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Game of Thrones Season 8 Final Scene of the Series! - Game of Thrones Season 8 Ending

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction Video. Today I want to give my predictions for what I believe the very last scene of the series could be. What will be the last thing we see before the screen goes black and the credits roll? I have a few different options I think could happen at the end of Game of Thrones. There is a popular theory about the Iron Throne being destroyed and I believe there is a very good chance that could be the last thing we see. I also believe Daenerys is pregnant with Jon Snow's child. The last scene in the Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale could be of Daenerys giving birth and handing Jon the baby. Another thing I would love to see is the Stark's Ancestral Valyrian Steel Sword Ice be returned to it's rightful owners. Brienne has Oathkeeper and Jaime has Widow's Wail. Both of these swords are about to be in the north at the same time and I hope they return to House Stark after it's all said and done. I realize these may sound like happy ending but this could come after some bitterness. The Game of Thrones ending will be bittersweet but the last scene doesn't have to be.. Let me know what you think. What would you like to see as the last scene of this amazing series? Thanks for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Philippe Pointdujour (14 days ago)
What do you think of the possibility of Jamie Lannister being Azor Ahi
Nobody Important (1 month ago)
Did nobody think that Jon has to become the Night King to defeat him and for his siblings to live. That is why there must always be a living Stark at Winterfell...
Oracle of Raelor (2 months ago)
Only death can pay for life. Danny will die in childbirth. Bring on the ice spiders....
James Gardner (2 months ago)
Finale, Tyrion the imp king
Isaac Peddie (2 months ago)
I think it's possible that Jon will be the one to die and that ice will be kept split into two swords. one will be laid across Jon's tomb and the other across Neds. Dany will probably be unable to ride into battle on a dragon due to being pregnant and Jon will do so in her place.
Torrie Dunn (2 months ago)
Gilly closes the book she was reading to little Sam.
Ellef Tollefson (3 months ago)
How should it end ? For now Victorious, but lets go 800-1,000 years into the future. They have planes, trains, ships, cars, trucks T.V., computers, limited space travel, and have fought their world wars with modern weapons as we have. All of a sudden stories are getting out of polar expeditions disappearing , people and isolated settlements in the far North are out of contact, planes disappear while on mapping and weather research missions, and strange beings are being seen as in olden times. Let the repeating story end there. :-)
MARVEL-OUS (3 months ago)
I felt the same when Ice was melted down and given to Jamie and Joffrey. Jon should have both made back into Ice, then use it on the Knight King.
Joey B (3 months ago)
Heard a script that had Bran being killed early on. Sounds unlikely but after the great war is one and peace is restored in final episode there is a final scene of a white walker carrying Bran's body. That would be an interesting twist.
Joey B (3 months ago)
You know there is gonna be a scene where Grey Worm is injured and laying motionless. Then he begins to show signs of life before lifting his head revealing piercing blue eyes and the scene fades to black.
Jon Limbach (3 months ago)
This whole storys about a stagnant archaic civilization and the people trying to evolve it. Daenerys and Tyrion have the vision. It would be a colossal error in story telling to kill the person capable of advancing civilization. Therefore Daenerys survives. Prophecy is not litteral. Jon Daenerys and Tyrion are Azor Ahai.
Rick Thaler (4 months ago)
i read that Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) is going to star in a spinoff of GOT...Anyone have any similar info?
Ablie Gigal (4 months ago)
Good talk
Mr.47 (4 months ago)
my theory is: you know how the intro sequence seems like the camera is traveling on the inside of a sphere rather than outside? In the end scene, the camera will zoom out through the sky to reveal that it was in the end all taking place inside the eye of a blue eyed giant.
Homer Da Man (4 months ago)
It ends with the reforging of Ice!!!
nothx (4 months ago)
Does anyone remember what Tyrion and Mormont were reciting while going through Valyria? Could be it.
Carolyn Driver (5 months ago)
Daenerys will die and will join her dragons to fight the other kingdom. She’ll confront Cersia and destroy her kingdom and defend John Snow who will be the king of all kingdom. He’ll be reunited with all his family and live in peace for hundred of years. The Walkers will be completely destroyed as Daenerys will tell them to all quit confront the king that it is time to die and not make revenge for this is the only way to have to have to die an honourable death and have good life after dead. The baby of John Snow will bring peace to the world. The drag9n will survive as they are the keepers of peace and guard the king.
eapoe6 (5 months ago)
Westeros can be emptied of human life, restarting the cycle of Essos "invasions" to repopulate it.
Truly1Tom (5 months ago)
I had a sarcastic idea since Season 7 was 7 episodes, Season 8 is 6...why not keep on until it is one long episode in Season 12?
Jane Hale (5 months ago)
I think it will end by gradually approaching Sam who is writing in a book. We see that it is a song of Ice and fire and that the whole eight series has been Sam reliving what happened or that he is reading this to little Sam and Jon and Dany child.
Michael Lacey (5 months ago)
The witch said only death can pay for life so when she lost one of her dragons she was able to get pregnant
Nash Jaikharan (5 months ago)
i would think there is a possibility for the spirits of all the Starks to join the living Starks at Winterfell before they disappear to the cripts to finally rest in peace now that the long winter has past; and the demons, they anticipated to come to Winterfell, defeated.
Justin Elliott (5 months ago)
Which characters do you think will survive??? And what will those characters become???
ale vega (5 months ago)
I want Sansa to be the ruler but I know is not happening so it would be a nice ending to see John with his child sitting on the iron throne watching the wall being rebuild meanwhile on the other side far away the new queen of the white walkers comes to light holding her blue eyes white baby Walker again if sansa dies she could be that too but is more interesting if it was dead Cercei whom even after death she manage to be the last one standing plotting her revenge.
Frank Welch (5 months ago)
What a bunch of crap this last part of Game of Thrones is. Caitlyn Stark comes back as Lady Stoneheart. even though she was killed. Jon Snow dies. Dany dies. Verse dies (HOORAY!). Jamie kills her. right before the Mountain kills Jamie.
Sarah James (5 months ago)
When Ned should have high tailed it out of Kings Landing
Danny Rivera (5 months ago)
Cool videos, I didn't realize it but I've seen many of them. Keep up the good work!
Talking Thrones (5 months ago)
Thanks D
dean morris (5 months ago)
Just started filming. Stop talking sh*t.
Rebecca Vaughn (5 months ago)
Having Ice reforged seems pointless, at least for the TV show. Rickon is dead, Bran will likely die or at least won't have children, and Jon isn't a Stark. The Stark family will die out. Why reforge a gigantic sword which few people can even pick up for a family name that will die out? Perhaps this would make sense in the books but not the show.
smithysmithy1 (5 months ago)
Thanks TT really enjoyed it.
Imad Moussa (5 months ago)
I think it will end in a 15 year timeskip with samwell tarly the warden of the south receiving a raven from king jon telling him that Tyrion Lannister received an untimely death from a sudden sickness and that he is riding to make samwell tarly the hand of the king
Christine Donellan (5 months ago)
My ideal ending would be of Jon and Danys baby in a Pram lying on a wolfs pelt while the camera slowly moves out and a pair of hands sets a red dragon egg at the childs feet.
rhys86nd (5 months ago)
I think the last scene should be Tyrion standing on what remains of the wall, pissing off the edge.
csjjr (6 months ago)
I think the last scene should be Tyrion starts to tell the Joke of taking Honeycomb & A Donkey Into a Brothel... then it fades to black without the punchline....
Nana Shell (6 months ago)
It will survive the fire but not Dani or Jon.
Nana Shell (6 months ago)
Does the chair survive? I do not think so.
Vaishnavi Hudiya (6 months ago)
Don't you think this plot is way less sad than we are accustomed to. Not many beloved characters die in this theory. Though it's still great. PS hope it's not the actual script... Kinda spoiled for myself if it is.
Apocal Q (6 months ago)
Everything comes full circle. I believe that at the very end, it will be revealed to us as viewers that this victory over the White Walkers and of democracy will ultimately be temporary. In a thousand years or so, democracy will have disintegrated once again leading to another fight amongst new contenders for power over a new kingdom and another long night. I believe the series will possibly end by showing us a White Walker that has somehow survived and is preparing another long night. I believe the finale will end upon seeing the blue eyes before it fades to black.
The Swordguy (5 months ago)
Yeah, I would like that. It would also set the stage for potential sequels.
Donky Shazamabam (6 months ago)
Bittersweet to me would be Dany dying. Fighting to create so much change, wanting to make the world a better place, break the wheel, only to not see the full change come to fruition, Jon imo could be put on the throne as the actual one true heir, he doesn't want that. But with Dany gone, he's the only one with the lineage to take the throne and have to keep the wheel broken. It's obviously be bittersweet as someone we wanted to win would have won, but they themselves didn't want to be THE only winner and thrust into a position as a King. A good ending scene to me would be the remaining characters all in the throne room dressed up nicely, surrounding the throne (or a chair if the throne is destroyed) Jon is on the seat as Kings Landing bows to him, and it zoomed in on him and he seems happy, but has a look on his face that you can tell he's not actually happy or at the very least is incredibly unsure he should ACTUALLY be there as the King.
Buddhi Dev (6 months ago)
Maybe the night king or a new night king appears at the very end - kinda circle of nature.
flier14 the wolf aj (6 months ago)
The throne is the wheel that needs to be broken. Still, I will never forget "the Lysa Erynn of chairs" lol.
Valkyrie Sardo (6 months ago)
ICE was a House Stark sword. Jon is House Targaryen He has no legitimate claim to the ICE blades or to Longclaw. House Mormont lives on without Jorah.
Valkyrie Sardo (6 months ago)
Dany can't get pregnant but suddenly she is impregnated. She rolled around in the sack with boy toy Daario every night in Meereen, but after just a short acquaintance with Jon, whammo! preggers. Yeah, right. It must be because Jon is Targaryen and has plot magic sperm. Drogo was not Targaryen.
InZense (6 months ago)
Game of Thrones will end with Rick Grimes waking up from a coma.
ShySoup (6 months ago)
It should end with Ned Stark getting his head chopped off but this time we can hear what he said! It can be anything and I wonder if it could be related to Jon.
Robert E. Waters (6 months ago)
I wonder whether Jon and/or Dany or their child won't end up being monarch of Westeros after all- but a different kind of Westeros, one in which power has devolved from the Iron Throne to responsible and capable rulers of each of the Seven Kingdoms who will each rule his or her own realm while owing fealty- symbolic in peacetime, but actual in war- to the Targaryans at King's Landing. Perhaps the Iron Throne will be destroyed, symbolizing the end of the old way, but a new system born more or less like ancient Ireland, in which five kings ruled five kingdoms joined in some sort of federal union symbolized by the High King at Tara and rallying to his banner in time of crisis while effectively exercising actual government over their kingdoms in normal times. I can't see Westeros being ready for anything like democracy or the kind of progressive new order some of the YouTube Thrones channels have speculated about. That would take centuries and a great deal of social, economic, and technological advancement to evolve.But some kind of constitutional monarchy such as England had until relatively recent times, less than a democracy but accountable and respecting specific rights for all classes of people, might be possible. That's as close to a fulfillment of Dany's vision as I can imagine, a juster and more responsible and egalitarian society still within the limits Westeros could believably achieve. The bitterness could come from the deaths of many characters we've come to love; the sweetness could be in "a dream of Spring" in a new Westeros in which power is more broadly based and everybody has a more of a stake in working together for the common good.
klausweasley (6 months ago)
My personal theory for the last scene. Sam with the help of Bran, finishes his book "A Song of Ice and Fire". Then, Sam, Gilly, Baby Sam, Davos and any remaining Stark alive (Jon, Sansa, Arya) drive Bran to the Three-Eyed Raven's tree where he will spend the remainder of his days. He takes his place in the tree. His eyes roll back and we're treated to a montage of highlights from the show.
Jane Mormino (6 months ago)
I think John and Dany might name their child Spring...
Colleen McDonald (6 months ago)
I think the last scene will be an older Sam writing down A Song of Ice and Fire. Little Sam is helping him and they talk about the new little queen and the wolves of Winterfell.
Noelia Jaime (6 months ago)
I believed since the beginning that the Iron throne would be destroyed and i still believe that.
hir ax (6 months ago)
You think jon and jorahs conversation about child jon have is gonna from daenerys but not tell stark theme plays when said that😕
Nikol Villa (6 months ago)
ending should be brienne and tormund having a kingdom and lives happily ever after, and of course arya killing everyone else
Marina Azores (6 months ago)
I really hope they go with the full mad queen thing on Daenerys. It would redeem the way they have been portraying her character lately in the show. She goes full mad queen, doesn't want to give up on the throne, Jon has to kill her nissa nissa style, bam. Anything that has to do with Jon and Daenerys happily ever after getting married and with children would feel so misplaced and weird for the ending of this series.
Shadow Hunter (6 months ago)
So.....Jon had a baby with his aunt?
Stan Karpinski (6 months ago)
Danny and Jon will produce another mad king, that is my prediction. And plunge westeros into another darkness.
Carlie M (6 months ago)
It's going to zoom into an eye and then pull back and out of a big blue eye.. it the giant named Macumber
Just Falcon (6 months ago)
Your Move Bro (6 months ago)
It ends with ned stark finding the declaration of independence...
Evil Lucien (6 months ago)
I think the last scene will be Sam telling Jon and Dani's baby The Song of Fire and Ice.
Johnny-Oh (6 months ago)
I think the dragons will die. Its said that dragons and magic hold back the science and tecnology... So to have dream of future the dragons must die so the civilisation can advance.
Johnny-Oh (6 months ago)
Time for wolves would sound so much better
Talking Thrones (6 months ago)
Totally. I loved that title. Maybe it was too revealing.
Fido II (6 months ago)
They all will die and new live will come from them. Last scene showing tree with faces in silence.cutout.
Mike D Man (6 months ago)
Seriously dude...what are you going to do after S8 ends?
Mike D Man (6 months ago)
Talking Thrones nice! Too funny
Talking Thrones (6 months ago)
Take the black..
Blake Bass (7 months ago)
I want to see and ending that has someone leaving to find out wtf is west of westeros
Barbie (7 months ago)
I think it'll be like the reunion like in S1 E1, they'll probably have a reunion.
Benjamin Cranshaw (7 months ago)
I hope ice will be reforged and the sword doesn't have to be the same like they could make it look like the book version and have the words winter is coming on the guard that would be fuckin awsome
George Moni (7 months ago)
jaeoh noh (7 months ago)
Scarlett d'Harlett (7 months ago)
the first scene will show a sink full of DISHWATER because the show is now as Dull As Dishwater
Adelewa Olomola (7 months ago)
I think bran will go back in time to change the past by warning them
Nadine Wade (7 months ago)
Please no harp playing Jon.
rock3246 (7 months ago)
The night king will win, and it will fade out to show the whole series is in the eye of a blue eyed giant, thats why the land is concave during the intro.
Dawn Atkinson (7 months ago)
I think the very last shot/scene will be on the missing dragon eggs and one egg cracks. THE END!
radina stanislavova (7 months ago)
i still think that game of thrones is about many characters not only Dany and Jon. I think that it can end with Samwel Tarly writing "the song of ice and fire" book ....
juan morales (7 months ago)
I know everyboby wants jon and dany to have a baby but i would be disappointed cause eventually there will be a cruel targaryan
Mary Jane Pender (7 months ago)
Thanks again Talking Thrones for some interesting predictions. I have a theory that Bran can affect the past -- we saw this in the episode wherein he called his father at the Tower of Joy. If this is possible perhaps he can cause some changed decisions on Ned's part that had him go to Kings Landing and thus keeping all the Starks in Winterfell, Just a crazy idea, I know. Thanks.
Michael Armellino (7 months ago)
It would be pretty cool to melt down widows wail into a dagger and a dildo obviously not sharp but to signify the age of pleasure to come
Talking Thrones (7 months ago)
Beautiful comment ser
Sonic The Hedgehog (7 months ago)
How come baby Rickon appears to be taller than Brandon and Arya ? xD
Mr Mellow (7 months ago)
What if the baby had one eye bright blue as if it were the next night king
1stSnitas (7 months ago)
Maybe the last scene will be in the Stark Crypt. It could be Tyrion hold a baby girl named Lyanna...and looking reverently at the statue images of Jon and Daenery with Arya, Bran, and Podric by his side.
Michael Tatu (7 months ago)
Bran will repeat Cersei's line to Ned and then she is killed by Jamie or Arya
TheTriggerMan (7 months ago)
Best ending would be Little Bear walking through kings landing on a horse, after everyone is dead, and sits on iron throne
JosRey 74 (7 months ago)
Jon putting a 🐉 egg by his son's side!
SirRJ Tyrell (7 months ago)
Blah Stark Blah.
Talking Thrones (7 months ago)
+SirRJ Tyrell Stark > Tyrell
Gavin Clark (7 months ago)
John snow and dan get market ed
Russell Widhalm (7 months ago)
If you think there's going to be a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.
steve mcquen (7 months ago)
It wont be an happy ending but the very last scene will be sweet, i'm sure of that.
Talking Thrones (7 months ago)
+Russell Widhalm So you think the very last scene will be bitter?
Manuel Relgeiz (7 months ago)
It end like it all starts!
John Bossi (7 months ago)
Lol everyone knows that the White Army will almost win but eventually get defeated and Cercei and the Kingslayer will die in each other's arms on the battlefield, Jon and Daenerys will get married and rule the seven kingdoms, a third dragon will be hatched, and the rest, as they say, is history.
NAVNEET GUPTA (7 months ago)
Isn't it possible that Jon could totally turn and want to be king of the 7 kingdoms once he knows that he's aegon targeryan bcoz since his childhood he is not loved or cared for truly by anybody
Damian Thorn (7 months ago)
I'm kind of surprised that you never mentioned Sam as a possible ending scene as I think its highly possible that he could be relaying the story to Jon and Dany's child or children or even just to others. I wonder could they interact the opening credits to link with this also? Either way I believe the show's part ending will have years later the ruler of Westeros either Jon or Dany or both coming to visit Winterfell (Sansa or Arya will be Warden of the North there) like the very first episode. Both Starks and Targaryens will have children of their own so the future is bright.
David Nielson (7 months ago)
I believe you are mistaken about the first scene being at Winterfell. If I recall correctly, the first scene of the TV show was north of the wall; the rangers from Castle Black being attacked. This led to the next scene at Winterfell, after the one survivor was caught.
FraJa1980 (7 months ago)
The show will probably end with and old Sam closing a book he wrote what will basically be GOT.
Sharda Sandela (7 months ago)
you're speaking like little finger
rene L (7 months ago)
2 words: *HOT PIE*
Prophecy Nation (7 months ago)
I have a thought about the bittersweet ending. Cersei has done so much that the audience meaning us would love nothing more than to see her humiliated and killed. Everyone's focusing so much on Jon or Daenerys dying but just as much we are all excited for the Battle of Daenerys vs. Cersei. what if the bittersweet ending is that we don't get that war what if someone is evil that Cersei has a little bit of good left in her and she get a Redemption story. Maybe she'll live in that could be the bittersweet ending maybe we won't get the war of Daenerys vs. Cersei. or maybe Cersei will give her life to save Jamie. I know that in real life the majority of people thinking black and white but there is a gray area. Most people want to see Cersei die that's actually what a lot of people have been waiting for since season 1. And what if that is the bittersweet ending? What do you think?
newvillagefilms (7 months ago)
Final Scene theory: When the dust settles, I think Cersei would be the last character standing and winning the Game of Thrones (since everyone dies from the Great War). Arya then assassinate Cersei, and no one rules the Seven Kingdoms. Just saying.
Simon Brengesjö (7 months ago)
There is one flaw in all these speculations: in real history, “the wheel” was broken by the ascent of the strong central government, reigning in the (formerly feudal) elites. I.e. if one should look to history, the breaking of the wheel does not mean abolishing the iron throne, but the restrictions of the feudal lords power. My point here is only that one should not presuppose, that the wheel is the throne, but might very well its extreme feudal order.
Aiden Isaacs (7 months ago)
It will end with bran stark north of the wall opening his newly found blue eyes and the question as to who the night king is will finally be answered
dikerma hasky (7 months ago)
the last scene..... wide shot of Sansa ruling kingslanding, Aria going west of westeros and Jon sitting in the north with his kid,, who knows,, i would like to see that..
CuffsSingleton (7 months ago)
In regards to Jon and Danys baby- I find I have a hard time with time lines so IF they have a baby then the time would be 9 months- which may help figure what and when things will happen in season 8. As to "Ice" yes it was made into 2 blades. I question if it would be made back to "Ice" or might they make a new one for a new way of life, starting over with a new blade for a new way of life. Keep up the great works of your vids!!

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