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GetDownPro Minigame Plugin

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●Hey DiamondRushXD here, This plugin GetDown is a last man standing & arcade minigame. Your goal is to get down to the end of the map(s) as first. During your journey, you can collect CoinBlocks, or try your luck with LuckyBlocks. After end of all maps, players will have time to buy items from the shop and get prepared for Deathmatch ! At the start of Deathmatch, all players will be teleported to the PVP Arena. Last one standing is the winner ! ●PebbleHosting https://pebblehost.com Promocode: DIAMONDRUSH ►GetDownPro Plugin http://zipvale.com/EK8E ✔Join TheSquad Discord https://discord.gg/deTX84k -Thanks for the Help -EmihoneyBee https://www.instagram.com/emihoneybee/ ●Channel & Twitter -http://www.youtube.com/c/DiamondRushXD [email protected] I don't own any rights to the game as shown on screen.
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Text Comments (32)
Schips __ (2 months ago)
Could you please give us a download Link for the Map?
BlackDragon Bot (1 month ago)
would be good eh?! since is kinda hard to create one.. i wish having more free arenas for gdp.. :'(
Pizzateamツ (4 months ago)
Plugin for spigot? =)
Fox TeRip (7 months ago)
Fox TeRip (7 months ago)
전원택 thanks
전원택 (7 months ago)
Bukkit plugin also works in spigot and this is spigot plugin
DEAD7 GOLDEN (7 months ago)
Pc specs?
Ryaaan 2.0 (7 months ago)
Klaus Meier (7 months ago)
This Minigame is known from the German server rewinside.tv
Play4youtube (6 months ago)
Klaus Meier nice i am Comes from Germany
전원택 (7 months ago)
Is it fully automatic? Like auto reset and auto start
전원택 (7 months ago)
Oh ok cool thanks
thefrenchsrilanka (7 months ago)
전원택 yes
Ajibeckam (7 months ago)
@DiamondRushXD please make video setup server SkyBlock pls
A Very Generic Fan Name (7 months ago)
this isn't discord nerd
JJ Gameplay (7 months ago)
Brazil loves you! send a salve pro brazil in the video! I dare you to say I love Brazil in Portuguese! EU AMO O BRASIL!
BlackDragon Bot (1 month ago)
Speak by yourself, jerk.. im brazilian and i dont even like the guy to having you yelling that Brazil loves him.. STFU
A Very Generic Fan Name (7 months ago)
my channel because i forgot to give him lonk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDLWvHJZd1RUI9BKicYIfaA?view_as=subscriber
Harry Pawter (7 months ago)
YOUR A PRO! Btw: I'm DD You pinned my comment
C4V (7 months ago)
Can you make tutorial for HiveMC-Core remake https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/official-skript-2-2-h-core-remake-stable-version.52651/ *This is my friend plugin*
xOMGItzBurger (6 months ago)
C4V (6 months ago)
no no no xD Diamond can do it :)
xOMGItzBurger (6 months ago)
looks like you should do the tutorial ;)
C4V (7 months ago)
download skript plugin and drag this file "this plugin" it your skirpt plugins and restart your server :).
전원택 (7 months ago)
How do we install
skully (7 months ago)
GOOD!!! =)
xOMGItzBurger (7 months ago)
Good video! Second!
xOMGItzBurger (7 months ago)
Sick Nick (7 months ago)
Me asking: How could you know if the video is good when you commented the same minute it was posted, and it is 6 minutes long? Logic: Every video DiamondRushXD post is good :D
Fate Effects (7 months ago)
first :D

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