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Game of Thrones 7x04: Jamie/Bronn vs Daenerys/Drogon - Full Battle HD

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Daenerys and Drogon Fight Lannister Army - Game of Thrones 7x04 Daenerys, Drogon, and Dothraki fight the Lannister Army at the end of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4
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Azor Ahai (14 hours ago)
It’s funny, if you’ve never read the books or watched the show, Dany looks like the villain in this scenario lol
Daenerys is a bitch, she talks about choice like if it was freedom, but choice is not freedom except for those stupid unbrained westerners and white skins
Meii Is Baee (6 days ago)
Kfjat (8 days ago)
7:00 wth is wrong with this tree
Jane Doe (9 days ago)
Someone should have taught Dany some fighting skills if shes going to fight in battles. If I'm not mistaken rhanarys and visenya both knew how to fight. Selma, or mormont should have at least taught Dany self defense.
Jane Doe (9 days ago)
They pissed daenarys all the way off. Dany was like fuck playing fair. They will use every weapon they have to defeat me why cant I do the same. Not my fault they don't have dragons and I do.
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sawa139 (9 days ago)
As soon as I saw that dragon coming in I would have been out
Christy Downs (9 days ago)
The look on Jaime's face at 0.33 is awesome. That's a real "Oh shit" moment right there
Lolita Lopez (10 days ago)
When you desperately fight for your life while your opponent is treating as a game.
Joel Spears (10 days ago)
Only a fool would face the Dothraki in the open field, Jamie Lannister: hold my beer...
Tuân Vũ (10 days ago)
Phim tên gi vay
jaysonmark cruz (11 days ago)
I can't believe this is only a TV series.
Andijon Region 60 (11 days ago)
Abi Çok İyi Ya (11 days ago)
Atlar kebap oldu lan
Yuuf Eternal (12 days ago)
My eyes swell up with tears every time Daenerys does something epic, or righteous. Is normal?
Rylee Homan (12 days ago)
"We can hold them off" *bellowing roar* 😂
King Bob (12 days ago)
Poor horse
Joel Costa (13 days ago)
best episode ever
sentinel4minga (15 days ago)
I cum everytime drogon is roaring!
Killian Henry (15 days ago)
Le pauvre soldat a 0,26 il a peure 😞
Kevin Mwari (16 days ago)
This scene reminds me of hobbit,desolation of smug
Kevin Mwari (16 days ago)
This was a massacre
唐智余 (18 days ago)
when you had a B52 bomber in medieval
唐智余 (18 days ago)
the battle should start at, Dicon, Ricon, hahahahaha.
SRFriso94 (18 days ago)
0:33 I have never seen a man's face go so quickly from "We can do this" to "We are so fucked." Priceless XD
cesar garcia (19 days ago)
Jaime Lannister is a badass ; dany was sure scared
Kakashi Hatake (19 days ago)
Shon Hughes (21 days ago)
Drogon: You should've went for the head
Aliya Akabane (18 days ago)
This is how the real queen is. Fighting with her men
jhosimar L G (22 days ago)
illyas Ameen (24 days ago)
Why did Deanrys burn/destroy the food supplies? That was probably the last harvest before the longest winter in living memory.
Santa Clause (24 days ago)
Total War: Game of Thrones needs to be in the works....like i really hope they make that game.
Nor Bentulan (25 days ago)
all red men was bardecud by dragon
Tcc (25 days ago)
I am a huge bronn fan but him coming out of this completely unharmed is starting to kill my passion for this show as my favourite bit is the unpredictability when your favourite character gets into a dangerous situation but nah now they ok because they main character just like every other show
jhéssy Stasczyzyn (27 days ago)
perfect ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Korean Cowboy42 (27 days ago)
Bruh where was the rest of the Lannister army as in fully armor and not in leathery militia like? Though it probably wouldn't have mattered they would be burnt to death
bitter coffee (27 days ago)
"The beetles will feed on your eyes! The worms will crawl through your lungs! The rain shall fall upon your rotten flesh, until there is nothing left of you but bones!" -Khal Drogo (and in this case, rain is fire, and bones are ashes.)
MrEvldreamr (29 days ago)
The animal cruelty in GoT is over 9000
Venom8419 (30 days ago)
I love every scene Drogon is in. He's the boy.
Gabriel Black (1 month ago)
Drogon: *hits by bolt* MOTHER FUCKER, OW!!! WHAT THE HELL!? *destroys with fire* HOW DO YOU LIKE IT HUH!? *destroys another thing with tail* And fuck you too!
Crypto Knight (1 month ago)
The detail in this scene is simply astounding. Like when the dragon flies low over the water and creates wake from the air turbulence. Something that could easily have been overlook. This show set the standard of quality for all shows to come IMO.
Frances Leones (1 month ago)
When Drogon appeared, Jaime knew he was fucked.
Rebeca (1 month ago)
9:47 "Bitch, you ain't touching my mother"
fAshSon (1 month ago)
I'll pee my pants if I'm on the side WITHOUT the Dragons.
Leonard Pauca (1 month ago)
T Kyng (1 month ago)
So you see the dragon coming how come your not running away from it??
Free Bird (1 month ago)
9:47 Oh HELL NO, you ain't killing my mama today boi!
Giovani Diaz (1 month ago)
7:10 is such a powerful damn scene!!! Look at the despair in Jaime when the soldiers turn to ash.
Tlou O Melhor (1 month ago)
Ally Silveira (1 month ago)
6:56 That was the first time I think Daenerys was far more cruel than necessary. The Lannister Army was already defeated. She should have just landed her dragon and waited for the battle to end. This would prevent even Drogon from getting shot by Bronn.
Daniel Carvalho (1 month ago)
die many horse 💔
Mohammed Yasser (1 month ago)
00:52 that sound gave me goosebumps
Fab Lush (1 month ago)
Drogon destroyed that shit with his tail! 😂
Fab Lush (1 month ago)
Bronn should have died for disrespecting my dragon like that!
Fab Lush (1 month ago)
"Your people can't fight"
Pokemon4WoT (1 month ago)
Idiots. The Wights are coming.
yoyo Wu (1 month ago)
When you have AC130 with incendiary bomb in Medieval..........
anonymous nation (1 month ago)
Tyrion was never happy to see his people dying like this
Edwina Weinberg (1 month ago)
Best scene ever!
3boood_q1 youtube (1 month ago)
1:30 the horses' fuck this shit I'm out 😂😂😂
JJanse10 (1 month ago)
can you imagine just how much of a psychological impact it must have been for the soldiers to see two things they never would see in Westeros? A Dothraki horde and a fearsome beast that a great deal of them believed had been extinct for almost 150 years. Granted they had heard the rumors of her dragons from visiting merchants, but see it...to hear it...then to feel its flames.
Первая противо-воздушная защита.)
Jessica Melbury (1 month ago)
1:28 horses be like: "fuck dis shit"
ABUL JAISH AHMAD (1 month ago)
After seeing that I wish that Dragon riding fucking bitch must die.
Kimberley D. (1 month ago)
They can be "happy" that she "only" had one dragon with her there. Imagine this scene with all of them
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
9:18 this was a story told by Robert Baratheon to ser bariston in season 1. A idiot who thought he can end war with one swing of his sword
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
6:00 THAAD
the lonely potatoe (1 month ago)
This battle would've been even more epic if all three dragons where there
Silviu Stefanescu (1 month ago)
Alduin ?
Dark Girl (1 month ago)
I still get satisfyed every time i see Jaime's face when he hears the Drogon's roar.
bill harvell (1 month ago)
Jeez, why even go into combat? Just let the dragon torch them.
Fahad Aljassar (1 month ago)
Demonic Guard (1 month ago)
When you thought you gonna slaughter their horses with spears but they fire all their arty at once on you (Total war)
Michael Putney (1 month ago)
0:21 & 0:31
Dakota Hall (1 month ago)
whats the song in the beginning when th dragon comes out of the sky
BlackRose (1 month ago)
Jamie_I can't shoot with one hand. Me_So you can't shoot,but you can hold a pair reins while battling with a sword as your riding a horse? Yha ok. Am I only one who noticed that the fake amputee hand was actually his real one gripping the reins of the horse?
Jessica King (1 month ago)
I guess the show realized that when they gave Daenery dragons that she automatically won GOT, so they making the dragons beatable to give the other characters a fighting chance THAT'S MY OPINION 😊
Camelslayer (28 days ago)
You act like the dragons are invincible. They didn't "make the dragons beatable." Just because they're hard to kill doesn't mean they aren't flesh and blood.
Jessica King (1 month ago)
Does anyone know what happened to the other two dragons?
Tlou O Melhor (1 month ago)
Edson Fernandes (1 month ago)
E O Dragão morreeeeeeuu
roushan sinha (1 month ago)
I love the Guy Bron Always smiling and no fear Even in face of dragon No big dialogues of oath or duty Still gives 💯 % to their employers
Enormous Kpodo (1 month ago)
Nice movies
Md Salman (1 month ago)
Salman Khan
Jewoine Wilson (1 month ago)
she just burned most of the gold, supplies, and resources in the supply train.... damn. She must be balling
Bryan (1 month ago)
your men our running from the batllefield
Luiz Carlos (1 month ago)
Stupid Dani burning all the loot.
Batuhan Gürel (1 month ago)
Jamie Lannister is the most breavest person in GOT
Gabriel Frota (1 month ago)
4:32 Bronn should've died here.
Ash87 (2 months ago)
2:40 there is this one guy that just keeps running into the water after the baggage train behind him explodes like: "Hell to the no, I'm out"
Pedro Ramirez (1 month ago)
good eye, I also never noticed how the other guys around him burst into flames from the heat of dragonfire.
acmsong (2 months ago)
I think the dragon was pregant
Tierra Mason (2 months ago)
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Maikel Parra (2 months ago)
Jaime, the definition of a True knight, this was badass, 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍
Nacho Man (2 months ago)
Why would you burn the supplies, those could've been useful
Jose Hill (2 months ago)
Nacho Man She didn’t know it at the time cause she hadn’t met the NK.
Chris White (2 months ago)
9:56 Tyrion decided to betray Danny!
Angel Pabon Jr (2 months ago)
I LOVE the way Queen Danaerys screams Dracarys!
Victor Yanez (2 months ago)
bluebird (2 months ago)
One of the best episodes of the entire series featured in the worst season.
W.O.R. (2 months ago)
Drogon is just..alright. He's kind of a n*gger

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