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Top 5 Admin Plugins | Minecraft

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●Hey DiamondRushXD here, todays video is on the top 5 admin plugins for your minecaft multiplayer server or more who knows right :P ✔Join The Squad http://adf.ly/1ct9E3 ●Top 3 Plugins 5•http://adf.ly/1d7bX2 4•http://adf.ly/1d7bcm 3•http://adf.ly/1d7bP0 2•http://adf.ly/1d7bZ8 1•http://adf.ly/1d7bUC ►Twitter @DiamondRushXD ►Join Group Chat! https://discord.gg/VbAG5 ►Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/DiamondRushXD ►More Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBW5MN-VFgw ♫ Music Found In Video Intro➝ Grizzly Bear Diplo http://adf.ly/1ct9Vy Outro➝ Transformer http://adf.ly/1ct9an ●BackGround Music Incompetech http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Bright Ncs https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Goblins From mars https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7r8TN-JGGrTyCmIJSShdkw I don't own any rights to the game as shown on screen. ©TheSquad is a offical Trademark ◆DiamondRushXD
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Text Comments (243)
Roni Kalandjai (6 days ago)
Your so lonely 0:53
Mikah Kirkham (17 days ago)
Do How To DownLoad The The Commands
xZola _ (3 months ago)
Tu es français :D ?
iiGalacticBoy YT (3 months ago)
GriefPrevention: Only claim Player based and stuff but not spawn, WorldGuard: Use for claiming spawns/hubs WorldGuard: Select POS1 and 2 with the WorldEdit want, them type /rg define (Name)
Yarini Man (4 months ago)
wtf dude 3:56
神BenY (5 months ago)
Please give me this map link
Tralkon (5 months ago)
What about TrollCommand++?
Lukas Bendiksen (5 months ago)
its france
Slayz Playz (5 months ago)
Beast Playz (5 months ago)
Drokmar (6 months ago)
RockstarGames [Admin] (6 months ago)
Are you serious those plugins are so shitty
Typical Yeet (7 months ago)
fake join doesnt work for me :-:
Country Boy (9 months ago)
Mycwaft vidyo
LGBTPride (9 months ago)
Hamsa ._. (10 months ago)
copiaste la descripción de titan hammer gili pollas tonto polla de mierda no os suscribais joder, pero un mod me sirvio xD
Usrnam Accpted (10 months ago)
so cringe intro I'm dying
Eyer - Alisio (10 months ago)
intro music???
StaffTroll (11 months ago)
craftBR325 (11 months ago)
Michael Schneider (11 months ago)
1:19 The Language the thing is in is french and I believe it is saying "You Have turned the chat off"
FroXaL (11 months ago)
Oh it's in french :DD
xMemesVN (11 months ago)
wait are you using Windows XP? ur mouse cursor looks like winxp
R Pinkas (1 year ago)
Great Video And Your My Favorite YTer You Deserve 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009999990000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000090000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Billion Subs
MinecraftLua (1 year ago)
Christopher Brennan (1 year ago)
That's french ma dude
Prolougey (1 year ago)
The language in chat is french
BinduBunny (1 year ago)
It was French LOL XD je parle francais (i speak french) it means that you disabled the chat
DuckCraft (1 year ago)
if you put plugins in you mods folder will the plugin still work or do i need a plugin folder?
Abdulkadir Özel (1 year ago)
Funny Gaming Yt (1 year ago)
I am going to send this intro to me beast
Gab G (1 year ago)
Im able to speak the language its french it said u turned the chat off
KUZA __ (1 year ago)
The langage of first plugins it's French. I'm French
Mantas (1 year ago)
can you send this map? :) I'm your fan
Finz Apeyy (1 year ago)
do you have any plugins that just like Pro Skywars but free that you can show us?
ProTheGod (1 year ago)
nice video you got here
ProTheGod (1 year ago)
Too bad all my vids suck :/
iSeptic (1 year ago)
You have such great commentary that's why I subbed and liked
João Monteiro (1 year ago)
wtf, this dude has the wrong version of a plugin (watchdog) and still showcases it with the I'm too lazy excuse wtf man have some compassion to your videos don't upload shit to youtube.
ZS Studios (1 year ago)
I liked and subbed also a very helpful video thanks
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thank you so much <3
Orange Alert (1 year ago)
It's in Francais.
Dragonbreak (1 year ago)
FakeJoin is useless... try to do "/tellraw @a {"text":"MrCrainer joined the game","color":"yellow"} " i hate people that need plugins to do vanilla stuff...
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
we plugins just make it easier to setup and things related to that while command blocks you would have to get a lot of them in a certain place to do the same thing
CrackZone (1 year ago)
TaK augustine (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Brody Bortz (1 year ago)
Cool admin panel
MiniMaster303 (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
я российский вы нубасы а я про
Nj1n (3 months ago)
YA b tak ne skazal
лол я тоже lol
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Infinite Broz (1 year ago)
I love your plugin videos. You really deserve more subscriber so I subbed.
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thanks bro cheers
AliTPG (1 year ago)
I froze myself and I cant unfreeze myself! HELP!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
add the plugin again and make sure your op
Dan Andersson (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
EFPlayz [ARCHIVED] (1 year ago)
How could you forget Installer?! (Still liked.) Also, I'm the Owner, not an Admin! It's useless! >:( (jk lol [but really im the owner])
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
ало здесь российские кушать?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Blind (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
don't judge me =P
Med Iheb (1 year ago)
its in French ;3
The Killer 973 (5 months ago)
Ptdr XD t'es drole toi
kingpin 1905 (5 months ago)
Moi Québecois!
FroXaL (11 months ago)
yes, i'm french :D
Xtra Firework (1 year ago)
Pawamo .Pawamo pareil
シChene__ (1 year ago)
Moi aussi 😀
Albin (1 year ago)
What do you Edit with?
Albin (1 year ago)
okay thanks :)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
sony vegas
Apostolis Martis (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
SlothMC (1 year ago)
I WAS THE 1,050TH LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDD
YS JP (2 months ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
gg bro :D
Pavel Del (1 year ago)
the diffrent laungiwitch is france how do you spell
Pavel Del (1 year ago)
that one from chatattivate brah
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
um? what
Krusaedre (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
VULCA (1 year ago)
The 111 dislikes are 111 jealous moderators who want to be promoted XD
CoolCat343972 (29 days ago)
XD LMAO or else hackers that were banned by him
YS JP (2 months ago)
i disliked for the intro lmao
Yannick Rodriguez (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
haha nice xD
xRogerx (1 year ago)
In the chat plugin it was french
NOcturnais 1412 (1 year ago)
I am French
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
i just started learning french XD
ByOrignaGlo (1 year ago)
1.8 ?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
ByOrignaGlo (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
mentalyUnstable (1 year ago)
you can make people say stuff they didn't want/mean to anyway since 1.8 with the entity selector and execute. execute @e[Name=SomeName] ~ ~ ~ say Hello there! it really messes with people xD
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
JadeRunner14 (1 year ago)
It sounds like you said 'anoder' But nice video! XD
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thank you yeah i mess up from time to time =P
KarussMarus TV (1 year ago)
danke beste plagins habe mein server gut gerüstet =)
Tom Deacon (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD it translates to (I know German) Thanks these are the best plugins I have a good server gerüdtet <--- dunno
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
sorry i didnt understand
Uranium Staff (1 year ago)
can u do a tutorial on how to add reasons to ban/kick?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
theres a video of mine of that topic check out my plugins playlist
AikoGinji (1 year ago)
French :p the first
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
hahaha cheers
longbeakpro TLP (1 year ago)
Thankyou, I am using some of these on my server now :)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
glad to have helped
Zaian (1 year ago)
Why chat is french ... I AM FRENCH !
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
dont know bro =P
ZRealTDW // TDWilliam (1 year ago)
chat activate is french
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Arvid (1 year ago)
that is the gayest intro i've ever seen XD
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
RoyalAcheron (1 year ago)
i don't wat to hate but, watchdog... the offcial one is socialspy. and the most strange one grief provention. Please do NOT use that just download worldguard it is then thousend times better!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
yeah world guar is pretty good indeed
Toxic Creeper (1 year ago)
how do you use these plugins on servers?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
you can check on there page
Daan Luijten (1 year ago)
cool video
Fonix2K (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD Hey can u help me whit plugins ON my server????
カEモNのT幸Eせ (1 year ago)
how 2 unfrezze on admin panal
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thanks mate
Saper Gaming (1 year ago)
благодарю для тебя я признателен
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
MC (1 year ago)
ThatDamnCam (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD Can you upload it to MediaFire for download?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
i dont have a link sorry its custom made
MC (1 year ago)
When you said Watchdog, i thot u mrnt lokr hypixel AC
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
i think that one is only for hypixel unless you get a dev to make it for you
Eyeball (1 year ago)
Great vid
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thanks mate ;3
Thijs Kunnen (1 year ago)
just use worldguard and essentials... a lot of your plugins theire features are in worldguard and essentials
Thijs Kunnen (1 year ago)
Lets say, Aternos isn't a verry good hosting. They dont offer an FTP. If it isn't in the list with plugins you can install, you won't find it.
RistaPlays (1 year ago)
How to find essentials on aternos? Please help!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
ok, well tbh there not mine :/
Acenio (1 year ago)
WWWAAAAIIIITTTT U r watching TrollCraft, right?
Prometheus (1 year ago)
Acenio just bcz he knows who ssundee is does not mean he whatches trollcraft :/
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
not really dont know what that is
TheFalconPunch (1 year ago)
Disactivate? You mean deactivate, right? Haha
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
i dont remember XD my bad
L_Lagger (1 year ago)
i don't like ur intro
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Richard Ona (1 year ago)
I really like that you takes the time to go and answer all/most of your comments on you'r videos, DiamondRushXD tells a lot about you,That a sub from me haha def checking other videos out. this one helped a lot since I'm and admin in a server, showing it to our owner.
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
glad i could help hope to help you out more in the furture :P ;3
Ferry (1 year ago)
This plugins are so cool!!!!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
ill try but no promises lol
Ferry (1 year ago)
Ferry (1 year ago)
Can you say my name in a video (Ferry)?
Ferry (1 year ago)
OMG You have see my message
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
cheers ;3
ThecoolOne (1 year ago)
What is the recource pack?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
its a custom made no link sorry
Lynx (1 year ago)
Music ?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Desmeon Undone (feat Steklo) [NCS Release]
Lynx (1 year ago)
Lynx (1 year ago)
no background music?
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Grizzly Bear - Will Calls (Diplo Remix)
Project Animaction (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
pxrrin (1 year ago)
Omg I love your videos, your are my number one idle, can I meet you on my server some time?
AOE_Archon (1 year ago)
Encourt i Think you should delete that comment With your IP address. Bc People Can track where you live
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
yeah sure
pxrrin (1 year ago)
I'll send u the IP
Adriano Barros (1 year ago)
ou Diamond fala minha língua burro
Spyry Gamer (1 year ago)
diamond eu queria um plugin que quando eu digitasse o comando fala uma msg que eu sair do server
Adriano Barros (1 year ago)
=) vamo lá
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
valeu e nois um dia a gente chega la :D
Adriano Barros (1 year ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sou teu inscrito mano um dia tu vai segar
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
calma kkk eu sei portuguse mas nem e pra tanto sei muito pouco kk, e descupa nao sei o resto da musica nao sou muito fan de funk
Adam Glett (2 years ago)
Resource pack???
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
its a custom one i dont really have a link sorry
QUWASH (2 years ago)
i like your video's only way the fuck you us adfly -,-
Alexander Prussak (1 year ago)
and you usually can use adf.ly without ads
QUWASH (2 years ago)
ohh okay :) only i like your video's :)
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
i wanted a way to know who really clicked the links i left so a friend recommend adfly
suprflyification (2 years ago)
small tip, don't ask me to smash that fucking like button before you present the video.
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
if you feel like it you can leave a like, other than that i don't believe there a rule which you are in tilted to leave a like when a youtuber's channel or video, i mainly suggested for all my old subscriber which have been following me and don't mind it at all if you don't like the idea please feel free to check out any other plugin tutorial channels i'm not even forcing you to watch this video you came with free will.
deus Neseros (2 years ago)
mdr le plugin qui est en francais de base
deus Neseros (2 years ago)
+DiamondRushXD yes very good thx ^^
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
Alors espérons que vous avez aimé;)
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
I tried to slap the like button on my phone so hard... I threw it across the room and phone broke.
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
i know XD
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
I was joking ;)
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
wow mate take it easy you just watching is enough thanks XD
Artistic Gaming (2 years ago)
For a sec I thought the watchdog you were talking about was Hypixel's anti-cheat
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
i beilieve* its similar
Nicat HD (2 years ago)
how to get
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
haha cheers bro thanks <3
The links Are in the Dec if u need the link :) Also keep up the good work diamond!
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
No JameZ (2 years ago)
love ur vids keep it up
No JameZ (2 years ago)
+DiamondRushXD lol xD
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
XD nah but i do have the best subcribers out there <3 there amazing who need 100k when you have great subs :D
No JameZ (2 years ago)
+DiamondRushXD no problem ;) i thought you got like 100k subs xD cuz ur vid are so perfect and thumbnails
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
thanks man means a ton <3
Exo dus (2 years ago)
does admin plugins work in single player?
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
well if you have a buckit/spigot server and set it to 1 player than yes it works for single player
QuFox (2 years ago)
coreprotect is a admin plugin and i like it
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
well have to check that out thanks :D
Susu ss Tv (2 years ago)
can you make top 5 kitpvp plugins, thanks and awesome video!!
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
its no problem at all i love doing these videos for you all <3
Susu ss Tv (2 years ago)
+DiamondRushXD thanks!! love your vids
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
ive done a top 3 pvp plugin but ill look up some kits for you ;D
Daniel659 (2 years ago)
how do you restore exp
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
its a vanilha command /ex and add the amount you want

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