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Was Jojen Reed Keeping The Truth From Bran Stark? - Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theories)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theories Video. Today I want to talk about Jojen Reed, and his Green Dreams. Jojen Reed was able to see future events in his dreams, and he may have been hiding something from Bran Stark. When they are at Craster's Keep, he tells Bran this isn't the end, not for you, not yet... What did Jojen Reed mean by this, and why was he looking at his hand that was burning? Was this foreshadowing the fate of Jojen Reed, or was it foreshadowing something far more important? Check out the video and let me know what you think. Thank you for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Text Comments (676)
Talking Thrones (3 months ago)
I love what Jojen said to Karl Tanner.. I saw your body burn, bitch!
Andrew Unsworth (2 months ago)
Shannon Tuck I think he's a stark
malfunctious (3 months ago)
I thought Nan (Elderly nanny to the Stark children and mother of Hodor) told a story of a Stark who went beyond the wall and became the night's king... Don't know where that reference is but you may be able to locate it. Good luck!
frank heathersu (3 months ago)
Shannon Tuck (3 months ago)
Desiree Brackin I totally feel the same way between Talking Thrones, Grey Area and a few others.. well.. it's what keeps me going through the long night lol
Desiree Brackin (3 months ago)
Shannon Tuck ...I can hardly wait.. the only way to get through is with talking thrones and grey area...I have to have my fix of them and people like you that can come up with wonderful theories
B Mo (1 day ago)
Sydney Cerro (2 days ago)
The first thing I thought of when i saw Jojen’s hand was the flaming sword of azor ahai. This might also relate to Jon like he was saying. Either was I definitely think Jon is going to have a huge role in the end game
thebighamman (3 days ago)
Think you took a couple of leaps too far I wish you good fortune in the wars to come
thebighamman (3 days ago)
I think the burning hand was the most badass thing in GoT because he knew he was going to die and his body incinerated by the children. this didnt stop him he knew what had to be done he is the strongest character in the show
orbitaldragon (6 days ago)
Bran will die when they kill him as his Night King self.
Nevil Modi (7 days ago)
Why does this theory makes me think that John will be the one to end the game by being Azora and he won't be killing the Nk directly but by killing his own brother as Bran will try stopping the childern of the forest from making the night King and in the course becomes the night King himself
JuJu (7 days ago)
Why is Jojen Reed right hand on fire like Jon snow? Why did jojen reed “predict bran’s death” bran is the night king. Jon snow and bran fight and Jon snow kills bran with the dragon (fire). I swear I just made that up lmaoooo
Michael May (9 days ago)
I believe it means that Bran is supposed to warg a dragon and desrltroy the land of always Winter. The night king has to have a connection to the three eyed Ravens or children in the land of always Winter Howlend Reed has the ability to float to the isle of face due to his nature ability and Bran has to recognize this before the others arrive.
SIIK (13 days ago)
I think he's starting into the flames like so many others and seeing the future
Talking Thrones (13 days ago)
Very likely
Dillon Moran (19 days ago)
Silly video...
CampSauceJr (22 days ago)
Jon IS Lightbringer, Rhaegar was the “Prince who was promised “.
Brains before BS (26 days ago)
I’m hoping We will see house Reed and his sister & father before the show is over...
Brian Manning (26 days ago)
Jon has to kill Bran
Fems Ff (29 days ago)
Couldn't Jojen have been referring to Bran becoming the 3ER? He knew he had to get Bran to him and probably knew why, possibly saw Bran as the 3ER in one of his green dreams. And once Bran becomes the 3ER, he can see his own future.
Blame (1 month ago)
Bran gets turned into a wight while warging by the Night King and Jon ends him before Bran does something to make sure the Night King wins.
Mein Fuhrer (1 month ago)
jojen is lightbringer
Acrimonious Mirth (1 month ago)
I assumed the fire on his hand has something to do with the god of Light and the passing on of the soul.
whynottalklikeapirat (1 month ago)
I think he saw next season ...
dentistguba (1 month ago)
"how will we know of the end" 'well usually the theme music plays and the credits roll.'
Hooch Smeeth (1 month ago)
His hand is probably on fire because R'holat is the fire god and his done that fire tghere.
Nicholas Lawlor (1 month ago)
tinfoil hat time; for the Night king to be defeated, Bran must be there, whilst it will be Jon/Aegon and Rhaegal that does the actual burning, Bran must also die, it is Bran who is the key, binding the Night King to the Mortal plane.
shri dhar (1 month ago)
It's Jamie , not Jon , jamie will complete the prophecy And he has his golden hand
stan dangew (1 month ago)
why do you write your own novel or tv show. you are genius . "you know nothing talking thrones"
m black (1 month ago)
So, Bran wargs into the night king so Jon can kill him. That's the only concern conclusion from.this vid. Jon finds blackfyre and kiills night king with it while bran has control of him
Tushar Pal (1 month ago)
I guess Bran is the night king... And night king was trying to change Bran to the night king by holding his hand and stopping Bran to kill himself or else there'll be night king Besides Bran is still unaware of many things and that old three eyed Raven was teaching Bran about his destiny and so the night king killed him first so that Bran still remain unknown of things and ultimately turns to the night king One more thing, the old three eyed Raven said Bran once that 'Bran can never walk but he'll fly'... and Vicerion is controlled by the night king or I can say Bran...so Bran can control Vicerion and fly on his back
cosmictywlite (1 month ago)
Jon needs a lot of help to Defeat the night King & his Army of the Dead,maybe ! Jon needs his own Army of the Dead ! I wonder, if it his rite under his feet in Winterfell ? After ( 8000 Years of Stark rule in the North ) one would think there are a lot of Dead Starks in those Crypts, why were there all Buried with their Swords & are their Valyrian steel swords ! I think this is where Bran wakes his Dead Ancestor `s to help Jon & Daenerys & her Dragons ! Finally defeat the night King !
Deborah Kogan (1 month ago)
Benyei Balint (1 month ago)
Bran has already died, he is the three eyed raven now
1138 AA23 NH (1 month ago)
I feel like the burning hand refers to the big end game, and by the time we get there Bran will have trained enough, and learned enough about his abilities, as well as the Night King, to be able to defeat him.
Brian Mcelligott (2 months ago)
Couldn't the hand on fire be foreshadowing when Jon snow burned the wights hand at Kings landing in the finale of season seven
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
Hmm.. Maybe?
Joe Tedesco (2 months ago)
What actually happened to Ben Jen??
AllAboutGamers0 (2 months ago)
Could be hinting to the Azor Ahai prophecy. It ends with lightbringer... Jaime's flaming hand
ryan bishop (2 months ago)
The burning hand represented jojen tripping balls on crasters mushroom stash
ThomB1031 (2 months ago)
There are multiple Snows with royal blood. Perhaps it's not a Stark but Baratheon Snow. What if Robert's Snow turns out to be the hero in the end. 'Twould be a curious twist.
Owen Stovall (2 months ago)
My favorite GOT end game theory is that Jojen's fiery hand is symobolically referencing Jaime Lannister's golden hand catching on fire when he uses it to kill Cersei. Azor Ahai had to kill the woman he loved most to bring fire to LightBringer, and the prophecy is that Azor Ahai will rise again. I believe it to be Jaime Lannister's golden hand bursting to flames after killing his sister......or maybe Brienne of Tarth?!
Arya King (2 months ago)
Your channel helps fill in so many gaps even had read the books..thanks and keep up the Great work
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
Appreciate that
Hugo Batista De Faria (2 months ago)
If he say the end of bran is fire , maybe that mean Bran are night king or they end together in fire
Sakhie Bhaja (2 months ago)
the reference of the hand on fire. lol
Nancy-Jo Nunez (2 months ago)
I wish on the show at least Jojen. Could have had a larger role. I have to go back to the books to read more about him. I think when Jojen’s hand is on fire, he has seen Bran’s end perhaps at Winterfell when the war begins...fire all around because of the dragons etc. Bran could die at Winterfell. I also believe that the knight king touched Bran because he has greenseer abilities and he needed to touch Bran to get inside the cave and to get inside of Winterfell as he already knows Bran will be at Winterfell.
Jeromeo Dagreat (2 months ago)
does the firey hand guys rejuvenate? or do they just die like normal. this may be a silly question but i don't really remember what all i read about them.
J.A. (2 months ago)
Jojen is Aegon not Jon. They were switched at birth to protect him.
Cambro 64 (2 months ago)
Dream never dies, just the dreamer...
Zekieff Sheeley (2 months ago)
Jojen is seeing a vision of Ralor like the fire priests, it's showing him that Bran will die using his green seer worg magic to sever the night kings connection to his army, which he is also using a form of worg magic to control. This is the reason he is hunting Bran and why he was trying to kill the 3 eyed raven. The Night King is powerful because of Crastor's sons being bonded to him through a Whitewalker ritual, which is why Bran will need to have Jon raise an army to help kill the sons first. This is also why Jon has been seen in Bran's visions. Just a theory I feel makes the most sense. Also this is meant to be a response to many of your videos.
Brian Berry (2 months ago)
I like to think it represents Jaime's golden hand becoming useable and on fire and him using his good sword hand to protect Jon Snow from The Night King
jess pace (2 months ago)
ive allways kept that scene in the back of my mind with his fist on fire
Tomb Girl33 (2 months ago)
I keep going back to Sams fathers Heartsbane ,and wonder if that blade will be lit and put in Brans heart by Snow ?
Kahsa (2 months ago)
Mr happy (2 months ago)
I'm thinking the three eyed Raven ? Bran and the night King are1 destroying the night King therefore John will be forced to kill bran or he will go back in time change events so none of them Exorcist ?? will it finish one big dream
Kek Gorilla (2 months ago)
There is power in kings blood.
Jamie Christine (2 months ago)
Thank you you’re content truly is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 and it’s been bothering me what jojen meant by that for once I don’t have my own predictions on this I just know it gave me a bad feeling for bran.
amandahawkins70 (2 months ago)
Shouldn't John be immune to heat and fire if he hS targ blood?
ImBreakingThe4thWall (2 months ago)
Jon loves his family, with all of his heart. Bran will be his Nissa Nissa.
Brandon Lasecki (2 months ago)
he didn't want to tell bran that he is the night king
Jason solo (2 months ago)
I always thought when he saw his hand on fire it was foreshadowing after his death when the children of the forest blow him up
Anna M (2 months ago)
I’ve been waiting for someone to see this too! I have always thought he meant for bran (hand on fire).
Margatatials (2 months ago)
they are totes gunna blow up all that wildfyre under kingslanding
Abubakari Alimamu (2 months ago)
I think that burning hand is pointing out the fact that the end will depend on fire born characters ( either John or Daneris
Angela Marinkovic (2 months ago)
Loved the character. Wished that Thomas stayed more, I hated that he died.
Samantha Fisher (3 months ago)
Any ties or prophecies tied to Jon’s last name Snow r all moot at this point. His last name is Targaryen now
Dream Weaver (3 months ago)
When talking about death there is the physical manifestation of death, meaning the end of life, but in many schools of mysticism, spirituality, and metaphysics there is also the death of the "self". Without getting into too many dense details this basically means that the initiate at some point will have to let go of the notion of "self" which is at the center of each of our individual identities in order to be able to move on to the next step of his spiritual/mystical journey. This is not the first time such a subject is brought up in GOT. Maestre Aemon tells Jon Snow "Kill the boy so the man can live". Now, this does not refer to a spiritual or metaphysical death, but more of a metaphoric death, in which Jon needs to rid himself of childish notions and a child's mind frame in order to fulfill his true potential. This notion is further reasserted by his actual physical death and return, but none the less he is changed in a deep way, much like Bran is after his meeting with The Three-Eyed Raven. Here although Bran does not physically die, he does experience the death of self, he no longer is Bran Stark, but now he is The Three-Eyed Raven, which in term is not a person but a concept or archetype made flesh. This idea is reinforced when Meera is saying goodbye to Bran, after all, they went through and he gives her a very nonchalant and cold goodbye and she remarks that Bran too died at that cave. So, in other words, Bran, as we knew him, is dead, now in his place is The Three-Eyed Raven. This is what needed to happen and I think this is the death Jojen was referring to and also why it was vital to make sure Bran reached that cave and met the former incarnation of The Three-Eyed Raven so he could pass the mantle on to him and live on. In regard to the reference about Jon burning his hand fighting the wight in the first season, it could be a foreshadowing of his future death and resuscitation by R'hllor or "Lord of Light". It could be that it's not enough for Jon to be the embodiment of two ancient and magical bloodlines, the Starks and the Targaryen, but in order to stop the WW who are basically beyond death, he too needed to die and come back. But unlike the WW's who are basically animated death, for they are ice and cold, which is shown to be the polar opposite of warmth, spring in other words life, Jon is brought back by fire and light. This would be a pretty clear manifestation of the title "A Song of Ice and Fire", for on the one side we have the undead brought back by ice and who are a manifestation of perpetual winter and death, and on the other side a warrior brought back by light and fire to fight against the WW's.
blackdaripper (3 months ago)
When's howlan reed planning on showing his face?
Xorn Elas (3 months ago)
Jojen is younger version of Evan Peters.
Landi Hawk (3 months ago)
Do you remember when Jojen told Sam and Gilly that all the Kings of Westros can't stop the Night King and his army. Only Bran can? Thoughts?
Xorn Elas (3 months ago)
Landi Hawk Maybe Bran need to kill himself, because he is the material version of Night King?
Neuro Kitty (3 months ago)
There's even more in that episode that gives clues to the end, than just Jojen's hand moment. On rewatch (being caught up to the end of season 7) there's defo more to this episode than meets the eye.
Pug 5488 (3 months ago)
His hand looks like the walkers hand on fire. When jon snow was showing it to Searcy
Juice Artist (3 months ago)
What is the point of the 3 eyed raven?
Sean Ehlert (3 months ago)
Does nobody else see how similar Bran and the Night King look 8n tje face? JS
Ts0usermax (3 months ago)
He will know the end because he will have to Warg into Jon and stab Melisandre in the heart and his hand will be on fire....
Joe TheMan (3 months ago)
Whats the background music?
Deb Laferty Asbill (3 months ago)
My take on it is that Bran will know the end because he will have seen his own/the end, just as Jojen has seen is own end (his own flaming hand illustrating that his visions and knowledge of his own demise is nearly always with him). Thanks for your vids!
Smokey 316 (3 months ago)
Maybe the fire on Jojens hand was referencing to Bran being sacrificed by fire, or maybe John aka Azor Ahai will have to stab Bran in the heart
Smokey 316 (3 months ago)
Ok but if Jojen knew what was gonna happen why didnt he prevent his own death? Can these magical people not change the timeline?
Xorn Elas (3 months ago)
Smokey 316 Maybe he only could see future, but couldn't change it.
RP Productions (3 months ago)
I always love your videos. Never caught this before! But that scene where Jojen dies has always bugged me. Wights were never skeletons and after this scene I don’t recall them every being shown as such since. Then there was the fact that Jojen started to turn into a Wight with no White Walker in sight. Which is fine, they have a far reach, but this entire scene gives the wrong impression.
procekim (3 months ago)
I just wish Netflix would make the show. HBO is not that great
Waldemir Garcia (3 months ago)
I think that the meaning of Jojen’s flaming hand is that Bran will warg in a dragon. He is the dragon flying of the vision when Winterfell is on fire. This would be when he is dying; remember the eagle when Jon kills the wildling.
Waldemir Garcia (2 months ago)
Nevertheless, I believe that the 3 Eye Raven cannot be the Night King.
Xorn Elas (2 months ago)
Waldemir Garcia I wouldn't like that, but that is one of theories, yess. We will se. Sad ending for that boy.
Waldemir Garcia (2 months ago)
It’s possible and bittersweet.
Xorn Elas (3 months ago)
Waldemir Garcia Bran is Night King and he will be killed by fire (dragons), perhaps?
doarm15 (3 months ago)
when he is looking into the flame it reminds me of the brotherhood without banners when they look into the flames and see the army of the dead. maybe that's what he was walking about when he said the end. maybe he saw the wall fall and the army of the dead marching.
Dee A (3 months ago)
S. Rey (3 months ago)
I was hoping for a video on the fire god. Whenever someone looks into fire they often get that stare as if they are having visions. Now I know these visions would be coming from a different source then jojens, but doesn’t Dany have visions in her dreams that mostly start with her seeing fire. Could u make a video about the importance of the fire god and how it could effect the story. The contrast between those who follow the different gods.
Terri Baker (3 months ago)
Always giving us good things to think about while we deal with the waiting. Thank you
Sam Griffin (3 months ago)
By far the best game of thrones based channel around hats off to you sir for the good content
Raj El (3 months ago)
Bran is the Night King. The current one is coming for his replacement.
dugclrk (3 months ago)
Jojen died when his throat was slit, not by the fiery explosion. It must have something to do with Bran's death.
Dave Menengas (3 months ago)
Maybe it has to do with Melisandre bringing the Fiery Hand from Volantis? Makes me wonder why are they even called the Fiery Hand...
Zen Sun (3 months ago)
Scare me once Scare me twice Try for the third time and you will die
Sonya Lenz (3 months ago)
The scene in the first episode with Jon and Bran, watching Ned behead the Crow...has to have some sort of significance, "Don't look away, father will know." But I can't pin point it.
kevin shuler (3 months ago)
Youre at the top of your game...thanks...
Paula Baldassarri (3 months ago)
I guess that Jojen saw fire when he said to Bran that he will know the end, referring to dragons. Dragons are fire made flesh and on this last season I believe Bran will try to warg Rhaegal to fight the Night King and that will be his end. Probably Jojen had foreseen Bran’s death but was too early to let him know about that!
GIANNI MANZANO (3 months ago)
You are a great storyteller.
Nyrilly (3 months ago)
Bran wargs into the remaining dragon .
Lisa Mann (3 months ago)
I think Bran will warg a dragon, and perhaps die a dragon
Bran died in the 3eyed raven's cave. He already knows it, Meera knows it, we know it. He is no longer Bran.
Xorn Elas By the time the Night King entered the cave, Bran had already left or at least he was close to the exit door. So that night at least "Bran" died and the 3 eyed raven "was reborn". Also, I believe that Bran and the Night King are connected in some way and have met numerous times before (through their nirvana visions), but they are not the same person for sure.
Xorn Elas (3 months ago)
Ιωάννης Μωραΐτης It means that Night King is in his body? Perhaps...
GO! Go! Zeppeli! (3 months ago)
Bran is kinda already dead though...you should have said the 3 eyed raven would die lol
zosopagejay (3 months ago)
I was wondering if the hand Jon burns in the Dragon Pit has a connection to his vision. I think those are the only two scenes with a hand on fire.
Rachel McCormick (3 months ago)
What about Jon riding a dragon named after his father. With Dany
Rick Brooks (3 months ago)
I think jojen's hand on fire was a reference to the endgame. I feel he is referring to Jamie Lannister's golden hand ablaze with the flame of azor ahai...the end will be near then, I think Cersei will be jamie's nissa nissa. Bran will have seen all of this and tell him he must become the last hero and how ....piercing Cersei's heart with widows wail will ignite the blade and his golden hand. Jamie will be the one that can destroy the walkers but only after he kills bran (for real this time ) at Bran's request(because he is trapped in the night king as well the night king can't be killed before bran dies .) Entering the final fight with a blade of valerian steel that was once known as ice now quite literally on fire now. (The sword has now become ice and fire) I believe Jamie ultimately survives the great war and lives out the rest of his life as the 1000th lord commander of the nights watch tasked with starting all over again.
Lisa Albarras (3 months ago)
Jon Snow is going to have to kill bran with fire... case closed. Remember, I said it first. P.S. I just scrolled the comments... 😭 I wasn't first.
Oliver Lowe (3 months ago)
I think it refers to Bran getting killed by either Jamie or John Snow the Right hand symbolizing maybe Azor ahais fiery hand or Sword, Light Bringer.. I know Jamie doesnt have a right hand but maybe when he fullfills the valanquar prophecy his right hand turns into light bringer, unlikely but i think Bran will get killed by someone with a fiery sword.
Kenneth Nash (3 months ago)
Jamie will plunge his golden hand into cersei's chest and it will restore his hand and reveal sword.
Dark Gaming (3 months ago)
I think I’ll be really cool if there were wight wolfs with blue fiery eyes and stuff
Joey Rozic (3 months ago)
That Intro alone gave me so many Goosebumps.

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