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Little KID Bushman in the Park Prank!

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Text Comments (66)
MrPsihmaster (4 months ago)
Руский бы отдал бы ему пизды!
Shiben Chakravorty (7 months ago)
The dog hahahah 0:48
Jared Ofkygif (1 year ago)
He laughs like Candice from phineas and furb
Andrew Mikolay (1 year ago)
run up and kick that idiot in the face
Rika (1 year ago)
aww that kid was so cute😍💜 and the dogs too💜💜😳
SmileBoxHD (2 years ago)
I wined for the kid he sounded so nice :)
Hector Bazan (2 years ago)
0:40 best part
Baelie Hinton (2 years ago)
Take care 😂😂
Markus Kruber (2 years ago)
SoulSurfer (2 years ago)
I love how the last guy apologized for cursing once he saw it was a little kid.
Manusia (2 years ago)
SomeDayBreak (2 years ago)
lol that laugh
So if someone falls off their bike and gets hurt, who pays the bill? Scaring people while exercising, with a high heart rate,,,yeah, that's a good idea...Dumbass.
connor white (2 years ago)
hahaha take care
Brave Heart (2 years ago)
0:57 that dog face on his shirt :D
runeski74 (2 years ago)
this is great!!!
Yung Soul (2 years ago)
The guy on the bike was totally sky does MINECRAFT
Stefan Miller (2 years ago)
someone could pee on him like a dog
Speedwaynord (2 years ago)
Awesome XD
AHMED THAMER (2 years ago)
hiiiii...like kids laughing
FilmManiac (2 years ago)
One of the finniest pranks i've ever seen
Mohamed Reda Bouzzroud (2 years ago)
1:10 Donald trump is that you?
Ezcore G (2 years ago)
+Mohamed Reda Bouzzroud No... Just no.
Michael Daury (2 years ago)
I laugh more when he does after he scares them😂😆😅😄
banna man (2 years ago)
only men fucking laugh at this
Avility (2 years ago)
Laugh if the dog peed on him xD 😂😂
Calipse Also Allipse (2 years ago)
Edzel Van Idos (2 years ago)
黄清华 (2 years ago)
哈哈哈 很搞笑
Carson Gaha (2 years ago)
The dog could smell him
SdV (2 years ago)
Dulce Urbina (2 years ago)
Ermal (2 years ago)
This is illegal to scare women because some womens are pregnant and you scare little baby report this prank save many life of babies Thank You
Rika (1 year ago)
its not illegal lmaoo go educate yourself dumbass
alexFishh (2 years ago)
That moment when someone buys the disguise too well and pees on you...
Joel Bulger (2 years ago)
that's cool great job kid
— Princess TM (2 years ago)
This is so messed up
Lau' Ndh (2 years ago)
j'étais explose de rire 😂😂
allii khan (2 years ago)
Nice an balanced
robin kegel (2 years ago)
He wasnt even covered i would immediatly see that there is something wrong
#Lollypop Libby (3 years ago)
OMG the guy in the white top looks like.... SIMON FROM X FACTORY!!!!😱
#Lollypop Libby (3 years ago)
Well, the one running did
deidara akatsuki (3 years ago)
0:47 The dog backed off before he revealed himself lol
Zulu Airsoft (3 years ago)
Haha the little dog was Not as much as a bitch as the first one😂
Freshaun Webster (3 years ago)
Peaceful prank I saw
kechosworldify (3 years ago)
hilarious 2:56
Birgit Schilling (3 years ago)
nice prank
wendy h (3 years ago)
Those sweat marks though
JustGamer (3 years ago)
The dog immediately knew that wasn't a bush! hahaha
Michael Nettle (2 years ago)
Por dog 😢😢😢😢
S.S (2 years ago)
Edzel Van Idos (2 years ago)
Heightened senses
Ruthless Numerar (3 years ago)
That was legendary
Top5ive (3 years ago)
Black lab knew something wasn't right from a distance lol
killbeef 666 (3 years ago)
So well done
gogo gogo (3 years ago)
Fake 1:44 I FUCKEN hate FAKE PRANKSTERS I'm going to delete this channel bye bye MUUUAAHAHAHAAHAHA
Kenza Zakariasen (3 years ago)
"Hhahah got It"
CODY JDRROW (3 years ago)
I can do this because I'm small
Safe and very funny video I like it :D
SS68MARO (3 years ago)
Even the black Labrador was like Dafuq?? XD
blah blah blah (2 years ago)
yeah he got scared too
王可 (3 years ago)
Artur Podolski (3 years ago)
Great prank:)
Corey Sparkman (3 years ago)
FIRST COMMENT BITCHESS also great funny shit

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