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Game of Thrones Ending Confirmed !? George R.R. Martin's Letter Leaked !!! | Game of Thrones

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Not Alfie (5 days ago)
There is absolutely NO WAY that Jon, Arya, Bran, Dany and Tyrion will all survive on the show. I'm pretty sure Daenerys, Jon and Bran will all die (it makes sense narratively speaking because all three of them are very important and strongly connected to the supernatural and i'm pretty certain GoT will end with dragons and white walkers extinct from the world along with magic). I could see Arya and Tyrion surviving but Arya seems like the kind of character that would go down fighting. I think Tyrion, Sam, Gilly and baby Sam would be the most likely survivors. I could also see Bronn, Brienne, Yara and Theon surviving. (maybe Podrick as well?)
Slow Boat Sailing (7 days ago)
The Sansa, Arya, and their mom’s fate have not come true. The Jon and Arya love affair has never materialized.
Abbella DiNoto (11 days ago)
Those letters are so damm old. One talks about Kahl Drogo .. seriously. This is bullshit this was more of a spoiler alert 5 years ago
Jori Bremer (11 days ago)
that was his 1st draft, a lot has changed, (like the Story, characters, etc.)
xXImikoXx (12 days ago)
I've paused here at 0:01. I just want to say this: I love your content, I hope you keep making more. But anything pertaining to "Leaks," "Spoilers," etc. I will not be watching. It's the same with all the other content creators. This is LITERALLY the last "Ride" we'll all get to enjoy from Game of Thrones. The last time any of us will be surprised at what we see, as we watch what unfolds. I don't want that spoiled in any way, shape or form. So, again: Love your stuff, love what you do. But, I pass on the Spoilers/Leaks based content.
Vonetta Sylvestre (12 days ago)
I like the plot we eventually got in the books. Better character development.
R Rocco (12 days ago)
Danny is going to die. Jaime will kill Cersei. Euron Greyjoy will kill a lot of people, the good guys like Jorah and all. Jaime, Euron and someone else will flee Kings Landing Before Danny burns and kills everyone inside the city (yeah, she's cruel af) deadly clash between dragons, dragon fire nor dragon glass inflict damage upon the NIght King, which happens to be Brann, attempting to go back in ttime to prevent the Children of the Forest on ever creating it as a weapon to defend them agains the First Men. Jon will go to the God's eye and kill Brann with Longclaw, which will burst into flames and glow red. Danny will die on childbirth, giving Jon his only child, which is a girl he will name Lyanna. Tyrion, Arya and Jon survive the Winter. Most of the other characters are going to die, then die again. Don't like to bear bad news for people, but Martin said the ending would be bittersweet since 1994. As to motives why Brann, or Night King would try to destroy all what we call "life"? No freaking clue.
TAZY (7 days ago)
R Rocco Absolute shit
funlover1977 (12 days ago)
crap as always in this channel
Roger De Freese (13 days ago)
No faith in this since a lot of this information has changed over the course of the show and books as well.
paul notpaul (13 days ago)
I'm interested in the stuff you talk about BUT couldn't you get someone else to read it??? Your voice just drones on n on n makes me want to throw my phone in the deepest lake I could find that's if your voice doesn't send me to sleep
Tamera Shields (13 days ago)
The book read here seems way different then the tv series
Have a look at the picture Maisie Williams posted to her Instagram #lastonestanding
Aaron Richmond (14 days ago)
Dude, slow down and enunciate!
Brent Dickson (14 days ago)
Your English is terrible. Sounds like a robot. You're as good at it as a retard trying to fuck a bowling ball.
Kaustubh Deshmukh (14 days ago)
Phiss phiss phiss phiss you sound like snake.
WhiterunGuard (14 days ago)
wait Brienne of tarth doesnt survive? fuck me
Jessica Smith (15 days ago)
He spells Danys name wrong! Fake!!!
sebatian (16 days ago)
Jon Snow DIES???!!!
Margaret Choffel (16 days ago)
Tryion may be hopelessly in love with Dany from the look we saw when Jon went into her room... So the rivalry still might take place but over Dany, not Arya..
Philip Black (16 days ago)
I'm fairly disappointed it will all end with Jon killing Bran, to by proxy kill the Night King. To have the entire plot end with Bran warging back into the past to become the night king, is just.....meh.
Brendan Ward (16 days ago)
1:10 - Did George R R Martin actually type "principle characters"?
Eric Rawlings (16 days ago)
They've changed so much on the show and George may have changed his mind by now too.
Eric Rawlings (16 days ago)
This letter has been shown a long time ago.
Gulsah Taner (16 days ago)
ı can't understand what tou are talking about
Matt Gutierrez (17 days ago)
Thumbs down.... this is ollllldddddd news
Entrisen (17 days ago)
This is annoying, because this is super old news. I was hoping you somehow got hold on the blocked part of the text or something. This has been covered countless times by others already
Oleksandra Myrna (17 days ago)
This letter is very old news. He was quite aggravated that it went public, because he has confirmed that he made a mostly random outline because he had to submit something. The story has changed since that letter and he himself disregards this letter.
Planet Brucifer (17 days ago)
Thanks man it doesn’t sound like your reading it as fast your the shit tho ty for the videos
Gelaar Veer (17 days ago)
It's almost certainly changed by now
Aidan (17 days ago)
Brandon Lowe (17 days ago)
Major clickbait, very disappointed
he wrote that letter a long time ago and has been quoted that he has since then changed his plans. look it up.
Ricky Esney (17 days ago)
So sansa dies? Don't know how I feel about that. I couldn't stand her at the beginning, but her character is starting to grow on me now. Wonder how she dies.
Gordon Adams (17 days ago)
The problem is George has changed things and hasnt followed the outline 100%. You can find the 1993 outline online with the ending not redacted.
Chris Brown (17 days ago)
he died in the book and came back too
Prince Deluca (17 days ago)
Old new you piece of shit!!!!
Nico104 (17 days ago)
He didn't mention Sansa. :O
slumlord86 (17 days ago)
this is so old, fire and blood is desperate for views
Elizabeth Hurley (17 days ago)
If Daenerys Tyrion and Sansa die I’m gonna go spaz
Vojtěch Bednárik (17 days ago)
Who likes Sansa? She's one of the worst characters :D
Fefnir Eindraer (17 days ago)
wow the book is horrible (according to the notes), the show is vastly superior...
Stoped watching becous this duded voice is anoying not trying to be mean
Chris Stephens (18 days ago)
Thanks to Sophie Turner’s new tattoo, we pretty much know the rest of the Starks survive. And I’m pretty sure that’s what the producers are pushing for. The Stark family was put through hell for 7 seasons, fans are ready to see this family dominate.
Jon Haymaker (18 days ago)
Jon, Arya, Bran, Dany, and Tyrion survive? I'm good with that.
Jon Haymaker (10 days ago)
It's like Schrodinger's cat.
i Devastate (10 days ago)
W Both could be true in a sense that 20 years ago, GRRM meant to write a story in which Bran survives but has decided otherwise after progressing through the story. Hence making this letter legit while also making it irrelevant because GRRM could have altered the story as a whole already. Remember how in the letter, the whole story is only suppose to be 3 books, that means the story is not completely the same as what he meant to write 20 years ago. "Theory" is a really terrible way to back up your argument.
W (10 days ago)
i Devastate how could both be true lol the video says he lives but the theory I read said he dies, he can't live and die lol
i Devastate (15 days ago)
W, there's a good chance that both vould be true. We have no idea how much GRRM has decided to change over 2 decades of writting.
Jon Haymaker (17 days ago)
HBO released a lot of fake leaks to throw people off.
altfrags (18 days ago)
nice click bait
Karan Bhukan (18 days ago)
well that's some huge shit
Nexis 1 (18 days ago)
Kill Sansa please, kill her twice
Jason Howell (3 hours ago)
Marina and the Almonds Also they have a big twist coming in season 8, so who the hell knows what will happen, I hope Dany and Jon win but have a feeling it's not going to be easy and simple, GRRM said it would be a bitter sweet ending.
Jason Howell (3 hours ago)
Marina and the Almonds That WOMAN bended for Jon too, but not the knee, the waist.
Not Alfie Listen to this humourless Jon snow fag lol, I don't think you could put anybody in there place with that immature childlike argument. But but but Jon only bent the knee because he wanted to fuck Daenery lol, is that right. Jon needs a penis first to be able to fuck something, Jons only got 1 inch at best. Can't wait to see the scene were dany is laughing with Misanday about Jon being so small. The rightful heir is Dany always has been always will be. Truth is Jon know a better person when he see one, that's why he bent the knee like Danys bitch. All the north will be shouting queen of the north when dany saves there worthless arses and Jon snow will be dead and long forgotten. Jon saying DRACARYS is about as boring and underwhelming an experience as you can imagine. I will probably fall asleep. Ghost is going to love his new owner dany, Jon has neglected ghost for about 3 seasons now, ghost will be playing with Dany and ghost will be rejecting Jon like the plague, it's going to be marvellous. Come to think about it, when Jon gets turned into a white walker by the nights king, Jon's new title will be SNOW WHITE.
Nexis 1 hilarious , have you just seen this humourless moron reply ? , he sounds tragic 😀😀😀 lmao. I'm guessing a bitter Jon snow stan
Not Alfie (5 days ago)
Also, can't wait to see Jon sit his cute little tush on his grandfather's throne that belongs to JON by right.
Jugger Nyan (18 days ago)
Arya make out? Yes please..
Duke Silver (18 days ago)
I just don't see Jon an Dany both surviving. Bran either to be honest, but maybe. Arya👍 Tyrion👍
Rob Hamilton (18 days ago)
You are an asshole just posting this 5 hours ago. This is old ass news. Years old, get with it man.
Leslie M. Isaacs (18 days ago)
I've seen and heard a lot of this before, but you've included parts I have NEVER seen or heard. Thank you for sharing!
Richard Morenberg (18 days ago)
it's already changed so much
Brittany Garrison (18 days ago)
I hate every single one of them. Hope Arya dies miserable. Want Cersei, Night King or Varys to win. Anything else will be super gay and suck balls.
J (18 days ago)
Really hope the Night King wins!
Daemon Blackfyre (18 days ago)
Sansa was always a traitor. 😂😂😂
Daemon Blackfyre (11 days ago)
Alexandra Caroline A mistake she did not learn from. That moment showed her what Cersei and the Lannisters truly were. She chose to ignore it. Her wolf dying was her wake up call but she still desired a fairy tale.
Alexandra Caroline (11 days ago)
Had she known what possbile consequences going to Cersei would have, she would have never gone to her, but Ned failed to educate her. And as you said it: she was immediately punished for lying at the Trident because HER wolf was killed.
Daemon Blackfyre (13 days ago)
Alexandra Caroline I don't count the show as source. Sansa willingly went to Cersei after Ned told her they must leave all because she loved Joffery. But to be honest she betray her family also when she lied on the Trident and her wolf died. First sign of her wicked ways. Take that from a real rebel and traitor.
Alexandra Caroline (13 days ago)
Ned's own words resulted in his death. He confronted Cersei about his knowledge that her children weren't Robert's children. And Sansa never intended to betray her father. She didn't know that it was dangerous to go to Cersei. However, Ned had no plans of leaving KL too so maybe Sansa and Arya could have left safely but Ned wanted to stay at KL. And in the TV show, Sansa never goes to Cersei so that betrayal didn't even happen on TV.
Daemon Blackfyre (17 days ago)
Alexandra Kimbink She literally betray her father's plan to Cersei resulting in his death. And that's not putting into count GRRM actually intended for her to betray the Starks and side with the Lannisters.
Daemon Blackfyre (18 days ago)
Emma-jane D22 (18 days ago)
Just let you all know that he has since done many interviews and have said that the original 5 are not safe anymore
Emma-jane Desborough Which interview was that ?, can you send me a link please.
Chris Switzer (18 days ago)
Just another random guess/theory about GOT this guy has no idea how it wil end those letters mean nothing this a show not a book also i have no idea why true fans of the show want to watch all these theory vids. I didn’t watch this vid or any others I like to think for myself
Timothy Young (18 days ago)
Great video man!! ❤️❤️
Rob Brown (18 days ago)
So, Daenerys, Arya, Jon, Bran, and Tyrian are the supposed survivors (from GRRM's original point of view). Strangely, those are the key survivors I have been expecting. But I am intrigued that the tv stories have strayed so far from GRRM's original plan. (Perhaps the books have too; I have not read any of them.) So I wonder where the tv series will actually conclude. Lots to watch in Season Eight.
Tushar Saini (18 days ago)
I love ur accent
NP H (15 days ago)
Fire And Blood dude please speak slowly . Nice accent but slowly.. there are many people who watch your videos whose mother tongue is not English.
Fire And Blood (18 days ago)
Thank you so much!
Ken Donato (18 days ago)
seeing him talk up a romantic love between Jon and Arya "until his real parentage is revealed" leads me to believe his original intent was that Jon was NOT related to to her originally ....
Alakazzam09 (18 days ago)
Yo! If Sansa dies I will be very happy. I hate her so much. Arya should rule the world, riding Nymeria and shooting laser beams out of her eyes!
Alexandra Kimbink (18 days ago)
Alakazzam09 if you stop commenting, I will be very happy
Eldrik Stone (18 days ago)
This letter was from 1993 and surfaced in 2015. It (the story) has drastically changed since then. The new triangle will be Tyrion, Dany and Jon and I really don’t see Bran surviving as Jojen Reed told him that he would die in a previous season just not yet, but he would know when the end was coming. Arya probably will survive but I think Sansa might have replaced her in that plan.
Kristina Katic (18 days ago)
No Sansa :(
Fire And Blood (18 days ago)
Cliffe FC (16 days ago)
This orginal outline is nonsense in my opinion i think this because it was created 25 years ago things have changed, and D and D are now in charge and they ve foreshadowed a few deaths among those 5, the reason their all still alive is because they are the main characters and they were always meant to be the end game but doesn't mean they ll still survive
Nexis 1 (8 days ago)
Cliffe FC I also disagree when people say Dany crucified people that makes her evil. I don't see it that way in the slightest, I see it as Dany Character reacting and taking the bate after the master murdered 173 children on the road to meereen. There is no doubt about it , the majority of the masters were evil sick men, thats not even up for debate. The way I see it, if youre a part of a brutal regime you deserve the same fate as that regime. I guess we will never agree about Danys Character, but I'm always going to defend her regardless of the dogmatic exaggerated perception her critics put out against her.
Nexis 1 (8 days ago)
Cliffe FC I also respectfully disagree with you about who started the bitterness first , the Dany hate started nearly two years ago when certain videos were put online by Stannis fans slamming Danys character. The hate reached it peak last year during episode 4 and 5 when Dany was being attacked by Stannis Sansa Jamie Cercei and Jon's fans. The Sansa hate only developed after last season and the hate was started by Jon snow fans and Arya fans who didn't like the way her character was acting towards there personal favourites. Danys fans did jump on the Sansa bandwagon of hate but like I said , it was started by Jon and Aryas fan groups, not Danys. Of course people are entitled to there opinions, but when those opinions become distorted just to slam a Character for the sake of rivalry, thats when I have a problem. It the same old strategy, if you repeat something enough the sheep are going to believe that negative perception of Danys Character and to some degree it works.
Nexis 1 (8 days ago)
Cliffe FC Yes many fans do attack Dany fanbase in those forums and some of its disgraceful. A lot of Danys fans are young girls who are new to the internet and some of them get attacked in the most despicable way you can imagine. Some of the comments are directly targeted at danys fanbase just to make woman feel shitty about themselves, it's happens all over the forum's. Troll males who have chosen Dany as a figure of feminist hatred, so they go online to stir up women, you clearly dont understand the psychology behind some of the comments in the forum's. When Danys fan says that all Danys haters are Misogynistic , I can see why they have come to that conclusion. I'm not saying that all Dany hater are misogynistic in the forum but many of them are. When somebody types Danys is a useless [email protected]#£@ who is nothing without her dragons, we know thats not true, because that not the storyline GRRM has written. So it's clear to me there is something more which is driving that hatred.
Nexis 1 (8 days ago)
Cliffe FC And no I'm not a feminist , I actually dislike feminist with a passion. But when certain males go online with the sole purpose to stir up young women and troll them on certain sites like Tumblr that makes them even worst.
Cliffe FC (10 days ago)
Nexis 1 I believe you about those other sites bet their well aggressive I can imagine and I don't deny we attack dany fans too, we ve done it lots, that's another problem as well proclaiming 😂 I hate it when people do that lol that happens a lot ik what you mean
Nic Ortega (18 days ago)
Thank all the gods most of this didn't come to life. It's been years and 7 seasons of the incest triangle and it's never going to seem normal. Jon and arya or arya and tyrion? Dany bitter for her brother's death? thank the gods!!! awesome video bro!
Mel*of*Winterfell (18 days ago)
If those 5 characters live, that will be a great "B word" ending to me, if any of those die, except maybe Bran, would be a tragedy not the b word.😏 (Imo) I really like the version you read too. Obviously I like what it turned into better, like I'm sure everyone will agree. It is definitely EPIC! So a big thank you to GRRM for the epic book series, but I hope he finishes WoW in 2019. I know some people think he is waiting for the show to end but I just don't agree. It's been since 2011 the last book was released. He has actually had 26 years with this Epic Fantasy rolling around that genius brain. I just hope he isn't bored with it. He says if he knows the ending he loses interest, so he says. I am looking forward to Fire and Blood in November.
Lisab Sau (18 days ago)
Mel*of*Winterfell This picture was taken inside the wrap party in Belfast several days ago. I thought you would find it very interesting. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkrmKM3FpYm/?utm_source=ig_embed
Mel*of*Winterfell (18 days ago)
anycullen21 I agree!
anycullen21 (18 days ago)
I want volume 2 more cuz I want to see the Targaryen version of the Rebellion, cuz Im tired of hearing all that Stark and Baratheon bullshit where they're the "good heroes". No one is an angel in this story
Mel*of*Winterfell (18 days ago)
anycullen21 Ikr! It is never enough. 😊 I can't believe it's such a large book at 700+ pages(I think).
anycullen21 (18 days ago)
Too bad its only volume 1 of Fire & Blood.....I want volume 2 more
James H (18 days ago)
This means Sansa will be queen .......the. NIGHT QUEEN , remember she knows what men want and “love is always in the eyes”
Not Alfie (4 days ago)
Can you shut the fuck up you dumb slut? No one cares what you think. Marina and the Diamonds suck btw, bitch can't sing for shit.
anycullen21 Nice 😀😀😀, Yes the night king deserves far better, The poor night king he will regrate it for eternity making Sansa his queen. Can you imagine living with her constant moaning and whining lol. Sansa will be the MAD QUEEN 2.0. or the NIGHT QUEEN 2.0.
James H Yep it's coming, the night queen for Sansa. Sansa doesn't really have anything more to offer the series apart from causing problems for J&D when they show up at Winterfell. Turning Sansa into the NQ would actually make her far more interesting.
Not Alfie (5 days ago)
James H LOL, no. Sansa doesn't have any powers, she's not a warg or a greenseer. In the books Sansa has dreams at one point but that's it.
Alexandra Kimbink (17 days ago)
James H I didn't mean you when talking about better fans - your theory is plausible - but look at some other answers to your comment and maybe you'll understand my frustration with some GOT-fans
Linda W (18 days ago)
Didn't Martin say that the outline is no longer valid?
Pearl (18 days ago)
You know, he didn't actually confirm/deny anything. He said he was "making stuff up" because he had no idea where the story would go, but he also said that he was really, really pissed when it came out. I think that the outline still applies and George has to downplay it and discredit it because he is pissed it was revealed. Why would he be so angry that they released it if he changed the story? The truth is, he didn't really change it that much, just look at the outline: it still applies. Sansa betrays her family to Cersei and regrets it, Joffrey dies, Tyrion grows disillusioned with his family and leaves them and joins their enemies (Dani in Show, Aegon in the book). The outcomes are the same, but the motivations are different: for example, Dani kills Drogo more out of mercy than revenge for Viserys (the books are more clear that Dani learns to use Drogo to accomplish her invasion fantasy, and that she feels tremendous guilt that she approved Visery's death.) Catelyn still gets stabbed to death by her enemies, but they're Freys instead of White Walkers. Jon and Arya have not seen each other in 4+ years, but Jon betrays his Night Watch vows of not getting involved in matters of the kingdoms when he hears that Ramsey Bolton has married Arya: he gets stabbed because he puts together an army to go free Arya and his Night Watch buddies dislike that he broke his vows (it has nothing to do with Wildlings.) So we have no idea where that's gonna go. (The rumor is actually false, Ramsey gets a girl to pose as Arya, as Arya has disappeared and is with the Faceless Men in Bravos, so Jon gets stabbed over false info.) The thing that changed a lot was that Cersei became the evil twin instead of Jaimie, who got the throne by any means necessary (blowing up Sept, eliminating Queen Margeary.) I bet you whatever that last blacked out paragraph says is going to be the actual ending!
Evan Schwartz (18 days ago)
He said that he had to make something up to send to his publisher so that they would buy the book. He said the ending changed since then and these characters aren’t necessarily safe.
Irish Pride (17 days ago)
Evan Schwartz Well he would say that wouldn't he
AKlover (18 days ago)
Rest assured it will be altered now.
MrMusicM67 (18 days ago)
I thought this was old news?
Mondo Gonzo (18 days ago)
Can you find someone who speaks English?
WarriorKing _Always (18 days ago)
We shall see if his original outline holds true.
WarriorKing _Always (18 days ago)
For any who hasn’t seen this, it is GRRM’s original outline.
That's Classic Her (18 days ago)
is there a tl;dr?! i dont have headphones :-(
JesMei (18 days ago)
This is old news
Din Din (18 days ago)
The Melophobian (18 days ago)
so whats date of new season airing
Mike Custer (17 days ago)
jan 2019
angel kaur (18 days ago)
The Melophobian mostly April 2019
Big Boy (18 days ago)
yes, GRRM wife said she would divorce him if he kills Arya so its true
Lord Voldemort (12 days ago)
I think she was talking about Tyrion Lannister, not Arya.
Tamera Shields (13 days ago)
I'm all about Jon Snow now.
anycullen21 (16 days ago)
W He did deny it in the first part of his comment, he said that was no evidence at all. So what? He was just stating what GRRM said it himself in his interview. What his wife does with her promise is her business not mine. The fact that u are defending a guy whos first reaction to smo stating a fact was insulting him for being and idiot who smokes pot, its proof that ur another ass, just like him
W (17 days ago)
Jugger Nyan Not today!
W (17 days ago)
anycullen21 he's not denying that George said that. He's saying his wife will hardly divorce him if he does kill off Arya. This doesn't confirm Aryas fate is what he's saying. Try understanding someone's comment before u end up looking like a complete ass.
Jan van Es (18 days ago)
I won't be happy if Dany doesn't survive...
Tāne Manawa (21 hours ago)
Marina and the Almonds The first thing I should point out is that you misquoted me. I never made a correlation between Jon's battle against the White Walkers and Daenery's conquest of Westeros. While the White Walkers are certainly the bigger threat compared to Cersei, I understand that Dany was not aware of that threat before season 7. I've just read over my original comment and I see where you would think I was criticizing her. When I say "silly game", I'm not only using Jon's words, but I'm placing the fight for the Iron Throne and the battle against the White Walkers into perspective. One is clearly greater than the other which in comparison seems quite trivial. I made the comment that Viserys (as well as others) influenced Dany to think that she had to take the Iron Throne, though of course this was after her brother died and she was left heir apparent. Also I hear you when you make the point that "Dany is basically a victim of her own circumstance." There very well maybe an underlying motive to her wanting the Iron Throne (her sense of duty to her house in wanting to claim the throne as opposed to ambition and revenge). When I speak of Jon's character, it should go without saying that I refer to his current demeanor. Of course Jon was entitled when he first came to the wall, and yes we do see that. He openly proclaims that he is better than the Nights watchmen that he's fighting, due to his training with Ser Rodrik as Alliser Thorne suggests. And I don't believe he threatened to leave, though you'd have to refer me to the season and episode. He did try to desert in order to fight with Robb in Season 1 Episode 10, but I do think that's something any one of us could sympathize with. Like I've said before, I don't put Jon on a pedestal and I will continue to denounce that claim. And if you think I'm putting him on a pedestal, what would you say your doing for Dany (such as not highlighting her faults and not recognizing Jon's good aspects)? I also didn't quote you as saying Jon is "morally corrupt". I was making the assumption that that's what you were suggesting when you said "Jon is a cunning dark grey character in the books". Your statement seemed to imply that he was below the normally morally ambiguous standard set in the books and show. I've given you a Jaime quote that roughly says "You follow one oath you break another". Yes, Jon did betray Mance (I assume you mean how in the show he didn't do much in the way of preventing his execution), but his reasoning was that he was always true to the Night's Watch (and by extension his sworn loyalty to Mance was a lie). I wonder what your stance on Ned Stark is? Did you always despise his foolish honor or did you like him at the start? I personally don't find Jon that boring, although I found his romance with Dany to be somewhat forced upon audiences. In my original comment, I seem to praise Jon, which I suppose you could say I did. My judgement on him compared with Daenerys is that, like I have stated, he is the archetypal 'hero' character. Meaning that he is, for the most part, selfless and foolishly honorable in that he would rather tell the truth rather than lie so that he and his allies might have an advantage (I am of course referring to his conversation with Cersei in the dragonpit). But aside from that Jon Snow, like all other characters, is morally ambiguous. All have the capacity for good and evil which is one of the most enticing aspects of the book and television series. Jon's foolishness at the BotB is something I personally don't blame him for. Again it is because I can see it from his perspective and sympathize with him. He just saw his brother (cousin) die in front of him and in that moment of pure anger he made a stupid move. You say that I was triggered that people like Daenerys' character. If I've given any indication that I hate Dany's character or that she is evil then quote me on it because I surely do not. I like Dany as a character, despite not agreeing on her methods of executing and altogether killing the Tarly's. This is the beauty of GoT, you won't always agree with character choices (which as I said makes the series more enticing). In your first comment you stated "Time for Jon snow to get the same treatment Danys been getting from Jon snow fans." It was from that comment I assumed that your points were based purely on frustration from Jon fans giving Dany crap for her decisions or otherwise. Also, how is he a "Complete hypocrite with no honour"? I would say he is at least one of few characters that tries to uphold honour (hence his foolishness) and would be willing to admit when he is wrong rather than critisize those who make the same mistakes.
Tāne Manawa You say "you come to the conclusion that Dany wants the iron throne when you read the books", youre completely missing the point and clearly haven't paid any attention to Danys POV and inner struggles and monologues. Danys entitlement comes from Visery , it's a forced dream pushed onto her at a young age. We will get it all back sweet sister Visery told Dany over and over again. Dany lost that dream and went with her own dream when she fell in love with drogo. Dany dream has always been family children and regaining that lost childhood she never had, symbolic of the house with the red door. She then went back to Visery dream when she lost drogo and her child as the only identity she has ever known before that, Dany believes she can't have children anymore, her dream of family and home was lost. Dany feels the weight of the greatest dynasty ever known on her back, the pressure of being the last Targaryen. We see Danys inner conflict all the time, we see it in her dream circles, Fact is Dany doesn't want the iron throne in the slightest, it the weight of Visery dream and the pressure of house Targaryen and her not being able to have children which has made her rightly or wrongly take that path. Dany is basically a victim of her own circumstance. Plus I personally don't have a problem with Dany being ambitious, people make too much of it. Its not Dany fault that Jon is a socialist and wants to sit on his arse all day twiddling his thumbs scratching his ass and playing with his direwolf lol. Actually come to think of it, we have seen jons entitlement also, when Jon wasnt picked as ranger he through his toys out the pram and started bitching about how he was greatest swordman ever and was threatening to leave the Night's Watch , so Jons entitled also lol. You also said "it's Jon selflessness and willingness to deal with the real threat where Dany just plays games". Was Dany aware of the white walkers like Jon was? NO IS THE ANSWER, the second Dany become aware of the white walkers she stopped pursuing the iron throne and aligned herself with Jon, so again, don't be putting that walking cliché jon on a pedestal. If Jon was raised in Esso and never experienced the white walkers he would of told Dany to piss off and don't let the door hit you on the way out, Put Jon is Danys shoes. Also I didn't say Jon was JUST dark and cunning, thats just one side to Jon's personally, that's what makes Jon a balance and gray Character. I also didn't say Jon was morally corrupt. You can't get away from the fact that Jon's sidedark does surface, like the whole Val and Ygritte affair and the baby swap with Gilly and the hypocrisy swearing his loyalty to Mance only to betray him. I thought Jon was meant to be honourable, Jons hypocrisy was seen when he couldn't lie to Cercei in the finale, what happened to Val Ygritte and Mance lol. I actually don't hate jon , but I do find him incredibly boring cliche one dimensional with no real personally and a bit of a hypocrite and spineless like his father NED. Maybe if Jano had the name Dickon we could of related to him and humanised him lol. What i do HATE is when certain people like youself put Jon on a pedestal, you clearly got triggered by the fact that others like Danys Character, just read your pathetic original post, trying to tell us how Jons is the second coming of Jesus christ and how Jon walks on water and Jon the greatest of all time and Danys evil, your cheerleading got exposed. I say this to you "F Jon", he's a simple minded brooding child who lacks charisma, who gets everyone killed around him because of his stupidity and his lack of leadership to inspire confidence in others. Jon saved the wildlings only to have them brutally murdered at the battle of the bastard because of his impulsiveness and not keeping his cool. Jon should be the last people who rules, stupidity and honour are a bad mix.
Tāne Manawa (7 days ago)
Marina and the Almonds I have read the books and I certainly did not reach the conclusion that she doesn't want the Iron Throne "in the slightest", elsewise why would she pursue it? My criticism of Dany is derived from her characterization on the show. In both the books and show we clearly see her influenced by the people around her, such as Viserys who convinced young Dany that the people of Westeros were waiting for the return of their rightful ruler. I never said Jon was honorable, I said he's the closest thing in Westeros which im sure you will agree is a place seriously lacking in honour. How is he worse than Dany in the books, doesn't that diminish your statement about all characters being grey? Also I haven't put him on a pedestel, if you think I have then quote me so I can understand your point. You say "Jon is a cunning dark grey character in the books" and in the next sentence say all of GRRMs characters are grey. Isn't that contradictory? If you've evidence as to why you think Jon is cunning and morally corrupt (which is what I assume you mean by dark grey) then present it. You said in a previous comment "I'm just going to shit on Jon's character everywhere I go from now on, just like Jon fans do to Dany". Am I to assume from this statement that your points on how Jon is bad comes purely from your percieved reaction of certain Jon fans towards Dany, and that you don't believe any of your established points? Edit: You also haven't atrempted to see things from my perspective, which I have done for you. I even give show Dany the benefit of the doubt, yet you seem to have an intense hatred for either Jon and/or his fans
Maryka Zhimo (8 days ago)
Dorian Gipson what! Where have you been all these years? The story is literally about him .
Rania Jones (10 days ago)
Jan van Es Dany will forever be my favourite character, she ain't just my favourite character in Game of thrones , she is my favourite character of all time. I find her inspirational as a young woman
Gregor THE BIG (18 days ago)
It is, George, in fact “EPIC”
Adam Espinoza (18 days ago)
Inb4 click bait
petar komar (18 days ago)
i like your voice pal
petar komar (18 days ago)
Alexandra Kimbink (8 days ago)
anycullen21 I never said that Cersei didn't have an advantage because of Sansa - but Sansa did not plan on betraying Ned - she had no idea that going to Cersei is dangerous - she did not go to Cersei with the plan "oh perhaps they can kill off my father or punish him in another way" - and Ned failed to educate her - and as I said before: Ned wanted to send his daughters away so as soon as they were gone do you think that he could have lived a healthy and save life in KL?
Alexandra Kimbink (8 days ago)
1montrealfan you're stupid - if she wanted power so much she would have arranged to have Bran and Arya killed instead of LF - maybe she'll die in the last episodes but she won't die because of backstabbing her family
1montrealfan (9 days ago)
anycullen21 she would kill everyone in her family that’s still alive if it helps with her plans or ideas I think she’s planning on backstabbing Jon
anycullen21 (17 days ago)
"Littlefinger made the arrangements. We needed Slynt's gold cloaks. Eddard Stark was plotting with Renly and he'd written to Lord Stannis, offering him the throne. We might have lost all. Even so, it was a close thing. If Sansa hadn't come to me and told me all her father's plans..." Even Cersei knows how significant Sansa was in bringing down Ned. That right there is ur evidence, am i making it up? "A Monster has out brother, we have to save him.............naaaaaah, fuck Rickon hes dead meat, we cant save him, I dont know, I dont know, I dont know...........oh wait I know Lord Bolton will die tomorrow cuz I already called another army behind ur back....oops" Sure she neveeeeer betrayed anyone.
Alexandra Kimbink (17 days ago)
anycullen21 Sansa did not betray her family
Ben Clarks (18 days ago)
I think this is false as this was his plan to end his book not the TV show and some events are altered plus i have seen some other theorist denounce it it some of their videos but there is that slim possibility it can happen but if it was true i would rather have sansa fall in love with Jon, not Arya
reeghae solomon (18 days ago)
its interesting how it was outlined and it all make sense now
Etahn Doaln (18 days ago)
i agree
Etahn Doaln (18 days ago)
why would Ralph leak it :(
PBR Streetgang (18 days ago)
This has been out for years...still, interesting.
Tyrion Lann (18 days ago)
i dont wanna see Jaime dying
Marina and the Almonds (17 days ago)
Tyrion Lann I do, can't stand Jamie
Tas (18 days ago)
First Dislike this is old news and GRRM said in an interview many things changed.
Dorian Gipson (18 days ago)
April Interrupted Arya will survive since that’s his wife favorite character
April Interrupted (18 days ago)
Tas Yes, it has been talked about alot, shared, and George pretty much confirmed that alot of things have and will change. I personally hope Jon, Tyrion, Dany, and Arya survive though.
dark light (18 days ago)
when you know the video is finna be good so you like it before watching
Lmao Lit (18 days ago)
the hype is real
Winter Stark-Targaryen (18 days ago)
Liked !!now listening 😄❤️❤️
dark light (18 days ago)
Winter Stark-Targaryen same ❤️
Sophie Ema (18 days ago)
Arya Stark and Jon Snow in love? Lmfao thank god he changed his mind 😂
DeadlyRecon (16 days ago)
Pearl We weren't debating the morality of the blood relation - that had already been addressed numerous times. We were debating the compatibility of their character traits and personalities.
Pearl (17 days ago)
angelique mercado 😂😂😂"Yea cuz his aunt was a way better choice" My entire overly-long argument summarized in a sentence 👍, seriously!
DeadlyRecon (17 days ago)
Pearl While there is a lot of info there, you also seem to be entirely forgetting Daenerys' story, her development as a character, and the parallels she shares with Jon. I'm not a supporter of Jon/Daenerys because I am a Daenerys fan. While yes, it's true she is my favorite character (my damn spirit animal, I swear lol), that opinion has nothing to do with my views on pairings. I genuinely think they would work well together. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't support it at all. Jon/Daenerys, both in the books and the show, would work because of just how similar their stories are, and how alike their struggles have been. Their stories almost perfectly parallel each other. Daenerys was an outcast in the form of an exile, the last Targaryen alive after her brother's death. She used her lineage as a Targaryen to push herself forward and make something of herself in the world, the Iron Throne being the one thing driving her because nothing else will. Jon, seeing as he was the outcast in the form of a bastard, used the Night's Watch as his passion, rising up to become Lord Commander and, in a way, rise up higher in the social ladder than any bastard is ever expected to. Both of them became loved and hated by their people - Daenerys with the people of Slaver's Bay, and Jon with the brothers of the Night's Watch. Both learned the hardships of governance while in their positions of leadership. Both fell in love only to have their partners die. Both of them care deeply for the common people, and not only those under their direct rule. And both of them enjoy ruling. Jon in the show is different in this regard, but his book version actually WANTED to be a leader. He often wished he wasn't a bastard and could be the lord of Winterfell (and not only because of minor reasons like Val). It is why he wanted to be Lord Commander - it was the only opportunity he thought he had. You also seem to forget Jon's relationship with Ygritte was not without faults either, just how Daenerys' with Drogo wasn't at all perfect. Ygritte was TOO wild. Too much like Arya. Ygritte was pushy, a bit selfish, and her coldness to those outside of the Free Folk is what eventually made Jon to choose the Night's Watch over her. Daenerys was in the same boat with Drogo, who you can say is similar to Ygritte. Too wild. Controlling and Dominant. While Daenerys loved him just like Jon loved Ygritte, she chose her destiny and dragons over him (proven by her decision to leave him when in the House of the Undying). Even if he hadn't died, Drogo was still a ruthless warlord, who conflicted with Daenerys on significant moral issues (such as slavery). She had convinced him to cross the Narrow Sea and fight for the Iron Throne, proving that was more important to her. Drogo and Ygritte (who you can say were both similar to Arya in some aspects) were both too wild for Daenerys and Jon. Too much ICE. Now, there is Jon with Val and Daenerys with Daario. While there are some minor differences, both Val and Daario are incredibly similar - the epiphany of warrior spirits. But just as similarly, both of them promote the warrior ethos TOO much. Unlike Val, Daenerys would never condone the killing of a child - her direct orders to the Unsullied to spare any and all children in Astapor was proof of this. And Jon, unlike Daario, would never betray his compatriots nor give little care for the common people. Daario never cared much for the slaves of Slaver's Bay, nor did he care much for the general wellbeing of the region and its people. All he really cared(?) about was Daenerys and being a strong warrior. Val was similar in this regard as well. Daenerys and Jon are incompatible with Daario and Val for the same reasons. They are too much FIRE. There is nothing more than lust and affection in both pairings. Jon and Daenerys are a LOT more similar to each other than you think. Both have big, but Humanly flawed hearts. Neither of them are perfect people, but they are both good and imperfect im the same ways.
angelique mercado (17 days ago)
Yea cuz his aunt was a way better choice 😂
Pearl (17 days ago)
James Gravil , DeadlyRecon In this original plot leak, GRRM planned to have a 5 year time jump, so Arya would have been the same age Dani is in the books now. He then decided to expand the books into a longer series and wrote in the five years. So Arya would not have been a child when she fell in love with Jon even in this outline. Also, it looks like they'd "be tormented by their love until Jon's true parentage is revealed," meaning they probably wouldn't have gotten together until they knew they weren't brother/sister anyway. So I don't think it would have been an issue for HBO anyway.
Jon Stark (18 days ago)
Another FABulous videos! Thank you Fire And Blood
Xyz Y (18 days ago)
this is legit? how this happen
Christophe S (17 days ago)
It's actually old news by now. See this article from February 2005: https://winteriscoming.net/2015/02/05/george-rr-martin-original-game-of-thrones-pitch/. I'm surprised that this presented as "breaking news" here, three and a half years later.
Connor Glass (18 days ago)
Where there's Fire there's Blood...

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