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Gendry Is Cersei's Son Theory Confirmed !? New Evidence !!! | Game of Thrones

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Text Comments (902)
I don't think Gendry Is Cersei's Son. it is an interesting theory but to be honest the part about her knowing everything that goes on in the city and that she know's he is there seems a bit far-fetched to me. Now yes as a queen she will know some things that happen in the city but she won't know everything since as the queen she will be dealing with the bigger more important things and in my mind Gendry won't be one of them since he is just a blacksmith. Now yes he was Roberts bastard child but as far as it goes joffrey had them all killed so even if she knows about one of them she will thinks there all dead. This means she wouldn't be looking for him at all. Therefore he still isn't important enough for her to even be made aware of. To me that as a peace of evidence for the theory that he is her son feels forced and that your trying to make it fit but it doesn't. This is supported by the fact that the only reason she knows about Tyrion's being there was because in her mind he is important enough to keep an eye on and would be made aware if he was in the city.
Cecilia Miller (20 days ago)
I def. Gave this theory a thought. YUP
FE Rebekah (29 days ago)
But Stannis said “Half Robert, Half Low Born.” Cersei isn’t “Low Born,” but perhaps Stannis is as good as Melisandre at guessing games.
Jason Wright (1 month ago)
Great conclusion. It's a shame I've been posting this on your channel for the last 5 Seasons. All the points are mention myself but that's okay there's still one that you've left out repeatedly and that is Maggy the Frog's prophecy. Three children that have golden crowns that's not their hair that is the actual crown two Dead Boys one that wears it to win the Game of Thrones. On top of that everybody is going to die in a Game of Thrones that is a high-born, except the lowborn Gendry who will be king and Tyrion will die last because he will have told everyone this and the dragon pit. What do you got to do to get a shout out around here? If you need anything else let me know
asdasd asdasd (1 month ago)
yes i think the same tyrion will betrayed denerys next season
Boa Boy (1 month ago)
It be too hard for Jamie to miss you're an idiot
Gendry is Cersei son and will win the iron throne, not Jon or Dany. When it comes to Cersei prophecy maybe after Robert thought after seeing what he thought his first born son died, he made sure every 20 bastards after that were taken care of in some way by providing their mother gold and when of age let them be special workers or maesters or nights watch and even if all 20 died before GoT started he provided something for them thus recgnizing them. He never knew of Gendry and he died in his mind as a baby so he doesnt count and lets not forget Gendry and Jon Snow are around the same age and Robert and Ned are really close so when Robert sees Ned taking care of what he thinks its his bastard, Robert wants to do the same in some capacity. Maggy the frog said you will have 3 children gold will be their crowns gold their shroud. She didnt say you are ONLY going to have 3 children. I took it as you will have 3 royal family children born raised and recognized by all to have royal blood and all 3 died. If shes pregnant which I think she is Arya Stark does what she has done all season, kill people the way they killed her friend with needle, same way, with the waif, she got beaten daily blind so what better way than to kill her in pitch black so she cant see, kill walder frey coming out of nowhere like the red wedding and slashing his throat like what happened to her mother, kill little finger by slashing his throat with the same dagger he held her father at his throat, and finally killing Cersei by stabbing her in the stomach like Robb Stark wife her sister in law killing the baby and Cersei with a final stab to the heart like Bolton did to Robb. She will mary Gendry uniting house Baratheon and house Stark like robert told Ned in season 1, its not too late you have a daughter I have a son fulfilling the prophecy that a younger more beautiful which is Arya to cast you down and take all you hold dear which is her unborn child and marry her black haired beautiful boy thus Gendry not having her moms back after it is revealed to all hes her son.
Cherrl Lynn (1 month ago)
I couldn't understand a thing you said .. take a breath
C. Elizabeth Lucas (1 month ago)
What if Maggie wasn't truthful? What if she was so angry with Cersei she spoke in half truths?
Eric P (1 month ago)
That is way too convoluted and uncharacteristic of a young Cersei. Also, what would be her motivation to go through all this trouble?
naved (1 month ago)
That witch whom she met as a child told her she will have 3 children all of them will die. That even makes me doubt about the pregnancy of cersei
Peter Pan (1 month ago)
You have the worst voice like fingernails on blackboard
Nihil Sustinet (1 month ago)
ugh. this is idiotic. hes not her son. he died. the whole point was that the dark hair gene is so strong that the one time she did have a legitimate child by him, it had dark hear. after that she fell out of love with him and did whatever was necessary not to have kids with him anymore, having kids with jamie instead. this is basic plotline stuff. if you believe this youre an utter moron who cant grasp basic story structure.
C.C. (1 month ago)
Nice. But this can be refuted easily. Remember Cersei's fortune from Maggie the Frog. She said that the King (Robert) shall have 10 and 6 children while Cersei will have three.
Sid Paul (1 month ago)
what about the prophecy that all her children would die.
Gabe Heyman (1 month ago)
PAY ATTENTION. This is defiantly not the the son of Cerci. Cerci had told Jamie that all of her kids were also Jamie’s. She told him she had never slept with Robert, saying he was always to drunk to realize and she tricked him into thinking they had sex once he was sober. The son looked just like Robert and it can’t be Cerci’s son so it was probably some random tavern wench that Robert had found interest in.
why for what (1 month ago)
The hammer is the biggest clue and the only one needed ?
machine thesun (1 month ago)
Since she hated Robert she probably tried to poison him and someone in the court saved him.
WatcherOfShadows (1 month ago)
Sorry but this is a weak theory.
Joe Emgee (1 month ago)
All this "theory" does is point out how the showrunners screw things up when they stray from the books and try to make things up on their own. Maggy the Frog's predictions are 100% true. Everything she told young Cersei came to pass. Cersei only had 3 children with golden hair. Robert had only bastard children and Melora died by Cersei's hand. So, there's no reason to believe Maggy wouldn't have mentioned a 4th child. The show screwed up by trying to get creative with Cersei's history and now we get these whacked out conspiracy videos.
Ashe mckinley (1 month ago)
You sound drunk considering how you slur
Chantelle Le Gall (1 month ago)
I like the theory but it does not gel with Maggie the Frog's prophecy that she would have three children with golden crowns & golden shrouds. She also said Cersei & Robert would have no children.
M.yunus Varu (1 month ago)
Your theory started with if gendry is cerise sons and become did terion betray dany
kght222 (1 month ago)
i just don't think she would feel a need to replace the son before she killed him. robert had a thing for blonds and was a known philanderer. the whole rebellion robert lead wasn't about love or attraction but about power, he likes blondes. cersi on the other hand DIDN'T WANT robert to father the heir, she wanted her brother to. she would have had no compunction about killing her own child in order to have her brother father the heir instead of robert who she hated with growing passion. so replacing the kid just wouldn't make sense, i think she would not have a compunction about killing her own child if it were from robert.
Warchief TTT (1 month ago)
interesting very
Jmdwolfy161 (1 month ago)
This isn't possible. Gendry remembers his mother. Cersei's son (supposedly), was taken as an infant. Infants can't remember shit from being an infant. Busted theory.
Daniel Mirante (1 month ago)
great content but not a great narrator voice sorry
McQueen Ng (1 month ago)
cersi wanted to kill all king roberts bastards, gendry survived because his bull helmet was not with him
squattingheads (1 month ago)
Your accent is way to bad to talk in that fast youtuber kind of fashion
rahul juneja (1 month ago)
tbh,please add subtitles . No offense.
Jevon Owen-Kennedy (1 month ago)
What about the prophecy that cerci will not have 3 children
Tony Kruchas (1 month ago)
Oh come on, knowing how Cersei feels about her children, do you really think she would abandon one? Give me a break
Rajat Chitkara (1 month ago)
Also when gendry described his mother to Ned she sounded like cersie
CandVocaloiziiPlang1 (1 month ago)
Your accent is thick.
Vineeth Puli (1 month ago)
Speak slow and crisp. U speak like a robot with a script. Disliked.
Mikky Z (1 month ago)
2:56 even simpler. Maybe she staged the death, and instead of having the “body” taken to a priest and buried she made sure to give a drug to her son that will make him dead like, and transport him away. For some reason? That being said, their labor ritual is ofc still used, just she manipulated the man later as the child “dies”. And she buries some random street kid instead. 3:50 basically they eliminated the true heir and made sure their bastards will rule lmao
Mikky Z (1 month ago)
Wut ?! I m confused by the title. Lmao. Lets watch
Pedro Avellar Costa (2 months ago)
Didn't they change for the TV though? I think in the books the only time she got pregnant from Robert she aborted, intentionally.
CP The Artist (2 months ago)
Lily Roberts (2 months ago)
Speak clearly you retarded cunt
Bruce Willis (2 months ago)
The theory of Gendry being hey secret son is definitely real I think. however I dont think Tyrion and her discussed Gendry being king.. I think they were talking about the baby she was pregnant with being the heir after Danearys considering Tyrion thinks Dany cant have children
David Chuah (2 months ago)
But according to the witch, Cerci only have child... ony
Jacob Brown (2 months ago)
The witch told young Cersei that the king would have 20 children and she would have 3
Kyle Groman (2 months ago)
Very nice theory and it would be awesome if it is true. Yet, it doesn’t add up to the Maggy the frog prophecy (S05E01). When Cersei asks Maggy if she and Robbert would have children the Maegi responds; ‘No the king will have 20 children and you will have 3. Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds.’ So, is the prophecy wrong or this theory farfetched? Was Cersei lying to Cathelyn in season 1? Or did we just discovered a mistake of the GOT editors?
G K Sharma Classes (2 months ago)
Wrong information... i can prove
a archie (2 months ago)
No. The prophecy said she'd have three kids. And Gendry is Robert's bastard.
Jonathan Hanson (2 months ago)
What about the valonqar that said she’d have 3 children?
Archie Canape (2 months ago)
I dont understand 75% of the video because of your accent. Sorry
Prodigy WarsXII (2 months ago)
wouldnt there be flies and bugs all over the castle eating the food that lays around all day?
Ryooken (2 months ago)
Gendry is not the son of Cersi and Robert but of Robert and some unnamed woman. In the book Stark found the boy, working in the blacksmith shop and came to the realization that Cersi's children were the Kinslayer's and not the King's.
Ciara McG (2 months ago)
nope. if gendry was old enough to remember his mother worked in a tavern then that means he was at least 2/3 (certainly not a newborn) - which raises the question: was cersei minding him while dressed as a tavern wench the whole time? No.
joey sassine (2 months ago)
Its not a gamble... how does cersei know gendry is alive
Welp time to fanfiction a new child
William Henderson (2 months ago)
I like the idea that Tyrion will help Cersi put Gendry on the Throne...that would be the Bitter Sweet Ending promised.
52RH Flight (2 months ago)
One additional reason for Circe "losing" her first child: she feared the prophesy and by forsaking and "losing" her first child, it may avoided the doom of the children (gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds) in Maggie's prophesy. It is interesting that Gendry is the only character with the skill necessary to forge a sword, and it is Azor Ahai who will draw the sword from the fire, according to Asshai prophecy. Of all the characters, he is the only true prince remaining (e.g. the son of a king).
Robbie Bell (2 months ago)
Gendry is also older than 17 and that’s how long Robert and Cersei were together
Robbie Bell (2 months ago)
This isn’t true because in Cersei’s flash back in season 5 when she was told her future she was told that she would have 3 children and she has 3 children gendry would make it 4
Leo W (2 months ago)
I cant understand your accent . Can you please speak slower
Alice Berlim Erh (2 months ago)
But what about Magie the frog 3 children prophecie?
Alice Berlim Erh (2 months ago)
I think that Gendry will marry Sansa, not Arya (who loves him but is a free spirit). It was Sansa who always wanted to marry a prince. Arya will travel elsewhere...
Amanda C. Holmes (2 months ago)
I really don’t think Tyrion would ever betray Daenerys for Cercei
Lily Val (2 months ago)
So fast and your accent not help. I need to replay. 😱.Will all the characters know all the truth of origins, bloodlines, etc?
PS Bartlett (2 months ago)
Also, Cersei said she’d never visited the boy’s crypt. Cersei loves her children so I’d find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t visit her own child’s crypt. But if her real son lived, why would she, right?
Jerry C (2 months ago)
Yeah, she lost her first born son that had black hair. She wasn't just told he died, she was there. So I am sorry, but Gendry is NOT Cersei's child. He is a bastard son of Roberts! I mean do you honestly believe that Robert would have tossed aside his first born child? What would be the point? This hypothesis is almost as stupid as the man made global warming hypothesis.
Forbidaxe (2 months ago)
But this twelve minute discussion was pointless, as Jon Snow is the true heir, not Gendry as you keep saying.
This is so stupid, this never happened in the books, Cersei never had a still born child in the books so your theory is pointless and ridiculous
Kennadi Hillebrand (2 months ago)
In the books Gendry is Robert's bastard, a son he had with another women that wasn't Cersi
brandon richards (2 months ago)
Then why would Cersei give the order to kill all bastards... that would include gendry because they would not know about this theory...?
TheFlowMind (2 months ago)
There's already another "lost baby" story in GoT and there is no space to add another one.
Lauren Brothers (2 months ago)
I keep seeing comments say why would she want to give up her own child. I think it is pretty obvious. She wants the line of succession to the throne to be purely Lannister. Much like the Targaryens. Her child with Robert would be a Barathion. Thus, no good.
Matias Sobarzo (2 months ago)
sorry but if it didnt happen in the book its not canon. like you said, the book described cercei getting an abortion, the black haired beauty was never born as far as we know.
MadAboutSaffron Red (2 months ago)
Umm, at the time Cersei had her first son (that died), she was very much in love with Robert and would have been happy for a heir. The significance of Gendry's mother having blonde hair was to prove that the black hair genes of the Baratheon line were very dominant so that Cersei's surviving children (Tommen, Joff and Marcela) could not have been Robert's and were in fact bastards - the truth that lead to Ned Stark's death.
cdiddyna (2 months ago)
This dudes voice is annoying as fook
steve beck (2 months ago)
hard to understand the narrator
Reason1717 (2 months ago)
Well thought out theory. I could get on board with it.
Simply Olivia June (2 months ago)
Nope. I’m absolutely certain this theory is incorrect, and I can prove why. I just rewatched seasons 4 and 5. There is a flashback scene to when Cersi is a teenage girl and she goes to the witch psychic and demands her future told to her. She asks if she will be queen among other things, however, at one point the witch psychic tells her that Robert will have 20 children but she will have only 3, to which teenage Cersi replies “but that makes no sense”. The psychic then sais that all of Cersi’s children will have crowns of gold and golden shrouds to match (foreshadowing all 3 children’s ultimate deaths). Maybe this scene was a mistake on the writers part? Because I assumed her 3 children were Joffrey, Marcella and Tommen. There was no mention of a 4th child by the psychic. Strange.
Ricofico 187 (2 months ago)
Damn it. GoT got one under me!!!! Nice work everyone! o/
Christine (2 months ago)
No, no, just SO much no. The scene about the black haired boy was 100% fabricated for show purposes only. I’d believe that Cersei was outright lying to Catlyn in order to make herself look vulnerable.
marcie Ryan (2 months ago)
Interesting indeed...would be an interesting twist.
Jeffro Doe (2 months ago)
There is a new, and fairly detailed season 8 spoiler recently out, and this Gendry theory kinda fits right in with it. While I am well aware that there are many spoilers out that purport to speak the truth about what will happen, it's important to consider that the person who provided this spoiler also provided a long and detailed spoiler right before season 7, and the predictions made at that time ended up to be 95% accurate. Considering the fact that clever editing can change outcomes of certain scenarios, an insider might not be aware of every little detail that show runners decide on last minute. Therefore, it is believed to be a true insider spoiler by many GOT aficionados. In this season 8 spoiler, dany dies in child birth jaime killls cersei, and Jon Snow ends up being the ruler of the 7 kingdoms. However, he does not want to rule 7 kingdoms. Instead, he feels that the 7 kingdoms should be split up and ruled independently. When he splits them up, he names each area's new royal ruler, and yes...Gendry is named one of the kings. I cant recall which kingdom he is bestowed, but for some reason I want to say king of the western lands. However, I may be wrong. Either way....since Jon is aware of Gendry's true lineage as Robert's son, then it makes sense that he promote Gendry to king over part of the lands.
Marion Hebert (2 months ago)
you have to remember after robert died cersei sent out the lanister gaurds to kill all of roberts bastards......which would play into this therory...since gendry is the only bastard survivior
Klára Floriánová (2 months ago)
Well. In 1st season she mentioned black haired son, but she told it just to ease Catelyn's pain. There is nothing about this baby in book (1-4 season scenario copy books). We all know she is a liar who loves her children so she could understand how hard this situation is for Cat. Think harder and don't watch only, but read it, there are much more info and plots in books! U can make it to premiere next year ;)
Ryan Smith (2 months ago)
I really try to enjoy your videos but... I just can not take your talking speed. It sounds like english isn't your first language but learn to breath.
paradaisu97 (2 months ago)
why would cersei need to forfeit the throne to guarantee her own safety? she will murder euron the second she no longer needs him, and he will attempt to do the same to her. neither of them are stupid.
Bhaumik Tandan (2 months ago)
But the witch had said that she will have 3 children. Which directly disaprove this theory
Jeremy Taylor (2 months ago)
Oh snap. This totally makes sense
zack p (2 months ago)
interesting theory. pretty unlikely though. D&D have made such a clusterfuck of this show i doubt they have put such thought into it.
What about Maggie the Frog's prophecy? "Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonquar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you."
MsrSiris (2 months ago)
Someone needs to read the books.....
Chel Chalifour (2 months ago)
I don't think a baby that she got rid of as an infant that Gendry would remember anything. This is a very old theory and I personally would be pissed if Gendry shared cersies blood. Bad idea GOT. DONT DO IT!! Jon can just legitimize Genry if people want him to rule somewhere and it make more sense instead of making him the son of a major bitch. Hate the idea
Rachel R (2 months ago)
This is all interesting and you make some good points, but I just can't get around the issue with the Maggy the Frog prophecy. I feel like, as genuine as Cersei seemed, we *have* to assume she was lying about the existence of a black haired boy, most likely to gain Catelyn's trust and reduce the chance of her and Jaime being linked to Bran's injury. Unless we're willing to assume Maggy was a fraud and the whole prophecy flashback was pointless. I guess it's possible that Maggy was only referring to Cersei's children that survived infancy (until they became not "babies" but "children"...) it's a clumsy explanation, but it could possibly account for Cersei having a black haired baby and the prophecy still being true. But that wouldn't work if Gendry was her son. And I can't find a workaround for it. If anyone else can, though, let me know!!
Rachel R (2 months ago)
**Also yes, I know she mentions the boy again to Robert, but it's possible that she had a boy who was stillborn, maybe even with dark hair. He would have still been "their first boy," even if he wasn't alive when he was born, and especially if it had been her first pregnancy and miscarriage, I imagine it would have been devastating. That would actually make the most sense -- her pain over losing that boy would have been real, which would have made her conversation with Catelyn seem so heartfelt and honest, even if it was only a half-truth.
Ghost_Bear (2 months ago)
NRGyTV (2 months ago)
The theory is not true. That scene does not happen in the books at all. Maggie states Cersei has 3 kids and all are blonde. She directly says that the king and her without have any kids together.
kimberlee533 (2 months ago)
What about the prophecy of Maggie the frog?
shawn6669 (2 months ago)
TheHairyBeast (2 months ago)
Here's my problem. This theory contradicts the prophecy of Cersei's life with Robert. She was told that she would have 3 children and her husband would have twenty (I think it was twenty). If Gendry is her son, even if he was taken and hidden, the witch would have known it.
General Kexus (2 months ago)
Good video and theory but unfortunately the show runners are useless at creating their own story , they dont have the imagination to come up with something like this , all we have had since season 4 is dishonour to characters and bullshit Hollywood plot lines. Still a good watch but its not got a patch on season 1-3
Amira El-Khaouli (2 months ago)
I ❤️ this theory. It makes too much sense. 1. She was mad at the Starks 4 escalations in the revelations 2. She claims she didn’t kill Jon Arrryn and perhaps had something like this planned from the beginning, if she were discovered 3. Gendry has proven himself to be easily influenced & “fighter” implies survival/ recognition of his best interests 4. Cersei never said he “died”. He “passed” or she was “cleansed” of him 5. The dead child who died of a fever could have been the lowborn one. It would be more likely if the mom is poor & he would look like his brother if all the Baratheon babies looked the same, as stated. A swap could have even been a misunderstanding 6. Magi the frog talked in riddles and could have easily meant Cersei will raise 3 or die b4 knowing Gendry. This plan/theory could still be in place if she dies. 7. Being between Gendry & euron could be a good safety move for her. Gendry could not betray her w/o angering euron & euron would still have a lot of power
Brandon O'Neal (2 months ago)
It's a longshot, but would be badass
Liberty Diwa (2 months ago)
OMG! What an amazing theory! How did u come up with these? Are you friends with G.R.R.M?

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