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Game of Thrones Episode 7x07 - behind the scenes - Dragonpit meeting

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Game of Thrones Episode 7x07 - behind the scenes - Dragonpit meeting Kings Landing GOT S7E7 - The Dragon and the Wolf Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Iain Glen, Jerome Flynn, Alfie Allen, Rory McCann, Conleth Hill, Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham, Pilou Asbæk Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lanniser, Jon Snow, Tyrion, Jaime, Davos, Bronn, Jorah Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Euron, Sandor Clegane, Varys, Brienne of Tarth, Qyburn, Podrick, Gregor
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Text Comments (933)
daenerys snow (29 days ago)
I love each one of the characters in Game of Thrones ❤️
Zee Sawadi (1 month ago)
brienne was smoking
DutchDread (1 month ago)
I like Khaleesi, sort of, sometimes, but i like Emilia as a person so much more than I like the character.
Jose Fernandez (1 month ago)
When this show ends I will suffer. A lot.
T.C Fassbender (2 months ago)
Cleganebowl Confirmed
Yugo (2 months ago)
OH NO! 12:24 Brienne of Tarth is a smoker xD
bookblur (2 months ago)
12:26 Jamie is so cute.
Shelbs Lillibridge (2 months ago)
You know they had to have wrecked the bar at that hotel 😂😂 "10, 15 of us in one hotel, it was fun!"
This scene is in Seville, SPAIN.
Supreme Mei (2 months ago)
sarikatimmi (2 months ago)
emilia is so expressive
KrayKray Chaaa (3 months ago)
I got fucking chills, man!! So much chills 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍 aaaaaahhhhh love this show so muchhhhhh!!!!!
Gino (3 months ago)
Bert Tyson (3 months ago)
Euron is just so annoying.
Mia Larsson (3 months ago)
LOL My very own zombiiie! Lena Headey you are the best!
Orange Line (4 months ago)
10:40 Why I like the way she said that? hahahahahah So strange when they not the character anymore
Unknown (4 months ago)
I'm surprised to see Cersei smile so brightly xD
baharuddin jusuf (4 months ago)
Johnny Skinwalker (4 months ago)
They should have had more stuff of the cast just hanging out during the episode
Muddasir Jahangir (4 months ago)
Can you please release behind the scenes for Season 8? Thank you.
Phoebelle (4 months ago)
I always cry when I see them laughing together! Only one season left... :'(
Anysha 96 (4 months ago)
it's so good to see how much they love each other in the real life. But it's a kinda weird to see Cersei laughing :D
OMG, Emilia is such a bean. I love her sooo much!
terran warbears (4 months ago)
Chris newman is he the brother of gandalf the grey ? :P
Cameron Flynn (5 months ago)
I'm sad that they cut out the part where everyone flashes their wieners at each other.
Im Hassan (5 months ago)
Davos is literally the character irl xD
Tongu Esama (5 months ago)
Dany to Jon, "Like come on dude!"
Martin Acosta (5 months ago)
10:50 my god she is sooooooo.................... cute
Crystal Zvahl (5 months ago)
Fuck I'm missing out loads on game of thrones
David Boson (5 months ago)
Green Screen is REAl!
Sheila Burns (5 months ago)
I just watched Mockingjay P2 and realized that Brienne was the leader of District 2.
Malena Sander (6 months ago)
The Mountain has the best job. Just killing people and doing nothing
Matt Desrosiers (6 months ago)
while i loved this scene i Tiwin wasn't around to see a dragon
Jason Voorhees (6 months ago)
Oh god Tyrion sounds so different lol
Sheila Burns (6 months ago)
So sick of Cersei's "I smell sh*t" expression.   Every scene.
Lewys Cousins (6 months ago)
1:15 Gandalf
old boy88 (6 months ago)
very good....
Helix 1 (6 months ago)
Emilia is so gosh dang cute..
liz wilson (6 months ago)
My "Shock" is when that big boofhead fkn Mountain never jumped in front of Cersi when the wight ran towards her...Wasn't he s'poze to be her "Queens Guard", but he eyeballed the Hound when he approached the Lannisters...Fkn useless sack of shyte...I hope Sandor puts him to rest in season 8. ); (
GeneralErica (6 months ago)
1:41 Jorah Mormont of house Friendzone!
Lev-6050 (7 months ago)
This Chris Newman (1:13), looks like a Character from the Show.
Bear McBear MC (7 months ago)
This is my first time hearing Peter Dinklage's real voice and it's tripping me out.
cole turner (7 months ago)
So weird to see Lena being nice! And her and Peter being nice to each other is confusing every fibre of my being.
Aamenaa Tanveer (7 months ago)
I have never been this impressed my entire life.
Wahn Yoon (7 months ago)
The women on this show are so sweet, and yet play such monster badasses. Amazing.
Leslie Perez (7 months ago)
- "What's in there?" - "... Fuck off"
Juro Jurkic (7 months ago)
our beloved cast <3
Stowbot (7 months ago)
If Varys hates magic so much how can he explain this 12:40 dude straight up disappeared.
justin kipper (8 months ago)
Laughing hound is amazing he never laughs like that....
kimberley williams (8 months ago)
Brienne just over there sitting in a chair smoking like 12:24
Kasanatsu1645 (8 months ago)
Im sorry to say but...Jon that IDIOT again! I mean.. even Daenerys (Emilia) and Kit himself were kinda like...Come on! You could've lied!
Kamalak Muthusamy (8 months ago)
Love.... Btw , I cannot "serve" two queens at a time... ;)
SAGE XX (8 months ago)
Emilia oh Emilia...
dharam sala (8 months ago)
@ 1:13 the producer sounds like little finger
Muna Hassan (8 months ago)
See the hound smile seems so weird😂😂😂 I love him tho
Jim Sty (8 months ago)
Shane (8 months ago)
They sound so weird without their accents from GOT
Sheeba Vasu1 (8 months ago)
Don't kill dragons or daenerys.
stephen dresler (8 months ago)
Can it really be called a "Season" with only 7 episodes?
Maxine Harper (8 months ago)
props to the guy playing the zombie
x2yll l (8 months ago)
seeing Brienne of Tarth smoking a cigarette is so weird lol
Anthony Orosco (8 months ago)
Seeing Tyrion and Cersei laugh together over an iPhone was a little odd
kashattack (8 months ago)
Lena is so lovely and an incredible actress.
teorias santosdasilva (8 months ago)
Hou can peter f
Higgypig (8 months ago)
Jesse Showed Up (8 months ago)
*Director points at Lena's contract* Bronn: "Cmon Podrick... lets go get a drink." Lena: *smiles*
Abhishek Kulkarni (9 months ago)
Danny.. you have an amazing smile.
DastardlyCrook (9 months ago)
But was the ginger pirate actually scared of it? I thought it was all an excuse.
LeoAsc (9 months ago)
The Dragonpit sequence was awesome, especially Dany riding in on Drogon and Cersci pretending she wasn't impressed. Great acting by Lena and Emillia.
Sr le (9 months ago)
Still big mystery, what did Podrick do to that prostitutes....
xX Anime Xx (9 months ago)
Lets give Davos an applause for still being alive.
Apockiller (9 months ago)
Man I loved that episode. Loved the whole season despite the fact that it felt rushed.
Riecky Surya (9 months ago)
OMG Qyburn lol
jamil quinto (9 months ago)
La Louloune (9 months ago)
Dany seems so humble and down to earth. Would love a friend like that.
toooka ahmed (9 months ago)
kit is very handsome, has awonderful smile
John Pino (9 months ago)
Could there be a more enjoyable way to make a living than to be an actor/actress on that show?
Popescu Rene (9 months ago)
When i saw Bronn for the first time in this interview, i thought he will say something like: "Fock ya all! I wanna go drinking something and fock some whores" LOL
DestroyerOfFaith (9 months ago)
"like cmon dude its all you gotta do" literally the quirkiest and cutest thing I have ever seen, I cant.
unifieddynasty (9 months ago)
Davos with a smartphone. :D
Narf (9 months ago)
I'm whole heartedly going to cry once this show ends.
martin Bassett (9 months ago)
1000 dislikes...whats to hate about it
MiTmite9 (9 months ago)
Pretty fly for a wight guy.
Raon Lee #1 Fan (9 months ago)
Podricks voice lmao
theresa nguyen (9 months ago)
i want arya vs the mountain
leavesofgrass92 (9 months ago)
Holy shit, Pod is Scottish AF
TexasGolfDude (9 months ago)
Wtf happened to Jorah's voice 😂
Richard Liang (9 months ago)
Talha Imam (9 months ago)
The greatest show ever made Period.
MrSitemaster2 (9 months ago)
Where was Ed Sheeran?
YangBalanceYin (9 months ago)
I fucking love Davos.
Pineapple Parrot (9 months ago)
OpTic M1dn1T3 (9 months ago)
how does a dead man upload?
NoneOneWon (9 months ago)
I miss it already 😥😥
Faisal Alshaer (9 months ago)
10:38 dany " like come on dude" killed me 😂
Faisal Alshaer (9 months ago)
How will i fucking wait until season8
shyhai tee (9 months ago)
too bad littlefinger never meet daenerys
ferdohum (9 months ago)
why did Cersei's bodyguard didn't move at all when the white walker ran to her ??
hans tonra (9 months ago)
The Euron actor doesn't know the difference between a white walker and a wight. I'm disappointed.
čokolele! (9 months ago)
1. download video from youtube 2. re-upload it 3. make fuckton of views 4. ... 5. profit
chanel345325356 (9 months ago)
he did post it before official channel though

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