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Game of Thrones Season 6: Inside GoT — Prosthetics (HBO)

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Text Comments (927)
Dinesh saini (25 days ago)
Dont want to end ever.... GoT...... It must have 1000 seasons so that i can see them my whole life..
amar patil (1 month ago)
Its gr8 admirable In indian cinema no one going to dare to do like that
Neha Pandit (1 month ago)
Amazing seriously hatsoff👍👍👍👍
Malti Singh (2 months ago)
First in last out, wat heroes
Fatou Tall (2 months ago)
You are thé best
Daily news (2 months ago)
I love this movie men
jack larkson (2 months ago)
why white walkers was almost naked in early seasons but have clothes in last seasons,they go shopping or something lol
Witte Artistry (3 months ago)
This is incredible! 😲
PandaChloeX (3 months ago)
The white walker with the horns looks badass asf
Sol Chanel (3 months ago)
Felicidades por esté trabajo tan profesional y artístico wow sorprendente
bitter coffee (3 months ago)
All respect to these artists, but weren't the white walkers supposed to look less monster-y? The Valyrians (as we can tell by our dany) were beautiful/ethereal in some sort of way, and I think the books said that the walkers were too. (but, ay, I never read any of the books so correct me if anything)
MrNice1966 (4 months ago)
a truly dedicated team of professionals all with one goal in mind - making the characters as realistic as possible so us GoT fans watch each week.   Amazing artists bringing these characters to life - love them or hate them.
Jane Furlan (4 months ago)
You guys did an awesome job on game of thrones with the makeup and prosythetics. Couldnt of been better.
bazinga abdi (4 months ago)
white walker esque
Shahbaz khan (4 months ago)
Not all the heroes hold the sword.. Some hold brushes ...
Karan Te (5 months ago)
who disliked this fuck?
MST (5 months ago)
L N Ramawat (6 months ago)
I emotionally touched with GOT please make one more serious like it
kim jong un as night king ? nah ... ? :c
Мурик Шмурик (8 months ago)
1:18 looks like Arjen Robben
Aquib Ansary (8 months ago)
He definitely looks like darth maul from the phantom menance .
Fherdz Canino (8 months ago)
I love their job
Jay Z (9 months ago)
This is insane. These guys are so underrated
Cheesekayqs (9 months ago)
a girl needs season 8
e.s1403 (9 months ago)
The work they put into this is crazy. At one point in the video they showed them *sewing on individual hairs*, like damn
Arnz- Creicher (9 months ago)
Samuel Jackson would make an excellent wizard for GOT
OverwatchTheater (10 months ago)
1000th comment bois
TanvirTopu LTD (10 months ago)
2:42 was that Arya Stark :/
Rocco (10 months ago)
Game of Thrones should pay me for the amount of people I’ve recommended it to
Ronnie (10 months ago)
So amazing to see so many people working together at the top of their game. Everyone who has anything to do with this show is a true artist. :)
Soyut Beyin (11 months ago)
Always wondered who the fuck was this cocksucker 😠
RadekCrazy1 (11 months ago)
Fun fact: The actor playing the night king is a Czech actor and stuntsman who is also Stunts director of the series.
alina vantur (1 year ago)
Best keyboard for my phone, inspired by GoT of course: bit.ly/GameofThronesKeyboard
Rich B. (1 year ago)
Greg Nicetero
Demi (1 year ago)
The Makeup artists should be paid a lot more
Tobias Maier (1 year ago)
Saw someone with a Stan Winston shirt there. Are there guys/gurls from Michael Westmore too?
Minh luan (1 year ago)
https://goo.gl/nQAqLH make 200$
Karahisarli86 (1 year ago)
inside göt :D
Ryan Bamford (1 year ago)
Game of thrones nails it when it comes to creating creatures because they look so human and not so much cgi that it looks fake and not believable, they got the balance just right
LoreCraft (1 year ago)
I went ahead and made my own Lifesize bust of The Night King, filmed the whole thing, and put it together as a timelapse video here on youtube. Please come check it out on my channel - just click my name, LoreCraft and let me know what you think!
Mubassera Salsabil (1 year ago)
Whytf does 2:40 look like that W.W is wearing mini Bangladeshi flags🇧🇩 all over as a green screen affect 😂😂😂
Zack Tm (1 year ago)
I want more information about the Night King's actor and his thoughts, aka Vladimir Furdik.
RuNe 07 (1 year ago)
Awesome.. speechless of the amount of so many damn talented people involved in everything
Do Bo (1 year ago)
I always found the long haired white walker kings to be the scariest looking not the Night King
inkcap 100 (1 year ago)
Hats off to these guys.
Imran Sahir (1 year ago)
A big round of applause for these artists.
SWProductions (1 year ago)
So cool !!
Stephanie Maldonado (1 year ago)
Omg your work its not easyy this its so artistic so detailing
Daenerys Stormborn (1 year ago)
I swear if i had to put up with shit everyday i would go mad. lmao dont get me wrong i love it but seriously, this is hard work and a lot of stress too.
a1ntcry1noveru (1 year ago)
Damn, there's going to be so much more of this next season. They deserve a nice long 3 day nap when it's all over
Joury .R (1 year ago)
i had a nightmare about that son of a bitch
RetroHipster 94 (1 year ago)
@2:29 Bran?.....
Dave Vd (1 year ago)
Respect for the people behind the set making it all happen workdays of 15+ hours and most of their work require perfect precesion fuck me how can they handle it mentally.
Scykick (1 year ago)
You guys, do things amazing!! Yet people see leaked stuffs.. Take a good look at this, and then take a good look at yourself. You should be ashamed.
VinnyDaQ (1 year ago)
I pity the actor playing the Night King...all the hours of makeup he has to sit through. That's got to be mind-numbingly boring !!
Cecile Vizcaya (1 year ago)
Amazing, talented people!
S. Y. (1 year ago)
Magnificent work
Average Alien (1 year ago)
I live 10 miles away from where game of thrones is filmed, so off I go.
Wow, that's pretty impressive...!😳😳
Krist Malacs (1 year ago)
unbelievable job he's doing to make those creatures. mesmerising 👏👏👏
Ryan Van Hewitt (1 year ago)
I was in one of these masks, they looked awesome! But they were hell!
Acimej Gana (1 year ago)
the end will going to make me cry. this was such an amazing series really. everything is well made. EVERYTHING!
何怡伸 (1 year ago)
Night King=Gordan Ramsay
De Von (1 year ago)
I much preferred the way the White Walkers looked at the end of season 2. Much better facial texture. Being barechested and barefooted gave them a primitive look that overshadows the silly and unnecesary armor they wear now imo
Liz Magu (1 year ago)
Absolutely some of the best prosthetics I've ever seen.. crazy that each hair is punched in individually.. just amazing!
Piggy Oink Oink (1 year ago)
A shame the dragons weren't practical effects...they could have made tiny puppet dragons when they were babies, and full size animatronic heads for close-ups of the adult dragons xD
Papolo0 (1 year ago)
Night King vs Jon Snow > Mcgregor vs Mayweather ;p
Jason Kelton (1 year ago)
so he is the God of many Faces.
Big Dicky (1 year ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
anouar oulaidi (1 year ago)
HBO accounts https://selly.gg/p/5a8a1b8c
Siniu Edits (1 year ago)
He need some milk 🥛
Mhamed Abdel hay (1 year ago)
I pull my hat off to the prosthetist team who do an incredible job from where the magic of cinema. I LIKE YOUR TEAM
Jhunified With Love (1 year ago)
Lina Rathod (1 year ago)
I really admire the art behind making of the prosthetics.. definitely demanding in many ways and kudos to all the people in charge..
Hadjer Hadji (1 year ago)
*sad how nobody knows about the backstage hereos other than the real hereos*
karma police (1 year ago)
damn thise white walkers look creepy af
Broken Umbrella (1 year ago)
One of the coolest jobs ever
giggity goo (1 year ago)
Idk to me the night king looks different but thats okay since the actor was recasted. I liked the older version but still looks good!
K G (1 year ago)
MrReconnaissence (1 year ago)
I am legend.
It was Written (1 year ago)
and then, unfortunately, the actors get all the credit
EpicRexx (1 year ago)
I want to do this, how would i go about getting into the business?
ailen p. (1 year ago)
I liked the first night king better, he seemed more terrifying than the new actor
Nathan M (1 year ago)
Gosh it must be so tiring for everyone. I'm glad they all get paid well.
Anarchy Time (1 year ago)
All your hard work makes the show way better. real practical effects are amazing.
usernamedkjah (1 year ago)
Hey, I spent my time covering myself in latex, blood and gore too!!! But rubber aprons and gloves keep people parts from staining my church clothes...
Juliette (1 year ago)
so much work put into this! that's amazing!
PTM45 smi (1 year ago)
i hope they pay these actors good salary for all the effort
A170 (1 year ago)
Inside TWD*
Sarasti S (1 year ago)
Darth Maul is gonna be so badass this season.
Prerana r t (1 year ago)
Whatever may be the story line, how much ever disappointing it may turn out to be, we got to give credits to these people working with so much dedication and conviction. I see all these 'making' videos and wonder when will Indian TV and cinema come to this level? It hurts.
Thomas Hall (1 year ago)
These guys are the real faceless men
Z B (1 year ago)
I can't stand those walkers with wight supremacist attitude.
Dave Kent (1 year ago)
I wonder, is this the right place to say *Breaking Bad is much better than Game of Thrones* ?
tantoxer (1 year ago)
when i watch all these behind the scenes videos, i really feel ashamed for watching this series on some free streaming sites. probably will buy some fan articles at least :>
SHARE H!S V!S!0N (1 year ago)
simply spectacular. best highlight of the show, you can keep your dragons the white walkers are the dopest aspect of the show and they are real
Paul Bacera (1 year ago)
Barrie Gower must be the Faceless God
Marc Costa (1 year ago)
I liked more this mask than the new one in the two last seasons. It was more terrifying the role played by Richard Brake. Why did they change that?
Memseletu Moundae (1 year ago)
I actually though the ice and winds were real. I've been so dumb to think a human to survive that cold😐😐

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