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50 Things Overwatch Players Hate

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50 Things Overwatch Players Hate. We love Overwatch, but there are so many moments that make us go "GOD DAMNIT. I HATE THIS GAME!" ● Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos! Click to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 ● Written & Voiced by TGN Network Partner Moxness: https://twitter.com/JonathanMoxness Edited by TGN Network Partner Warak: https://www.youtube.com/MagicalNoob ●Produce Content with TGN ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/work-with-us/● The TGN channel is a collaboration between the TGN Network and TGN partners. We work directly with TGN Partners in the Network to create and co-produced videos for this channel. If you're interested in joining TGN and working with us, click below for more information. Partner with TGN ➜ http://bit.ly/1VDyHq3 Store ➜ http://shop.tgn.tv Website ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/ Like Us ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV Follow Us ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games Minecraft ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/TGNMinecraft Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com TGN is your source for video games on YouTube! We post daily gaming videos including a weekly News Show, Easter Eggs, Top 10's, Machinimas and Reviews. When we're not talking about our love of video games we also make videos about Star Wars, Anime and of course anything super hero related!
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Text Comments (1471)
Primary Secondary (1 year ago)
You forgot mei, not enough mei.
Ethan Duko (8 days ago)
I play mei
Coops's Artzzzies (1 month ago)
Well I still play her and fuck everyone up
evetrix (3 months ago)
Primary Secondary the truth hurts
SwaggySloths YT (3 months ago)
Primary Secondary symettra is worse
Zryxeon (3 months ago)
The one who's REALLY supposed to have at least 3 things here is ROADHOG. the guy is a b&tch
sweet Angel (3 days ago)
When you ult as D.va and no one dies😡😡
Enemy PharMercy. 'Nuff said.
Tomb Raver (7 days ago)
Don't you just fucking love it when loot boxes give you tons of skins for characters you NEVER play/suck at?
Kireye (12 days ago)
You mised Mei.
Liam Donohoe (14 days ago)
people who choose genji because hes a ninja
SeafireM 1015 (15 days ago)
Ryan Bannert (16 days ago)
Don't hate mei hate the makers of the game for making her so op she's op because all of her friends died if that happened to you you would be op to
hllby__ (16 days ago)
You misst to say that mei is the worste hero and she sucks
Evos Manto (17 days ago)
When you killed the entire enemy team,and symmetra survived cuz ur NOT TARGETING HER..... *Symmetra builds immediately teleporter* Ur team and u die. The end. Happens every time.
legofanman06 (19 days ago)
you missed mei oh wait... eh still not enough mei
David Kosarac (19 days ago)
number 51 52 ...10000000 !!MEI!!
OnO Leno (21 days ago)
You forgot snowball
you’re adORCAble (21 days ago)
“Never getting play of the game because you’re healing everyone” *Y E S*
Dominic Musgrove (23 days ago)
Spawn camping.
As a Mei main I make it my job to be as much of a nuisance as possible.
Matthew McQuaid (28 days ago)
wait one more thing MEI!!!!!!!
Superevilspyro (28 days ago)
When you’re holding the point in overtime so you won’t lose for 2:00 and your team STILL has not join you
Jehad Ghadie (30 days ago)
I counted 48
RecklessDareDevil (1 month ago)
I hate when people choose Mercy to ONLY be a battle Mercy and refuses to heal or rez
Oancea Rares Alexandru (1 month ago)
More mei
Fortnite Try-hard (1 month ago)
Oh you missed mai
Wolfie Gamer (1 month ago)
Honey can you take the dogs out? Honey? ... HONEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2:30
Pezza2724 gd (1 month ago)
When Reinhardt pins you
Lily Angel (1 month ago)
When you are on fire on a hero you don't play often and your team gets team kill at the first round and someone leaves in a competitive match...
Glass Cereal (1 month ago)
What about Brigget
Isaac Frost (1 month ago)
0:10 yes Tracer, we all do.
Joe White 2048 (1 month ago)
People who are bad in autolock
The Mewster (1 month ago)
What about Mei?
Funbox Entertainment (1 month ago)
**inhales** *_M E I_*
Kajetan Sketelj (1 month ago)
Ergotth (1 month ago)
51: when Genji deflects your sleep dart back to you 52: when genji deflects a headshot to you 53: when this headshot came from SOMEONE ELSE! (yea, that happened)
daRth miLo (1 month ago)
You missed a 4th...5th...6th MEI !!!!
GrimReapeter (1 month ago)
You missed 9 seconds to make it 420
Memerguy (1 month ago)
You forgot about mei
Cameron Graham (1 month ago)
Widow maker, oh widow maker is in this too much.
NoChances Blank (1 month ago)
I love Mei When I'm using her.
Rosia (2 months ago)
Why does everyone hate Mei
Zonrox Pawer wash (2 months ago)
2:39 LMAO 😂😂😂
The jazz man (2 months ago)
I don't hate mei that much and i'm not a mei mein
Tresmond Wallace (2 months ago)
Mei is not that bad
Mitchell (2 months ago)
you forgot mei
OverDaTop6459 Plays (2 months ago)
3:11 is what happens everytime i get to the objective
Karl Gunnar Sunnanå (2 months ago)
This came on my birthday
Gia Princess (2 months ago)
Where's mei? (I'm kidding)
Hint Of Sarcasm (2 months ago)
Mei is mentioned for the same reason 3 times
Hint Of Sarcasm (2 months ago)
I went against a team and was baby D.VA the whole game died 0 times and got 31 kills
Iplay Overwatch (2 months ago)
Caketin72 (2 months ago)
Orisas shields
Jsr Future (2 months ago)
The one thing I hate in overwatch is when I play Lucio and try to remain near other teammates to heal them or to do my ultimate yet they all split to a completely different part of the map
Joshua Bishop (2 months ago)
Getting killed by a self destruct
When Mei creates an Ice Wall that blocks the objective and then: DEFEAT
Pixel Gamer (2 months ago)
I love mei.
Only 48 you did Mei 2 extra times
TigerRod (2 months ago)
You forgot Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, and Mei.
Matthew McQuaid (2 months ago)
i hate when your in overtime and your tems mei blocks you in making you lose
Duck with a trumpet (3 months ago)
you forgot: mei mei mei mei mei mei mei meimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeimeime
ultra s (3 months ago)
You forgot.............mei
Joshua Tytherleigh (3 months ago)
I think you may have missed out mei
the gaming pickle rick (3 months ago)
Geovanni Macrowatt (3 months ago)
This video is soooo dated now
The cupcake King (3 months ago)
I like seeing myself get eliminated in play of the game
Andre Esguerra (3 months ago)
you forgot this:your ult getting canceled
Andre Esguerra (3 months ago)
Mei's Laughter = sounds of pure hell
AcingAbsol1996 (3 months ago)
The most OBVIOUS pick Mei!
DropleTom (3 months ago)
whats the deal of hating mei?
Lily Chen (3 months ago)
When you die when u r using ur alt Or Not getting a Kill with ur alt
Neri Ruiz (3 months ago)
When rein blocks your HIGH NOON
Open Singularity (3 months ago)
UndertaleFangirl2909 (3 months ago)
i'm the jerk that keeps covering peoples' sprays......
Gamer Fox (3 months ago)
When someone steals the health pack you were about to get/when you travel half way around the map to get to a healing pack and right next the healing packet you get healed by your teammate/ when your game disconnects right before your bout to kill everyone with high noon
Gym 86 (3 months ago)
Jake Quintana (3 months ago)
What about lag
Mason Tiahrt (3 months ago)
Addicted Spyro (3 months ago)
Yes more mei
Valentine Child (3 months ago)
3:23 so relatable it hurts 😭
awesomsauce 381 (3 months ago)
I hate getting frozen by Mei
Maricrisjoy bacuajon (3 months ago)
um toxic players......AH DUH!
FurryGamer 69 (4 months ago)
3:19 pewdiepie?
Bella Alberona (4 months ago)
When you get a team kill and don’t get play, someone with like 2 kills gets play. 😡
Shadow Captain (4 months ago)
I hate Mei's character, but enjoy playing her
an Asian prick (4 months ago)
You missed mei, mei, symmetra, mei
John Cassity (4 months ago)
About to kill genii then he deflects
MysteryAlrudo (4 months ago)
When you use your Ult with Mccree and all enemies run away
BURNING BLAZER (4 months ago)
number 1:mei number:2 mei number 3 mei number 4 mei number 5 mei number 6 mei number 7 mei number 8 mei number 9 mei number 10 mei number 11 mei number 12 mei number 13 mei number 14 mei number 15 mei number 16 mei number 17 mei number 18 mei number 18 mei number 19 mei number 20 mei number 21 mei number 22 mei number 23 mei number 24 mei number 25 mei number 26 mei number 27 mei number 28 mei number 29 mei number 30 mei number 31 mei number 32 mei number 33 mei number 34 mei number 35 mei number 36 mei number 37 mei number 38 mei number 39 mei number 40 mei number 41 mei number 42 mei number 43 mei number 44 mei number 45 mei number 46 mei number 47 mei number 48 mei number 49 mei number 50 mei
jessiegore (4 months ago)
you forgot when someone dis you for picking symmetra
Agioborg (4 months ago)
cyber doctor (4 months ago)
Mei is evil
Tracer Here (4 months ago)
Ugh you only said mei 3
Darko Darkovic (4 months ago)
Oh wait...You forgot MEI!
Pokemine15 B (4 months ago)
David Powell (4 months ago)
well 1 out of 50 of them is not in the game anymore, guess what is it
David Hale (4 months ago)
not sure if there was a little overkill on the mei bit?😯
Aislyn Clark (4 months ago)
1:02 I have actually done that
Esmeralda Hazels (4 months ago)
I like Mei Just kidding
Anna Gould (5 months ago)
When you play as Mei and get killed....by the enemy Mei
Chicken LIT (5 months ago)
My list: Bastion. 50× times
Undyne (5 months ago)
Forget mei, JUNKRAT is the devil.
Kenneth Lower (5 months ago)
Guys... I main Mei.
Andrei Mihai (5 months ago)
When you are in a competitiv and your mother tells you to put it on pause

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