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reuploaded because of copyright issue lol
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Wiz GAMING (1 hour ago)
bruh! i literally noticed he had glasses on after the video ended xD
Daniel Scutaru (3 hours ago)
Ea guitar
Cameron Houghton (3 hours ago)
pewds is so funny
Katsuki Yuri (3 hours ago)
Probably A..a guitar Okay. 😂
IGamer (11 hours ago)
What do you see, like castaway?
Alina Franz (11 hours ago)
I love Metallica
Axipaxi (15 hours ago)
Gambolling CSGO players suiting themselves
that girl when she asks what word was that she is ok she is not american so its okay if she does not know! i dont know much english too so what u are gonna bully me? say that im ugly? well if u are gonna do that well ugly starts with u (aka you) so im not a hater im just saying! do not bully people!!!!!!pls
Paul Reade (21 hours ago)
Why is he wearing glasses
Curiosity Rover (22 hours ago)
It’s called foreshadowing
Vasilije Petrovic (22 hours ago)
5:23 Now that's a good question...
Edge Nomancer (23 hours ago)
Roblox Let's plays (1 day ago)
Mario Prechtel (1 day ago)
this was posted on 9/11
Peace Walker (1 day ago)
I just noticed that’s Fuslie on the thumbnail.
Samuel Riggs (1 day ago)
You can tell that girl noticed the vibrator and starts stuttering and tries to cover it up with her body.
Cold Night (1 day ago)
now PewdiePie looks like an Amish
BlackRoseAssassin (2 days ago)
Pewdiepie looks like a judgmental grandpa, just judging everyone of your and these twitch streamers lives and their choices.
GAZ_THE_ TAZ (2 days ago)
You stretch the jokes way too far
Jingle Watts (2 days ago)
And on this day he sealed his fate
pla veu (3 days ago)
The most epic stream fail NIBBA
He looks like 40 years old in this videos
Stridegun1 (3 days ago)
Poor Tim Damage
COOLGUY20909 (3 days ago)
Kenneth Underhill (3 days ago)
t sires
Trolling Are bad😡😡
what's with the chinese girl at the end?
Remember the word that pewdepie said on the bridge 🤔
KRIESLER GAMING (3 days ago)
Tim Lewis (4 days ago)
It's funny cause he has a bag of trash right by his side. Does he ever get up?
Vance Biondo (4 days ago)
Lukas Saunders (4 days ago)
Apart from being kinda slow and awkward, I don't see what's that wrong with the last clip?
Robby Frith (4 days ago)
most of these where great but that last one though...
Simrat Sandhu (4 days ago)
I think my brain has started working more after watching your videos😐
Tyler Kendrick (4 days ago)
Dolan dark commented
Lol timthetatman
The irony
박채영 - Rosé (5 days ago)
i dont watch recists stremers
Cameron Randall (5 days ago)
Tim is making more moolah than you haha
One_spicy _boi (5 days ago)
How ironic
Chico Xx (5 days ago)
Who else heard that little girls voice in the fire one
F B I memer (5 days ago)
icame from the future
Emrik Hjorth (5 days ago)
the last one was like my german teacher...
Mikkel Bangsgaard (5 days ago)
05:00 you Can see hes shit in the mirror
EAT THAT PUSSY 455 (5 days ago)
Donald dark more like Grandayy
Nik Il-Sung (6 days ago)
Pewdielooks like one of the people who did 9/11 with that beard
Mm .M (6 days ago)
Casually shiting myself
unknown (6 days ago)
0:16 what a fuc*ing nigg*r
she's a Killa Queen (7 days ago)
10:11 this is the wakanda accent
Nicola Farrell (8 days ago)
pewds looks 80 in this lmao
Allman 81 (8 days ago)
1:22 he said it
Cylo_ (8 days ago)
Can we copy strike pew die pie
Dylan Zawisza (8 days ago)
Anyone notice that the shirt says Iowa and not Ohio so its actually a different cyclones team
Samantha Cassidy (9 days ago)
On last one I even forgot i was watching pewds 😂
crimeboss 29 (9 days ago)
That guy and his mom must have an interesting relationship
GOLD llama (9 days ago)
He shat his pants
Aivery Stuart (9 days ago)
Is this before the N-word?
Radmajyk (9 days ago)
this video aged well
Kira Zhogoleva (9 days ago)
что бл блин
Mariam Bolqvadze (9 days ago)
i love you
Hozuki Akaki (9 days ago)
at least it was a typical exaggeration for once? Kappa. But time for them to invest into some adult diapers.
ItzzTomoss (9 days ago)
jacks gamezz (9 days ago)
nice beard.....
Sam Dietz (10 days ago)
8:36 better question, why does he have that fucking Azir skin.
Zelda Boy (10 days ago)
Oh he didn't know what was coming
Music Monkey (10 days ago)
4:16 i am DYING XD
nebulaTaken (10 days ago)
*clicks on stream* WHAT A FUCKIN NI-
J4kesgaming (11 days ago)
10:15 you're welcome
AllAmericanWaffle (11 days ago)
just want to point out he was wearing the iowa cyclones the cincinati cyclones are a different team
David Kitzmiller (11 days ago)
0:16 he predicted the future
Elizabeth Horne (11 days ago)
(French Pewdiepie!!)
marmar laughs (11 days ago)
Ok but he looks like Buzz Lightyear in this video.
nesfan8 (11 days ago)
Bjergsen mom tho KreyGasm
Chritty (12 days ago)
Miky ॐ (12 days ago)
with that glasses you have the same eyes of David Letterman
Jek Porkins (12 days ago)
POCKET LINT (12 days ago)
Instead of WATCHING people stream I'd rather watch you play a game instead :/
Stop make fun of Tim
Landon Little (12 days ago)
Joseph Colacino (12 days ago)
Poor tim😂😂
Devon McPhillips (12 days ago)
I am a Higher level than level 24 plus my aunt is over level 30
Xblade79Gaming (12 days ago)
"Why does this always happen?" Hmmmmmm.....??
xiiyaenxzi (13 days ago)
Omg,Fuslie on PewDiePie's video and thumbnail!
monstersince (13 days ago)
we have removed nations not just customers
monstersince (13 days ago)
you forget who we are. pew was blocked for a reason https://youtu.be/oYOZ3IzRaf4
Cade SuperMetroidFan (13 days ago)
Back at it again with your roasts
Shady Yam (13 days ago)
a year later i'm still watching this
TheGaming Guy (13 days ago)
Who is from 2018 here??
Fernando Vega Saldaña (13 days ago)
2:20 original vídeo? Pls
남생이 (13 days ago)
What a fking mibba
DJ Siddiki (14 days ago)
Cut the damn beard!
Aioi Yukko (14 days ago)
7:42 ...and now, u can stop the fire by putting more flammable things on it! Thanks, science!
anass souiat (14 days ago)
Lethal Program (14 days ago)
Osama A. (14 days ago)
8:58 Bjergsen... Bjergsen's mom... BJERGSEN'S MAAAAAM xD
Lil Kgh (14 days ago)
That laugh at the beginning is music to my ear
Satou :D (15 days ago)
Damm berg mum
Anti Spiral (15 days ago)
Smash or pass for the Asian girl with the vibrator.
Mintmint (15 days ago)
Da da da daaadaa
z!m (15 days ago)

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