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Game Of Thrones Season 8 : Trailer (HBO)

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Eurone Gets the iron throne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kka_JDZjOC0&t=102s Jon discovers his parentage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfFhQgPBptM&t=3s The Great war: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrnE5R5hFNo READ BELOW: Fan made trailer of game of thrones season 8. I was bored so decided to put it together. Well, the footages shown in the video belongs to HBO and i don't own them. Neither i intend to make profit out of them. And if u see ads in the video, its cause of the copyrighted music put in the video, the owner of the music monetized it. Peace. X Keywords: Game of thrones season 8 trailer Got s8 trailer Got season 8
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Text Comments (93)
Trailer Pro (19 days ago)
Season 8 new trailer: youtu.be/k-0ReCpxDTw
Prathamesh Salunke (1 day ago)
its fan made
varities store (1 day ago)
I cnt wait any more
Zakir Hossain (1 day ago)
I hope so-it's a fan made trailer...
kontito2 (2 days ago)
Nothing new.
Paul Bickley (2 days ago)
Hedel Torres (2 days ago)
you could have mentioned Fan Made in the title... That's misleading..
eric medahbie (2 days ago)
They can stretch it out over a double season kings landing falls the forces are pushed back and fall back to dourn and kept be forced back by the nightking
Truly1Tom (2 days ago)
This was one of the coolest trailers ever! It teases you and reminds you why we started on this journey into the world of GOT in the first place. I will go back and rewatch all of the seasons. Of all of the Starks Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) was and is my favorite because he was the greatest warrior because not of his size or flamboyance but because he was without fear and wasn't all about himself. The one thing I liked was how they "cut-to-the-chase" with the later seasons. Lengthen the episodes and shorten the seasons.
Truly1Tom (2 days ago)
And it is so fucking cool that they've taken a year off to give everyone a break and titillating us all at once! I can and will wait for 2019 because I am busy with more important things. I love this franchise and want other ones to come out of it. But when you love something too much you can neglect more important things.
Calaka Enciso (2 days ago)
Season 7, Dislike
가을나그네 (3 days ago)
Azat Pradawarna (4 days ago)
One year more waiting??!! D*mn!!
Второй ролик долбаеба, где здесь бля восьмой сезон??? Все с седьмого берут
Lovemuch (6 days ago)
Summer 2019, I don't know if I can wait that long, my friend John Snow.. if I die before summer 2019 I will be very disapointed
Trailer Pro (6 days ago)
Well, good luck not dying !
chaisanuthid (8 days ago)
What s month
ronetigrao40 ronaldo (10 days ago)
not ... acabe :( deixeee rolar porra
New One (10 days ago)
بڑی دیر کر دی مہربان آتے آ تے
Chris M (10 days ago)
Dan B (11 days ago)
Yo I’ve never heard the Great War Ice and Fire line in the show
Chidinma Halliday (12 days ago)
Who else is tired of waiting for 2019? 😥😥😥
varities store (1 day ago)
Ten Ways To Wear It (1 day ago)
I can’t believe it’s going to take almost two years for it to come back on. That’s ridiculous.
Chidinma Halliday honestly speaking
Chaiyawut ออย (13 days ago)
Jemberu Omar (13 days ago)
you admired me bro don't be tired
boubakar tiné (14 days ago)
RedRidingHood (14 days ago)
Gosh ! I can't fucking wait for this final season ! Summer 2019 ? Sigh...
Eric Rawlings (17 days ago)
This was done well.
Paul Bickley (2 days ago)
Eric Rawlings, I AGREE...
Trailer Pro (16 days ago)
Thanks : )
John Craig (18 days ago)
Great job!
Trailer Pro (16 days ago)
Thanks : )
Gavin Morgan (19 days ago)
Nice edit
Trailer Pro (16 days ago)
Thanks : )
Courteney Armstrong (19 days ago)
I can't believe I have to wait one full year!
Lovemuch (6 days ago)
me too, a year look like 10 years for me
Excellent job! My vote end my true love with these videos from Kazakhstan!
Trailer Pro (19 days ago)
Thanks : )
Laura L (20 days ago)
they just took the bible and twisted it ENTIRELY! interesting that the pyramid is EVERYWHERE around the snake dragons.. and they make her appear beautiful and loving LOL and the NICE one! truth is DEATH IS coming for us all, there is no stopping it, it is not the enemy the after life is everyones choice.. the ones who hurt innocents to live is worthy of no protection NOR peace indeed Satanist kill infants all the time in sick ways like fire... they tried to make "Danny" seem like she oh so didn't want to .... but guess what... tell it to the children you Satanist cunt! I know the actors are aware of what it is they do, I know the esoterics are aware of what it is they do.... to the sheeple of the world .. WAKE UP!!!!! Their lies are coming to an end.. along with their lives... they hide what a few years longer then everyone else.. what is the time? TIC TOC Jesus knows! AMEN
federico canales (7 days ago)
jajajajajajajaja usted esta loco (homero)
Sarah Gray (12 days ago)
Yeah, I think I get your point. George R.R. Martin does in fact borrow extensively from both the Old and New Testament, and one of the things you learn from the Bible is to be wary of false prophets who come in seductive and appealing guises and claim to be saviors. When they show up, good and honest people should be wary and trust in their own wisdom and in the wisdom of Christ!
Nikki Morris (20 days ago)
You shouldn’t put HBO in your title—makes people think this trailer was made by HBO—not fair. This is not an official trailer and therefore, a waste of time.
Trailer Pro (20 days ago)
Well cant u look at the channel name before clicking on the video? Why would u think a channel of this name would post authentic season 8 trailer anyways.
Misterio Martinez (20 days ago)
esa mamada no es un trailer son cosas que ya sucedieron
Drbeautyglam (21 days ago)
wow !!!
pepek bils (21 days ago)
neni trailer vsecko stary zabery co jako si z toho mame vzit na nic
give619sleep (21 days ago)
AHhhhh Dick...I like Dic....
Pratik Uprety (22 days ago)
Excellent bro keep it up
Bat Fraz (22 days ago)
Hell yeah
Your wise cousin Joe (22 days ago)
Is this a homemade project?
Ronnie Vinson (21 days ago)
I've added season 8 to my bucket list
Jean-Paul Moreau (22 days ago)
Excellent work - must have taken you a couple of weeks at least to find the footage, music and edit. Very tight. You need to work in film as an editor. Ur very talented.
Trailer Pro (22 days ago)
Well thanks that means a lot to me.
Ramsha Shakil (23 days ago)
Fan made
karmn bmn (23 days ago)
is this real?
Vaibhav Khobragade (21 days ago)
Pepa Barborik (22 days ago)
karmn bmn no
Victoria Castillo (24 days ago)
Top 10 I can't wait until 2019. GM from Las Vegas NV 2018.
Sikandar Sikku (25 days ago)
Please release the season 8 soon
AJ John (21 days ago)
Sikandar Sikku next april is the release
Olivia Dances (26 days ago)
Omg your channel needs more subscribes. Love from Colombia ❤❤
Lea Johnson (26 days ago)
It better be FUCKING good if we have to wait one more year.
Emerald Dawn (1 month ago)
Well done!!
workfor real (1 month ago)
Second lol
Masud Zaman (1 month ago)
Masud Zaman (22 days ago)
Ellie Gaston 🐸 don't yoh dare steal whatever little glory I'm trying to experience!
Ellie Gaston (22 days ago)
Masud Zaman LAST
Trailer Pro (1 month ago)

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