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System of a Down - B.Y.O.B. (Cello Cover by Break of Reality)

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B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down, arranged and performed live on cello by Break of Reality. LISTEN on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2p530jy DOWNLOAD on iTunes: http://apple.co/1npgQrv /// EXPAND for more info! LIKE US on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/breakofreality Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/breakofrealityband Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/breakofreality Members: Patrick Laird, cello Laura Metcalf, cello Ben Capps, cello Ivan Trevino, djembe Break of Reality plays exclusively on Pirastro Strings (http://www.pirastro.com)
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Text Comments (1900)
Beatriz Cruz (6 hours ago)
do caralho! congratulations!
Asghar Nazeri (6 hours ago)
Nothing to say! Just respect to the musicians! You're great!
W D (12 hours ago)
Raden Maymay (22 hours ago)
Love it so much. Nice
SpankyHamRulez (1 day ago)
It seems they have fun :)
TNT_NIHER (3 days ago)
Anthony Walsh (3 days ago)
It's so incredible these guys should become the new System of the Down.
Yuri Guimarães (5 days ago)
A melhor obra de arte que eu já ouvi.
Gaia Gaia (5 days ago)
Caramba muito show
Joelson Veríssimo (5 days ago)
Miguel Santos (6 days ago)
Portugal respect
berrooooooo lo maximo super el cello lo amo love
Wolfgang Engel (7 days ago)
I love SOAD anyway, but when I hear stuff like this I recognize and appreciate even more what a great piece of music this is.
bella verde (8 days ago)
very good, I loved it so much, keep up the wonderful work, congratulations
Kelly Citrowske (9 days ago)
You are amazing and so is your channel! I sent you a business message through Youtube if interested. :)
Mamat Uye (9 days ago)
Muhammad Dicka (10 days ago)
You guys are genius😱 #squeeaaak
andryu channel (11 days ago)
Porno gratis de la buena noticia
Sachyn Boro (12 days ago)
That was lit Af 💥
Living Lavish (13 days ago)
You guys are lit. Just made me dig my cello back up.
Luis Miguel (13 days ago)
Excelente !
Sidney Alves (15 days ago)
Nick Yelovich (15 days ago)
Fucking awesome!
Sounds like I am on a pirate ship having a blast
MAGO S A D (16 days ago)
Eren (17 days ago)
0:31 WHY DO THEY ALW... Wait what? *Squeek squeek*
Артем FlyNet (17 days ago)
Очень круто!!! Спасибо.
Marcos oliveira (18 days ago)
Excelente a criatividade e a materialização da conclusão do trabalho
Otávio Fialho (18 days ago)
Perfeito!!! 😉🇧🇷
Manuel Diaz (18 days ago)
Are you there kick-ass?
Dillon (18 days ago)
This is so good holy crap
Ricardo C Medeiros (19 days ago)
Muito foda
Clayton ramalho21126 (19 days ago)
My god!!!! 😍
Matt A (20 days ago)
That screech; totally awesome; kept me watching.
ron hall (20 days ago)
WoW nice
gaming channel (21 days ago)
Very very good i love you so much
Simón Rodríguez (21 days ago)
Krasen Dimitrow (22 days ago)
Aw man every time I listen to this I get the chills. I like how aggressive it is. Please do a cover of Sad Statue by SOAD. Please its gonna be really awesome.
Elizabeth Araujo (23 days ago)
BlackBeardDelight187 (25 days ago)
At a loss for words. Amazing job, the look on your faces showes how much fun you're all having. Serj would be proud
hestiastria dewi (25 days ago)
love it!!! beyond my expectation 😊😊
Jaz Romar (26 days ago)
Corinne Sensei (26 days ago)
This is fucking awesome 😭
הדס פאל (27 days ago)
Dan Ebinger (28 days ago)
Olebull93 (28 days ago)
The laugh and the old garbage.
Yahsir Mohd Sazali (28 days ago)
Masterpiece! goodjob guys
Emilia Micał (1 month ago)
That's some cosmic skillz 😍
Shaan Shahjahan (1 month ago)
What a stylish miusc
TheUssmkl (1 month ago)
Julio Kammers (1 month ago)
Fantastic armony!!
arifian xnoize (1 month ago)
wow..very amazing
Sentimongla M. Imchen (1 month ago)
This is more than awesome...!! 😊😊..
GS TTY (1 month ago)
Sara Moloney (1 month ago)
white wedding
Alexander Zingale (1 month ago)
Ivan and Patrick could be brothers lol
Mike Cooper (1 month ago)
Wow.... impresionante... My suggestion would be to swap the percussion with a cajon. Just an Idea.
Gato Volao (1 month ago)
lenny parris (1 month ago)
TheRich ;v (1 month ago)
Si lo pueden traducir, son lo maximo <3
Krasen Dimitrow (1 month ago)
Marcus Belancík (1 month ago)
WAO!!! :O
Jeremy Sorensen (1 month ago)
you're not an artist unless you have a few 350s in the background haha
boomersooner413 (1 month ago)
My sister sent me this because she knows I love System, and we have known classical music our whole lives. This is by far one of the coolest videos I have ever seen on Youtube.
CAMILO QUINTERO (1 month ago)
Amazing sound!
Myrthe we (1 month ago)
Amazing 👌
GermanDiaz The Fauve (1 month ago)
Marlon Matias (1 month ago)
Muito bom 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
raultejedor (1 month ago)
You´ve restored my faith in cello covers!
Milly Panther (1 month ago)
Супер!!! Клааааас!!!
Amorfo Estudios (1 month ago)
*0:31** ja c mamo*
teniaqpasarmestoami (1 month ago)
청년옆집 (1 month ago)
Pedro Altivo (1 month ago)
Onde que clico para curtir mais de uma vez?
Amellalli JV (1 month ago)
avenged sevenfold a little piece of heaven plis
Jackie Steen (1 month ago)
Meer Masum (1 month ago)
Brilliant! Hats off to you all. It's not that easy to cover.
Grecia Jerez (1 month ago)
No solo es buenisima la interprestacion, tambien transmiten buena vibra como personas. excelente!
Ademilson Souza (1 month ago)
Owww... ❤
ItsNotNick (1 month ago)
ian salazar (1 month ago)
ian salazar (1 month ago)
Esto si es arte no mamadas
JBro TV (1 month ago)
killed it!
Elizabeth Galván (1 month ago)
Me encanta
Yasemin Watz (1 month ago)
Perfect tribute! Rockzors :D
azerbaycan veten (1 month ago)
gaël Devaux (1 month ago)
Assim que tudo começa. ....kkkkk
Denis Oliveira (1 month ago)
muito bom mesmo parabéns vocês são uma maravilha.
xX_ Wingnut _Xx (1 month ago)
661 people have bad taste in music
Ahmet Burçoğlu (1 month ago)
Hassiktir beyler bayağı iyi olmuş lan çello mükemmel fikir
TheEntire SovietUnion (1 month ago)
My favorite part starts a 1:35
SwagMaster3000 (1 month ago)
check out that head bob!
Konstantin O (1 month ago)
It is very very good work! I impressed!
Madzhar Hadjirul (1 month ago)
rosamel fierro (1 month ago)
lokos wenos

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