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The Fate of Meereen - Game of Thrones

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The Last in my Fate of Slavers Bay City Series. I Know you think I missed a bunch of scenes. I didn't miss them. They were either cut because of the 10 minute rule or because I decided it didn't fit this video.
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Text Comments (2583)
Giovanni Carson (7 hours ago)
Excellent, very well put together.
Ally Todd (15 hours ago)
Emilia Clarke is an amazing actress because only an amazing actress could control those eyebrows on screen. Whenever she's Emilia instead of Danaerys, it's like someone is main lining electricity through them.
Afzaal Ahmad (16 hours ago)
Tasleem Ilahi (1 day ago)
I love this moovie khalese love yoy
Ahmad Zai (3 days ago)
Wan Najwa (3 days ago)
Just love it😘
Fergal Teague (4 days ago)
Like the ST PETER music at the start.
nice muvi Singh (4 days ago)
Nice muvi
TheWindWhisperer (5 days ago)
Tai Le (6 days ago)
hay qua ad
Xv Dh (6 days ago)
ko phiên dịch ah
Thanks for putting this on YouTube.
Joni Jojo (6 days ago)
Shyam Bhore (7 days ago)
i likt that movi and Quin
Quynh hotboy (8 days ago)
Phim thì hay đấy nhưng ko có thuyết minh chan quá
Ahmad Alhsun (8 days ago)
الجزء السابع كامل لو سمحت
Ajit kumar (8 days ago)
Nice film all film it's to god
Sara Verdi (10 days ago)
it has been very well editd and put together as movie from the game of thrones seasons. i think it was 4 5 6 enjoyed very much. have missed it.
محمد الاسدي (10 days ago)
Jaibhart Panwar (10 days ago)
Ye sare part Hindi me kab ayege
MajorC202 (11 days ago)
Exceptional. Never watched this show but know I understand it’s meteoric popularity. Thank you for uploading this.
Rahul Kumar (11 days ago)
shivansh prihar (13 days ago)
Nice movie
Aziz 2013 (13 days ago)
very very love & great movies...
Mushaid Khan (3 days ago)
Aziz 2013 ok
Ranveer Singh (13 days ago)
Pleas hindi
Ramesh Waran (14 days ago)
I feel it super
anwar razak (14 days ago)
Big fan of GOT, Daenarys n the dragons r such a bad ass! Thanks for the upload
CHIVA Chann (14 days ago)
I like this movie
Atul singh (15 days ago)
I like move
Ah.budyawan Budyawan (15 days ago)
good I LIKE
xxaleenazxx (15 days ago)
Dany should've just killed the entire ruling class of Meereen to stop them causing trouble. that's what's people used to do in real world history.
sandya rani (16 days ago)
billa bhai (16 days ago)
I bet for targerians but john may keep his name stark to valid his relation with daenerius.
Muladiya Vishal (16 days ago)
Mafering Keita (18 days ago)
Trop fort
Roxxane Smith (18 days ago)
I love the dragons💖💖😍
AAKASH TEWARI (18 days ago)
Voyager 1 crossed the solar system.
Sk Emamul (18 days ago)
I like it
Huu Be Dang (18 days ago)
Ai biết phim này ở đâu có bản sup k ạ
Sk Emamul (19 days ago)
It is very danger
BigRiddimMonsta (19 days ago)
2:02:39 I hope everyone else saw Drogon coming too.
Sah Sumon (19 days ago)
so geart movie
Lamont Anderson (20 days ago)
They lie even now about slavery . Real slavery was put upon the Israelites . But are time is coming to an end and the Gentile time is coming to be enslaved . It's only fair .
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (19 days ago)
you are what is wrong with this world. go kill yourself.
They re-used this "cost dos dour" line a stupid amount.
STEVEN PHOENIX (21 days ago)
WOW Man! Great Job! This was like a movie unto itself & Dany is who I've been rooting for the entire time so this was a little piece of heaven to watch thank you so much for putting it together!
Craig McKenzie (21 days ago)
best show ever made.
Pawiro St (21 days ago)
Oybek Jumanazarov (22 days ago)
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Leandro Santos (15 days ago)
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Asdfgh Gf (14 days ago)
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A8 ball pool (22 days ago)
Wow so nice movie
Chieu Chieu (22 days ago)
Phim hay hấp dẫn
Deva Lucky (1 hour ago)
nice pics
shivansh prihar (13 days ago)
Tín Phạm (13 days ago)
Phim này tên là gì vậy bạn?
imran khan (14 days ago)
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Mohammed Sadiq Khan (17 days ago)
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Norn Phanet (24 days ago)
SHUSHANT KUMAR (24 days ago)
Sobharam Garh (24 days ago)
Lovly. ..
Raeesh Khan (24 days ago)
omor khan (24 days ago)
Nice i like movie
Talantbek Murataliev (24 days ago)
Мага аябай жакты крутооо
Halil Yüksel (25 days ago)
Anjaneyulu Kavali (26 days ago)
Movi Telugu lo vundha
Bhagath Singh (27 days ago)
Nice movie
Dayang Anarose Raja (28 days ago)
I like the Pyramid!looks real :-) It's like the Pyramid of Egypt that I have seened way back 1996
aort patang (29 days ago)
Yeah movie Hindi mai kab Doge
Nijamuddin Sk (30 days ago)
Eva Parreno (30 days ago)
Thank u..i njoy watching this movie..
Tinh Nguyen (1 month ago)
Super movie bro
Haji Usman (1 month ago)
good I like it
Marelie Ruiz Gapo (1 month ago)
Love it 😍😍😍
Amir Khan (1 month ago)
V nice
kim duyen tran (1 month ago)
Co thuyet minh k
Sumaya Maqbool (1 month ago)
Interesting 😍
Old world (1 month ago)
fucking movie
ali.Malik Jan (1 month ago)
Phillip Meitner (1 month ago)
Elvis Konya (1 month ago)
Nice movie
Sunny Jamwal (1 month ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (1 month ago)
how exactly would i do that?
Md Jitu (1 month ago)
Nice movie's
Govind Tak (1 month ago)
Vern Olson (1 month ago)
Game of Thrones is one of my most favorite, The Mother of Dragons is perfict, I already know her and John Snow will be the seven kingdoms rulers with there Dragons. (at least this is what I'm hopping happens). Lol
Munazir Khan (1 month ago)
Jhonwene Villarijo (1 month ago)
so nice
Bittu Mazumder (1 month ago)
Very good film I like it
Sallu969725 Khan (1 month ago)
amazing movei
Jeff Blaufeld (1 month ago)
Very good. thank you for the upload.
Md Sohag (1 month ago)
Makeretadebo Vatuloka (1 month ago)
Finally, next time I have an idea like that punch me in the face
Makeretadebo Vatuloka (1 month ago)
I love her outfit
Leonila Mirafuentes (1 month ago)
start watching
พากไทย มีปะ
Jongie Devilla (1 month ago)
good movie
Neil Peter (1 month ago)
YouTube your great
Sagar Roy (1 month ago)
Precious Adeho (1 month ago)
taim Hasn (1 month ago)
احلا فلم بشوفه بي حياتي
M.vignesh M.vignesh (1 month ago)
Good I love 🇮🇳❤
venkateswarlu taneeru (1 month ago)

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