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ヅHowヅtoヅcheatヅonヅyoヅgurlヅandヅtotallyヅgetヅawayヅwithヅitヅ [Ad:] Check out my current Giveaway w/ G2A: http://www.g2a.com/biggestsaleoftheyear Marzia: https://www.youtube.com/cutiepiemarzia Emma Pickles: https://www.youtube.com/emma
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Text Comments (29773)
trash boat (1 hour ago)
4:14 Marzia talking like Pewds
quoc cuong (2 hours ago)
i miss this outro, it's so relaxing
Kean Wayne (4 hours ago)
why does pewds with glasses look like logic
Wow he just pushed her lol
我SKYGROUND (19 hours ago)
Is your girlfriend Russian ? Jus asking 🙃
Maddie Parlee (1 day ago)
I love you
Hans Peter (1 day ago)
How can u be proud saying "I never give tip to anyone" wtf
zoey (1 day ago)
Who ever wrote this article is jealous as fuck lmao
Kimchi Tae (2 days ago)
u look cuter when u stand next to marzia
Kimchi Tae (2 days ago)
Daniel Drews (2 days ago)
4:35 furriepie
Jessie Jx (2 days ago)
3 mil of those views are me
Alexander Simonsen (3 days ago)
Squeaky voice..
Madison Mathews (4 days ago)
4:36 *Pewds has a tail confirmed?*
abhishek so (5 days ago)
Pewdiepie+ marzia=cute couple 💓
Sil3nt_ Slick (5 days ago)
Is it me or does he look like a pedo in this vid
Sil3nt_ Slick (5 days ago)
1:10 "Potential"
Rosa ! (6 days ago)
Yes, this is the best video ever. Ever.
Puppy Mc luppy (6 days ago)
Was that the cleric beast theme
GAMER TC21 (6 days ago)
she is so cute "melts" awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
youssef karim (7 days ago)
9:46 music
Kiwi Koopa (8 days ago)
Marzia doesn’t realize that ALL OF THESE are forms of cheating. Her internalized oppression is deluding her small wheman brain
Werther (8 days ago)
5:00 no see i just don't want to feel like i'm bragging about having a girlfriend
Miha Strajnar (9 days ago)
7:35 but what if that girl is your... GIRLFRIEND?!! just kidding what if its your.. *_SISTER YOU SEE EVERY FIVE YEARS COZ SHE LIVES 1000 MILES AWAY??!!?_*
victor perez (9 days ago)
Her nose is crroket to the left
tastybuns (10 days ago)
pewds: *picks out the scariest photo of emma* “uh yeah, have fun with this” marzia: “hey! thats my dream okay” literally cutest couple
Diego Espinoza (10 days ago)
He looks like logic
Sociopath (10 days ago)
crooked nose
Pacific State (11 days ago)
who is susan ??
Z Zollan (12 days ago)
she is just perfect for him
Himanshu Bhandari (12 days ago)
9:09 ignored the hand 👏👏 include this in a weird handshake compilation and let Felix watch it in LWIAY
Ryan W (12 days ago)
lol bloodborne music
Brandon B (14 days ago)
That blood borne music in the beginning tho😭😌
Miirak Ali (14 days ago)
Lucky to have a girlfriend like this I have been in a hard time this year 15 girlfriend still didn't find a perfect girlfriend like marzia!!
i'm not lay (15 days ago)
my bf texted his friend good morning and i think he's cheating??😔😔
Tilda xD (1 day ago)
Break up with him! If he wrote good morning he's cheating!
Matthew Macdonald (16 days ago)
4:36 pewdiepie confirmed furry
Nirvan Anjirbag (17 days ago)
My boy Felix tweeted with Taylor swift?!? Absolute mad lad !!
Hihi-oh (17 days ago)
So basically I'd have to do 1.000.000 of these things to be actually cheating
Kaiser BH (17 days ago)
He doesn't give a tip but instead give a head. xD *9 yr BTW*
CrazyYandereSan (17 days ago)
Marzia just did me gay
William Lillevik (17 days ago)
Freedog13 (17 days ago)
The left is turning into Islam.
Abdallah Al Mahmud (17 days ago)
Whoaaaaaaaa you’re looking nice in those glasses
Rock Ingames (17 days ago)
Next up: Sub-atomic cheating
Blood Guy (19 days ago)
YTB-YAVUZ (19 days ago)
TjakRa - (19 days ago)
Welp, i watch this long time ago, youtube..
Mr Jackson (19 days ago)
Felix never cheating
Voltix Gamer (19 days ago)
Pewds cheated on marzia with jacksypticeye
Bored Bored bored (19 days ago)
I feel like if one of them cheated it would be marzia, felix is too kindhearted in that sense. (Tbh I hope she hadn't already cheated on him already, if she did, Felix, don't waste your time and cheat on her too or find a better person.... Just sayin
PS4 Gaming (20 days ago)
0:11 taking a shit now
maja (20 days ago)
ATTENTION: Felix is micro cheating after he rAPED the wall at 00:50!!! How could he do that?!?!?
ScarlettE (20 days ago)
Stretching videos felix ..?
ANIMALISTIC BOYS (21 days ago)
Bjergsen? Is that u?😂
Ved EROL (21 days ago)
"When your boyfriend makes weird things to the wall.He is micro cheating on you." I made that up but still pewds is suspicious.
Amanpreet Sekhon (21 days ago)
6:44 pewds said nice to meet you to taylor swift pewdsn in a relationship with taylor swift confimed and since the breakup song isnt out their still together pewds cheating CONFIRMED also he is a lizard see my other post on thjis video
Amanpreet Sekhon (21 days ago)
Person (21 days ago)
I miss this outro so much ;-;
TAB Trey (21 days ago)
33 ways to mispronounce a name
Griffin Ray (22 days ago)
I think the chick who wrote this thought she was dating someone, but found out, after posting this article, that she was actually just a friend to the guy and the "Other Girl" was actually his girlfriend.
cookiegirl891 (17 days ago)
Jesus 😭
Jeb Niglas (21 days ago)
*I'm dead*
elena (23 days ago)
ya'll are so cute
Suzy E (24 days ago)
marzia is waifu. good job pewds ME: *google "waifu" to make sure I used it right Also ME: still not sure if i used it right but will leave it anyway.
Ashton Kowske (24 days ago)
Nice to meet you CHEATING Need help Tom CHEATING
Nooby Noob (24 days ago)
*respect wamen*
PunkSandwich (24 days ago)
Wtf, 33 is an occult number. She put some in that were lame just to get that occult number.
chom_chom _maro (24 days ago)
Pewd cheating edger
Wacker102 (24 days ago)
i watch this episode loads, funny every time ...im 24
RobertQ Martinez (25 days ago)
Brandon Vogler (25 days ago)
It's just funny to see someone with this big of a platform on YouTube joke and show how stupid the left is but then still not get banned from YouTube. Maybe he is...#ToBigToBan !
Olly Davis (25 days ago)
Why does pewds look like an autistic harry potter?
Kevin Johnston (26 days ago)
I think my ex used a code name and wrote this article😂😂
Nerdy Madness (26 days ago)
How to know your girlfriend is demented 1. Find her stalking you. 2. Find her web page about you supposedly micro cheating. 3. See her carrying a knife and falsely accusing you. 4. GTFO
Sumit Nair (26 days ago)
PewDiePie: He protecc He attacc But most importantly, He respecc wahmen
Ava Silvey (27 days ago)
She’s more beautiful than you
Ava Silvey (27 days ago)
I love you pewds
jacob cooley (27 days ago)
4:33 😮
Ultroman the Tacoman (27 days ago)
You ASSHOLE, Pewds! WHO is this SUZANNE and WHY was it NICE TO MEET HER? Did she fondle your balls? I bet she fondled his balls.
weave snatcher (28 days ago)
her voice is helium voice so soft cute and funny
Joel G. (28 days ago)
I think we need a longer list: You need to do 1,000,000 micro-cheating activities to be cheating (micro - 1/1,000,000 of base value). *Phew* I'm clear!
CrunchyMonk3y (28 days ago)
Dose any one think pweds looks like idubbbz in the thumbnail?
Igor Bustamante (28 days ago)
Oh gosh, i love you both!
Scorp Orion (29 days ago)
At the start of the video I thought this is pewdiepie's voice
Kevin Odom (29 days ago)
Her voice is sexy . Well done pewdie
*Good Morning*
Spudgun Parr (30 days ago)
Good use of cleric beasts music
Bepis McBoneless (30 days ago)
He’s logic
BoxedGaming (30 days ago)
Marzia, Pewds, nice to meet you, also good morning.
Lorenzo Torres (1 month ago)
That article was so cringey but this video was so funny. Thank you Felix and Marzia.
Lias (1 month ago)
MelinaDvr (1 month ago)
Marzia cheated with Poppy Harlow...
MeSteve (1 month ago)
These are stupid
Jimmyis cool (1 month ago)
I love how he hipnotize his viewers to watch more of his videos
Bella Griste (1 month ago)
Okay who’s watching this in 2018 I’m in love bc they actually did get engaged ABAHAHHAZNDKANDKSNKF
Oreo Cat (1 month ago)
*Y A Y E E T*
Oreo Cat (1 month ago)
*H I T M E I N T H E A S S H O L E*
Xary25 (1 month ago)
having a micropenis just makes me anxious about anything that starts with MICRO
Xary25 (1 month ago)
im sad
Chen Ibti (1 month ago)
x Kroll x (1 month ago)
That was my tail..

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