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TOP 5 sex scenes Game of Thrones

1910 ratings | 1474564 views
Subscribe to my channel here! https://goo.gl/pCdaXc I've picked up my top 5 favorite sex scenes from Game Of Throne. Hope, you'll like it. Enjoy :)
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Text Comments (90)
Carl Gaming (4 days ago)
u movies (10 days ago)
Tom Miszczu (26 days ago)
Rozdziobią nas kruki i wrony!
say 1207 (26 days ago)
👎👎👎👎 i hate the voice ruined the video bitch
San Mack (1 month ago)
1:25 rape
Sandra Hendricks (1 month ago)
Shut up dam
Youtube MOon (1 month ago)
Are these sex scenes real ?
Youtube Nnn (10 days ago)
I think yes
Shair Ali EmptineSS (1 month ago)
the one was the best
AK -47 (2 months ago)
Where is number 4??
This isn't minecraft
FUCK so good
Jerimiah Smith (3 months ago)
Man I love sex
Rinata Claudin (4 months ago)
your voice so annoying
Rinata Claudin (1 month ago)
Morgan George you’re
Morgan George (1 month ago)
Your annoying
Flairy God (2 months ago)
Rinata Claudin it's called an accent dumbass
Elsa Manguele (4 months ago)
Less talking more fucking
Azi Baker (4 months ago)
I'm 20 yrs old & I still can't see it
Arif khan (27 days ago)
Azi Baker first u should blowjob my dick
Murun GD (4 months ago)
Bad vid
Mark L (5 months ago)
Incest is bad.
What the hell is this girl smoking
Ayşegül Yıldırım (5 months ago)
what is this music name? 3:00
Bill Klacks (6 months ago)
disgusting voice
Fruzsina Gál (6 months ago)
Fruzsina Gál (6 months ago)
mouseking69 (6 months ago)
Your voice
no this is patrick (6 months ago)
shut up
Hau Minh (7 months ago)
ali Abbas (7 months ago)
i want sex with you
Jm YT (8 months ago)
Stop it bitch
Mark Ireri (8 months ago)
i unsubscribed
The bite of mind (8 months ago)
Song= Crazy in love
Mony Micky (8 months ago)
ur voice is annoying
Rana Abdulrauf (1 month ago)
Mony Micky Hiiii
california dreaming (6 months ago)
Mony Micky hi mony
Thevlogchannell (8 months ago)
El So (8 months ago)
The last scene is also an incest kinda
Chad Evans Villareal (8 months ago)
its real or not
Rahul Singh (4 months ago)
Yes it is real
General Hunter (8 months ago)
Akash Baruah (8 months ago)
pdjx haks (8 months ago)
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Cricket mad Couzens (6 months ago)
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pdjx haks (8 months ago)
Someone wanna FCK meh
HOO MANN (8 months ago)
pdjx haks th
Anakin Skywalker (8 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Feroz Ali (8 months ago)
My dick never rise after hearing that voice
Kevin Tellez (9 months ago)
Rafael Carlos (5 months ago)
Kiana VIDEOS (7 months ago)
Eww que puerco
Ryan Cologueze Paz (7 months ago)
Mais um br punheteiro kkk
Ali Shahid (9 months ago)
Hey whats the last song!!!!
Blaze Gaming (6 months ago)
Ali Shahid Crazy In Love
Sid Kumar (8 months ago)
Ali Shahid your love got me looking so crazy right now now or something
Ivan Jake (9 months ago)
The creepy guy (9 months ago)
Dammit! A spoiler alert would havae been helpful! -__-
SlopeSyle (7 months ago)
Tony Fisher (9 months ago)
This is toatally wrong
Kiky Tona (8 months ago)
Gamerex 99 (9 months ago)
The most annoying voice
LolaPlayz62 UnicornsRock (4 months ago)
Gamerex 99 ikr
Tryhard playZ (6 months ago)
follower of peeps (7 months ago)
Bimpe Onasanya (7 months ago)
Mark seilo (9 months ago)
Your stupid talking during the scenes ruined everything!
Kaya F (10 months ago)
OMG Why would you talk during the clips??
Prespres Chichi (11 days ago)
Hi girl I'm preslee
6405090401 47 (10 months ago)
Shut the fuck up
Meinardo Jr Andres (10 months ago)
Not for kids
Meinardo Jr Andres I'm 10
TheTrapezius (10 months ago)
Your commentary is annoying as fuck.
Abdurrahman Akal (10 months ago)
I'm nor familiar with her channel but this is probably intentional.
Blue_eclipse_wolf SS (10 months ago)
i liked 4,2 and 1
Shobha Taksande (7 months ago)
My name is harsh
Shobha Taksande (7 months ago)
Sex with me
Lalit Riya (8 months ago)
Mia Boitnott hi
Blue_eclipse_wolf SS (9 months ago)
Gurii Dhaliwal what dose fb mean if it means face book I don't have face book 😁😂
Gurii Dhaliwal (9 months ago)
Mia Boitnott hi add me on fb
Linda Metcalf (10 months ago)
Hey in Sexy lol Like a bich
california dreaming (6 months ago)
Linda Metcalf hi linda
Mikhail Konstantin (10 months ago)
why the fuck you are talking while we are watching it ! ?
Krishna Sharma (10 months ago)
kya choda hai yaar
manoj chahande (10 months ago)
Stark Targaryen (11 months ago)
Nice Playlist I absolutly agree with 1, not sure about number 3 though lol
Abdurrahman Akal (10 months ago)
Lena Headey's body looks magical. I think this alone makes it a good scene.
swap 2 and 1

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