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10 More Strangest National Park Disappearances - Volume 24

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Join me as I count down 10 more of the strangest state and national park missing person cases out there. "Spring Thaw" & "Long Road Ahead" by Kevin MacLeod "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." Rusty West April 2018 I do not own the music or photos that make up my videos. For educational purposes only. https://www.patreon.com/Rustywest
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Text Comments (824)
Brenda Bautista (8 hours ago)
Love the music. Very calming and respectful for the missing thank you
Benjamin Wood (2 days ago)
Jesus by how creepy your voice sounds I wouldn't be surprised if you are the cause of these disappearances lol.
Ben Longwell (2 days ago)
This guys voice makes this unwatchable.
James Dolan (4 days ago)
My theories on what happened to some of them no matter how bizarre they may sound. I think the surveyor was eaten either by a big puma, or gators, or a skunk ape. When whatever it was dragged his body over the fence, his boots came off. The man on kennasaw mountain? Look for him on the rosters of one of the regiments who fought there. The climber? He fell in a hole when he stopped for a call of nature. And the man who took off his clothes? He probably thought he was an Indian.
STEVE SRAN (7 days ago)
Chris E (9 days ago)
I do enjoy your videos quite a bit. One note... In no. 2 Tuolumne is pronounced Too-all-lumm-ee. We went camping there every year when I grew up and I loved it. It's much more crowded now but really, it's a camping area in a pretty good sized valley that is surrounded by huge mountains, rocks, and forests. You can go miles and miles without seeing any civilization.
Al Melendez (10 days ago)
I looked up the first one and it was solved he was basically found 12 feet under that lake dead
Scott Bubb (10 days ago)
These stories always freak me out because I used to go jogging on national park trails miles from anyone when I was in my twenties.
Mick Harrison (10 days ago)
Slow down you talk too fast
Suzanne Cooke (11 days ago)
Several thoughts. Why does it take days to find a victims car in the Parking Lot. Too often bad weather cuts the search short. just sayin'
bilo10 widz (11 days ago)
What a weird voice
Pandora Sullivan (12 days ago)
His friends were 20 feet apart, and a second after he glanced back he was gone. Makes no sense. And tools scattered along the trail. If they were getting too heavy to carry, wouldn't he have shouted out to friends? Or was it made to look that way? Very strange. They should have heard something?
penny sergio (12 days ago)
not all of'em ,but, you just gotta admit; "Alien Abduction" is a viable conclusion in a couple ~JustSayen'
Why always one shoe found???
Rast PUTIN (13 days ago)
Did you research this or steal it from David Paulides?
Chooch1andonly (13 days ago)
About the Ronnie Sutton Jr. case (after hearing about his truck found off the Blue Ridge Parkway), I thought surely Rusty West meant to say Asheville, not Asheboro because the elevation is too high for the former area. People regularly get these two confused due to their similar sounding names. Lo and behold, it was not a mistake...the man apparently drove at least 100 miles to Wilkesboro...clearly not in a rational state of mind imo. I presume this to be a suicide given the details of his behavior.
Chooch1andonly (13 days ago)
The case of Jesse Sgro hits very close to home. I never really knew him or any of the Sgros, but they used to live in my neighborhood in Fayetteville, NC just around the corner. They moved about 10 years ago. Theirs is a very big family (Jesse was one of at least 12 children). It's a very sad case like the all the others
jerm dogg (14 days ago)
I love rusty videos but David Paulidas is the one who figured out these crazy cases... It's not humans" and its the biggest cover up ever!!!!
Francisco Garcia90 (14 days ago)
Wierd shit...
southernbelle84 (14 days ago)
I live 20 minutes from kennesaw mountain. This has been a very quiet disappearance and investigation. I didn't know about it until your video 🙁 https://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/missing-in-georgia/new-clues-re-fuel-search-for-hiker-who-went-missing-on-kennesaw-mountain/85-547463377
Jeanie Rides (14 days ago)
Mountain Lion’s kill quietly drag their prey into brush cover up their kill and come back at night to feed on the kill until it or who is completely gone. Then bury any remains like cats do covering their feces. Mountain lions are now in great numbers everywhere. They need to be hunted again.
Theresa F (14 days ago)
Jesse Sgro's body was found in the lake. So sad.
Karen Sellers (15 days ago)
Rusty....why all men in his video?
Geenalee1 (15 days ago)
Very well done Video , Thanks :)) , However, I Myself would have ended it by saying, " Be Careful out there, you DON'T want to be in my Next Video" :P .
Geenalee1 (15 days ago)
p.s. for Safety sake Remember~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't "Feed" the Aliens !!!!!!
DEB DEB (16 days ago)
Dave G (16 days ago)
Lions, jaguars,bears,hypothermia,and hysteria are all killers. Oh ya and the odd human.
Ann (16 days ago)
Fyi Jesse Sgro drowned. His body was found in the lake a week after he went missing and his canoe was still upright in the water with his belongings in it. Very sad.
Cathy Gentry (16 days ago)
Like the hills have eyes
Aaron Heaton (16 days ago)
When I read the title i was like "how can an entire national park just disappear?"
I R (18 days ago)
What’s happening to these people ? If serial killers lives in National parks ? Or Ghost , Demon , or UFO ?
Pamela Nordstrom (19 days ago)
Dogman Encounters Radio on youtube.
VLD (19 days ago)
Be? careful? you mean ALWAYS carry gun, A large caliper gun and always take care to see who or what is following you.
Jennifer B (20 days ago)
Jesse was found : http://www.fayobserver.com/news/20180414/the-family-is-grieving-body-of-missing-fayetteville-man-found
Jennifer B (20 days ago)
also Bruce: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Remains-found-on-Thatcher-s-Indian-Ladder-Trail-12982252.php
V Lo (20 days ago)
This guys voice sounds so slow and kinda dumb Lool
Nedra Smith (20 days ago)
If the guy that is missing from Outside Grand Canyon, Tusayan I presume he probably crossed the road behind Moqui headed west. It’s easy to get turned around in there. That would have sent him West if he chose wrong. Lots of old open uranium mines in there. Or weather or dehydration. So many things could be. I’ve ridden thru most of that region when we summered cattle there in the early 70,s. Wish I could have helped.
WW Outdoors (20 days ago)
O that’s impressive. Mr. low IQ. 😂😂. Do you even know what IQ means. 😂
gratchets (20 days ago)
All it takes is a moment's inattention and a slip and you can fall on any trail, no matter how experienced you are. It's really easy to get lost too. Some of these are strange though.
cindy haddock (21 days ago)
This actually Asheville, North Carolina...
Ezequiel Orona (21 days ago)
Short story ,vietnam 67-68. We choppered into the central highlands huge mountain ranges , triple canopy jungle, we got dropped off on top of a mountain covered with elephant grass 10/12ft high... choppers leave then we hear 3/4 rounds go off...i am the rto and instantly i go "motherfucker " here we go again..a few seconds go by ,nothing. My buddy Gary Underwood, kid from Missouri comes bebopping out of the grass, i go gary what the fuck were you shooting at.. gary was the coolest motherfucker in the platoon, he goes ,i shot a tiger we just come up on each other, i put 3 rounds in him, and he took off....we cracked up, got our shit together and moved out.... you never know whats out there in the woods..a.. lot of people don't. Those beautiful woods will eat your ass alive. Take a rifle or handgun .be safe.
DrRobin F.A. (22 days ago)
"...why he would have drove..."(8:50) Not to mention the same inflection is used on every sentenced. I'm sorry, I can't listen to any more.
Bill Buehner (22 days ago)
Jesse was found dead
Valerie Fann (22 days ago)
Jesse Sgro was found a week after he went missing. Sadly, he was found drowned.
Mikey_Suze Four (23 days ago)
Grand Canyon Park disappearances are some of the most mysterious ones--Most hikers are inexperienced and might accidentally fall off either of the rims (North/South), but there are a few, like Travis Butler, who were good at hiking but still end up gone w/o a trace. :(
rhonda j (24 days ago)
Where are they going? Abduction under the nose of others is definitely a curious event we cannot control xx
susan Ozmon (24 days ago)
Sgo was found drowned a week later in the lake and Decker's remains were found about 4 months after his disappearance .
BmoreBusker (26 days ago)
Rusty, are you related to Eddie Vedder? Youbwould totally own Constipation Rock, my friend.
Neil (26 days ago)
"Devils Garden"?
they are taken by creatures that live in the parks,
First Last (26 days ago)
this is so lame.. stupid voice.. this guy's a parasite on Paulides' hard work
Jon Williams (27 days ago)
Some of these people may have walked up on something,(growers?). Just a case of avarice and immortality.
Sparrow Flying (27 days ago)
Wait a minute, a bicyclist saw him naked and chanting but didn't report it to the park ? Who does that? Oh, there's a naked and chanting guy wondering around the state park but let's not mention it until days later? I would be investigating the byciclist something stinks.
Light of Life (28 days ago)
Jesse Sgro http://www.fayobserver.com/news/20180414/the-family-is-grieving-body-of-missing-fayetteville-man-found
KenpoKicks (28 days ago)
Moral of the many peculiar disappearances: Just say NO to "short DAY HIKES" ! ;)
† жѳж † (28 days ago)
THE CREATURES THAT ARE TAKING PEOPLE IN THE PARKS AND FOREST ARE FROM *PLANET* MALDEK part and pieces of that planet are still visable in telescopes between mars and jupiter... They live much longer than humans about 1000 years or so and primarily feed off of warm blooded bodies (humans) ect ect... Just no that the universe sees everything undergoing every go game EDGAR CAYCE: AKASHIC RECORDS ... And THEY ARE NOT GODS THEY DID NOT CREATE THEMSELVE.. IF. You are intelligent enough to make a decision to take a person kill them Wait for a search to happen and then place the body there after a search has been repidly done in that area you have KARMA to look out for... Time takes all and gives all.. Even this universe will eventually die off.... The destruction of there planet was a test for them that they failed.... There time is limited Theres also cases that point directly to to posibilty that they are sometimes using the people bodies for sexual energy purposes The was a report of a teenaged woman being thrown off a cliff.. Body being found And signs of her having her viganal walls scraped with cuts inside of them Another. Thing to note is that: *they dont always. KiLL everyperson they come into contact with* Such as the case of the girl saying qoute" the BIG DOG MAN ATE MY HAT.. But he kept me Warm" Also note that people that are not killed are often found in bushes and berries.. Bodies are mostly found in the fetus positions... There was a repirt of a elderly womam who was not harmed but went missing for some days whos body was found in a previously searched spot in the bushes next to berries in the fetal position... Dont let this scare you.... Have a nice life😂😂😂✌
Michael Wills (28 days ago)
The case involving Kennesaw is really odd. The battlefield Park is literally surrounded by civilization. Whatever trail you take will eventually lead to a road, residence, business or some form of populated area. Then again there are boulder fields, which according to Paulides is a recurring element in these cases.
Luna Cally (29 days ago)
I saw this video about how this guy got put in jail for a week bc he flew a drone around Yosemite Park . Makes you wonder what they are hiding .
Luna Cally (29 days ago)
I saw this video about how this guy got put in jail for a week bc he flew a drone around Yosemite Park . Makes you wonder what they are hiding .
Natasha IV (29 days ago)
Hey, be careful! It's a secret info. You dont know this Terra.
Hipshot60 (30 days ago)
Strange how they are all Men.
Carol McElheney (1 month ago)
Any update on what/how happened to the Canadian firefighter who was skiing in New York and mysteriously ended up in Sacramento? Sounded like a Travis Walton experience to me.
Jim Gamble (1 month ago)
This may sound simplistic-and I have full sympathy with the relatives- I still say they had bear confrontations.
Tasha Really (1 month ago)
Do you think a wild animals could have got Thompkins? He probably would have yelled out though
Tasha Really (1 month ago)
New subscriber from Bothell Washington
Tamu Young-Slaughter (1 month ago)
Tamu Young-Slaughter (1 month ago)
Jessie body was found on April 14th, 2018
NWAZ flatEarther (1 month ago)
Some of them ran ahead of their group, suddenly, and disappeared. Some fell behind. Age doesn't matter to whatever takes them. Bodies found later in searched area. The smell of death wouldn't be missed.
Marlene Trimnal (1 month ago)
Seems something grabbed Chris and put his belongs on that fance I truly think something is grabbing taking people and eating them creeping alone in the wood's waiting for someone Else to come alongside so to grab them all so creepy
Marlene Trimnal (1 month ago)
Seems something's out their eating people that's way people's Ben disappearing never to be found never a gain really spookiest of all Spook's
Angela Ashley (1 month ago)
Maybe attacked by big foot who knows
Cody Neds (1 month ago)
these people are being abducted and sold throughout the world on the dark web. whether it be slavery or torture chambers its not good.
Marlene Trimnal (1 month ago)
Great video's gives a person time to think about their self's really Spook's
Spooky T (1 month ago)
your voice made me Laugh out loud.
heidi Holiday (26 days ago)
No, it was the reflection in Your mirror.
Spooky T (1 month ago)
Was like listening to south park 6:41
Mom2William (1 month ago)
Grand Canyon "disappearances" are usually people going over the edge because they want a closer look. It just happened again but because people witnessed it this time, there is no mystery.
Queen Smitherman (1 month ago)
Jerry (1 month ago)
Fredo, Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again.
Mark A. White (1 month ago)
The narrators voice is creepy. I think the narrator has all these folks captive in a dungeon with a lot of mummies...
Kelly (28 days ago)
Sometimes comedy is inappropriate. Research, an injury he encountered caused his voice to be like this.
For many years I along with other counselors and a group of children including young kids and teenagers used to go camping at Singletary State Park in North Carolina! I am shocked to see this place on the list! For at least 10 years I camped here once EVERY Year!! Never would I have even thought about Singletary State Park being on this list! I can tell you only once did I get in the water there because I simply didn't like the lake and I assumed it was just because I am not a fan of swimming in lakes, rivers, ponds bodies of water in which I can't see in the water like you can in a pool. I always felt like the water held something I was afraid of and didn't want any part of! I'm just shocked I really am! I won't be going back as it could be something like a drowning and nothing supernatural but I'm not willing to take that chance! My former coworkers aren't going to believe this park is on this list!!
Rebecca Swilling (1 month ago)
You sir have the best most unique voice. You’re perfect for these stories!!! Love your channel!!!
Gwen Campbell (1 month ago)
#10 has been found http://www.fayobserver.com/news/20180414/the-family-is-grieving-body-of-missing-fayetteville-man-found
Nick Olson (1 month ago)
Richard Charles (1 month ago)
"Never venture off into wilderness without a high powered rifle and handgun" . Jungle Larry 1970 Cedar point.
Jendromeda (1 month ago)
one case in your video -- Bruce Decker seems to have been found deceased, please note this news article June 10 '18 https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/06/10/gatherer-s-granola-finds-new-home-in-rotterdam
B L Rodcen (1 month ago)
Rusty, you are great.. Thanks for all the work you put into these. Keep it up! And there you have it..
Rose Witch (1 month ago)
Jesse Sgro was found in April 2018 in the lake
WW Outdoors (1 month ago)
Like he’s show but he sounds like he’s batteries are low.
heidi Holiday (26 days ago)
Your IQ is veeeeery low.
Jerry (1 month ago)
He's no Energizer Bunny!
Kpex2016 (1 month ago)
Horse shit, talk right Fool.
heidi Holiday (26 days ago)
I'm betting you know a lot about shit---horse included.
Fox Inhenhouse (1 month ago)
Big Foot did it.
Jerry (1 month ago)
Bigfoot has the perfect alibi ... he's imaginary!
Jendromeda (1 month ago)
The sign in the thumbnail "Welcome to Yosemite" gives me chills....
Stephanie Washington (1 month ago)
Wonder if numb 3..was grabbed by a gator..boot found nx to swamp..but other by road..or maybe grabged by road. But whats the chance an abuductor would b driving by at same time he was nx to road then take the chance the other were wouldnt see or hear. . These r odd stories...but it sucks when i hear only a doz or couple doz r in a search party. There hav been parties as big as hundreds that missed a white skull on ground..only to be found later by camera crew visiting site. There needs to be more resources and investigating goin in to finding these pep. But then again if its gov. They wouldn't do that would they
Hatuletoh (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video, I'm obsessed w/ this phenomenon for a number of reasons, not the least of which I live in the high desert, and am surrounded at all times, on all sides, by mountainous government-control land. Millions of acres of it (and thank gods for that, but sometimes it gets a bit freaky up here). One pedantic pronunciation tip: "Tuolome"--a CA river and frequently used place name in the area around southern Yosemite is pronounced: too-ALLA-mee. One of those poor transliterations of a native word; I only know it because I've run the river. I dont go to Yosemite.
FFwF011 (1 month ago)
What do you think happened to these "missing" men? please leave your comment below.
Doug Kightlinger (1 month ago)
Hey Rusty..,been a couple of months since your last 10 more missing persons video. Sure hope you are going to continue with these. Take care buddy.
Chris (1 month ago)
good video, voice sounds extremely forced though. just talk normally, I think you'll be surprised.
Dee Devlin (1 month ago)
It's the clintons
Mrs Nevens (1 month ago)
Why does narrator sound like a teen boy trying to sound like an old mountain man?
heidi Holiday (26 days ago)
Why does Mrs. Nevens sound like an ole SourPus??
l Armstrong (1 month ago)
Great voice rocks the story!
papjiorgio (1 month ago)
Stopped listening after 5 seconds this guy talks reaaaaallllllll ssssssssllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwww BORING
heidi Holiday (26 days ago)
Well Adios MoFo. You won't be missed.
Erik Hertzer (1 month ago)
According to Paulides, (Missing 411) always go with a firearm and a Spot GPS locator and you’ll never be snatched.
Deanne M (1 month ago)
So very sad for their families ❤ I hope they get some answers
BLAIR STONE (1 month ago)
Ruuuuuuuusty you sound like a dead man talking 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻
BLAIR STONE (26 days ago)
heidi Holiday Rock 💪🏻
heidi Holiday (26 days ago)
"Stone" as in StoneHead??

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