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Eminem - Not Afraid

6191279 ratings | 1114041577 views
Music video by Eminem performing Not Afraid. (C) 2010 Aftermath Records #VEVOCertified on September 11, 2010.http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
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Text Comments (840760)
Санек Play (4 minutes ago)
Eminem legends!
Abdussamadzahid Zahid (13 minutes ago)
ian papa (1 hour ago)
2056 anyone??
BROS TUBE. . (1 hour ago)
July 2018 anyone???
Finn Erik Deininger (1 hour ago)
This song never gets old!
Sugeiry Lopez (1 hour ago)
a living legend😘😘😘😘
brunogamer s (2 hours ago)
Internet aqui do acre rs agr que consegui vê
brunogamer s (2 hours ago)
❤❤❤ lançou ontem rs
ВладIV (2 hours ago)
Like, who is Russian
Niko Matzir (2 hours ago)
2019 ?
souslayer08 (2 hours ago)
This song saves me and changed my life forever.
1.2 billions let's gooooooo
Chris Garcia (3 hours ago)
Sic song
PewDiePiglet (3 hours ago)
THIS was released in 2010 and has over 1 billion views. OTHER BILIIOANIRE SONGS ARE MUCH YOUNGER than this song. DOES IT MEAN SOMETHING?
Sir Ahmad (3 hours ago)
Exotic Butters (3 hours ago)
I'd say about 1.5 million of the views were from me!
J Holland (3 hours ago)
Snoopy dog
NORA RaVatty (4 hours ago)
King of rap...always and forever
deathstroke 669 (4 hours ago)
Who else listening to throwback songs in 2018?
Anime Love (4 hours ago)
Happines when you know next song in your playlist is losse yourself
Uki Pratama (4 hours ago)
19 july 2018
Did anyone else just find out he had sleeves or close to them
Dieuloveson Lanot (5 hours ago)
SJM Productions (5 hours ago)
Best song ever
Lucas Silva (5 hours ago)
SJM Productions verdade
Yaiden Fernandez (5 hours ago)
Yaiden Fernandez (5 hours ago)
This song I have with her memories..🔥🖤
Tom Ma (6 hours ago)
2018 anyone?
melody eze (6 hours ago)
July 2018?
jaja jackson (7 hours ago)
Is he talking about illuminate july 18
Sebastian Kings (7 hours ago)
This song is motivation
Alisson Oliveira (7 hours ago)
Brazil 2018
Wiuboo L (7 hours ago)
My man
Tiago 69 (8 hours ago)
llyrr (8 hours ago)
I love ur music Eminem and im so happy because my bday is the same day as urs im alays looking up at u <3
Afellowhuman (8 hours ago)
The first song I memorized fully
Minou Moham (8 hours ago)
Emily Kennach (9 hours ago)
back when rap songs still had meaning
Aajajaj Hhhg (9 hours ago)
Back when I was 5 years old...... The memories :''''''''0
Van Schlissel (10 hours ago)
great music
NBS HIP HOP OFICIAL (10 hours ago)
Eminem❤ B R A S I L
FACE PLANT (10 hours ago)
Eminem Forever
Toxic Gaming (10 hours ago)
8 years....
Itachi Utirra (10 hours ago)
esse hino é mt foda l
Malina HD (10 hours ago)
Not afreid
8 years... wow 😮
Memories... 😢
alecsei Suhan (10 hours ago)
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Juan Escordeon (11 hours ago)
Gustavo Ramos (11 hours ago)
fornite battleroyale (11 hours ago)
1 bill
ElevenPoint ZeroEight (11 hours ago)
I'm not Afraid #Nostalgia #Childhoodmemories
Void Ninja (11 hours ago)
2018 LOL
That One Chris (11 hours ago)
1.1 BILLION views!
BrandonJamesPlays (11 hours ago)
Seen him live in London Saturday he is amazing
Abongwe Ziyeka (12 hours ago)
Living Legend
Endi Bewo (12 hours ago)
tHe best 👑👑👑👑👑
Sabjan Xhepa (12 hours ago)
Constantine25 TAKIE25 (12 hours ago)
18 juillet 2018 🙏
Sangam Kalyan (13 hours ago)
Legeng for a reason
Adam White (13 hours ago)
Wanna Feel Old: This is 8 years old.
Gamers Tube (13 hours ago)
Respect !!
Ali l علي (13 hours ago)
Nice 🤙❤
sahadsawat sutham (13 hours ago)
Bodo (13 hours ago)
The best!
Sanya Csak (13 hours ago)
Best 2018 ✌
Allison Hillhouse (13 hours ago)
This is inspiring✊😳💖😪
Hot Queen (14 hours ago)
Love Rap God 😍😍
Hot Queen (14 hours ago)
Waoo Amazing
nathaniel.balderrama (14 hours ago)
miss old Eminem
Robin Cates (14 hours ago)
You rock
LETS PLAY (14 hours ago)
Mr Ace (14 hours ago)
my fab of all tym
Jeffrey Burgoyne (14 hours ago)
Eminem is better the every other rapper combined
Steff Ormeling (14 hours ago)
#100k SUB #JohnFaN LacY (14 hours ago)
Még mindig ütős zene! :) Magyar van? :)
Vesou ! (15 hours ago)
I love you eminem still listening ❤️😇
ĶÄÜÄÑ Alves (15 hours ago)
Multi talented (15 hours ago)
Legends don’t die
Raymond Skies (15 hours ago)
8 years ago ( wow ) cant believe Ive grown up so fast
EMINEM Is Legend.
Jhonathan Samuel (15 hours ago)
Rap: Tupac - King Eminem - God
Rafael Marques25 (15 hours ago)
Emimem , voce é unico te idolatro sem te conhecer.
Talha Power/TP (15 hours ago)
He is EMINEM...
Shubham Kumar Singh (15 hours ago)
ojb2008 (16 hours ago)
I'm not afraid... to write this comment even tho I'm 8 years late.
Digo Silva (16 hours ago)
2018!!! From Brazil
Tarhouni Sabri (16 hours ago)
My hero 😍
MR. ROZ (16 hours ago)
العربي يطي لايك
Werner See (16 hours ago)
Eminem G.O.A.T
Seebae Hey (16 hours ago)
Anurag Tiwari (16 hours ago)
My favorite rapper from India
Brandon White (17 hours ago)
love this song
مهند فرح (17 hours ago)
Matshediso Hetsa (17 hours ago)
nice one
David Elden (17 hours ago)
This my life
Raven 2023 (17 hours ago)
My dad introduced me to eminem when I was very young and I still listen to him he's my favorite person,like an idol to me.my dad is in treatment rn but I listen to eminem and I feel like he's with me always.he speaks the truth and i respect that.i would give almost anything to meet him,he helped me through allot of tough shit.
Invincible Creations (18 hours ago)
It deserves 100 million likes

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