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Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer (HBO)

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Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16.17 on HBO. #GoTS7
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shaif ali (8 hours ago)
*_SEASON 8_*
Suresh Mdev (20 hours ago)
Watching it again as the S8 trailer not arrived...anyone else?
Aryan Sharma (3 days ago)
Al Vere (4 days ago)
ich kann HIGH-VALERIYN! "HUT AB" Lennisters ! (unvergessen!) WIRD nicht reichen ! GEGEN die WIRKLICHE QUEEN!
Sahan Perera (5 days ago)
2018 ?
Ahmad Shallaw (6 days ago)
تكايه سبسكرايبى ئه مكه ناله بكه ahmad shallaw
MANTHAN HIRANI (6 days ago)
Who is here in 2018 ???
batman noob (6 days ago)
Emilia clarke has made this series one of the best cuz of her performance, especially in this season. Her emotions were so persuasive. Im realy hopping 8 season will be good.
Hassan Daham (7 days ago)
I can’t wait to see the new trailer for the new season😩😩
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
STOP making Tyrion and Daenerys Targaryen look like absolute fools with FORCED STUPID decisions, they are BOLD till Season 6 and then some how in Season 7 they both become so STUPID. Please STOP, fans have had enough bad writing, Season 7 was such a disappointment, i hope Season 8 will be the BEST Season ever, to make up for the terrible Season 7!
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
Out of respect to all GAME OF THRONES fans, don't rush Season 8, make every episode 120-150 minutes long since their is only 6 episodes left, write the story well, don't make it predictable, but most importantly make Daenerys Targaryen and the Dothraki, Unsullied WIN and WIN BIG.........a happy ending is needed after the forced fans to watch the worse Season 7 ever, you writers and producers owe millions and millions of GAME OF THRONES fans at least that much, 120-150 minutes LONG each episode and make Daenerys Targaryen and the Dothraki, Unsullied WIN and WIN BIG! You owe fans that much, a sad ending would suck, an ending where Daenerys Targaryen does not win will just destroy the show that people have invested 8 years of their life in!
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
Then we have the final scene where Jamie is attacking Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon turns and blows FIRE, Bronn just manages to push Jamie out the way, falls into the water which was just HEATED by super hot fire and would have been boiling, but some how Jamie and Bronn don't get hurt, burnt or injured. They then swim with HEAVY armour that will sink anyone miles and miles away, that is right swim under water miles and miles and miles away without drowning or getting burnt by the hot water........CAN THE STORY LINE GET ANY WORSE. Season 7 = Worst Season EVER!
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
When Daenerys Targaryen attacked the Lannisters, she BURNS the food and Wine she needs not the main Lannister army. Then when Bronn gets read to shoot the Dragon, he is surrounded by thousands of Dothraki riding around him, but some how NOT a single Dothraki decides to KILL Bronn......., then when the Dragon burns the weapon that attacked him, Bronn jumps of the weapons, right next to the weapon but some how is NOT burnt and is perfectly fine, Season 7, SUCKED!
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
Daenerys Targaryen can BEAT Cersi in 1 day, then Tyrion suggest LETS NOT ATTACK CERSI, let's go capture a White Walker so we can win her over, if the show had any sense of credibility, Daenerys Targaryen would have killed Cersi and all the Lannisters at that meeting and took control of King's landing, that would have been great and along the correct story line but the show writers had the write these stupid plots, make Tyrion look DUMB, make Daenerys Targaryen look stupid and then FORCE KILL A DRAGON so that the Night King could just get a dragon......STUPID STUIPD STUPID worse writing, story line ever!
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
Tyrion has been very smart and clever till Season 6, in Season 7 the writers decides lets make Tyrion the dumbest, stupidest person to ever lived. He constant STUIPD ideas, his constant STUPID plans all seem to show the show and writers had to force everything, till Season 6, Tyrion was smart, clever, great........Season 7 they expect us to believe he is the STUPIDEST HARD OF THE QUEEN TO HAVE EVER LIVED, his stupid ideas of not attacking King's Landing, his stupid ideas for a seige, his stupid ideas to capture a White Walker, just so the show and writers can FORCE KILL a dragon......SEASON 7 was the BIGEST let down for all the LOYAL GAME OF THRONES FANS!
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
Daenerys Targaryen, attacks the Lannisters, she does not burn the riders on the horse, example Jamie and Bronn even though they are right their, she decides to BURN the food and drink, even though in the previous scene she complained that she will not have enough food to feed her armies.......HOW CAN THE WRITING BE SO BAD?
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
So predictable, so many parts NEVER made any sense. Daenerys Targaryen, has been so BOLD to get what she wants, she then comes to King's landing and becomes a mouse and stay at Dragon Stone, even though she has 3 dragons and an army that could wipe Cersi and the Lannisters in one day.......seriously how STUPID was this story line and writing! Shameful to produce such a terrible season 7.
Barni Neba (7 days ago)
Without doubt SEASON 7 was one of the worst written and produced seasons, i still cannot believe they wrote such a BAD BAD BAD story line!
THANOS (7 days ago)
*The wait is long and full of sorrow*
Nazerawi Yonathan (7 days ago)
What hell! I am waiting Season 8, not 7
Maureen Sayah (13 days ago)
Suz Marie (13 days ago)
Ugh this gives me such chills
Acoustic Nitz (14 days ago)
Who still here in 2050??
Acoustic Nitz (15 days ago)
I wish I could erase all my memory of this show, just so I could experience the whole ride all over again.
Maheera Kulsoom (17 days ago)
Christopher Joseph (19 days ago)
I'm on 4 season 😊
Sam Baker (21 days ago)
Please stop making Tyrion look line an absolute idiot, he is smart yet in Season 7 he is made to look dumb, making terrible stupid decisions just so the story line could be told, so many better ways the story could have been told for Season 7, Season 7 was predictable, so many parts did not make any sense. I really hope Season 8, each episode is 120 minutes long and the story line is written well that really has fans jumping up in their seats and happy. An ending where Danny wins and wins big would be the best way to end the series, please don't let down fans by rushing season 8. All you have to do is type in Youtube "Games of Thrones Season 7 Sucked" and you will see many different points of view, use it as feedback!
Sam Baker (21 days ago)
Season 7 was a let down, compared with the previous 6 seasons. Story line was a big let down with so many parts not making any sense what so ever. Like Danny complaining that she won't have any food because Cersi took the Reach, then when she attacks she burns all the food and wine instead of the Lanisters soldiers. The forced stupidity of forcing John to head north to capture a White Walker, the forced killing of a dragon, Danny got where she is because she takes big risk, then in season 7 she becomes so timid, not wanting to attack Cersi, honestly the story line sucked. Please make SEASON 8 LONG and much better, make sure Danny WINS in the end, otherwise most fans will not be happy!
James_ (16 days ago)
s5 was bad s6 was good s7 was bad hopefully s8 will be good and history will repeat itself.
Sam Baker (21 days ago)
Mohammed Ali (22 days ago)
Oh my heart 😫😭 Waiting to season 8 💔
Aravind Bhat (24 days ago)
Watching it while waiting for s8 God it's so hard
BhaiLog BD (24 days ago)
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BhaiLog BD (24 days ago)
If you're from Bangladesh, Watch Game Of Thrones Theme st. Rubel & Moushumi (রুবেল ও মৌসুমি) on my channel. I think you'll enjoy it :-)
maleli belo (25 days ago)
So who was Jon Snow's father?
Barry Stanton (11 days ago)
Michel laust der Affe (26 days ago)
After I watch season 6 + 7 again and again and again and again (can't wait for season 8 😉), it felt like the night king planned, that our suicide squad come in the north, to get the Zombie dude and that the NK wanted them exakt on the frozen lake, to get his dragon! Not shure, but maybe the NK is a much better green see than Bran and let him only those things see, that he want Bran to see!? Realy thin theory, hm!? [email protected]
James McD (27 days ago)
A man waits patiently for season 8
Sephiroth ! (27 days ago)
شوكت تعرض الحلقه الثامنه
MK Reviews (28 days ago)
Sam: We need to send a raven to Jon before he fucks his aunt. Bran: It's too late. Sam. How do you kno...? Bran: It was beautiful.
Syndicate Bias (28 days ago)
Is it 2019 yet? No? FUCK
mj vioso (29 days ago)
Where can i watch this for free?
British WarShepherd (29 days ago)
Season 8 will air in April 2019
utkarsh pant (1 month ago)
Pathetic season
jouni mäenpää (1 month ago)
this girl so pretty ......lol
Task Bravo (1 month ago)
Anybody watching after season 7?
Bhutit Chaovilai (1 month ago)
Please don’t turn season eight into SJWs propaganda.
giorgi gurchumelia (26 days ago)
It's already sjw propaganda, wahmen power and stuff, pay some attention
Arman Hakobyan (1 month ago)
I like GOT GO 8 season
Sunspot (1 month ago)
Can u pls check out my Arya Stark music video please?;)
Faizan Ahmed (1 month ago)
It's just awesome
Darth Sidious (1 month ago)
A year later and I still get chills from that Lannister March
jakilfulton60 (1 month ago)
1:22 awe 🙈🙈❤️
AXON (1 month ago)
Guys, just quick tell me. Im looking for good series. Is Game of Thrones really worth to watch?
AXON (22 days ago)
ok, i will start watching it tomorrow. Thx for the coments guys
Happy Soul (24 days ago)
It is..! Don't give second thoughts and just go for it
Daniel Castro (24 days ago)
Simplesmente a melhor série de sempre. O único ponto negativo é a season 8 (que é a ultima) só começar daqui a 8 meses, que nunca mais passam :D
Anime King (1 month ago)
Buchi mmadu (1 month ago)
Pls where can I download season 7 free, I tried +index but it only ends on season 6
Luke Rose (1 month ago)
aman mishra (1 month ago)
After watching all season in 1 week I am here for trailer now
MOD ERN (1 month ago)
*GOT* *GOT* *?*
MOD ERN (1 month ago)
You must play the game
Lucy Finch (1 month ago)
How the hell has it been a year since this
How i can watch game of thrones season 2 in Hindi language...? Plzzzz help
David orueta (1 month ago)
coc professional attack i is not in in hindi
RF Shaikh (1 month ago)
When are coming in a hindi dubb all season
Akshay Narwal (1 month ago)
RF Shaikh kbhi nhi
basit desai (1 month ago)
I watched 7th season in a day.
Barry Stanton (11 days ago)
bit sad innit
Noob Da (1 month ago)
I want to meet red women 😍😍😍😍 and tell her lips is like Monique Alexander only made for✊✊✊💦💦💦💦
Abraham N T (1 month ago)
It's simply clear that the night King is ........... The stark boy.
Raqa Edits 💔 (1 month ago)
Can't wait for season 8 come on #Hbo
DrMerciless (1 month ago)
Please just cut Dorn out of the show! You guys fucked it up so much. You made Dorn so boring and pointless and just killed of the king of Dorn without even showing how cool his charactor is and . Why even put it in the show to begin with? You really disgraced Hotah too. GRRM built him up to be a super bad ass warrior and this little girl just snuck up behind him and killed him? This whole show went back into TV writing style after GRRM left. Wish he stayed cause now the show sucks.
Don Reji (1 month ago)
A needs to watch season 8
שחק מלול (1 month ago)
What if i told you i watched 10 episodes, and didn't get addicted at all.
sandeep saurav (1 month ago)
waiting for season 8...anyone know here when it will telecast...😐😐
dbleo (1 month ago)
Early 2019. So probably March-April
Akshay Narwal (1 month ago)
sandeep saurav may be next year in july month
Aman Kumar (1 month ago)
Waiting for season 8...........
Aman Kumar (16 days ago)
May 2019
Black Hatter (16 days ago)
Aman Kumar when will it start?
Aman Kumar (1 month ago)
I am a big fan of game of thrones from India
SuperKing604 (1 month ago)
A man waits for 2019
DH (1 month ago)
interesting to see that tyrion appears in the lennister part...
Stealthy99 (1 month ago)
This remains one of the best TV trailers I've seen, still gets me crazy hyped. Shame this turned out to be the weakest season of the show...
Jennifer Ayesha (1 month ago)
where is this season??
B.B. KING (1 month ago)
Im here everyday rapping replay button and waiting for SEASON 8 TRAILER LIKE A CLOWN.
Manj Singh (1 month ago)
Waiting season 8
Knackmintosh (1 month ago)
Love Game of Thrones, but wish it had vampires?Shadow War's the book for you! Learn more at the link below. https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/shadow-war-19
Sangram Rai (1 month ago)
When ssason 8 ia comming
Eki Clash (1 month ago)
KaN3ki (1 month ago)
Eki Clash its one of the best series of all time, and the best fantasy series of all time, Game of Thrones is not just ok
Bestmanteah Pannoh (2 months ago)
I love this
Snehashis Majumdar (2 months ago)
This season was pathetic.
Scarlet O'Hara (2 months ago)
#ProudTargaryen I’m so excited
tettenkopf (2 months ago)
I just want to say thank you! Thank you for all those years of awe and wonder. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there is nothing I look forward to so much as the next episode of game or thrones!
Star Galaxy (2 months ago)
Is it true that GoT got its characters from Indian epic Mahabharata?
Bonny Yumnam (2 months ago)
Who esle watching it after watching full season
KaN3ki (1 month ago)
2019 is so far away, until then i will replay this trailer every month
Deez Nuts (2 months ago)
Bonny Yumnam haha ME
Lucas Mangasverdes (2 months ago)
I’ve been controlling myself for a few months but now the hype is real, we need the new trailer soon
Kahlil Spivey (2 months ago)
rewatching this only gets me more excited for season 8
KAANTHEBOK (2 months ago)
Bubba Gump (2 months ago)
I can’t believe it’s already been exactly 1 year since season 7! Who else’s can’t wait for season 8!?
Shaun Haankwenda (2 months ago)
Where Season 8 at??
Matthew_Cobain (2 months ago)
after year, there are no teaser of season 8, nice hbo, im suffer
Ghost Of Ygritte (2 months ago)
The Great War is here at last, Jon Snow. Don’t pretend I don’t see you all fancy dressed in those fancy clothes and jewellery.... You know nothing, Jon Snow 🎼❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️⚔️🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️☄️
Christian Romeo (2 months ago)
Danaerys: I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms...and I will! Odin: YOUR BIRTHRIGHTTT...WAS TO DIE!
Khurram Shehzad (2 months ago)
I've watched season 7 twelve times
Bursalı Bey (2 months ago)
The sequence has lost taste , 07,07,2018 still no trailer : İf daenerys don't die I will watch got again.
Siddharth Singh Sewda (2 months ago)
Still the Dothraki are the best
Juan Castelli (2 months ago)
The worst season of GoT..
Kalem Babar (2 months ago)
I remember how hyped I was when I saw this trailer. I also remember how shitty Season 7 was. Alas!
Alice Cooper (2 months ago)
15k are from the lanister armies!
Sally W. (2 months ago)
"Enemies to East, enemies to the West, enemies to the South, enemies to the North." The only countries in the real world that can relate to that statement is India and Israel.
Dheerendra Bande (2 months ago)
SPOILER ALERT😝😂 1:25 sound when viseriyon dies

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