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Robbery Prank on USA Soldier (GONE WRONG)

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Text Comments (1466)
Kamryn ththtmc (15 hours ago)
Dania Qaisara (2 days ago)
yoo.. im super shock when he go attack!
ざしきわらし (7 days ago)
Gamer Gab (9 days ago)
Who got scared at jumpscare 2:10
Mr V (1 month ago)
That is why I will never pull that prank on my Uncle or Great Grandpa.
Sebastian Stankovic (2 months ago)
I love the soldier
Technically Bhadwa (2 months ago)
The guy is eated
Regan Smith (2 months ago)
If i was a army soldier i would make that robber wish he was never born
LeBron Thanos (2 months ago)
“You pissed you’re pants & I hit you over the head with a keyboard” 2-0 😂😂😂
Typical Supreme (2 months ago)
If u think this is real your literally retarded
Tenzin Gobom (2 months ago)
so if prank passed and u got money than its not a prank i guess..
Sarah Sims (2 months ago)
This is dumb... but funny! of course this is a gone wrong prank he's a solder what would you expect...
jordon carroll (2 months ago)
god lee he's billy badass
Anime4 Mii (3 months ago)
dont get me wrong but that what a marine or navy military would do.
Owen Thomas (3 months ago)
People believe anything. That's a convenient spot for a computer with a 20year old keyboard you don't mind breaking. He's such a good actor too
Gregnoxy (3 months ago)
Be glad he didn’t pop a cap in your ass.
light564 (4 months ago)
Why the fuck you think you can actually rob an armed military man seriously?!😂😂😂😂😂😂 Still if Actual robber broke into his house, Words God help you would take on a Whole new meaning
hottboy comehere (4 months ago)
Robbery prank on soldier and gone WRONG well that's pretty RARE
Classic KZ Gamer zar (4 months ago)
Respect for that soldier
McGauley93 (4 months ago)
What a fucking idiot. Lucky his dumbass didn't get shot. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
DTV LIVE (5 months ago)
Dude got his ass busted
Candy Van (5 months ago)
people about the gopro ontop of the picture , when your in a rush you don't tend to pay attention on small things , you quickly look everywhere you dont tend to see cameras and shit
Jay Dox (6 months ago)
You can tell they're good friends by how quickly he was put at ease after seeing his face. I'd turn on my BEST friend if he entered my home with a fire arm.
Best PlayzGamer (6 months ago)
You know when people use tags in their title like (Gone wrong) (Gone sexual) (Got humped) (Got rekt) (Got fucked) (Gone porno) (Compilitation) Yeah i also know that
Rita Tran (7 months ago)
Yay (7 months ago)
Wer kommt auch von Torge?
John Fairbanks Sr. (8 months ago)
Rudy Velasquez (8 months ago)
Literally threw his computer typing board at his face ouch
Baldi (9 months ago)
Im laughing hard af xD
None of these pranks are real anymore. Just a lot of rehearsed shit for likes and attention
Alexander Lee (10 months ago)
what that the one that guy want to sex girl
Taco Taco123 (11 months ago)
This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. To bad that keyboard didn't do some damage.
Destroyer Of Skulls (11 months ago)
Ellie Cahan (11 months ago)
Good reflexes and quick response. Nasty prank!
XxHazardousTVxX (11 months ago)
stop stealing content if you do want to steal content i advise you t o remove the water mark before you steal shit
Looks like you should have listened to him when he said he would destroy someone that ever broke in. *gets smacked in the head*! So dumb hahahaha
Nimrod Zar (1 year ago)
i wish one of these fucking clowns gets a bullet in the head one day
Sledge Gaming, blogs (1 year ago)
that was awesome
Andrew Hall (1 year ago)
He's a specialist damn i thought he would be a staff sergeant or a sergeant
Adrian Jaworski (1 year ago)
Shakib Khondokar (1 year ago)
like a solder
Military Dog (1 year ago)
A Croatian_guy (1 year ago)
You are idiots
It's 5 in the morning
lebomm johnson (1 year ago)
Gosh, that sure was a good idea, wasn't it ?
Eli Sybold (1 year ago)
These guys are stupid
Soccer stars Channel (1 year ago)
the funplacethe funplaceuuu
Yo lyi (1 year ago)
man: ha let break into this man house 10 sec later man: oh shit gone wrong I thought he was gonna lead me to his secret vault
well i just got a shot the that guy gets hit by a keyboard now you haft to buy a new keyboard now make more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ o_o nvm
John Doe (1 year ago)
note to self: don't fucking prank a person with robbery when they have a fucking handgun.
Alex Leatherland (1 year ago)
Simi Dhaliwal (1 year ago)
Nice one lol
Slipknot London 2002 (1 year ago)
no shit it gone wrong..
kyle reilly (1 year ago)
Yo, it's Hamilton from my BCT Unit. A-796 at Leonardwood.
iwrite toyourbeats (1 year ago)
the keyboard dude omg
Daniel Reyes (1 year ago)
"Yo, the fuck you're doing?!" *slams keyboard on friend's head* 😂😂😂
Cody Holland (1 year ago)
He could have been a better sport about that.
Redsparrow633 (1 year ago)
2:15 Badass mode activated
catearmy Zeer (1 year ago)
Redsparrow633 that's beast mode 😂
pranav kombe (1 year ago)
that poor guy get smashed up for unfair reason by new secret weapon know as keyboard
ffjsb (1 year ago)
This MORON was seconds away from being a Darwin Award winner. What an epically STUPID thing to do. He's lucky that soldier didn't have a REAL firearm. I'm glad I don't have any "friends" that are this stupid.
angel Valdez (1 year ago)
who the fuck disliked this!? this is hilarious
Mr_Nexus (1 year ago)
"its just a prank bro"
Albanus35 (1 year ago)
Damn he is fast!
Doty Basa (1 year ago)
omg hahha
Garry Gill (1 year ago)
the yellow t shirt guy is lucky to be alive swear to god in hand to hand combat training a soldier is trained to kill
Creasha Brigman (1 year ago)
we he hit him with that keyboard x'D i can't stop laughing but i would have done the same thing if someone broken into my house
Jordan Koch (1 year ago)
this is so fucking cringey
The-Ironwing-Kaiser (1 year ago)
At least he didn't prank a marine. It would have ended far worse for him.
Fist of Rage (6 months ago)
Shut up about the marines! Yes marines are good but why the fuck everyone have to brag about them?!
pastor of muppets (1 year ago)
The Ironwing Kaiser ha ha yes probably ☆
The-Ironwing-Kaiser (1 year ago)
+pastor ofmuppets No, probably cripple him for the rest of his life.
pastor of muppets (1 year ago)
The Ironwing Kaiser would a marine have Sex with him also?
The-Ironwing-Kaiser (1 year ago)
+lebomm johnson I'm pretty sure a Marine would do far more than just beat him up.
thomas boisson (1 year ago)
Yeah I agree with the soldier he's an idiot
Daniel Salgado (1 year ago)
Yo he had his shit on point on the money good job
you know who (1 year ago)
the guys who got hit in da head looks drousy
DENNIS Short (1 year ago)
not nice
DENNIS Short (1 year ago)
not nice
awsommoss (1 year ago)
rip keyboard
elchamaco15 (1 year ago)
i love it !!!!!! added to my favorites hahaha !!
Jacob Shepperd (1 year ago)
Mark mark (1 year ago)
is this the same soldier that helped the homeless man who was himself a Vietnam vet??
Stefan Mauhart (1 year ago)
so dumb invaders get shot
pete a (1 year ago)
I surprised he hit him, normally they are the one to start a fight and then run away
fire rex (1 year ago)
lol everyone here is like "don't mess with the us soldier he can snap your neck". y'all know most soldiers don't know how to fight other than squeezing a trigger
Eric Cartman (1 year ago)
What's the outro song? Thanks in advance!
Mr.WeebFanboy101 (1 year ago)
This gonna be me in the future but Canadian
lol sav
NetherSparkHD (1 year ago)
Get Keyboarded
Juan Hernandez (1 year ago)
good video
Willi Lib (1 year ago)
kkkillmeples xd
Charles Salmon (1 year ago)
Not buying it. Why didn't he stomp his guts out with those boots he was wearing instead of using a keyboard prop?
Diego G (1 year ago)
LOL yea man cause soldiers just hang around in their uniform at night in the suburbs
Lagon78 (1 year ago)
It literally said he was a vet now in the reserves getting up early for his annual training...
Buck Rodgers (1 year ago)
Probably training himself to wake up early and put his uniform on as fast as possible. It's a passive regimen in the army.
Justin Breed (1 year ago)
BallzGamer (1 year ago)
that shits not funny.
anthonie salazar (1 year ago)
love his reaction "dude it's like 5 in the morning. "
Mike Turley (1 year ago)
what if Ryon had just stopped at Donham Sports and bought a new 130$ Hi Point.380????????
BAD HOBO (1 year ago)
Aw... I was hoping someone would've gotten shot.
Darkcreeper 357 (1 year ago)
Hendy Halim (1 year ago)
Ouch 😖
fuyaki kamakiya (1 year ago)
stupid prank. what were u expecting???
fuyaki kamakiya (1 year ago)
what a stupid idea
BAT MAN (1 year ago)
Guys don't ever do this. With our laws, if you do that, the owner could legally harm you for trespassing. ESPECIALLY if the dude's a HIGHLY TRAINED ARMY VETERAN.
NO NAME (1 year ago)

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