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The Hidden Clues That Reveal The Last Dragonking - Game of Thrones Season 8 (ASOIAF)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and ASOIAF Theory video. This was actually confirmed in the show, but many people still believe otherwise when it comes to the books. I am of course talking about Jon Snow's true identity. He is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, which makes Jon Snow the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The clues that support this in the books are very easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for. Now that I've read them again, I was able to find some pretty good ones in my opinion. This video contains over 20 quotes that I believe point to Jon Snow being the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Keep in mind, they are very subjective clues. Let me know how you feel about them. Do you agree that these quotes link Jon to Rhaegar and Lyanna? Leave me some comments and questions down below. Thank you for watching! Images from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc&app=desktop
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Text Comments (779)
Drogna (2 months ago)
Some of these I noticed too. The more you read the books the more clues you find. Martin is a genius! Would be a tragedy if Jon never finds out who he is. It's my greatest fear. I know he won't want the throne, that's not him, but he needs to know who he is and to appriciate what Ned did to protect him. I always feel sad when I think of Jon. He, more than anyone, needs a happy ending.
Tammy Martin (30 days ago)
So true he been thru hell and back no matter what his heart stay true
Nita Haas (30 days ago)
Samuel Rymer: interesting.
Tammy Martin (1 month ago)
So true some things he threw and the way he treated he work hard to get to where he at and still got a mind blowing coming
Norm Knapp (1 month ago)
Jon finds out who he is, a few days after he lays his Aunt! What I wonder is with the look the Imp had when J and D were off in the room getting to "know" each other!!!
bMd (2 months ago)
I really hope Martin still finishes up the series. I heard that Martin might not finish it, since the show has pulled ahead. (Unconfirmed, mere hearsay) So I hope not.
yougo girl (21 hours ago)
GRRM is the GOAT!
handybaggy (1 day ago)
I just mutha funking love Game of Thrones ✌🏼💗
Genene Bates (4 days ago)
i believe those quotes are masterpieces of a great writer. Probably not understood at the beginning, but when the end comes, the "ah ha" moments start to bloom within the mind, like the most beautiful flower in the garden.
Reviews4Fun (4 days ago)
I think George has a way of flipping good to bad and vice-versa. My prediction is the Knight King is a “good” reincarnation of a Stark, or maybe he is Rhaegar after his death aquiring Stark Worg power from Lyanna, or even a future version of Jon himself. This Good Force is sent to squash the “Mad” obsessed Daenerys who has gone crazy via R'hllor who possesses her.
whynottalklikeapirat (5 days ago)
Anybody do the obvious crouching tiger joke yet?
Pax Aboll (6 days ago)
I like tinfoil hats. The colors are SO pretty! You seem to shape them so well, too
Jarrod Gorham (7 days ago)
Young dragon \and young wolf he is in truth also Ned's nephew
Tommy Deaton (8 days ago)
RR is no master sir if he was he'd finished the books by now.
ArcaneTuber (8 days ago)
I think that there's a possibility that Jon dies a hero, while Daenerys gets the throne, manages to get pregnant by Jon, so there will be finally an heir.
Amanda B (11 days ago)
If Denaryas is the daughter of the king and Jon is the son of the Prince...wouldnt she be the rightful heir? Obviously there can be a queen...cersei is the queen right? Just confused. Monarchy law isn't something I know much about so forgive me. I mean
tim oreilly (12 days ago)
John Mother Funking Snow Nice!
Jonathan Kerr (12 days ago)
He’s just as much stark as he is Targaryen. You can make a theory with very whimsy and thin “evidence”
Taziyah Mujaahid (13 days ago)
Talking Thrones...You are the Mutha Fuckin Maaaaaaaan!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
gabe a (13 days ago)
I feel if we accept the theory that since drogon let Jon touch or be near him, we should be open to Tyrion having Targaryen descent and that Aerys raped Joanna and Tyrion is one of his bastards, since viserion let him touch/be near him.
thevirtuoso (14 days ago)
Why the hell would anyone doubt that Jon is the legitimate son of Rhegar. Targeryen
Mildly Interesting (17 days ago)
Just a little thing I want to say. All Stark kids are wargs. It's hard to deny that Greywind and Robb Stark had a very innermost connection, so they fought as one. It's written in the books that Jon can warg Ghost unconsciously. When Sansa lost Lady, she had a huge breakdown on her personality and even disconnected from her family (she lost the wolf in the pack). Bran is warg, period. Even in Braavos, Arya has wolf dreams and Nymeria was the one who found Catlyn Stark's body in the river, making it easy for Dondarion to find her and bring her back. It's hard to say anything about Rickon and Shaggy Dog, once that they almost don't have any sort of development in the story, but just like Rickon is the youngest and less "refined" on life, so is Shaggy Dog wild and savage nature. They are crude, raw, bestial. The Starks have deep connection to the dire wolves and I believe that's because in the past they had connections with the free folk and the blood still shows in the family.
Game of Drones. jan (17 days ago)
I know the biggest clue ever.. .... I swear on throne Written in English with very clear meaning ... Guess .... T,king thro onEs....... sir
Corinne Young (18 days ago)
OMG - thank u, love u
Porn Star (18 days ago)
if Jon is a true Tagaryen is the true king then he should be able to walk into the fire without getting burned . but he did get burned when 1 of the nights watch Bro turned into a white walker and tried to kill Mormont but Jon grabbed a hot lamp and threw it at him and he burnt his hand . what does that mean ?
First name Last name (19 days ago)
he’s targaryen and stark right?
Munish K (19 days ago)
We be flying in the air tonight, oh lord... LMAO
Miguel Montenegro (20 days ago)
Were they married? He inst a bastard then...
Mat Lawrence (20 days ago)
Jon muthafuckin snow!!!
Fidel Pasillas (21 days ago)
"Sign o'bael or his maid" BAELOR
John Bailey (22 days ago)
If Jon wargs into anything it will be Viserion.
kevin Gilding (22 days ago)
We all know Jon Snow is Aegon, Idk why people are still denying.
papa skanku (22 days ago)
Also if im not mistaken Jon is the first true blending of Stark and Targaryen blood. The two most anceint houses in the 7 kingdoms
Alexander Ollison (23 days ago)
Wen Robert said the true king is under the snow he was talking about his bastards
Michael Rubens (23 days ago)
"Mormont stroked the raven under the beak with a finger, but all the while his eyes never left Jon Snow" I think he meant Mormont's eyes, not the raven.
Marte Risher (24 days ago)
Just watched several of your videos. You have thoughtfully put together some interesting clips and bits from the books that never made it into the series. Masterful work here!! You are most definitely onto something.
Catherine Darcey (25 days ago)
I am so loving yr theories. .. not having anyone to discuss the books with... many of these pieces you put together I had noticed in the books and re read them a few times so now with all these pieces put together they make sense... well spotted!!!
Lord Wolfsbane (25 days ago)
Your a sherlock holmes. Although you forget about how drogon let jon touch him in the show. I dont recall drogon allowing anyone but daenerys touch him as most targaryians are kindred to dragonx right?
Lord Wolfsbane (25 days ago)
Thats such a fun word to say...bastard
Talking Thrones (25 days ago)
Lol yep it is
Bomb Tombadil (27 days ago)
The books arent R+L, IdeasofIceandFire pretty much prove this damn near beyond a reasonable doubt, that the show and books will be different.
majestic microbes (29 days ago)
"Man, then wolf, then man again." Woah.
Timothy Previe (29 days ago)
I could be 100% wrong but I think John went into Ghost when he was stabbed to death until his body healed enough.
Noelia Jaime (29 days ago)
I think you are spot on.The clues are there if you pay attention.Thanks!!I love your videos!
hhwhitewolf009 (30 days ago)
Stop comparing the book to the TV show. John is not a Warg in the TV show and he will not be one in this season coming up
georgeandlek (30 days ago)
You draw a long bow!!
blech71 (30 days ago)
Awesome vid man!
Mississippi Dude (30 days ago)
Ok, they should stop saying Jon is not a Stark. Jon IS A STARK and he's also a Targaryen.
Logan Gregg (30 days ago)
The long night of snow
801Metal (30 days ago)
The whole series is going to end up with Sam writing a book "Jon Snow and the long night"
801Metal (30 days ago)
Talking Thrones Book might have a different name but Yup GRRM big fan of Tolkien, and Sam had a conversation with the Arch Maester about writing a book, not a lot of evidence right there but that's my theory
Talking Thrones (30 days ago)
R0se g0lden._ (30 days ago)
Music choices in this video is flawless.
Tammy Martin (30 days ago)
Love it
Talking Thrones (30 days ago)
Thank you
Anna Boudreau Woodside (1 month ago)
Some Warg is DEFINITELY in Mormont's raven..
cody sanders (1 month ago)
The raven may have called "king, king"... but all crow are liars right?
St Daga (1 month ago)
A nice collection of quotes but VERY subjective, as you yourself point out. You start by talking about how smart of a writer GRRM is and then you mention quite a few pretty obviously odd possible hints, which are certainly subjective, but also very vague. GRRM is smart, I agree. Nothing connects to Rhaegar in Jon's story. Not at all. Only one mention of Rhaegar in Jon's story, and that is in connection to Robert's war hammer which slayed Rhaegar. I'm going to play a little devil's advocate with some of the points in the video. Just because this story isn't black and white, but a million shades of grey, which you seem to recognize. -There are three kings that we are told about at the very beginning of the story. Robert, Aerys and Mance. One dead and one alive and one a wildling. The only king that should matter is the current king and his line. Therefore, Robert and Mance are the two active kings. Although we actually hear of Mance being king before we hear about any other king in the story. And we get an honorable mention of the Stark's being Kings, as well in chapter two. -The Young Dragon mirror's the Young Wolf's story, Daeron and Robb are aligned, both dead at young ages after leading great war campaigns in the south but killed by treachery. -Any speculation of what Tyrion thinks Jon is thinking is completely subjective on Tyrion's part, and can't be trusted. -The seed is strong could be a hint at Lannister gold, not just Baratheon black. Jaime's seed is what Ned realized was connected with Cersei's children, not Robert's. -Ned thinks of Jon immediately after he thinks of protecting Robert's bastards and Lyanna's smile. -Perhaps the raven (Bloodraven) seen Jaime kill Aerys and claim his throne. Perhaps Jaime was supposed to be the king. Perhaps it was Mormont's eyes that never left Jon, not the raven's. GRRM is good with using misleading pronouns. He does it often. -Jon starts questioning who he is soon after he get's to the wall. He questions his brothers and sisters and if Winterfell is home as early as his 4th POV in Game. It is the Night's Watch training that causes these questions to rise. Before then he questions his place as a Stark because he is not true born. -A kings justice in this story is tied to Robert (who we find is failing at this), Ned as Robert's hand, and Stannis. Ned also has King of Winter imagery all about him, as does Jon. Those are the ties that are important to Jon. The very first idea of a "king's justice" in the story is Ned-by-proxy for Robert, although the man who Ned serves justice to or the reason for the justice is not related to the rule of the Seven Kingdoms at all, but a rule that has been part of Westeros for thousands of years, not just the three hundred years the iron throne has existed. -Also, Jon has to kill the boy within himself, but more importantly, he has to kill the boy within Sam. All those thoughts revolve around Jon sending Sam to Oldtown, and saving another kings son in the process, Mance's son. -I truly think that Alester Florent saw his own death in the flames and with it, the fire that Mel set, the flames dancing and swirling about himself as he burned on the pyre, and Stannis watching it all. Alester watching a king through the flames. I think the author is laying a path for the reader to follow, but the path is to mislead the reader. GRRM writes in a way that makes it difficult to solve the puzzle, and why would he make RLJ so obvious? He leads us right straight to the hidden prince trope. But GRRM doesn't write tropes like most authors do, he twists and kills them. IF Jon is a hidden prince, it is because he is the son of a king, Robert of the House Baratheon. The Targaryen's no longer hold the throne, the Baratheon's do. That is why Stannis is connected to King imagery. If Rhaegar and Lyanna had a child, which is very debatable, that child is most likely Sam. Sam is probably Rhaegar's no matter who the mother is. I think Sam is the true hero of the story, and I think he will die in the end. I understand this probably doesn't fit the Disney outcome that people seem to want for Jon (or Dany), but GRRM doesn't write Disney. RLJ might be true, but it just seems like fairy tale story writing. And that confuses me when thinking of GRRM's writing style.
Kimberly Galanti (1 month ago)
Excellent researching and memory of the books. Jon is most definitely the true king. However, I believe the tragedy will happen in a way that shows Jon fighting, hard and with grace, justice, and everything that makes a king great. He will die, before finding out his true identity. But, all others will know. And, when he dies, it will happen while someone (maybe Sam?) Is on his way to tell Jon, as per Bran...and Jon will warg into Ghost just before Sam's arrival. Either that, or he will be forced to kill Daenerys, just prior to dying himself...creating the full circle tragedy that George Arr Arr is sooo good at writing!
Sydney Salgado (1 month ago)
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, hold onnnnn
Dan's Buddha Bodega (1 month ago)
John can't be a dragon. Fire can't hurt a dragon, and he burnt his hand saving Jeor Mormont.
Nash Hendry (1 month ago)
I still think this is just a ton of "clues" meant to mislead everyone. I believe he is the heir to the Iron Throne but not as son of Rhygar but as son of Robert. It would be "bitter sweet" for him to be named King Aegon Baratheon.
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
Only thing I keep thinking about is when Daenerys says, "fire cannot kill a dragon," and she is unharmed by fire or even too hot of a bath. But when Jon grabbed the flame out of the lamp and threw it at the white that attacked the Lord Commander, it burned his hand which had to be bandaged by Maester Aemon while it healed. So, obviously, Jon is not impervious to fire, like Dany. Or like any, "dragon," would be.
Miguel Montenegro (20 days ago)
Nor Rhaegar or viserys were true "dragons"
Tammy Martin (1 month ago)
Yes I had that thought too make you wonder
Louise Distefano (1 month ago)
Another great video! U r amazing!! Keep them coming.
Sayantika Bose (1 month ago)
Perfect interpretation
jared baine (1 month ago)
There is one that is not very subtle at all in a dance of dragons in johns chapter. The raven says king john snow and John remarks that it was odd that the raven had said his full name rather than snow.
Blackson (1 month ago)
I think the cat is Rhaenys cat that she named Balerion.
JessyA88 (1 month ago)
I've had a thought. Remember the scene where all the stark children receive their wolves and Jons is white.... not only because he is a snow but because he is a secret with blond genetics!
Emily Saunders (1 month ago)
I love listening to these videos, most of my knowledge on g,o,t, comes from talking thrones as i dont get to watch it thst often, cant wsit fir season 8, keep up the good work,
slaiR treboR (1 month ago)
Always room to read between the lines
KucklePuff (1 month ago)
"Jon Mother-funking Snow" This is by far, my favorite quote of you.
Robert Shelley (1 month ago)
Another very well composed story. I like it!!
Timothy Young (1 month ago)
I have a question that doesn't pertain to this video and is irrelevant since he's been dead since the battle of the bastards... but in season one both bran and Rickon see Ned in the crypts in a dream. Does this mean that rickon too was a green see'er?
Homer Da Man (1 month ago)
All of the things mentioned point to Jon as a King. In the show he is King of the North.. maybe that is all they are saying. I mean it is not like G.R.R.M. would mess with his fans right :p
Sparky Polastri (21 days ago)
i like that one!
Tom Guerrero (1 month ago)
I seriously cannot believe how amazing this series is. There's so much depth its straight up addictive.
Thomas Roach (1 month ago)
Jon is not the true king yet. Rhaegar has to die for him to become king, but he is still watching over Arya because she is so much like Lyanna. A man who thinks his family is dead, his throne overthrown, his army decimated, and his wife and child killed would have nothing to live for but revenge. If he had a ruby chestplate and knew how to change, he could just disappear. With no ties left to who he once was, a man could become no one. Ask yourself when and where we came across the Faceless Man, if he would be where he was without reason, if he really needed Arya to save him, and why he would show so much interest in a young girl that looks like her aunt.
WE WERE GODS (1 month ago)
Junge. Es tut mir leid. Aber du bist komplett durch. Und deine Stimme ist schäbig.
Sean Upton (1 month ago)
Great video, your quote you pulled out from arya's chapter, made me want to add on that the quail that the black bastard took from tywin was foreshadowing tywin's losing of the war in the south.
Johnathan Walker (1 month ago)
Sorry to tell you. He is the son of Ned and Ashara Dane in the books. Never use the books to verify show theories.
Fred Vitagliano (1 month ago)
if there's a hidden dragon where is it and it felt odd always about snow but wow
Allyson Wonderland (1 month ago)
The more I reread the books, or in this case and listening to them in the audiobooks, the more I get pissed off by the order of the green hand Theory. You would have to completely disregard all of Ned's chapters in the first book in order for that theory to be correct.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Yeah, their theory is simply not true. Jon is the song of ice and fire. It wouldn't make sense for his parents to be anyone else. All the hints point to Jon being a King.. If his parents were Ned and Ashara, that wouldn't make him a King, therefore the clues would make zero sense.
Allyson Wonderland (1 month ago)
I can definitely see the symbolism in that line in Jon's first chapter. Rhaegar is obviously represented in the harpist and the beautiful ballad probably represents the love between lyanna and rhaegar. Jon is too far away to hear the words, symbolizing that he is too far away from the truth of his parentage, even though he is close enough to hear something (as Ned's bastard). It is a very symbolic sentence. Good catch.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Very well said. I really like the way you put that, thanks.
Damien's Adventure (1 month ago)
excellent content tho
Lovely Skull (1 month ago)
You are a brilliant story teller, thank you so much.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Wow I really appreciate that!
NachoreKr (1 month ago)
in game of thrones world, if red lady had sex with jon snow, it would have given the iron throne to stanis. because stanis. had sex with red woman and a shadow was born which killed renly. she got the blood of bastard 'gendry', she managed to kill king in the north and joffery. if she managed to have sex with true born king, the right full heir to throne, what would have happened, only 7 gods know :D
Joseph C (1 month ago)
The true king ....
Bragi Anahita (1 month ago)
Ide watch more of your videos if you didn't sound autistic
Marvin Carpenter (1 month ago)
Hahahahha!!! Jon MotherFucking Snow !!!!! Love it T.T. !! Best video in a min imo.. Listen... I don't gaf who dies from this house or that tribe !! Because in the end Jon MotherFucking Snow Is The Song of Ice & Fire !!! Nuff Said !! Gr8 Theory Vid tho !!
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Lmao thanks!!
Eriq Morton (1 month ago)
Black Bastard!
Justin Estrada (1 month ago)
You keep saying 'If you believe in the theory' but everyone confirmed that Jon is Rhaegars and Lyannas son
Danny Neiba (1 month ago)
The show has done a great job making us care about these characters.
Nurdemer Assung (1 month ago)
i am pretty sure no one gets those stuff as the first time they have red and finished all those 5 books.
Abhishek Kumar Sharma (2 months ago)
Near to 10.21 inthis vedio when you are explaining about the mormont's raven calling jon a king, the ohrase 'his eyes never left jon' doesn't the word his refer to mormont and not the raven. Because the author is already using it for the raven so why switch it at that time? Can you please explain.
MsLucy4ever (2 months ago)
Another thing that always baffled me was Lyanna's statue in the crypts, in a place were all Starks were buried but statues were only for "Lords and Kings" (obviously no previous female had ever had a statue). We are told that Ned loved his siblings so much that he had statues scarved for them too. So, none of the previous Starks in millenia loved their mothers, sisters, daughters?? That is utter nonsense. Ned made a statue for Lyanna because he wanted to honor her in some way, in the only way he could, given the secret he had to keep, it has to be a hidden, buried, out of sight honor... that statue in a place where only "Lords and Kings" had statues, is saying that Lyanna died a Queen Mother, after giving birth to the king. And obviously, when Ned found her in the Tower of Joy, the Kingsguards were there doing their duty, that is, guarding the king.
MsLucy4ever (2 months ago)
And the ironies, the passages with double sense, there are many. Some examples: When the boys were practicing in Winterfell yard with Jeoffrey, and Arya asks Jon why he is not there, he explains: "Bastards are not allowed to damage young princes. Any bruises they take in the practice yard must come from trueborn swords.” We knew very early that Joffrey was not trueborn nor prince, he was the bastard. So this is JRRM telling us that the person who talks is in fact the "trueborn prince". When Melisandre prays for a vision of "Azor Ahai reborn", "the king who carried the fate of the world upon his shoulders", she says "Show me your king, your instrument", and after the visions the book goes on explaining that "There was no one, even in her order, who had her skill at seeing the secrets half-revealed and half-concealed within the sacred flames. Yet now she could not even seem to find her king" and she thinks "I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’hllor shows me only Snow". Melisandre was looking for Stannis, and couldn't find him. Yet, the visions she had were true, even when she couldn't understand them. This is again JRRM telling us that the king Mel was looking for, is indeed Jon Snow.
Watcher on the Wall (2 months ago)
In the books it's N+A = J, R+L = Young Griff (Aegon) by Lyanna, the first Aegon really was murdered in the Sack of Kings Landing.
New Genesis (2 months ago)
Isn’t the Old man a Targaryen himself
Gustavo Ferroni (2 months ago)
Th first quote, that was part of the song scene in winterfell - was that Mance in disguise ??
Gustavo Ferroni (2 months ago)
Great video
Um Bongo (2 months ago)
I remember Melisandre saying she keeps asking the lord of light to show her azor ahai, but all she can see is snow
Ironically Sardonic (2 months ago)
The singer from jons chapter is mance rayder
Landho Productions (2 months ago)
But jons a targarian 😂😂
Mathodman TV (2 months ago)
Jon "Mother Funking" Snow :D
Rico 156 (2 months ago)
A Game of thrones - Tyrion II - I cant believe you didnt mention the last part of the chapter. ''Tyrion was the last to retire, as always. As he stepped into the shelter his men had built for him, he paused and looked back at Jon Snow. The boy stood near the fire, his face still and hard, looking deep into the flames. Tyrion Lannister smiled sadly and went to bed.''
Akshay N (2 months ago)
man, u are the greatest fan of GOT .. hail down to you.. massive respect🙌
amal18163 (2 months ago)
Sarah of House Dayne (2 months ago)
Woah I like the second example, the kings hiding under the snow
susanna yelverton (2 months ago)
I really need to start the books they sound interesting
steve mcquen (2 months ago)
Man i almost teared up in that last part when you said that "Jon Motherfucking Snow" and that music in the background, you are awesome dude.
Clyde Chapters (2 months ago)
"Kings are a rare sight in the North. More likely they were hiding under the snow. Snow, Ned." -King Eddard
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
That was the second one I read

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