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Euron Greyjoy brings a gift for Cersei (Ellaria and Tyene Sand)

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Text Comments (10)
CosmosGaming (16 days ago)
Shh shh not now, we’ll talk later
dochania fun (17 days ago)
I like here indira varma only
Andrew Edwards (1 month ago)
I didn't understand this at all, the Lannisters were hated the entire time they were in power and now they love Euron and the Lannisters?
Enottik (1 month ago)
It's no that they love the Lannisters so much now, it's just that the Dornish and the Dragon Queen are not an option at all - the Dornish are viewed as cruel barbarians and Daenerys brings fear with her blood-thirsty Dothraki horde. So for common people cheering up for Lannisters is like "of two evils choose the least".
John MDM (2 months ago)
So did Euron ever get what his 'heart' desires? HaHa Cersei is the best!
enes altun (3 months ago)
a lannister always pays the debt
Nicko Limbo (3 months ago)
Ok! Euron is my favorite villain!
TG R. (3 months ago)
The hungry citizens of Westeros just throwing away good food like that.
Enottik (3 months ago)
They wanted ciruses a bit more than they wanted bread)
Mr Incognitio (3 months ago)
Euron is a certified fooking legend!

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