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Gendry Is Cersei's Son Theory Confirmed !? New Evidence !!! | Game of Thrones

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Text Comments (657)
Janelle Lives (4 hours ago)
But what about the seer's prophecy? Cersci would only have 3 kids, gold their crowns, gold their shrouds.
Tekkerzs (4 hours ago)
Varis and the red witch both know. I bet. Thats the undercurrent that is between them. That little exchange they had in the last season. I bet they both know about Gengry.
Emily Tolliver (5 hours ago)
The hosts voice is awful! Get someone to do it for you.
Victoria Dann (6 hours ago)
She wanted her and Jamies kids to have the throne so she sent the baby away and said that it died. I don't think she would kill her own son, simply because her charater is so reliant on being a mother who loves her children, no matter what kind of monsters they are. So she wouldn't kill her own kid, but send it away? Yes absolutly.
Artemis (6 hours ago)
whatever..... final season is coming, it doesn't matter anyway
C York (8 hours ago)
Here is another possibility: Cersei does feel resentment toward Gendry because she did not want a child with Robert (like in the books). She had thought or planned to kill him but couldn't because he is her son, and she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Another reason she would not want him there or Robert to know about him is because the prophecy told her she could have golden haired children. She would want her children with Jaime to be first in line for the crown, and also she wouldn't want to risk Gendy possibly killing them as rivals for the throne (because the prophecy said they would die). She would occasionally visit him when feeling a motherly pang and made sure he was okay, but was mostly concerned with caring for her kids with Jaime. When Robert died and Geoffry became king, though, she would have seen what a threat he would be to Geoffry. So, it would make sense she might want him gone or even make the hard choice to have him killed, even though it isn't what she wants deep down. This could also have been the card she played with Tyrion. She might have told Tyrion about him and threatened to make it known who Gendry is. She probably told Tyrion Dany would probably kill Gendry because Gendry will then be a rival for the throne for Dany (which Tyrion may believe after some of her ruthlessness lately). It could throw a wrench into the alliance between Dany and Jon because Jon wouldn't support her if she killed Gendry, and it would also make Jon have to potentially choose between Dany and and Gendry. It could also throw Jon's position as King of the North into question. I don't think Cersei wants to give up the throne and I think her concern is for her unborn baby before Gendry, so she will use him if she has to. I could see her asking Tyrion if he really wants it to come out and cause division when they need to fight the war on he dead. As for Euron, I think she is just using him and then probably plans to have the Mountain take him out before she has to make good on her promise.
Jon Ruger (11 hours ago)
I still say Gendry is the last hero because he can forge the sword required no other characters can. Also he has Arya to be his Nissa Nissa
Ky232010 (14 hours ago)
She was lying to soon Cat. She didn't have a baby. Remember she was supposed to only have three and no more. If the fever took her first boy, then would have given birth to 4 live children. Plus I guess this is just the show, but in the first season they do stick to the book a lot and in the book she only has three.Hendry, is the kings basterd as mentioned several times in the book and show. Robert knew about him, and paid for his training as a smith, this is in the book. That's why the boy had an apprenticeship. Also in the show Cersi, sent a the white clocks to kill Gendry and all Robert's basterds. We need to remember that Cersei says things to make herself seem more of knowledgeable ruler. Cersei knew about his basterds but never who they were. Remember Varys has spies placed and probably told Cersei about the meeting between Tyrion and Jamie. She actually didn't know about Gendry and Davos. Remember Gendry was originally smuggled out of kings landing through the knights watch, during this period once little finger revealed what Ned found to Cersei, she sent knights after Gendry to kill him. Plus Cersei is to be killed by her brother. We have 3 Targaryens roaming Westros, and Cersei has betrayed Jamie (in the book). Plus she is so called pregnant with Jamie's 4th child as revealed in season. This mean that either the 4th baby that she's gonna have right now is going to die as a still birth or the prophecy is wrong. Because according to your theory she would have given birth to for life children and is pregnant with her 5th 1. By according to the prophecy she is only going to get birth to 3 live children and is going to be killed by her brother
Stanneta Prospere (17 hours ago)
This is what happens when you don't read the book.
Banana Fanafoferry (19 hours ago)
This is a pretty old theory, regarding the show. I don’t think Gendry is her son, but I do think he will sit on the Iron Throne by series end.
Dorian Gipson (21 hours ago)
That isn't her son the with Maggy the frog said cersei and the king (Robert) will never have children with each other she would have three and Robert will have 20
Philip Dunne (21 hours ago)
I always thought Gendry would be the King at the end of GoT ... even when I thought he was just a bastard. Now it seems certain.
Kegyetleneper (1 day ago)
i don't think this story is right. The only good thing in her is her love towards her children.
Ana Meireles (1 day ago)
1) The prophecy doesn't work because D&D messed up. Cersei never has a child with Robert in the books. In fact, it is stated that even though she got pregnant once she got a woman to end the pregnancy. 2) This is a show!Cersei quote from a scene with Catelyn: " Such a little thing. A bird without feathers. They came to take his body away and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me. That little bundle. They took him away and I never saw him again." She says "... Robert held me". Robert was there this time. To counter the whole he-was-never-present-at-the-births-narrative. 3) Jaime doesn't mention the kids because he doesn't care about them at this point, simple. He says so in the books : "Because Joff was no more to me than a squirt of seed in Cersei's cunt." 4) If Robert had learnt about Gendry, he would've killed Cersei and Jaime which would've led to a fallout with Tywin. A war would've ensued regardless. Chaos would still be caused. And how would Arryn or Baelish learn about Gendry? It's not something you can figure out from reading a book, like Joffrey's, Myrcella's and Tommen's parentage. 5) The child might never have had a name, which is why Cersei doesn't mention it. 6) He is not her "loyal" blacksmith. He is not even a blacksmith. He is an apprentice. I'm pretty sure Mott doesn't actually arm the Lannister army. Cersei Lannister doesn't have a loyal blacksmith lol 7) She was clearly talking about something else entirely when she mentioned the "do you think anything happens in the city without me knowing it". She was threatening him. Plenty happens in the city without Cersei knowing it. 8) The idea that she would want Tyrion - whom she hates and wants dead - to meet Gendry - a supposed son she hasn't seen in years - in order for Gendry to become King is just. I mean. There are no words. 9) she implies Dany wouldn't be a good ruler because nobody else is in her eyes. We are talking about the woman who literally thinks, in the books, that one day people will call Tywin Lannister "Cersei Lannister's sire" This whole theory is based on Gendry looking like Cersei's son (which he does because they were both fathered by Robert) and on Gendry's mother being blonde. Plenty of people in the Westerlands are. Gendry's mother could be Gemma Lannister, or literally any blonde person. There are blonde people native to the Crownlands.
So ridiculous
Angel Pabon Jr (1 day ago)
Sorry but Queen Danaerys will not be Queen 4 long, she'll die by the Valonqar.
Angel Pabon Jr (1 day ago)
There's no way Cersei had Gendry, it was a lie told 2 Cat. Maggie the Frog said Cersei would only have 3 kids and 16 for Robert. So this is bullshit!
Lariza Keet (2 days ago)
But what about the whitch that gave cersie the prophecy.... 3 children...
Ghost (2 days ago)
ItIsSoFrikkenHardToFocusOnYourVoiceCauseYouCombineAllYourWordsIntoOneLongSentenceAndOnTopOfThatYouHaveAnAccent ... LoveYourVideosThou !
MsTudor18 (3 days ago)
It is believed Jon Arynn was highbrow who paid apprentice fee
Antoinette Lashelle (4 days ago)
Cersai is a hateful wench and I believe Gentry is Robert's first born son..... remember she hated Robert because he never loved her he always loved Leanna Stark and her called her that name once.....so, I think she really did give him away just to get back at her husband and her failed attempt at a fairytale royal life with being married to Robert.
J (5 days ago)
What episode is when cersei remembers when she used to disguise herself?
suki3275 (7 days ago)
Cercei would never abandon her child. It could have been through the Lord of light that the child was revived and then stolen and hidden away for a future purpose but if that's not the reason I don't know what possibly could be. Jaime being jealous? But Cercei would never not keep her own child.
Ly Leroy (9 days ago)
I hope this happens it would be the biggest twist😂 It would also explain why there was so much focus on Gendry, except for being "one of Robert's 20 _illegitimate_ children.
randomfandom kiddo (11 days ago)
Also Cersei given how much she later hated her husband, could have done this to disgrace her husband, making sure that the children were all Jamie’s, but given that we know about Cersei, she WOULD HAVE switched the baby because we know she couldn’t ever harm her children, so she definitely would’ve switched not killed the child
Jeffrey Yang (11 days ago)
This is retarded
ViruLe Dalek (11 days ago)
Sorry to be the fun police, but no. Just no. The black-haired baby is entirely a creation of the show. It's not in the books. The closest thing is when Cersei mentions having drunk Moon Tea to abort the baby the one time Robert got her pregnant. Gendry being the legitimate son of Robert rather than a bastard would definitely be a major plot point, so it's not very likely that the show will do this where the book hasn't even alluded to it in the slightest. To try and throw that into the books now would be exceptionally sloppy writing. GRRM went through the major story beats leading up to the conclusion with the team in charge of the show, so this even further cements the fact that the idea is very unlikely if not outright impossible. On top of it all, there's the prophecy regarding Cersei and the death of her children. Even in the show, where the black-haired baby exists, it's stated that she'd have 3 children. Now to the meta-based argument against it. At this point it should be abundantly clear that this is the John and Dani show. With only one season left the show simply doesn't have the time to dedicate towards this kind of plot development and resolution. Not to mention that it would be contrived character drama that wouldn't be satisfying considering that Gendry is 100% a supporting character and not one of the protagonists. To think that Gendry would even have a chance at sitting on the iron throne at the end of it all (unless it was out of virtue of literally every other candidate being killed) shows a complete lack of understanding of good storytelling. In short, this theory is only possible under the conditions presented by the show and demonstrates a complete ignorance of the books. Furthermore, it is antithetical to the type of story that GoT is and is entirely a work of fan fiction. Bad fan fiction at that.
Austin Wotanis (11 days ago)
And she definitely didn’t know about David going to get Gentry because she only knew about Tyrion because it was discussed from person to person where someone can spy and listen too but Davos kept the fact that he was getting Gentry to himself until they return to the boat and she would never give up her right as queen so if she knew Gendry was alive in kings landing he would have been killed
Austin Wotanis (11 days ago)
Cersei would never kill her own child unless it was a situation like when stannis attacked Kings landing she talks about how her kids were her everything and how her love for them kept her from jumping out of the red keep she would never do this to her own child even if she couldn’t stand her husband I mean it’s a cool theory but she has way to much love for her children in order for her to switch out or kill her own she would never leave her child
j p (10 days ago)
Yeah could gendrys uncle be responsible for helping him. The 1 with a soft spot for bastards and other things. Now if we can explain the prophesy. Guess he is listed with the kings sons not hers. If you listen she never said it died. She lost him. And a fever took him. All sorts of fevers. Red fever yellow fever, jungle fever, disco fever, football fever.....gold fever seems the most plausible. Maybe robert owed someone a life....no not likely....a lanister most likely or all of them. I understand their broke.
kittykatgamergirl (11 days ago)
But didnt a witch tell the queen that she was only going to have 3 kids with blonde hair that will die before her?
Matthew Durst (11 days ago)
Idk. This feels like a lot of confirmation bias to me.
Cymru Corpse (11 days ago)
But then that means Maggie's profecies can't be trusted. Nah I call bullshit.
Justin Boswell (12 days ago)
really? theory confirmed? that’s a stretch, more likely just a theory lol
vahan yousoufian (12 days ago)
Good theory, but why would she order her men to kill every bastard in kings landing if she knew gendry was considered a bastard
A Sheep (12 days ago)
Ceirce is an incompetent ruler. She bragged and said that she knows everything going on in the city. She doesn't. Gendry ended up in Kings Landing because of lazy writing. If logic existed in season 7, he would be killed immediately after arriving in Kings Landing. If Gendry is her son, why did she command to kill him in the second season. She hated Robert and his children. She could never love a child of him, and especially one looking like him. Varys (and probably Littlefinger) would know of the baby swap and would've used it against Cercei. Or they would kill the true heir (the "back up" king). The theory is garbage
Thembelani Nqabeni (12 days ago)
You idiot. You do know that Gendry remembers his mother singing to him right?
summer2112 (12 days ago)
Maggie the frog disagrees
Ambre Rongione (12 days ago)
I really like the theory, but I really don’t think that it is true, because: 1) the show will end next year and there has not been enough time to build this theory and make it plausible and confirm it in the few episodes she have left no matter how long they will be 2) The show will have a similar if not identical ending as the books so I don’t see how this could happen because in the books Cersei never gave birth to the son of Robert 3) Gendry has not had enough screen time to have such an important role and I think that the final season will focus on the battle against the white walkers and the 5 main characters : Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Cersei and Jaimie So even though I think it is a great theory and if things had been different it would’ve been a great way to end this series I don’t see how it could happen
Brian Crumbie (12 days ago)
No way, the witch told her she would have 3 kids and they would all die allowing her to be a powerful queen. Her prophecy has now come true. This theory is grasping. I can see some of the points looking very convincing but would GRR really allow them to stretch the series that much?
Clive Doe (12 days ago)
"My mom worked at a tavern but she also hung out at the palace with the king from time to time." Theory doesn't work.
Dan Nicolson (13 days ago)
I called this year's ago
Helena Kylyvnyk (13 days ago)
Cersey hated roberts baby, got will show a flashback how she tried to kill him (The three eyed raven will show us for sureeee )
F.O.M Cobra (13 days ago)
Vlickbait dont watch. Its Its clearly stated she aborted her child with robert.
luvprue1 (13 days ago)
I have been saying that since I finished reading all the books. In the book she claims that she once became pregnant by Robert. Jamie got her a washing women to cleanse her. A person is cleansed after giving birth. Cheese never once said that she drank Moontea, nor tansy tea . She had the baby and gave it up. Cersei talk about sneaking out to see Jamie dress as a bar maid, Hendry say his mother is a bar maid
Jordan Murphy (13 days ago)
I think these are really good points, especially why she might agree to marry Euron, who comes from a more directly violent political culture, childish in a way. Tywin is always held up as ‘omg how does he have such a dumb daughter’ but remember he died on the toilet for his irrational hatred of his son and actions he took because of it.
Game How You Like (13 days ago)
No he isn't.
Katharina Wessels (13 days ago)
If Gendry was her son, why were the Goldcloaks after him? And if she knew he was in the city, why would she let him leave with Tyrion rather than getting him closer or making him king right now?
RatedRR _Chelsea (13 days ago)
videos is nice and informative..just your accent is hard to understand at times and i need to rewind it back to re-hear what you said/meant
Zackarie Campbell (13 days ago)
History will repeat itself. In that John and gendry will fight alongside each other and John will give gendry the throne just like his uncle and Robert.
Djreray Thompson (13 days ago)
The bricks are lain, the ground is sown. From the dirt, a king is grown.
TC IronBear (13 days ago)
Just because Cersei knew that she knew what Bron was doing does not mean that she had the guards watching for Davos and Gendry. Bron is a very important person in the power structure of Cersei's regime. A secret son is not exactly something she would have her guards or spies watching for. And Davos is a landless lord of a defeated contender.
Ronnie (13 days ago)
Shitty video. No sub, but take a dislike.
M R Gaming & Vlogs (13 days ago)
Sorry but no. The prophecy stated she would have 3 children and all would die and have golden shrouds.
Amazatastic (13 days ago)
As evil as Cersei is, she has such strong motherly instincts I don't think she could give away her child
Rhaegar Targaryan (13 days ago)
you should talk a bit slower
Luke Good (13 days ago)
Doesn't make any sense. She was in love with Robert at the beginning of their marriage, so their first born son would have been treasured. Why would Cersei give away their first son to a whore?
Terios (14 days ago)
That's a nice theory but there are a few holes in it... one of them is that why she would ever fake her own son's death??? Also, for gendry to remember her he should be at least 3 or 4 years old, so not possible to fake his death at his birth. If she make him king cuz of to protect herself from euron it doesn't make sense cuz euron can kill both of them and become king... and finally the prophecy, maggy's prophecy said that cersei will have 3 children, so either one of her bastards isn't hers or it is gendry... about her pregnancy on the last season, her 4th child, i beleive she will die before giving birth to her last child... about telling catelyn about the death of her 1st child, she could be lying to get in catelyn's motherly feelings since it was because of cersei that jamie trew bran off the window...
Spacefrisian (14 days ago)
Well the prophecy said 3 would be her own, not theirs, and Jamie being her twin brother makes the 3 kids basicly her own. Roberts 16 bastards kids moms are unknown, so Roberts kids. That leaves 1 kid of theirs. A "math" explanation that seems to fit this theory nicely right?
TheCancerMan (14 days ago)
MrSightVision (14 days ago)
You completely dismissed"maggy the frog" prophecy which is more certain and obvious than any of these clues, and that literally states that Cercei will only have three children ...
SammyDeSalmon (14 days ago)
you said she accidentally changes babies and then kills the firstborn thinking its gendry but then you said she supports him and pays for his blacksmithing. so it's either someone else who supports him, or she switched them at birth on purpose to poisin their true son for lack of feelings towards her husband and then watched her son closely for her motherly love.
Konstantin Krastev (14 days ago)
Okay, I am blocking you for click bait bye.
Richard Baratheon (14 days ago)
you theory is reasonable, but let's wait for Season 8 to see the Revelation of Gendry's parentage first
Kayla Klopf (14 days ago)
But his hairs brunette and she said black hair.
Stressbean (14 days ago)
Would make sense if Cersei had slept with Robert but she specifically stated that she never did and that all of her sons/daughter were from Jaimie.
RPGMaster (14 days ago)
Pistachio Macaroon (14 days ago)
I dont remember the scene where Cersei said she'd disguise herself as a tavern wench to go off and see Jaime. Was this in the books?
Daniel Creger (14 days ago)
Cersi will be the 'night queen'....she wants her legacy to last forever.
Jos Lo (14 days ago)
23dnell (14 days ago)
Dude need to slow his words 🤣
Amanda Croft (14 days ago)
What about the prophecy from Maggy the frog?
Ron Foster (14 days ago)
Yeah you are reaching a lot here.
Sotheary Men (14 days ago)
Didn’t the prophet say that Robert will have many children but that she and he would have none together?
Toni Montoya (14 days ago)
In the book Cersai had an abortion when she became pregnant by King Robert and all her kids were fathered by her bro
Andrew Jackson (14 days ago)
No who comes up with this shit get a fucking life.
Holden Mcgroine (14 days ago)
so cersei wants to end the "game of thrones" so her son doesn't have to play it. yep sounds like the plot
Mr Lewis (14 days ago)
What about Maggie the Frog?
Sabrina Prather (14 days ago)
None of this matches Maggie the frogs prediction she said that Circe would only have three children. Everything Maggie the frog has predicted has come true. I’ll bet the new baby that’s coming won’t survive
Rex Racer (14 days ago)
I believe this theory maybe partly true, but I don't think Cersei & Jamie hide the child. I think Varys (or Littlefinger) swapped the child because Cersei did not want a Barathon heir instead of her's & Jamie's being the next King... I think Cersei killed the child out of spite and hatred of Robert still loving Lyanna Stark. (Game of Thrones does like doing this "Bastard is really the true heir" plot twists).
AwayWithThe Theories (14 days ago)
I like this theory. I did consider this for a while in season 3 but I dismissed it. You put forward lots of evidence I hadn’t considered before that makes the theory much stronger.
IgorTryp (14 days ago)
The problem is that in the book she didn't have a child by Robert, instead she had a abortion.
Ahmed Alnoor (14 days ago)
Cool theory BUT NO... its just not supported well enough by solid evidence, most of what you said is here and there and mostly speculations. Another thing that completely shoots down this theory is Maggy The Frog's prophecy told to Cercei "The king will have 20 children and you shall have 3, gold shall be their crowns", i will take blood magic above your speculations, until there is more evidence to support this theory id say its a NO GO ;)
Dlight (14 days ago)
This is amazing, this must be in season 8, great.
Dr. Jones (15 days ago)
I think this is a valid theory. She only likes her inbred children to be on the throne. She despises her husband and his child. She did it to get rid of a true heir to the throne and to hurt the king. I think she’s fnn psycho
king aqib (15 days ago)
So in the books cersei actually caused her own miscarraige.
yuki gackt (15 days ago)
Why would Cersei replace her own child? It’s been said by multiple characters that her only good quality is that she loved her children. Why would she not want her first son? And if she knew where he was and cared about him, why didn't she make arrangements to protect him when Jeoffrey was killing all of Robert's other children?
Kerri McDonald (15 days ago)
I think Gendry is Cersei and King Robert's son😍✌🐺🐲🔨👑I think Varys was involved in saving Hendry. And Stannis.
Hauke Holst (15 days ago)
0:50 This theory is in direct violation of the book lore. In the books, Cersei said that she was once pregnant from Robert, but she took steps to assure the child was never born; she miscarried that child. Sorry, but this theory is complete nonsense.
Arianna Sanchez (15 days ago)
I can understand the accent 😣.. I wish he will speak more solw
TheColorOfCaramel (15 days ago)
I never thought I'd say this....usually I can ignore it, but that voice...
cecily boyd (15 days ago)
The theory that Tyrion would help Cersei makes no sense if it's revealed that he isn't a Lannister, but rather a Targaryen.
cecily boyd (14 days ago)
YTFlove4ever it's just one of the theories out there
YTFlove4ever (14 days ago)
I don't think Tyrion will be A Targ in the show. there's not any evidence to its compared to books
garrett fleet (15 days ago)
yea but y would cerci send the baby away
Maniacal Laugh (15 days ago)
Book readers have told me theres no way they say it's confirmed that his mother's a whore
...why would Cersei want to give up her true-born son? Just not wanting Robert's babies? Just wanting Jaimie's babies? ...that seems like a really shallow, poorly thought out motivation for this half-baked conspiracy theory.
cmike123 (15 days ago)
Had to log in to call bs on the title of this clip.
cmike123 (15 days ago)
I feel I should elaborate. Cersei's story about a dead firstborn wasn't in the books. It was placed to 1. give Cersei a humanizing story (she doesn't get humanized in the books until Joffrey dies) and 2. to give a clue to Jon Arryn's investigation (in which he found that Baratheon black hair always trumped any blonde in any family). The one detail that absolutely destroys any chance of Gendry being Cersei's son is the fact that on her wedding night, Robert passed out drunk and started crying over Lyanna in his sleep. This pissed Cersei off and that is when she decided to start fucking Jaime. Whenever Robert tried to smash, she got him drunk and let him pass out, or she pointed him to a brothel. She even went so far as to tell (someone I forget who, Sansa maybe) that she vowed to never let him (Robert) touch her.
MrTada98 (15 days ago)
What about the Maggy the Frog's prophecy? She is only supposed to have 3 children.
Dee (15 days ago)
This doesn't line up with the Maggie the frog she only has 3
Catherine Thurmond (15 days ago)
Why would she kill her baby even with Robert's blood it's still apart of her? "Love no one but your children, on that front a woman has no choice" or even give him up.
Chris Kerr (15 days ago)
I think it should be noted that male lions kill the cubs of other lions when they take over a pride.

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