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Minecraft Plugin Tutorial - Rankup

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Plugin Thread: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/rank-up/ Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LtJim007 Tweet Me Plugins: https://twitter.com/LtJim007 If you get an error with a plugin the best course of action is to create a ticket or send the developer a private message containing the error! Visit my PlanetMinecraft page for Map downloads: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/nightfire410/ Background Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBBT2UzE5IY Add me on Skype: LtJim007 (Developers, etc only please) Contact Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (64)
Efe Can GÜLER (1 month ago)
Thanks for link.
AsımlaAkiyoruz (5 months ago)
Help ME ! /rankup Permissions
SoloツTutorialesツ (8 months ago)
Hola.... soy un sub de abla española y queria decirte que sigas asi como bas me ayudas mucho en lo que es mi server ya que no se me ocurren plugins como esos solo te pido un fabor.... existe un plugin EZRanksLite el cual te permite tener un pre fijo algo asi... [A][NAME][VIP+] y pues el plugin ya no existe pero seria genial si podrias subir un plugin parecido o algo asi gracias :,3 sige asi :,v
Yusuf Kadir (11 months ago)
DerpyColoursMC (1 year ago)
Note: I do not recommend using GroupManager because development has been stopped many years ago and caused many bugs use permissionsEx
★Frunex★ (1 year ago)
Im a Dev i sells plugins ride me pn then we can show
Sjdjdj Sjdjd (1 year ago)
Plugin name
lelguy (1 year ago)
FOR ALL THAT ITS SAYS "you are not allowed to rank up" DO IT FROM CONSOLE
APK. MobileGamers (1 year ago)
it won't work help me i need this plugin
Ruz I راز (1 year ago)
How to change the command to /Rankup Or /Prison Rank And I Need Buy List to /list Example A: 500 $ B: 1000 $ C: 2000 $
Pierrot56 (1 year ago)
I to use plugin "groupmanager" and plugin "rankup" I wants that my players simple can evolve with the ranks: Fermier: 0 Marchand: 1000000 Chevalier: 5000000 Seigneur: 10000000 Roi: 25000000 My moderator with the ranks: M_Fermier: 0 M_Marchand: 1000000 M_Chevalier: 5000000 M_Seigneur: 10000000 M_Roi: 25000000 My builders with the ranks: B_Fermier: 0 B_Marchand: 1000000 B_Chevalier: 5000000 B_Seigneur: 10000000 B_Roi: 25000000 Helpers with the ranks: H_Fermier: 0 H_Marchand: 1000000 H_Chevalier: 5000000 H_Seigneur: 10000000 H_Roi: 25000000 I am not very good at English but me made my best to understand you ;)
7years 7years (1 year ago)
its say You Are Not Allowed To Rankup ! how to setup it pls Comment!
And raé (1 year ago)
Can I use this for ranking up donors? who do I config if yes
Poviku-PPcans (1 year ago)
Can I use it for buycraft? Can I add commands that are only available to a specific rank? I use groupmanager and I do not know how to deal with a rank upgrade.
PapaMagnus (1 year ago)
How do i set at special spawnpoint when people do/rankup? So if i do /rankup do i not spawn in the normal spawn I spawn at a new place.
/setspawn rankname
eman diaz (2 years ago)
how to add permission in every rank?
Andre kristoff (2 years ago)
i dont have a config file :/
SwarM - Fortnite (2 years ago)
it just says "your not allowd to rakup"
Zarkin (2 years ago)
thanks for the easyest plugin for rankup
Xerax Chaine n2 (2 years ago)
please , when a i make /rankup its make me : you are not allowed to rankup !
lelguy (1 year ago)
Just type the command in console
Xerax Chaine n2 (2 years ago)
i have found a plugin named : simplerankup
Solie (2 years ago)
TomasCiri (2 years ago)
me too dude
Santiago Vargas Arias (2 years ago)
How do I give permission by telling me that I have permission ?
Leah Jenkins (2 years ago)
whenever I try to do /rankup it says "You are not allowed to rankup" can someone help me please?
MagmaYT (2 years ago)
Does pex work for it
CrazysnakeYT_ (2 years ago)
Your Soul (2 years ago)
it says to me you are not allowed to rank up :(
Roj Atanque (2 years ago)
Factions,Skyblock,24/7,mines,pvp server version 1.5.2 cracked join now! IP:thornblade.serv.nu closing in 9 days if no one donates
CreepasCraft (2 years ago)
EzRanksLite better... and more configurable
Juan Pablo (2 years ago)
Awesome Plugin My Server is doing super well because of you
NETWIZ LOOFLE (2 years ago)
When i try /rankup its says 'you are not allowed to rankup'' help me pls
XNMWeb (2 years ago)
+Azarkooo add the permission: rankup.rankup
Luke Woods (2 years ago)
Plugin is broken for me :(.
BroIamBro (2 years ago)
thx bro... however does there's a way to put permissions for the ranks ?
KrakenYT (2 years ago)
BroIamBro (2 years ago)
+Minecraft OP Prison & More! TRUEDC_ alright then :D thx ;)
KrakenYT (2 years ago)
I think... GroupManager is for ranks in-game and PermissionEX is for permission But with GroupManager u can add Permissions too Soo,,, All2 is good 
BroIamBro (2 years ago)
+Minecraft OP Prison & More! TRUEDC_ thx... but only permission EX or group manger too... and which one u think is the best
KrakenYT (2 years ago)
+xX BroIamPro Xx U need PermissionsEX for permissions :D np for help! i love helping guys :>
Colton Mason (2 years ago)
I made all of the ranks in oder from A,B,C,D,E,Free and when u start at A it skips to E. Any idea how to fix this?
Candy Boy (2 years ago)
Thanks <3
Blokken Bouwer (2 years ago)
can you helping isntalling my server thats i need help !
LegendCraft Gaming (2 years ago)
OMG THX for tgis ibhave been wondering how to do this :D
Maxim Terry (2 years ago)
You should make your own "Top 10" video.
Hatty_Cat Gaming (2 years ago)
Ltjim i sent you a request on ksype i would love if you could accept :D also great vid!
BigOrton (2 years ago)
Anyone know a plugin that ranks people up when they buy the rank on an *enjin website*? Thanks.
Hatty_Cat Gaming (2 years ago)
Thanks for doing the plugin I suggested!!! Ur amazing!!!
Deja Vu (2 years ago)
Archie Kauri (2 years ago)
CrazysnakeYT_ (2 years ago)
LtJim007 (2 years ago)
np :D glad to help
Games minecraft (2 years ago)
Turbo cars?
Pls pls pls do an updated version of the crate plus plugin because the config file is different then in your video
fatsaggit (2 years ago)
Does this work on 1.7.10?
leproducraft33 (2 years ago)
make a tutorial on skript, a plugin that let you code your own plugins without java so its easier
Corné (2 years ago)
ex was really nice but gave mot lots of errors so i am using gm a bit nicer for me
t (2 years ago)
I prefer groupmanager also its very easy to use for me
t (2 years ago)
Gamen met Katten (2 years ago)

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