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The Fate of Meereen - Game of Thrones

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The Last in my Fate of Slavers Bay City Series. I Know you think I missed a bunch of scenes. I didn't miss them. They were either cut because of the 10 minute rule or because I decided it didn't fit this video.
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Text Comments (2292)
0 1 (20 hours ago)
a dragon queen, let that sink in for a moment
0 1 (20 hours ago)
you suck
Azia Za'eD MohameD (1 day ago)
Frozen (1 day ago)
Lol ... She ain't the master cos she has silver hair and tits. It's cos she has 3 freaking dragons. Who needs an army when you have dragons?
Mahadi Islam (1 day ago)
nice movie
Anthony Dzabaku (1 day ago)
Great movie
sankar Ho (1 day ago)
Teed Epefanio (1 day ago)
Awesome.. I loved it
Muhammad Saufi46 (1 day ago)
Dragons nya mantap
Xasan Maxamed (2 days ago)
naag walaty hhhhhhhh
Hfruehj Gitehhd (2 days ago)
الطلة واللي معها يلعن امهم صواريخ ليه مافصخوا
Manoj Kumar (2 days ago)
alan barros (2 days ago)
Top de mais essa série.
david Burke (4 days ago)
never seen any game of thrones, enjoyed this very much thank you for uploading
Michael Schweigart (7 days ago)
😂 Lol "If I give everyone what they deserve, I'll have no-one left to rule"
E. R. (7 days ago)
Meereen reminds me of Lut Gohlain
xa ka (9 days ago)
nói truyện tao éo hiểu
Justbrowsing4lunch (9 days ago)
That’s so sad the dragons 🐉 were crying for their ma ma. They were so sad!
Justbrowsing4lunch (9 days ago)
The homosexual relationship in this show between those two are filled with serious tension.
Bubble Berry (9 days ago)
I wish she didn't kill that slave. :(
romonabruno (9 days ago)
I LOVE YOU and this channel, legit felt like I just watched a whole movie. Can you do one with all the adventures of Arya? Maybe you already did, I'll look for it. Btw suscribed!
Learning the piano? (11 days ago)
LOL I forgot Tyrion killed a son of the harpy
Jared Williams (12 days ago)
The end is so...gratifying...like she literally built herself up to this
Brenda North (13 days ago)
Game of Thrones hell yeh
Trang Tran (14 days ago)
Phim gj vay ban oi
Tj Pacheco (16 days ago)
I hate the fact they killed off the single greatest combatant in all of Planetos. Ser Barristan Selmy👎👎👎👎
Tareq Maha (16 days ago)
jorah : i love u pregnant bitch : u r friend-zoned along time ago
John P (16 days ago)
Me love this movie!
Sebastian Lopez (16 days ago)
Subbareddy Yetra (18 days ago)
I love you heroine so nice very cute acting
Ishita Ishita (20 days ago)
Wow ...superbbbbbb ...awesome movie .....
daniel wong (22 days ago)
Daemon Blackfyre, I want to thank you for this great episode. Just to let you know that I watched season 1 Game of Thrones and stop watching because of Ned Stark's death. After I saw this, I was able to go back and caught up all of Daenerys episodes. Her epic journey was incredible, she's already my favorite. Again Thank you
dave maaba (23 days ago)
very nice
Rinku Sadiora (24 days ago)
Habe Mahmmed (25 days ago)
هو الفيلم ملهوش ترجمه
novi cute (26 days ago)
Jeffery Kuhl (29 days ago)
My only question is what the barkeep said after he walked with a honey comb and a jackass
غير مترجم
Shyam baba (1 month ago)
Прикольный кинофильм, лишь пускай сделают на российский
jr ntr sudheer Sudheer (1 month ago)
Mahesh mahesh (1 month ago)
I Like this movie
shahwaj alam (1 month ago)
Zain Ansari
teo daigia (1 month ago)
Phim nhu con c
Kennon Stokes Jr. (1 month ago)
Best movie ever
amine el gountari (1 month ago)
Nice camillia
dada Van (1 month ago)
i love this movie
Jarmal Sangal (1 month ago)
Kkkkkkkk nice one movies
Justin Flores (1 month ago)
safemyday nlgamer (1 month ago)
Cercei is fucked
My India news (1 month ago)
Hindi dabing
wise basharat (1 month ago)
Can some one send me list of series where to start 😂😂
ابي رابط حقه مترجم
Mikel Smith (1 month ago)
Dragon Queen is awesome
Talal RASHO (1 month ago)
ja ck (1 month ago)
ทำไหมไม่แปลไทยคะ???why not Thai??
sen say (1 month ago)
My first see this move👍☺
Vijay Singh Rathore (1 month ago)
I like you movie
Mikel Smith (1 month ago)
Love this film
king Tiwari (1 month ago)
Plz give me this move name plz message this mobile
حيدر حيدر (1 month ago)
واو رائع
Pawan Kumar (1 month ago)
Ta Rea (1 month ago)
Oi boa noite...
Erick Sanchez (1 month ago)
1:18:19 where is her fucking army
Kelum Preethiraj (1 month ago)
i like this movis
jackson Chiran (1 month ago)
nice movis
SOSO SOFIANE (1 month ago)
Alex studio Rockstar (1 month ago)
Ahmed Abdi (1 month ago)
muqaal ahaan iyo dada lomatalay waa top right move
Jehret Wah (1 month ago)
Nabendu Biswas (1 month ago)
I love thise movie n heroine 😘😘
LOVE At hell (1 month ago)
Shadow Hills (1 month ago)
56:42 Im getting to old for this crap
Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali (1 month ago)
Vishwanath Kumar (1 month ago)
Super movie
Robert Robert (1 month ago)
En nuam khop mei
Alvaro Metcedes (1 month ago)
Dragon you
حرامات بدون ترجمه فلم روعه
aicaruz (1 month ago)
I've watched this 5x but still i want to watch it more..
Ni Bobo Free (1 month ago)
I like this movie
Alina Catrinescu (1 month ago)
اس بيه (1 month ago)
كيريسا صغيرة قوي بس جامده
اس بيه (1 month ago)
فين الترجمة يا زلمه
J B (1 month ago)
i love
J B (1 month ago)
DJ wakilisha (1 month ago)
It's amazing
rakesh nsp (1 month ago)
How is the movie guys.. I want to watch it.. So is it good to watch...?
Good nice I like you🐲🐲🐲
Jakir Sk (1 month ago)
Jakir hOSSNI
KARAN thoughts (1 month ago)
I can't say in words about this movie
مجدي الحوت (1 month ago)
اي حد عربي ياجماعه مصري سعودي عراقي سوري اماراتي ليبي لبناني كويتي بحريني عماني يمني اي عربي يترجم يرحم والديكم 😂😂
فادي الحايك (1 month ago)
وانا كمان بدي مترجم
Md Ali Akbor (1 month ago)
Hindi me hai
rzgar gulli (1 month ago)
Lovetee Lovetee (1 month ago)
Perfect 😍

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