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The Complete History and Lore of Doomfist

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The Complete History and Lore of Doomfist. We continue our series of Complete History and Lore of Overwatch videos, this time with the biggest Overwatch villain: Doomfist 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (183)
Anton Issa (4 days ago)
Make Orisa’s backstor
Stefan Stills (20 days ago)
Why is doomfist lightskined
Hood Standards (27 days ago)
Have you ever been hit by a giant genetically engineered Gorilla 4:10
Emile David de Kadt (1 month ago)
The bit I don't get thought is that during the museum attack and the old Numbani payload, the Scourge's gauntlet is visible. But in the Doomfist origin story he uses his own version. So either: The fight in Numbani actually happened after the prison break and is the Doomfist/Winston rematch (Exciting option). Or The animators or Blizzard messed up creating the animation (Likely option).
Ahmad Jalal (1 month ago)
look at 4:37 you will find a black thing on his hand its a cover on his bone he just lost the meat on his arm not all of his arm
spring bonny (1 month ago)
I hate Doom fist.cuz his a bad guy and i Hope that over Watch Will defete(i know that i said It wrong)doomfist agin but that time i Hope that ne Will DIE
andrew schwartz (1 month ago)
i like the video but one thing you got wrong was the gauntlet wasn't in numbani but somewhere else it was moved to numbani because of the festival and the recent attack on the last museum forced the people to move the gauntlet
Jackattack 4707 (1 month ago)
I’m still waiting for a boxer doomfist skin
Abdihakim Hashi (1 month ago)
No cap best hero to play as
vVRichardVv (1 month ago)
Maybe next time you find out that a supervillain wants his super weapon back, you don’t just put it back in to the the glass case at the museum (right, Tracer?)
Gray Gray 121 (2 months ago)
6:05 what’s that from? Looks like an interactive game thing? Can someone explain
Emir Osman (2 months ago)
he is the leader of doomfist but not the only one
Brenton Taylor (3 months ago)
Nice Sweeny Todd reference
Griffin LaBudde (3 months ago)
This dude is 60 years old?
Exist64 (3 months ago)
Such a great backstory. Doomfist is such a creative and complex character. Also, great video!
lobna abdelaziz (3 months ago)
Wait I thought reaper was the leader
Sterling S. (3 months ago)
So... just a quick note: In the Overwatch Reveal Cinematic, that museum is not is Numbani. It's an Overwatch museum. After Talon's attempted theft, the Doomfist was supposed to be transported to the Numbani Heritage Museum for the Unity Day Festival and Doomfist Exhibit, but Akande reclaimed the Gauntlet before could make it there. Since then the Doomfist Exhibit has been replaced by an Orisa Exhibit, showcasing her Supercharger as opposed to the Gauntlet.
Random Dragon (4 months ago)
You forgot the first Doomfist if the lore is available.
Red (4 months ago)
i guess he is leading with an ironfist LITERALLY
Sir Slayer (4 months ago)
Is it wrong for doomfist to have inspired me to be a better as a black male like black panther?
Amber Riley (4 months ago)
Sir Slayer it's never wrong to find inspiration to be better.
Lightning Volt (4 months ago)
5:16 "Three activated overwatch agents Winston and Tracer" I count 2
Lightning Volt (4 months ago)
Oh alright. Maybe I just heard things
Mas73r (4 months ago)
He never said three
GBishop17 (4 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that when he uses the doomfist the spiked knuckles don't actually hit anything? At first I thought once it was fully charged they would move down so they could hit stuff, but now I noticed they never actually come into contact with anything
altraferne (4 months ago)
I'm loving the lore of this game and these characters. Doomfist is a seriously awesome bad guy, cunning, intelligent, ambitious, and a stone cold badass. I love that he's a legacy character too. But with the latest Doomfist being a megalomaniac and the previous one being a petty crook, I wonder what the deal was with the first Doomfist. I understand he's called "The Savior" so unless that's an ironic title, I'm guessing he was a hero who popped up with a giant robot fist and started punching Omnics. I'm guessing he was probably killed by the second Doomfist who then stole his gauntlet. Do we know anything about the man himself, though? Was he ever in Overwatch? Or is that just stuff that hasn't been addressed yet?
Minosh (5 months ago)
That moment when u play doomfist and a tracer is on your ass and you 360 Fist her ass into a wall and kill her
Ivan Delgado (5 months ago)
Weren't 3 users of the prostetic fist? You only mentioned the Scourge and the Successor
Yervekee (5 months ago)
My first name is adeyemi lol it feels weird when he says the name
X Lightning (5 months ago)
Where do you get the comics from
Michele Hume (5 months ago)
He sorta a bad guy he's got some points
Matticulous (5 months ago)
you say he lost his arm in the omnic crisis? well think AGAIN! In the comic he still has his arm and in the trailer YOU showed!
Matticulous (5 months ago)
oh nvm he's wearing a prosthetic arm on a prosthetic arm that looks like a real arm. sorry.
Alex Consoli (6 months ago)
#suggestion, how about the complete lore and history of Mei?
The Brawller (6 months ago)
so he lost his hand, became i a bad guy, and then left in a cell but punched his way out using his hand! *the hand the that he lost*
Mohamed Ahmed (6 months ago)
Do a lucio lore video plz
Jacob Luck (6 months ago)
These lore videos are awesome!
Nightwatch (6 months ago)
D.Va pls
Matija PlayZ (6 months ago)
7:08, did that zarya just jumped of the map???
TheFearDestroyer (6 months ago)
And then there was orisa
monaca morgan (6 months ago)
Braystef19 223 (6 months ago)
At first i thought doomfists doomfist was his prosthetic arm😅😅😅😅😚
Gaynor Spiller (25 days ago)
Braystef19 223 I thought that toooo 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
colifisc983 SCS (6 months ago)
Complete history and lore of Ana
Kevin Younker (6 months ago)
Do Symmetra’!
Aadesh gajaralwar (6 months ago)
I love doomfist. He is the same as killmonger in black panther! Trying to do good shit but in a bad way
Oliver Phoenix (6 months ago)
Whoever did the art for the thumbnail can go fuck themselves Why he look white or maybe light skin you could argue But Doomfist isn't light skin so fuck you Unsubscribing
Carba (6 months ago)
overwatch is lore is so slow, they need to fire michael chu, that guy writes fan fiction and retcons everything when he wants and that's why we don't have a story mode
Ohne abo (5 months ago)
you know adding so much is a little bit of a lot fucking work
Oscar Chen (6 months ago)
Do hanzo next
LZbros (6 months ago)
Do orisa!
Brayray (6 months ago)
Do Brigitte
capricorn YT (6 months ago)
The complete history and lore of sombra
Sean Gauthier (6 months ago)
Do Zen next please! 😭
Xander Baker (6 months ago)
YOU MADE A SWEENY TODD JOKE!!!!!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
The complete history and lore of Mercyyy
Herobrine Killer (6 months ago)
ogan demo ogan demo ogan demo that's all i heared
One tip: dont try to speculate who hero 28 is because theres a pattern: Someone unexpected (ana)-someone expected (sombra)- someone unexpected(orisa)- someone expected(doomfist)- someone unexpected (moira)- someone expected (brigitte) so that means the next hero will be someone we dont know
Enzo Valle Duarte (6 months ago)
Do junkrat next!
James Briggs (6 months ago)
Can you make a complete history and lore video for Mei?
Me (6 months ago)
Doomfist mains represent
WarlordSquerk (6 months ago)
Only thing you need to know about Doomfist - they could have picked Terry Cruise to voice him but didn't. Was a sad sad decision
Anis BEng (6 months ago)
WarlordSquerk true true
Jokus Kokolorus (6 months ago)
6:44 isn't the person on the very left from the symmetra comic?
Anis BEng (6 months ago)
Yeah he is the leader of viskcar and a talon memeber
WarlordSquerk (6 months ago)
He does look pretty close at least. Definitely works for Viskcar at least. Now that you point it out her comic sounds like part of the reason Vishkar wanted that building contract is to help sow discord in the area for Talon.
Vlad the Impaler (6 months ago)
When oh when are they gonna make a campaign to this game?
Anis BEng (6 months ago)
Maybe they are building the story with the comics and the animations to release it later
Timo van der Geer (6 months ago)
Vlad the Impaler most lickely never
Calvin Gates (6 months ago)
how u guys got 1 million subs but 8,000 views lol your channel ded
Mas73r (4 months ago)
Calvin Gates video just got released dumbass
AxAplaysXD :D (6 months ago)
History and lore of junkrat
Kayley Mae (6 months ago)
DO HISYIRY AND LORE OVE D.VA. (that is if she has anything to talk about...)
Kayley Mae (6 months ago)
+Timo van der Geer ok
Timo van der Geer (6 months ago)
Kayley art can we just say it was a misunderstanding and stop this argument?
Kayley Mae (6 months ago)
+Timo van der Geer if you read it I said IF she has anything to talk about i wasn't saying to straight up do it
Timo van der Geer (6 months ago)
Kayley i was not trying to say :' no they should not do that' , i was trying to say:' no she basicly does not have anything to talk about' as answer to your question.
Kayley Mae (6 months ago)
didnt jeez
Greninja 9012 (6 months ago)
Does anyone know if Doomfist lost his arm why does both of his arms look perfectly fine
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
Mercy Ziegler (6 months ago)
69th comment
Ryan Mattler (6 months ago)
Do a complete history and lore of sombra
Muddy Mudkipz (6 months ago)
Do junk rat pls
Erik Nordgren (6 months ago)
I would love to see one about Torbjörn
Yaxon Duck (6 months ago)
So who was the first owner of the gauntlet
Yaxon Duck (5 months ago)
Endless Road thanks I was confused on that
Endless Road (5 months ago)
Yaxon Duck Adhabu Ngumi, a hero of the Omnic Crisis, nicknamed the savior.
Dylan Archibald (6 months ago)
Moira please!
WaffleXI (6 months ago)
63rd comment
Damon Lor (6 months ago)
Doomfist cant even rocket punch a pachimaru claw machine, plus he can't even rocket punch through a spawn door. Thanks for telling us " doomfist could level a sky scraper" that punch kid ❤️
Princess Toad Foal (6 months ago)
J. Busch (6 months ago)
The complete history And lore of Lúcio And Symetra
RTW Laundry Services (6 months ago)
i wanna see mercy history and lore
Scorlash (6 months ago)
Do moira next
Uhh Hhhh (6 months ago)
Then he was defeated once again by blizzard nerfing him and binding him with multiple bugs for each ability
Viperzx :D (6 months ago)
*The Complete History and Lore of The Complete History and Lore*
Morphik (6 months ago)
The complete history and lore of Bridgette (new hero)
Despacito Royal (6 months ago)
Does anyone think that Zenyatta will get a New Skin from the Doomfist Comic *Imagine* that it could be the Evil Omnic from the comic if the Nutcracker skin and the Halloween legendary skin can make Zenyatta look different, The evil Omnic can be a new skin for Zenyatta too, also it suits Zenyatta sense he is a Omnic after all Ladies and Gentlemen😋
Ann-Marie Hurley (5 months ago)
Yokia Clan478 maximilien ? I think he's getting added in overwatch.
Despacito Royal (6 months ago)
That would be *A-Mei-Zing*Even if you had the Golden Balls for the Skin *We need a Max Million skin for Zenyatta JEFF!*
Sean Gauthier (6 months ago)
It would be cool if Zen got a max million skin.
Despacito Royal (6 months ago)
I hope i see the Evil Omnic as a skin for Zenyatta in the Overwatch Uprising Event in the Doomfist comic it is History about Talon that is an Enemy to Overwatch\Blackwatch *Overwatch and Blackwatch are the same, BUT Blackwatch works in the shadows* [Just In Case to not confuse you if you didn't know yet]
XxSparkXx6 reynolds (6 months ago)
Rainbow Dash (6 months ago)
I love Doomfist. He is just like Megatron in human form.
Dorian Wynn (28 days ago)
Mariano Sanchez (6 months ago)
Rainbow Dash he is like Terry Crew in videogames
Despacito Royal (6 months ago)
Rainbow Dash lol xD
LynxAttack (6 months ago)
izuku (6 months ago)
Pls do torb next
King Arthas Menethil (6 months ago)
And then he went into a old spice commercial powaaaa
Richard Lies (6 months ago)
I don’t know if anyone else read things fall apart in high school but I could only imagine Okonkwo as doomfist the whole time I read it
A Man (6 months ago)
How about you Briggite? PS it’s pronounced (Brih-Gee-Tuh). I trust Jeff.
Angel P (6 months ago)
"Doomfist wants to punch the world into conflict" Don't worry, he would just go through it without actually hitting anything.
RISING STAR PV (6 months ago)
Do my boi junkrat
johnny nathan (6 months ago)
Imagine if each overwatch league team picked a star Dps and had a 12 man ffa for the true champion of Overwatch league Who would win
Indie Myles (6 months ago)
I like how late they are on this
Hollywood Purgatory (6 months ago)
Indie Myles (6 months ago)
Stereotypical Youtube Commenter ooooh ok I get it. But then, doesn't that mean they are starting the series itself late?
mc DELUXgaming they're not late they're just making the series now. For example, one episode was on Reaper who came out 2 years ago.
Indie Myles (6 months ago)
Stereotypical Youtube Commenter cuz doomfist came out 6 or 7 months ago
mc DELUXgaming how are the late?
boji bic (6 months ago)
Thank you for that you heard my wish
Rollercoaster Rider (6 months ago)
Do briggite !!! #HistoryAndLore
Tro Dit (6 months ago)
Brandon Horn (6 months ago)
do mercy
Seamus McGovern-Lind (6 months ago)
GliTcH (6 months ago)
my secondary main :)
GliTcH (6 months ago)
Z DarkPhoenix Z I'm all about that genji life
DarkPhoenix _Z (6 months ago)
GliTcH my first main ;)
I love my kookie (6 months ago)
Do mercy
Sebastian Leclair (6 months ago)
Do a history/lore of zenyatta that would be nice :)
Tremity (6 months ago)
Pea Shooter (6 months ago)
I Wanna se about bastion
HarryStarz (6 months ago)
Evil Morty YESS

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