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Game of Thrones 6x09 - Battle of the Bastards Aftermath

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Scene from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9 "Battle of the Bastards" Aftermath
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nonya damnbus#1 (1 day ago)
Admit it, you replayed the scene where Jon was punching Ramsey in the face.
Sonaimag B (1 day ago)
If you acquire a reputation as a mad dog, you'll be treated as a mad dog.
War Machine (1 day ago)
Anyone think Ramsey could still be alive?
osman goni (1 day ago)
Jon must not try touching or saying anything to anyone while he's in battle .. First his brother, then one guy while fighting and now the Giant..LMAO
Sheldon J (1 day ago)
That was very VERY! Fucking satisfying!
Shinu Satheesh (2 days ago)
Satvik Nema (2 days ago)
Hands down the most satisfying moment in the whole series.
myselfalan (2 days ago)
What a cute little puppy!
DwayneTheBushcrafter (2 days ago)
Wun Wun: Breaker of Gates
크리링 (2 days ago)
Rest in Peace, Giant...
mithilesh bondili (2 days ago)
"Kutton ki maut" a saying in hindi language suits damn well on Ramsay bitch. The most awaited revenge after Joffrey boys death!!
1manuscriptman (2 days ago)
Poor Wun Wun.
efcpl (3 days ago)
Yes that is revenge, Letting him be eaten up alive by his own dogs. That´s a win for sure.
Eleazar Rodríguez (3 days ago)
This should be in a compilation of "try not to get satisfied"
Vorian Dumm (3 days ago)
-Hey, doggy, how was your former master ? -He was good.
SkyCharter (3 days ago)
Well my oh my... imagine your final resting place is in a pile of dog dung.
Cleggsy cleggsy (4 days ago)
That smile Sansa💖💖💖💖💖
Mads Kofod (4 days ago)
She didnt knew that he hadnt fed the dogs in a week!
jamie leeves (5 days ago)
There's no way his skull didn't get smashed like a mashed pumpkin after these many berserk blows lol
Jake Mitchell (2 days ago)
jamie leeves true. Chainmetal grasps would’ve killed him after three or four punches. Broken face and mashed brains.
Jean-Paul Moreau (6 days ago)
Thisis the only show that has ever made my heartbeat go faster while watching it.
Jojo dale Siarez (6 days ago)
the scene where sansa knows that ramsey havent feed his dogs when she left before ramsey said those lines to jon..JW?
Carloss Javier (6 days ago)
imagine sansa being pregnant with ramsay's... that's something george would have written
Jay Williams (9 days ago)
I would have just hung Ramsay. No one should see another human being eaten alive no matter what has happened. Sansa would have ran away or vomited at the sight of Ramsay being eaten, and she would have wished to never have seen it imo.
Samia Zaman (4 days ago)
He raped her...do you know what that means?
6 plyrich (6 days ago)
I disagree. Him being eaten and her seeing it reminds her he can not hurt her again. Its really nothing more than watching a dog tear up a squrrill.
Jay Williams (9 days ago)
They didn't have enough money for ghost and the giant.
nikhil krishnan (11 days ago)
2:16, Jon picks up a bear island shield. Jeor had his back when he was at the wall. Lyanna has his back in the coming war, and even now, the mormonts have his back. gotta love the subtleties
DansApples (11 days ago)
Aw come on, just because his face is all jacked up doesn't mean you have to stop punching. Punch him in the gut until bones break. Punch him in the groin until things twist and pop. Punch him in the liver until he relentlessly pisses and shits all over himself. Stomp on his shins and forearm to snap those bones. THEN fed him to the dogs.
Owen Sheehan (12 days ago)
Exactly the same thing I would have done. Of course after torture, but enough to keep the bastard knowing something worse came next.
Darkprince 305 (12 days ago)
Hodor held the door, WunWun broke the door down
Aleks M (12 days ago)
A perfect aftermath to this would be Sansa saying her final words to Ramsey: "You know, you were right - they DO start with the eyes." ;->
ravin roque-perrymon (13 days ago)
"Jon where is he" Waiting for you to ruin him
Donny Tran (13 days ago)
I just noticed while Jon was reaching his hand out to wunwun Ramsey clearly had a clear shot on Jon but decided to kill wunwun instead big mistake
Priyadarshan Malla (2 days ago)
The Great Shocker (3 days ago)
This is a tv show. Just a reminder.
xdxd xdxd (4 days ago)
+Can Acar NAH jons plot armor deflected the incoming arrow into wunwuns eyes
Can Acar (9 days ago)
naah, he knew he was dead. he just wanted to hurt one more person before he died. that's the kind of evil he was.
FUZE (13 days ago)
When the dog first bits him it sounds like heavy saying nom.
johnnymcblaze (13 days ago)
If i were lord of winterfell, the stonemasons would be called and wunwuns statue would be erected just inside the gate he gave his life to open.
Giorgos Venetis (2 days ago)
It would be actually a pretty nice idea to see in season 8 just to see his statue out of the gate
Stannis The Mannis (2 days ago)
Ghost should have taken on Ramsay's hounds. That would have been so badass as fuck haha.
johnnymcblaze (2 days ago)
+Glenn C Some people are ned stark. Some people are roose bolton. I imagine the dredd fort has very little of such decorations its true. I reward courage and loyalty however.
Glenn C (2 days ago)
waste of resources and time
Adam Jensen (11 days ago)
Blaise Hope (13 days ago)
To those naysaying the Starks: Very wrong, the point is as soon as ramsey was gone all further resistance was, noone rallied again to fight the starks, they immediately came over. That's the point. And all battles in this climate get extremely muddy because so much dirt gets churned up. Ever see a rugby match in the wet?
Stannis The Mannis (13 days ago)
Shame Ghost didn't take on Ramsay's hounds. That would have been badass haha.
Chris Bibber (14 days ago)
For some reason, when Jon is beating Ramsey into the mud, I see the wildlings touching themselves......
Superheroesism (14 days ago)
Sansa stark.....the best character development ever seen.......
HMgamingEXP14 (2 days ago)
Second favourite is jamie
Jean-Paul Moreau (6 days ago)
agree wih you 100%. From naive and annoying to a badass....
Fuzzy Duo (14 days ago)
Fuck, Wunwun could have been useful, a giant wielding a 10 foot long great axe made out of dragon glass would have made the night king shit bricks of ice.
Leo Angelo (15 days ago)
Seeing Jon beat the shit out of Ramsay gave me more satisfaction than a thousand lying whores.
FatherBacon24 (15 days ago)
Damn this show is brutal‼️ ... I love it‼️
Leah Volmer (19 days ago)
While Ramsey's end was poetic and satisfying, I would have also liked for Jon to have beaten him to death.
Sansa Stark (24 days ago)
Ahhh :)
Louise Romero (27 days ago)
What a satisfying death lol
Josh DeRose (1 month ago)
3:27 Most satisfying moment ever.
Wilsen Federico (2 days ago)
Joffreys death is more satisfying
joliecide (2 months ago)
Never look away
Sansa Stark (24 days ago)
joliecide father will know if you do
Narendra Pratap Sharma (3 months ago)
he should be flayed alive...........or make him reek of jon
TheAztecGamer (13 days ago)
Diego Cobo Sánchez Ah fair enough still. I'm kinda pissed that Wun Wun died as I feel as though he should've had armour and a hammer that pretty much would've won the battle. But yes I agree Jon should learn from this and hopefully is as effective as Jamie
Diego Cobo Sánchez (13 days ago)
+TheAztecGamer I'm glad we agree on the Hungry Wolf 👍. As far as Jon is concerned, sure he has made quite a few political and military mistakes (like falling into Ramsay's trap). But don't worry for him, he'll become much more effective in the future because he can learn from his mistakes(e.g. he made peace with Tormund and the Free Folk and used a shield to attack Ramsay instead of his sword). Plus, he's most likely the Prince that was Promised, in which case he'll become the GOT equivalent of King Arthur 😉!
TheAztecGamer (14 days ago)
Diego Cobo Sánchez EXACTLY. I never meant it in the way that Theon was bad he was great. He is a capable commander and politicaian from his accomplishments and he did a great job. If only he invaded South in retribution for all the trees the andals cut down. He is basically what's needed now. Jon is a great warrior and good at defending a base but he's awful all round. He's a shit politician a shit battle commander and be falls for traps way too easily
Diego Cobo Sánchez (14 days ago)
++TheAztecGamer Aye, you're talking about King Theon Stark, The Hungry Wolf 🐺; among other things he razed Andalos, expelled the Ironborn from the North and planted the severed heads of his enemies on his coastline as warning. However, the fact that he killed so many people doesn't mean they died in a cruel way such as torture. This is because the Starks prefer to be rid of their foes by beheading them personally. Like you said, Theon Stark was an invincible killing machine that the North needed in that troubled time, not a vicious torturer like Gregor or Ramsay who kill for fun.
TheAztecGamer (14 days ago)
Diego Cobo Sánchez Nah the Stark in charge when the andals invaded was brutal. He's what the north needed
I like how Jon Snow quickly took the mount and used precise ground and pound on Ramsey Bolton. But you can break your hands very easily this way and Jon should’ve used his elbows
6 plyrich (6 days ago)
Pretty sure he has gauntlets on. Even if they are cold leather his hands should be ok lol
saemus hailstorm (11 days ago)
Tiger Style (4 months ago)
David Copperfield’s Love Child Fun Fact: Mario Yamasaki refereed the fight between Jon and Ramsay.
Diego Cobo Sánchez (6 months ago)
I never get tired of this glorious TV battle, specially when the Northerners and Free Folk enter Winterfell together and start slaying the Bolton archers, thus avenging all their dead (including Rickon and Wun Wun😢😢). And I always get goosebumps when the Stark sigil returns to its rightful place😄! The North remembers y'all✊🏻! PS: Glad to have you back, jenjaesx :)!
Hyjinki (1 year ago)
Ramsay against Yara: 2 swords, no armor, runs right in gleefully Ramsay against Jon: Stays as far away as he can and tries to win single combat with a bow
saemus hailstorm (11 days ago)
it was worth a shot , lol
Stannis The Mannis (12 days ago)
I was hoping Ghost would annihilate the hounds haha. Anyone else? Ghost is a big and intelligent wolf, he'd have been able to take them on.
Kane Garvey (13 days ago)
The fact that Jon even made it into Winterfell is fucked up enough as it is lol covered in blood with that kill-y look in his eyes. Damn right you keep your distance lmao
TheAztecGamer (13 days ago)
Hengroen exactly
Hengroen (13 days ago)
+TheAztecGamer Plot Armour best Armour.
After watching a 2 hour video explaining all the production issues, its really obvious when you rewatch the scene. The entirety of seasons 4-6 was a setup for the North betraying the Boltons. In this very same episode the setup was there. "Will your men fight for you if they know you wouldn't fight for them." "He controls them through fear, thats his weakness." Then we see all of his men literally fighting to the death for him in this scene. The Umbers never betrayed him, despite the setup being there. The only houses in the North that "remembered" were Mazin and Hornwood. House Mormont only fought out of fear of White Walkers. Whats more insulting is that in the next episode Lyanna Mormont says "The North Remembers" when they didn't at all. None of them betrayed the Boltons, and hardly any of them even fought for the Starks. This episode was filmed in chronological order. They lost the final 3 days of filming with the horses and army formations, and were only able to film in mud, hence why there are so many muddy shots. In all likelihood, the Umbers would probably have betrayed the Boltons mid-battle, but the stunning incompetence of D&D resulted in the last 3 days of filming being completely lost. The showrunners of GoT are like the Michael Bay of TV. They can make something look visually cool, but the story behind it is usually rather amateur when you pay attention.
Sophia Wilson (11 days ago)
I heard this story too, but there is plot hole here at mid-battle the Umbers attack Bolton's men but they gave up Rickoen to Ramsay in the first place that cause his death.
Blaise Hope (13 days ago)
Very wrong, the point is as soon as ramsey was gone all further resistance was, noone rallied again to fight the starks, they immediately came over. That's the point. And all battles in this climate get extremely muddy because so much dirt gets churned up. Ever see a rugby match in the wet?
Tome4kkkk (13 days ago)
+AwesomeSpudzMC Jon Snow as dinner guest :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qonD2YiqHIY
TheAztecGamer (14 days ago)
Julian Seguin Thing is the book does this much better with the northern plot . D and D, well personally think they fucked it up it would've been so cool to see the northern conspiracy take action and Stannis not be a fanatical cunt and to see Jon a bit smarter (which is most certainly is in the books)
namcapX (19 days ago)
I feel bad for people like you, people who can't enjoy anything, people who suck the fun out of everything.
White Dirk (1 year ago)
Omg you started uploading again! Where were you ?

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