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My boy Seniac has released his own Roblox gamed called Farming Simulator which is rather good! Use the code ASHDUBH for FREE in game COINS!! Check the game here https://www.roblox.com/games/1862413075/BETA-Farming-Simulator ➜ Thanks for watching: *NEW* ROBLOX EARLY ACCESS GAME Roblox is a free to play online game that anyone of all ages can enjoy. Roblox is a family friendly/kid friendly game where you can escape Roblox Jailbreak, create awesome Roblox Escape Obby's and even go to Roblox Highschool to have some roleplay fun with friends or Roblox Guests! As well as exploring Roblox you can even CREATE GAMES YOURSELF and earn Robux by doing so! Thanks for the support on the videos. Hopefully you enjoyed today's video, if you did please leave a LIKE & COMMENT as it does help the channel.
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Lynz Muhd Tabok (3 months ago)
Kathy O'Hanlon (3 months ago)
wow ash a LITTLE BIT ahead u bought vip an the best tools straight away
Tiffany's Pink Bubble (3 months ago)
My last name is johnson
Luke Keyes (3 months ago)
I got off jumper
Awesome Games (3 months ago)
if u do a clicking race seniac watch out for ashdooobs modded finger
OfficialFancyTaik123 (3 months ago)
OfficialFancyTaik123 (3 months ago)
Wow i was in the vid at 7.27 minute
Francesca Lacey (3 months ago)
It breaks my heart to see my childhood inspiration not seeing the same amount of views as the old times 😔💞
Joseph Johnson-cole (3 months ago)
how do we join you in your game
marshbro studios (3 months ago)
One like for in unlimited cheese
Totyton (3 months ago)
Can I say on roblox blox hunt the hiders can zap seekers
Matthew Dean (3 months ago)
ash is the best!!!
nolan cooper (3 months ago)
Max Hauser (3 months ago)
Sugma (3 months ago)
There are bigger back backs. Gosh Ash pay attention😉
Cute Bear (3 months ago)
Happy 4th
Nexus Gaming (3 months ago)
There already a free farming simulator who needs to pay for that shit
Kenneth Bush (3 months ago)
Wait ash aceppted his friend request but why didn't he's accept other people's friend request
Ropo and Donut fan (3 months ago)
Bee swarm you get so many Quests in that
Ropo and Donut fan (3 months ago)
Why didint you buy ifnite robux
TheBrownDoggy (3 months ago)
Cactus clark (3 months ago)
Seniac hi lol
Serenitee Perry (3 months ago)
Happy 4th of July / Independence Day
Good Video Ash, Keep Up The Good Work!
Adam Everett (3 months ago)
ash, play exsploring simulator
Conner Ryder (3 months ago)
U should play bee simulator
Timber Wolvf (3 months ago)
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dam Daniel (3 months ago)
Y ur nails black
Teddys Gaming (3 months ago)
Where do you get the pickup truck from in roblox jailbreak
toad Boy (3 months ago)
Happy 4 of July ash
J Ahmed (3 months ago)
*_Bananas, Dubh._* 🍌 *_Bananas._* 🍌
Andreizau (3 months ago)
man im from jailbreak andreizau2 i never did to know u were an yt pls search me and give me a friend request i was in one of ur vid Thx for sayng im an insane cop xD pls don't ignore this i remember u very clear
Anne White (3 months ago)
i love your videos ashdubh
2fortwice team (3 months ago)
It's like bee swarm but different style
Mang Doan (3 months ago)
Ash can you pls friend me so we can join in a roblox assassin server PLS.I will give you some juicy trades then you can unfriend me after.Btw my username is Kajaxx22
Erik Gallegos (3 months ago)
I want to play
Erik Gallegos (3 months ago)
What the name of the game?
Charlieto (3 months ago)
rewatch from the start of the video. he shows the game screen of what its called
Grace Jarvis (3 months ago)
Lol ash love the nails
OH YAS best intro ever
Mariah Russell (3 months ago)
happy 4th of july
Gaming With twaasiin (3 months ago)
Seniac is thanking u to play the game
Roblox Gamers (3 months ago)
the code dosent work
The broken fangirl 340 (3 months ago)
Dose I see black nail vanish on ashes nails? Awwwww so cute I don't care if it is or not it's ashes life not mine
king Of Pokemon (3 months ago)
Ash can you friend me on fortnite
Donutz 7092 (3 months ago)
Is it just me or does ash sound like a croaky robot thing?
Gulvin M (3 months ago)
The Harry Potter sign in the background!! Potter heads be ready!
draconian 2 (3 months ago)
there are bigger backpacks
Tom Oyetunji (3 months ago)
the really quick picture is bananas on a computer screen and a banana looking at them XD
KayleeCola (3 months ago)
Ash, if you love simulators and quests then play bee swarm simulator, its amazing
KayleeCola (3 months ago)
Charlieto ok I’m new to the channel, thanks
Charlieto (3 months ago)
he played that the day after it came out c: search ashdubh bee swarm simulator in youtube search bar and videos of it should come up
ChloChlo & Dan (3 months ago)
I’m gonna try make a ashdubhh simulator
Danielle Horton (3 months ago)
Matt Carmody (3 months ago)
SEN-EE-ACK!!! Please get it right!!
Can u play gym island tycoon its amazing
NoisyWig 03531 (3 months ago)
Play with squad
harry7424 (3 months ago)
Nice vidio
gigabyte gamer exe (3 months ago)
90th Ike 🎉🎊🎁
Moosh Castro (3 months ago)
Jacob Shelton (3 months ago)
isent you a friend request wiltono5
KingsKnight DaGamer (3 months ago)
Unlocks area unlocks new backpacks tools and stores ash says be needs a bigger backpack lol
brightspeed (3 months ago)
Sara Games (3 months ago)
Spectre Darklord (3 months ago)
The amount of dirty jokes going through my head when I was watching this vid was hundreds
GiggyFlower03 Tess (3 months ago)
I like watching you play
Joshuasss98M1nt Games (3 months ago)
206th 70th like
Loodoob Sood (3 months ago)
31th comment 66th like 👍
11 mins ago but only 96 views?!? What is this?!?!?!
Docter Taco Man (3 months ago)
22 comment 48 view
Spectre Darklord (3 months ago)
"Would you like to look at my hoe" ash 2018
XxAlpha_WafflexX (3 months ago)
Yas OH yas
a As Ash Ash I Ash is Ash is a Ash is aw Ash is awe Ash is awes Ash is aweso Ash is awesom Ash is awesome Ash is awesom Ash is aweso Ash is awes Ash is aw Ash is a Ash is Ash I Ash As A
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
Ahmad Zaki Yamani Ahmad Shafiee wow you got realy bored didn't you
Everett Franklin (3 months ago)
can you react to walk the prank pls ash
Docter Taco Man (3 months ago)
Everett Franklin your the kid watching Disney Channel shows or whatever it is
Everett Franklin (3 months ago)
that's just you're opinion kid
Docter Taco Man (3 months ago)
Everett Franklin That show is cringe and dumb
24th comment
Dino Plays (3 months ago)
the legendary emerald (3 months ago)
Early squad
brody tex (3 months ago)
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
brody tex hi
Brajan Animations (3 months ago)
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
Brajan YT I'm so proud bravo 😃
pugs! rabbits! (3 months ago)
16th 😂so late
Seniac (3 months ago)
Thanks for playing!
Patrick Gene Basister (3 months ago)
Seniac nice game I love it
Luke Keyes (3 months ago)
Can I play whiteout robux
Chewy (3 months ago)
Seniac there should be dimension simulator its like mining sim but you have to go through dimensions and mine through all worlds in the dimensions and you need too mine 1,000 blocks to get to the. other dimension and then it keeps going and going and you can go back to each dimension and worlds and also when you rebirth you lose all your cash and tools bags like there is stuffel bag backpack and when you get to the last island before they add another one you get a special prize. and you need some rebirths to get to the other island and you have to do quests like if its like a candy dimension it would be a lolipop person and he would say like he lost something and if you get a skin crate for your looks like in flood escape and there could be buddies where they help you mine and there could be hats and the first world would be earth and you were a worker just mining and then when you mine 1,000 blocks a portal comes and you get teleported to new dimension and it happens every time you mine how many you need to mine a portal comes and it keeps going and going so yea like if you agre edit: and the stuff are reletad to the world so like the tools and bags
Gotcoins bro (3 months ago)
Anyone notice that in the video it said new area and new backpacks i think he just didnt find where to buy the new backpacks XD or its already planed
Xxcharl66 gaming (3 months ago)
Seniac I'm gonna pay for VIP and stuff
Lil_k 21 (3 months ago)
Add me ash ur the best and funniest epictbnr
Jim Bob (3 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️you ash
13th comment
EchoGecko1K (3 months ago)
Who loves ASH???!!!
EchoGecko1K (3 months ago)
M9arc Ruiz ya boi
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
EchoGecko1K me
Aarish Dhanani (3 months ago)
EchoGecko1K me
Lewis Does Stuff (3 months ago)
3rd comment
ItzLiz Official Channel (3 months ago)
Yay! Early! For once!
FMO_DELTA (3 months ago)
[ YT ] MasterGamingSM (3 months ago)
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
The Master//Gaming And StopMotion congrats 😃
Tim Ryan (3 months ago)
Number 5!
Ava Griffin (3 months ago)
Lily Vaughan (3 months ago)
First ❤️❤️❤️❤️
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
Gulvin M I know but pretend she's first 😉
Gulvin M (3 months ago)
Gulvin M (3 months ago)
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
Lily Vaughan congrats 😃
lforlydia lol xD (3 months ago)
Omg im first wow.anyway hi ash how you doing?
Gulvin M (3 months ago)
You’re actually third - sorry to burst your bubble...
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
lforlydia lol xD BTW congrats on being first 😃
lapis Ła crystal gem (3 months ago)
lforlydia lol xD error why you liking your own comments
lforlydia lol xD (3 months ago)
Ive never got first before 😁
Preston Varela (3 months ago)
Cow Productions DJ (3 months ago)
harry7424 (3 months ago)
You are first

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