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Game of Thrones: Conquest Launch Trailer

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Begin your rise to power and take the Iron Throne. Download Game of Thrones: Conquest now: https://go.wbgames.com/2yuLS8S
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Text Comments (815)
asmin tk (15 days ago)
8 seaso nnnnnn
Sergio Luna (26 days ago)
Boring. Make a videogame like GTA but you are a sellsword
Ronnie Lease Jr (2 months ago)
is That Game of thrones on Netflix
Trailers of Films (2 months ago)
GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Trailer 2018 Trailers of Films in this video ::::::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdyvljct_o8
Miklós Kövics (2 months ago)
steveba50 (3 months ago)
Pay2win or free2lose its your choice either way its a waste of time and a scam
Frostbite Allen (3 months ago)
fuck this shit game, fuck this ad
Preacher (4 months ago)
Can't wait for got season 8 🙂
Daniel Asuncion (4 months ago)
DO NOT download this game. It has a pay to win environment. Game is very buggy. Customer service is virtually non-existent.
Darkrider Dark (6 months ago)
we need a games of throne total war
Z Man Gamer (7 months ago)
How about a game like this on the computer where you control an actual house and can actually see the battles
ByEgido (9 months ago)
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Andrew Dawson (9 months ago)
More Pay 2 Win trash profiting off the addictive needs of the masses. These games exploit those dumb enough to get sucked in
Johnny Matthews (9 months ago)
Well lets hope, you Games of Thrones try and Make Season 8 with 10 Episodes, at least 90 minutes long and make sure no more dragons get killed, make sure Danny WINS and STOP making Tyrion look like the most stupid person on the show, better writing please and give us a HAPPY ENDING!
Johnny Matthews (9 months ago)
Not happy with Games of Thrones, So many of the scenes in season 7 just did not make any sense and worst just 8 episodes, Games of Thrones needs to show a little respect for it's fans, not cool!
Johnny Matthews (9 months ago)
Why was season 7 was rushed, the story line was CRAZY and it's a real shame for the show to rush to finish it, not happy with Games of Thrones!
Johnny Matthews (9 months ago)
Yes, Just watched season 7, have to say GAMES OF THRONES SEASON 7 was terrible, BAD writing, terrible story line and ZERO Imagination!
Johnny Matthews (9 months ago)
BAD WRITING AND BAD STORY LINE, the are so many videos on youtube about how Games of Thrones season 7 SUCKED big time and i have to agree with every one of them, shameful!
xLegendGaming (9 months ago)
Now I like to see a Total war game of thrones.
JIN ERSO (9 months ago)
BGM : Spoils of war, pt2
Arryn39 (9 months ago)
This looks just like every other re-skin app...
Barni Neba (10 months ago)
Yes now lets talk about Bronn, so here when Danny attacks the lannisters, Bronn, is their busy setting up the large arrow to attack Danny, the Dothraki are all around him YET NOT A SINGLE DOTHRAKI sees or attacks Bronn, you can clearly see this in the clip and yet Bronn is left alone.......then in the final scene Bronn comes out of no where to save Jamie, the Dragon fire on the water alone would have boiled or burnt both of them to death, the water would have been boiling yet someone Bronn and Jamie who was wearing such heavy amour manage to swim underwater miles and miles away from the fighting.............ARE THE WRITERS SO CARZY and have ZERO sense of reality. Games of Thrones SEASON 7 sucked, sucked, sucked. Poorly written and hastily produced!
Barni Neba (10 months ago)
Did you notice when John Snow sends Genery to get a message to Danny, John Snow and his team run right into a Trap, rather than running fast with Genery towards East Watch by the sea, it seems like the show writers have lost any sense of reality, how stupid is John Snow to run right into a trap, he could have gone in any direction but he had to go into the lake, seriously!
Umut Er (10 months ago)
Joseph Sosa (10 months ago)
I'm sorry, Jorah, but you sucked at narrating this. It was admittedly cool to see that Stark guardsman completely own that Bolton soldier, though...
Rhaenyra Reigns (10 months ago)
Looks like *Final Fantasy XV:* A New Empire; In other words: A scam.
Yellow 13 (10 months ago)
This ad is too damm long
Nameless Hero (10 months ago)
0:20 If only Jon’s army looked like that instead of a band of refugees! Shame on you D&D for ruining the potential of a better Northen Plot (“northen conspiracy”). The show has become garbage, now they’re starting to milk it like Bethesda milks Skyrim. Disrespectful.
shaman king (10 months ago)
yall know when season 8 is coming out?
Abdul Wahid (10 months ago)
Rui (11 months ago)
Till now..the best Game of Thrones game is from TELLTALEGAMES !! - Portugal
Matthew Harvey (11 months ago)
Boring game.. same design different images.. zzzZZZzzz
kwyrs漫画 (11 months ago)
I'm going to download it now
kwyrs漫画 (11 months ago)
I can not wait for the eighth season😍
Hey caras de vergas más les vale que los episodios de got duren tres horas nojoda
huluandebay man (11 months ago)
Winter is here
When is 8th season coming?
Camel Eggs (11 months ago)
Want the people who made skyrim, elderscrolls, oblivion etc. to make the rpg game of thrones universe
RagnaGamez (11 months ago)
How about u make a game where we have our own house, troops, etc to battle against other houses (players). That to me will make more money than this game.
Moos Barnhoorn (11 months ago)
How about a Good RPG, instead of this shit.....
Ako (11 months ago)
So, if a frost dragon blasts frost on a wall of ice....shouldn't it freeze even more and not melt and crumble down? This has a lot of explaining to do.
Co Glm (11 months ago)
Tekina (11 months ago)
See introduction and game play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x16sizR111E
Charles Otz (11 months ago)
Can I play as the white walkers
Bogdan Chiriac (11 months ago)
Shit game...all wb games are scams
FJB (11 months ago)
assistir game of thrones http://www.assistirseriados.net/2017/06/03/game-of-thrones-todas-temporadas.html
Hicham hicham (11 months ago)
VideoChaff (11 months ago)
Rn I’m a lvl 6 Targaryen and love this game. Can’t wait for more updates but next time can you not make a game that’s a basic fire age rip off
VideoChaff (11 months ago)
Rn I’m lvl 6 as a Targaryen and I love this game so much can’t wait for there to be more updates
JaminJ (11 months ago)
If Elliot Rodger was alive, he would have played this game.
Smauel Lo (11 months ago)
Yes, Season 1 - 6 was GREAT, Season 7 SUCKED........Season 8 ?????? Let's HOPE the show does not ruin it for all Games Of Thrones fans.
Smauel Lo (11 months ago)
Yes, Tyrion is pretty smart yet the SHOW made Tyrion look like a DICK with all his STUPID DUMB IDEAS, first the idea to take Casterly Rock, then the blocking of Kings landing, then his DUMB DUMB DUMB idea to catch a DEADMAN, REALLY Games Of Thrones, can one man make so many damn mistakes, SEASON 7 SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED, i really hope the producers don't RUSH Season 8 and have 10 Episodes with each episodes at least 90 minutes long, and PLEASE STOP KILLING THE DRAGONS, talk about BAD writing, great lets create a way to give the Night King a Dragon.........Season 7 could have been so much better but it was RUSHED RUSHED RUSHED.
Jon Snow (11 months ago)
Shut the fuck up and rot of cancer you inbred fuck
Smauel Lo (11 months ago)
Yes, Season 1-6 was amazing, season 7 was RUSHED 7 episodes sucked, the whole plot line and story SUCKED, i mean in one episode Danny complains that she would be able to feed her army because Cersi took all the food in the reach, then when Danny attacks the Lannisters, she BURNS all the food, DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? So stupid.......Season 7 could have been GREAT but it SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED.
Jon Snow (11 months ago)
Your opinion SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS just like your life so just kill yourself
Leandro Ramalho (11 months ago)
fiz a abertura do gameof thrones com violino e violão, se puder dar uma força ^^)
keerthish satish (11 months ago)
C arya stark -https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=13s&v=X-13CCxouhA
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Adolf Hitler (1 year ago)
Türkleri görelim
Olufolarin Oduntan (1 year ago)
I know this game sucks, but I rather play it over the abomination known as Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)
Charles Lannes (1 year ago)
can you make a PC version ?
Hokage Zak (1 year ago)
I want GOT Telltale season 2
Catelyn Silverine (1 year ago)
"Let's play a little game"
Mustafa Mamuwala (1 year ago)
How about making season 9 instead
Jon Snow (11 months ago)
Sly Cullen (1 year ago)
Gotta get them microtransactions to fund season 8, they do need $60m after all.
Techno Maharaja (1 year ago)
Here is the game review https://youtu.be/xE0Hg1QM03c
Keven (1 year ago)
كلو زق يالكفار
Claustrophobic (1 year ago)
I play this game, and I Uninstal after 1 minutes
Gab OT (1 year ago)
this deserves a dawn of war type game
Surrealist139 (1 year ago)
im boycotting all things WB for what they did to Asheron's Call.
HB_30 (1 year ago)
if you lack good screenplay create a freemium. great logic!
Dead__hero Xaris (1 year ago)
Pay to win it's that simple useless 😡😤
Join SMITH alliance!
svtAcne disease (1 year ago)
How about moba?
Night Imba (1 year ago)
Shit game
Godzeenic (1 year ago)
You guys could do a partnership whit Bethesda to create a real good game
Luis López (1 year ago)
Cuando se podrá jugar también la antigua Valyria?
DirkDirk (1 year ago)
Do you need the money of this shitty pay to play game for season 8 or why did you punlish such a bad pay to play game, which looks and works exactly like this Clash of Kings bull shit...
InfraRaven (1 year ago)
I just want the rest of the map markers..
Freya Westergård (1 year ago)
Can I play as a lady with dragons lol
Vinícius Lima (1 year ago)
Geek forlife (1 year ago)
Can we please get a good game ?
Vikash Kumar (1 year ago)
all episode in HD https://goo.gl/swdshp
Epicool Clasher (1 year ago)
Why is it not compatible for my phone?????I have a Dodgee x5 pro
Anthony P (1 year ago)
Just launch a Bethesda made game of thrones game and you will get all the money
bunny (1 year ago)
Shit game
Sheharyar Javaid (1 year ago)
Make a triple A game from any of the big developers except Ubisoft and charge 60 $ for it and for all next gen platforms and PC. And eventually you will have enough revenue to continue Game of Thrones till eternity. And we will not mind if you turn it into soap opera. Just don't end on season 8.
Amit kumar (1 year ago)
Its all looking like coc
Джон Снег (1 year ago)
Над трейлером попытались больше, чем над игрой.
Or invest a few more years and create a Skyrim type game in terms of scale.
Abloe (1 year ago)
Just give us season 2 of the Telltale series and we are happy, not this microtransaction crappe.
mistery shade (1 year ago)
Damn... when this video popped up in my screen I thought that it was the trailer for Aegons conquest (possible spinoff)
neithealebor (1 year ago)
Obsidian Entertainment: Game of thrones game.. True RPG..
neithealebor (1 year ago)
Nick Salvatore (1 year ago)
This game really sucks I was expecting something more something special from you but you disappointed me
Seán Mac Uaitéir (1 year ago)
Does it have Stannis?
Juan Uribe (1 year ago)
Make a game Total War style
neithealebor (1 year ago)
Obsidian Entertainment: Game of thrones
uplink44 (1 year ago)
what a crap, how low can hbo go?
indyslimshady (1 year ago)
Is this game full of micro transactions? If yes, count me out.
Rio Hashimoto (1 year ago)
How abut a open world triple a title instead of a terrible game
Tonrock Allmighty (1 year ago)
To all the people who want a got game just play the mount and blade mod its amazing

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