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The Real Reason Marvel Won't Give Hulk A Movie

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper The Hulk is one of Marvel's most popular characters. So it's no surprise the company turned to the big green guy when it came time to launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. Hulk laid low for four years after his debut, and was the breakout hit of The Avengers...so why haven't we seen more of the big green guy? Here are a few reasons why Marvel won't give Hulk another movie... A history of flops | 0:29 A canceled sequel | 1:44 A full schedule | 2:51 Hulk isn't cheap | 3:35 Hulk is better on a team | 4:23 Hulk's inner struggle | 5:01 Distribution rights | 5:39 Hulk gets pretty weird | 6:27 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/26699/marvel-wont-give-hulk-movie/ Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Vine → https://vine.co/looperhq Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (4919)
vanessa castillo (3 days ago)
I think a Hulk sequel would lead the MCU somewhere even nicer but maybe they should just team him up with iron man and see how good that goes
Kchen48 (3 days ago)
They did make a movie wtf are u talking about. It’s called the Incredible Hulk
Seth Grimes (4 days ago)
Uhh I just watched all the MCU movies and I’m pretty sure I covered the Incredible Hulk
KCJ506 (4 days ago)
People often use The Incredible Hulk underperforming as a reason why Hulk won't get another solo film, but the reason for that really wasn't due to the quality of the film itself, it was because most people still had a bad taste in their mouths from the 2003 film. It was also the second movie of the MCU and the MCU was still in it's infancy stages and not yet a household name. Now that the MCU is a household name, I think a solo film would fare better at the box office. I mean if Guardians or Ant-Man had been the second MCU, they likely wouldn't have done so well because people wouldn't have been interested in them. People only were interested in it because its an MCU movie, and the MCU is very well known now.
RighteousTV (6 days ago)
Damn..if only marvel didn’t give the rights of these supers to other franchises the MCU would be 10x better than it already is. Personally I don’t need a standalone Hulk movie, he’s fine making cameos in within the MCU.
RighteousTV (4 days ago)
KCJ506 true. Marvel wouldn’t have enough to make these movies or enough pay the actors in general
KCJ506 (4 days ago)
If Marvel didn't give the rights of some of their characters to other studios, they most likely wouldn't be in business right now.
t-togo Tt (6 days ago)
the Hulk can't be a computer animation, period!
Hulk is my dad and that my secret cap ...
Eli Hall (6 days ago)
There's only one thing I have to say to Looper about the title of this video..... They already did give him a movie, dumbass!
Young- Edits (7 days ago)
No way the hulk movie with Edward Norton was the best there ever was of the hulk he didn’t look like no gorilla he was staunch bring back Edward Norton,s hulk
Kei Jackson (7 days ago)
Hulk has his own movie dumb
Sofia Madvali (9 days ago)
Boy, you're talking weird
Adrian Tomasu (10 days ago)
it's because all of the old movies sucked
Richard Lopez (11 days ago)
Hulk is angry 😠!! Hulk want another movie!!!
Sasha Withers (12 days ago)
Hulk isn't better on a team wtf, his own story is amazing
Wouter de vries (13 days ago)
'Cause how can you sell an actor's face if he's a CGI monster. Actors sell movies these days, shameful as it is, how are you gonna sell a movie where the actor is a big green monster for at least 60% of it.
So Edward Norton was replace by mark ruffalo is Incredible Hulk still cannon
Trendulous (15 days ago)
This is not why...
Flash Gordon (16 days ago)
They should do a live action... HULK VS. WOLVERINE. Since it's one of the things that started both their characters comic careers.
Fortnite Average (16 days ago)
He has a fucking movie
Guardian Evan (17 days ago)
do what the 1978 show did
Hulk smash
Slithery sneaky Snake (21 days ago)
Your kidding right
Elijah Brockie (21 days ago)
Too bad there already is a hulk mcu movie
Mbrook Danks (22 days ago)
Why do I watch looper videos at 3am
Nobody wants a FAKE CGI HULK MOVIE! That's why,.. bullshit.
Capt. Badger (22 days ago)
Is it cuz he already has a movie?
YoGamerAdam * (22 days ago)
Have you seen "The Incredible Hulk"?
Skull Gaming (24 days ago)
The hulk had a movie lol
jasir lipscomb (24 days ago)
Give hulk a sequel please because I grew up with hulk and I want to see more of his enemies.
Nick Fury (24 days ago)
Well technically they gave him two and they didn't do well
ReflexPoint (26 days ago)
They already did. Two of them.
ExoTime Heel (26 days ago)
I'm barley 1 min into the video and I see them showing Rotten Tomatoes for credibility when it comes to rating movies..... really
SealDaBreadLoaf (26 days ago)
I want a movie where its between Bruce Banner and his son and his sons almost opposite affect in relation to Bruce. Bruce's arc was about learning to control his power and his inner emotional stuggle, whereas his son's will be about gaining the power to control and experiencing conflict for the first times and learning to deal with that. I'm nicknaming the concept "Banner". Yes, this entirely derivative of Logan, but fuck it I need this in my life.
Aussie Boy (28 days ago)
So ur saying y marvel doesn't wanna give hulk a movie yet u cleary see that he has a movie
akachuy (28 days ago)
I would have preferred Edward Norton over the current dude, that's for sure
THIEN MINH TAM HUYNH (29 days ago)
Hulk has a movie
rbc21 (1 month ago)
missleading title, hulk has 2 movies before the avengers
Theo Eklund (1 month ago)
ShrekHarambe_702 (1 month ago)
They gave him 2 movies..........
We know but we need a another one
Because he already has one
Toko Turipa (1 month ago)
welp there was only a little bit of hulk is infinity wwar.... got knocked out by thanos and and heimdall send him to earth to warn everyone about thanos and thats like the only time you see hulk *smash...*
501st Clone Trooper (1 month ago)
Dash star?
Joke R (1 month ago)
Hulk has already a movie wirg this look
Mr. Turtle (1 month ago)
Uuummmm hulk already has a solo movie called "the incredible hulk"
Isaac Holyk (1 month ago)
How about Marvel doesn't own the rights to Hulk.... fucking stupid.
Username Name (1 month ago)
They Did make a movie
bridgecross (1 month ago)
When sources quote actors about film plans, you are free to roll your eyes. Mark Ruffalo doesn't have any more say about studio plans than I do.
Kevin Evan (1 month ago)
And they didn’t give captain America another movie
Kevin Evan (1 month ago)
Ummmmm I’m confuse they did put a hulk movie
HypeGuyPlayzRBX (1 month ago)
My favorite the hulk movie is the 2008
YouTube Noob (1 month ago)
Hulk already has a movie dumbass
Frozen Car Guy (1 month ago)
Hulk is basically a green werewolf
Sandra Prowell (1 month ago)
They did make a hulk movie the incredible hulk
GAMING MASTER678 (1 month ago)
He has a movie right?
Costache George (1 month ago)
Marvel destroy Hulk....
Austin Deathrow (1 month ago)
“Isn’t cheap” Marvel and Disney have well more than enough money now 😂😂
Roxy's Bro! (1 month ago)
I'm calling bs they did make a hulk movie it's called, "The Hulk"
Shawnkate Brown (1 month ago)
They should make one...just incorporate another hero ie: Captain America Civil war, or Thor Ragnarok etc. We need to see Red Hulk, Worldbreaker hulk etc somewhere!
Anthea Sapon (1 month ago)
But they made a movie
BLUE GHOST (1 month ago)
Hulk from 2003 kind of sucked but The Incredible Hulk from 2008 was one of Marvel's best movies.Edward Norton was a better hulk than ruffalo.
Fluttershy Tickles (1 month ago)
who cares what people think of the huld movies. i like it. they should have kept with it how it was
Blake Harvey (1 month ago)
'Hulk doesn't have good challenging villains.' wtf
Gordon Hotchkiss (1 month ago)
Actually the Iron Man rights were sold off years ago, but because no film was made the rights reverted back to Marvel just before they started work on the MCU. The distribution rights issues with the HULK actually stem from when the MCU first started. Universal did own the rights to the Hulk Solo films. In fact Ang Lee's "HULK" film was financed and distributed by Universal. When Marvel first started setting up the MCU they started getting the rights to some of their characters back. At the time they were not owned by Disney. They could finance their own films, but could not distribute them. They did a deal with Paramount to distribute all their films. But as part of the deal for Marvel getting the film rights to Hulk back Universal kept the distribution rights to any Hulk solo films. Marvel were happy with this deal. Then after the MCU took off Disney bought Marvel at the same time they bought Lucasfilm. Disney like to distribute their own films, they have their own distribution arm. Disney were able to do a deal with Paramount to get their distribution rights to the MCU, but Universal refused to give up their distribution rights to any Hulk solo film. The deal with Spider-man is in non Spider-man solo films Marvel get to use him without paying Sony a penny. Marvel then produce the solo Spider-man films for Sony who finance them and distribute them and receive all the profits from the solo Spider-man films.
Iwan Krisnadi (1 month ago)
ha ha .just imajination over yes
Travis Huey (1 month ago)
1. The Universal Thing 2. A Hulk solo film(s), done right, would require a slow pace to develop the character and capture the emotional pathos of Banner. Hulk is what the audience comes for, but the story is always Banner's. This is even true in Ragnorok. Doing that in a solo film or a series of solo films would mean something like high drama sort of one half Frankenstein and the other half is Hamlet.
Rexy 1776 (1 month ago)
Because Universal owns distribution rights and the Incredible Hulk didn’t do well critically or commercially.
Young God Té (1 month ago)
Need a hulk and romanoff on the run movie !!
American Idiot905 (1 month ago)
Jayjay Alcantara (1 month ago)
He has a movie's
?? ?? (1 month ago)
Because the first one was shit
Taco Tube (1 month ago)
They have gave hulk a movie
amit mandal (1 month ago)
How about Bruce banner and hulk both emerge together as one i mean to say that not just Bruce or just Hulk but both work together as a team . Like the story of “professor Hulk” (OR) “Agents of smash”
Hollis Kirschke (1 month ago)
Because he's better on a team than being alone.
Ram On (1 month ago)
Hulk vs Kluh
Jaden Rowley (1 month ago)
The hulk already has his own movie lmao
Tyler TV (1 month ago)
Hulk has a movie!! It was called “The Incredible Hulk”
Bluez (1 month ago)
The incredible hulk 2008 is a movie made by marvel
evvignes (1 month ago)
Ruffalo is not a big enough or charismatic enough actor to pull it off.
Jesse Zamora (1 month ago)
Or maybe its because Marvel/Disney dont have the distribution rights to the HULK movies like Universal does.
Elvis merza (1 month ago)
Wolverine Vs hulk movie 👍
ozzy wiizzy (1 month ago)
we need world war hulk movie
Arovox (1 month ago)
World War Hulk is on the cards for a movie as of now, so let's hope for the best
THE GAMING GEM (1 month ago)
The 2003 hulk wasn't mcu
Cedric Johnson (1 month ago)
Now here's how Marvel COULD make a good, and possibly *FANTASTIC* Hulk movie. If they give him the story similar, but not too much to the story done by Mark Silvestri himself. Where Banner gets stuck in his Hulk form eternally, and overtime becomes extremely intelligent and even grows a thick black beard. In this time, he's living in a jungle in South America, noticing unnatural things about the environment, and fighting experimental monsters done by a secret organization. and along the way, trying to find out who 'Bruce Banner' is. Who was he? Why does he know his name? Was he even a man? Since he's been gaining knowledge from the Banner side, but no memories or anything.
Sabre Brantley (1 month ago)
Cause he already has a few simple
Daniel Núñez (1 month ago)
I liked that scene tho, i didnt think it was weird
YouTube Boy (1 month ago)
He has a movie
OROMplays (1 month ago)
people always tell hulk to be mad! but hulk... just want to be... sad.
OROMplays (1 month ago)
the real reason hulk isn't getting a movie... he already did 😋 did you not see the one around 2010?
Okgame 1 (1 month ago)
They already have
Mike Ascolani (1 month ago)
Maybe they won’t make a hulk solo movie because we already have one let me remind you the 2008 movie is connected to the new MCU just a different actor
cooksad (1 month ago)
Untrue. The reason why it flopped twice (personally I don't think the Norton one was a flop) is because they keep having Ross as a focal point in the story. Move on and start have the Hulk kick ass and debut new allies. Doc Sampson, She-Hulk, and other allies. Opponents like The Leader, The Thing, Juggernaut, and even Apocalypse which is possible now after acquired X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises back. Enough excuses, just pull up your big boy pant and get it done.
Coolpokefan0 (1 month ago)
He already had a movie it’s called the Incredible Hulk idiot it came out at 2008
C M (1 month ago)
I hate british commentary on US movies...
Lansana Bah (1 month ago)
Hulk does have a movie
madhu rathore (1 month ago)
Fake 2007 hulk movie
Sera Lars (1 month ago)
ion man
Erik A (1 month ago)
Thor: Ragnarok is best Hulk movie
Naughtysauce (1 month ago)
Universal owns the rights, period, this should have been a 30 second video.
Joshua Parker (1 month ago)
I think marvel could make a red hulk film as they brought back general ross(or whatever his career is now) recently and then could make a second hulk film with red hulk and possibly even she-hulk or some of the other hulk like characters(A-bomb, scar etc)

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