days ago)
I have a minor disagreement with number 6: I don't bring followers with me unless they are from outside my community. I tend to play pretty stealthy and prefer quick, surgical supply runs. I pack light- 1 stack of meds, 1 stack of stamina boosters, a firearm (maybe a spare mag or 2) and melee weapon. Between me and whatever vehicle I use, I have more than enough inventory space for loot. The extra inventory space a second character provides would be great but I'd rather just trade with NPCs to offload extra goods. And, more importantly, I don't have to worry about someone needlessly aggroing zombies while I'm doing my best impression of Sam Fisher. Exploring with one character also ensures that I always have several fresh picks at base. Character stamina usually takes a hit by the time I'm finished looting so it's as good as time as any to head back to base and switch out. If I'm in a combat situation were having an extra ally would help, I probably should have retreated back to base anyway. My only exception to lone wolf tactics is when a NPC requests scort/loot. If things go pear shaped, they get left, no debating.
Ash Ketchup (25 days ago)
I personally recommend maxing out your cardio and marathon because then I’d you travel light sprinting costs no stamina
césar vicente (25 days ago)
State of decay is the best zombie apocalypse simulator out there, I wish they had put a more decent budget on the 2nd game. The first one was great. This one could have been a masterpiece. Still a great game though.
Xavier Lord (25 days ago)
How do I bring followers with me
Adams42 (25 days ago)
How did you forget to mention the infinite loading screens? Most time spent in those so far
Volinkrien (25 days ago)
The other enclaves annoy the hell out of me. They ask for help every 1 minute. I only help one, and whoever is the close. Also dies the difficulty scale up when you change regions maps? I went from the plateau to the valley, and the valley had nearly tripled in hordes and special zombies and i didnt know i'd lose my car when leaving. That would've been nice to know before hand.
Atreuso (25 days ago)
Now these are godawful shitty animations
Yo Shane TUBE TV (25 days ago)
I installed the game and there's no option to play the game wtf ? Is this happening to anyone else ?
Yo Shane TUBE TV (25 days ago)
NVM I figured it out
CroceL (25 days ago)
Your first tip could've been way more detailed.. when you put the packs in the trunk of any care, you can instantly put them in the base when its parked in your parkinglot
Louis Vild (26 days ago)
Ok, this gameplay made me cringe, first off if there is only one - 3 zombies around, I dodge behind one of the and then execute them (RT X on Xbox) it’s super silent uses little stam and saves your primary weapon from breaking.
rick grimes (26 days ago)
I just wish I could start my game after I select new community I just sit on a black screen
Rampaging Noob (26 days ago)
Please may I ask, for those that have played both, which do you prefer?... SOD 1 or SOD 2? I've played a little SOD 1 and was wanting to get back into the series, just wondering if it is worth replaying the first game first. Or jumping straight into 2. Thank you in advance.
Prinny (26 days ago)
just in case no one knows, because i havent seen them do that in their gameplay footage, if you dodge right behind a zombie while in fight you can insta kill them while having some invulnerability frames if you hold RT and X, just basically stealth kill them but it takes a bit longer and is not silent you can also press RT and A to throw one zombie at other zombies to knock multiple down at once , you can clear out whole hordes that way without a weapon
reyes robledo (26 days ago)
I killed my whole group of 6 ppl why? Because most of my only rides I had were almost dead spitting black smoke and I could not find any repair kit and I had two plague hearts in my area and I could not use my cars at all I was so fubared that I just killed my whole group I sucked at playing this game I loved it then I started to hate it when I could not find a mechanic skillbook which would have helped have helped me tons but now I feel like I have to play as the black kids just to get the boy with the mechanic skill ..................
Freakyfelon (26 days ago)
Gotta say, haven't had to use unstuck button at all. So a lot a lot, might be an exaggeration. Playing on xbox one x
Illusion Fox (26 days ago)
Dodge Grapple manoeuvre - dodge TOWARDS an enemy and grapple/takedown for more effective combat against individuals or small groups. Saves your equipped weapons durability because the takedown uses the equipped stock knife instead. Save your "valuables" until a "mysterious" trader shows. They usually have mega rare stuff (cannon class weapons/ vehicle upgrade kits) and they have alot more points in their back to gain by selling to them than an enclave (enclave average at 1k, these guys average 3.5k). Try and get a van for loot runs, they can only carry two people but usually 9 loot spots. Guns are great to use but try to take something suppressed (You can make suppressers later, they don't break but your weapon durability seems lower if you equip one) with alot of bullets in a single clip (smg) only as a backup. Saves inventory space and can be single tapped. I try to make sure every survivor always has at least a hand gun equipped at all times as they use whats in their inventory when defending the base (well that's more an uncertain observation but I had a better time defending after I started doing that than when they weren't equipped properly. Also setup an outpost at the furthest point from your base, you can't drop rucksacks but you can clear your inventory or rearm/ get fuel etc easily as well as a guaranteed Safe zone. Also if you want to pause the game make sure you go into the options and set multiplayer you offline, then you can pause properly. If you're playing withsomeone you can help them by dropping gear as well, I drop a suppressor into every game I join as well as a vehicle repair kit (I can manufacture them). Also try to stay in their game for as long as possible, you get better rewards for your time the longer you're there and your base materials dont get used when you're gone which is great for leveling characters in combat and active skills. This is Just some of my tried and tested things. Anyone got any other tips?
Deividas NC (26 days ago)
but how you levelup skills like "sexting" or "tv trivia"?
Blamer Blaze (26 days ago)
I bought the normal 30$ version, tbh waste of money for the fricking 70$ version
The Irishman (26 days ago)
A BIG tip for people who dont know their ass from their elbow when starting this game. If you want to beat it AS FAST AS POSSIBLE start out with Ian and Andy, you will meet Schwartz along the way through the intro, these three are an absolute POWERHOUSE. Ian is a trader, which is an easy af way to play. Traders will spawn in, you guessed it, traders, but EXOTIC TRADERS too, you can get integrally suppressed .50 cal snipers, access to dope ass vehicles and all that jazz. But after you do the trader legacy you can start out your next community with the trader boon, which grants you 4000 influence to spend at the start of your next community, which if you know what to do, starts you out with a dope base. The warlord boon (andy) grants you a .50 sniper, two M4A1's, and a sighted M4A1 as well as like 20 frag grenades. The three characters you choose to use for your next world WILL CARRY OVER ANY LOOT YOU STUFF THEM WITH. So instead of starting with no materials, ammo, or meds, I got three rucksacks, two rifles with advanced suppressors, dope ass melee weapons, all of my base mods that were a bitch to find, all of my screws, explosives, vehicle upgrades (cheeki strat) and a couple hundred rounds of ammo. Three characters loaded to the brim with the best shit U could find in my base, plus the warmord and trader boon. That is the easiest way to play the game, getting the hardest challenges out of the way first granting you the best rewards
Matthew Turley (27 days ago)
got a big tip for everyone (might be obvious to some but could help a lot out) instead of getting a full inventory, running to home, running back etc just make an outpost as soon as you can, quick search everything, store in the locker then refund the outpost!
Richard Pinter (27 days ago)
I miss the radio in feature, for the rucksack to be picked up by an npc.
Brady Partain (27 days ago)
I want to love this game but it's so damn confusing. If I wrote out every question I have that wasn't answered in tutorials I'd have a notebook full
Link of Hyrule (27 days ago)
I started a new character. He was a Halo champion. Apparently, it boosted stats.

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