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10 Best Games Where You Die No Matter What You Do

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Death is still a very sensitive subject when it comes to video games, because the majority just allow us to respawn and restart the level one too many times. The fact that some of the main characters die no matter how hard we try to successfully complete the story often makes us realize that even in gaming, dying is sometimes inevitable. In what follows we’ll be presenting our pick for 10 of the most unforgiving video games that kill their protagonists no matter what. Be aware that this video is chock-full with massive spoilers! Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (515)
Daniel Twardowski (1 year ago)
Wow, another great video :D
C90HTXTM (1 year ago)
Hayden Curtis Oml lol lol 😂
Turntspirmwhale420 (1 year ago)
Theturntspirmwhale420 what kinda name is that
Alex S. (1 year ago)
Ayiko send nudes
Joseph Stalin (1 year ago)
Ayiko Thats not how you say it. you say it like this: Go Kill Yourself
zobair aslam (1 year ago)
Ayiko send pics
The ghost of Sparta (14 days ago)
Red Dead Redemption ending can be evaded
Sanjay Kumar (2 months ago)
Mafia ?
Garrett Cameron (3 months ago)
I love ur videos but plz stop with the fake Ass thumbnails 😤
red dead redempiton does not end that way beacause after he has been shot he will comeback to life as a zombie and everyone will attack but after helping a few towns everyone will think your human or maybe i am just dumb beacause my cousin became a zombie and i thought after a few gameplay it will end.
Fenetrix (4 months ago)
Red dead redemption😭
Piyush Sharma (4 months ago)
hey u missed the historic death moment of Ghost and Roach in call of duty:modern warfare 2
Bro bomb extreme (5 months ago)
r u FUCKING serious I played that last level on halo reach 1000 times and I couldn't win fuuu
Elijah Anderson (5 months ago)
they made more games with the same character
Dr. CabooseJuice M.D. (6 months ago)
"Best games" 1st game slender man xD
Aldo Polo (6 months ago)
Medal Of Honor, Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach sure deserve their place here
Jevon Jackson (6 months ago)
Frag hero cool web site and you're honest.
Kitten Crusader (6 months ago)
In red dead redemption if you walk away from the barn door and turn around you can run away
Andrew Stewart (6 months ago)
La noire is good
big sn0ke (6 months ago)
Sleeping dogs
PC E (6 months ago)
I got upset after rabbit goes. no buddy!
feebleh! (6 months ago)
G4nst4Ch33se (6 months ago)
You can survive Mass Effect
glen mccurry (10 months ago)
Dying light the following
Faby Fabian (10 months ago)
10 Best games where you die no matter what you do. *uses mods* Hey look my character is alive!
Manny G (10 months ago)
What about Booker Dewitt
DaReal SloMo (10 months ago)
Uh God of War 3 tho? AND by your own hands after all that? Granted you killed pretty much everyone in the world but still...
Tristan Warren (5 months ago)
Also, its left unsure if kratos even dies. Since the last scene in the game shows a blood trail leading to the edge of the cliff and kratos's body and the sword of Olympus missing
DaReal SloMo (10 months ago)
I 4got that was the 2nd time Kratos died lol
Wasem Govender (10 months ago)
red dead redempion
Technostar (11 months ago)
omg I almost broke down at the part where they show Lee getting shot omggg
haryflint (11 months ago)
Ha... no Bioshock Infinite?
Mason Lineberry (1 year ago)
Fishofgold6 (1 year ago)
Why isn't real life on this list?
Ayodele Ogunbusola (1 year ago)
what of infamous 2
Razihel Fox (1 year ago)
What about Far Cry 3
Izudin (1 year ago)
Mafia 1 , a lot of memories on that amazing game and story! RIp MR Angelo :) Rip mother and mother, tho :(
Broken Matt Hardy (1 year ago)
Where's contra even the floor can kill you
Salad Father (1 year ago)
Cole Phelps tho ;(
Karma XG (1 year ago)
Um, Miles is basically still alive in Outlast, the thing took him over, and it needs a living thing to survive, that's why at the end of Whistleblower it doesn't try and kill you, it helps, it was Miles. The Whistleblower (forgot his name) is the one who told Miles about the Asylum
anthony mcintyre (1 year ago)
he was gunned down because he was possessed
parth chaturvedi (1 year ago)
gta 5?
Pototo chips (1 year ago)
What about mw2 the mission no Russian
dead awake3 (1 year ago)
the entire dark souls franchise
fnafguy fnaffan (1 year ago)
Is this only choice games or mw2 should be here
Lycan_Jedi (1 year ago)
No GTA V? The Police always kill you and Don't get me started on the end!
Aniket Kumar (1 year ago)
cod ghost is missing
Zebo8000 (1 year ago)
umm actually miles is alive and can actually control the walrider
Nivan (1 year ago)
la noire :( goddddddd the pain
Hayatekunai (1 year ago)
if yoy had 5k resources sheperd doesnt die
Joshua Sullivan (1 year ago)
What if there was a game where you died and you couldn't win?
F1ngrust (1 year ago)
Desmond miles AC3 and Michael GTA5
Luca Jarzyna (1 year ago)
In red dead u can escape btw
Luis Rivera (1 year ago)
Why you didn't talked about the death of Ghost and Roach in COD:MW2?
Kenneth Gallagher (1 year ago)
in red dead u can run out the back off the barn
Player5 (1 year ago)
the. walking dead season 2!
CRYPT (1 year ago)
U forgot assassins creed 3
Fatir Vanterpool (1 year ago)
what about Mafia 1
no one you know (1 year ago)
red dead redemption has to be on here edit: I new it
Gavin Mauro (1 year ago)
The pig from minecraft story mode
Banned (1 year ago)
Spoiler alert!!!!
Ashy Thighs (1 year ago)
Noble 6 goes down like a badass
squidward (1 year ago)
Before I watch, is Reach on here?
Kody Kemplin (1 year ago)
no gta 5
TheNoodleSlapper (1 year ago)
L.A Noire anybody?
Cameron Overshiner (1 year ago)
why isn't Elizabeth on this list? you put her in the end!
David Kennedy (1 year ago)
Red dead all the way!!! Remember playin back in the day and getting my heart ripped out by poor John's untimely end. Still brings a lump to the throat now....... (sob sob)
Mr Awesome gamer (1 year ago)
i replayed RDR second time just to continue playing as John kinda didn't like Jack lol
No Name (1 year ago)
Cole Phelps ... Badge 1247 ... Rest in peace
Coffee Addicted (1 year ago)
FragHero you are retarded
Faraz Kamil (1 year ago)
Killzone shadow fall?
Kevin Roose (1 year ago)
will i die then two when i play the game?
Dying light !?!?!?!??!
Jayson Flores (1 year ago)
what about cod 4 modern warfare
south3rnson (1 year ago)
what about murdered soul suspect
darksoul gaming (1 year ago)
fallout 3?
raz (1 year ago)
alot of these games you can just stand afk and not die at all
philxx100 (1 year ago)
Shep doesnt die in mass effect 3 though.. did no one watch the after credits?
Diamondboy (1 year ago)
BRUH if you would have missed walking dead I would have went off
Zebo8000 (1 year ago)
Diamondboy same
Dimarco Palmer (1 year ago)
The walking dead had a nigga ready to fight someone 😂
iPoiison (1 year ago)
MW2 Ghost and Roach?!?!
FlynnFaceHD (1 year ago)
TheSwagDonut yes ok
iPoiison (1 year ago)
FlynnFaceHD Ok?
FlynnFaceHD (1 year ago)
TheSwagDonut it was my autism that reported you sorry
iPoiison (1 year ago)
FlynnFaceHD Lmao okay.
Isaiah Donovan (1 year ago)
lol u cant be serious
rcsibiu (1 year ago)
you forgot about Chaser
ETheBest (1 year ago)
hey where is COD GHOST?
ayanle cola (1 year ago)
in the LA Noire i cried like a bitch
DeViiaTe (1 year ago)
ok but wheres the game from the thumbnail
Luka Cr (1 year ago)
RoboWorks (1 year ago)
You forgot Dying Light (The following)
BlazeFelix (1 year ago)
Just saying, 1 of mass effect 3 endings let you live...so
xXslyderhandsXx 98 (1 year ago)
Resistance 2 is the shit
Yahya Hamid (1 year ago)
crime life gang wars??
Jay Hanneman (1 year ago)
DAMN!, I'm not yet finished playing burial at sea episode 2, I saw Elizabeth and Sarah in the video... ~_~
Jamie Vega (1 year ago)
fallout 3?
Kiarash Mohammadnejad (6 months ago)
Yoy can save everyone with aending your mutant friend in
Clint Wilson (1 year ago)
of Duty ghosts the main character dies at the very end of the game
Nathan Hooser (1 year ago)
mine was red dead
HiddenBlade 953 (1 year ago)
battlefield 1 (prologue)
David Garis (1 year ago)
where halo reach at
David Garis (1 year ago)
ok its here
alphamoonman (1 year ago)
What about Project Zomboid?
CraftyMike (1 year ago)
wheres booker dewitt
Deviant anomaly (1 year ago)
10 games where death means game over 10 most unexpected game endings 10 games that let you be the bad guy 10 craziest game intro scenes
Zaya Jackson (1 year ago)
Well, it wasn't much of a Gunfight when John Marston died, he was working for the Government and the Backstabbed him for some reason after he helped them catch and kill the members of his old gang, when all he really wanted was to be with his Family again.
Dan (1 year ago)
ohhh Medal of Honor ❤❤
Nathan Dimps (1 year ago)
whats about shadow of mordor m8
TzBlCk (1 year ago)
Why the hell this they gun you down in outlast tho
ChufGod (1 year ago)
The walking dead scene had me in tears
Tom Neville (1 year ago)
Damn it you hit me with the walking dead!
Steve Gee (1 year ago)
Neverwinter Nights 2. Your entire party dies at the end.
Anti communist (1 year ago)
RDR should be on this list lets wait and see
Anti communist (1 year ago)
ok its on there

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