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Go check it out on Reddit! https://www.reddit.com/r/CounterStrikeBinds/comments/41behf/change_hand_when_using_knife_finished_script/?ref=search_posts ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsRahulll ● Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/itsrahulll ● Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ItsRahulll ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsrahulll/ ● Snapchat: ItsRahulll ~Rahul // this first segment includes binds/aliases you can change to your preferences! alias knife_hand "cl_righthand 0" // hand your knife will appear in alias other_hand "cl_righthand 1" // hand everything else will appear in // remove binds if you don't want them, otherwise change the key to what you want. bind 1 b1 // rifle bind 2 b2 // pistol bind 3 b3 // knife bind 4 b5 // bomb bind z b6 // he bind x b7 // flash bind c b8 // smoke bind v b9 // decoy bind \ b10 // inc/molo bind q b11 // quickswitch // ----- end of configuration section ----- Written by Run1e setd // quickswitch logic alias switch_enable "other_next;setd" alias switch_disable "alias switch" alias knife_out "knife_hand;setd;other_next" alias other_out "other_hand;setn;knife_next" alias knife_next "alias switch knife_out" alias other_next "alias switch other_out" // +attack then losing item (planting bomb or throwing nade) logic alias +att_alias +attack alias -att_alias -attack alias +att_switch "+attack;switch_disable;alias +att_alias +attack" alias att_on "alias +att_alias +att_switch" // b* alias will be d* when the knife is in the quickswitch stack alias d1 "s1;c1;knife_next" alias d2 "s2;c2;knife_next" alias d5 "s5;c5;knife_next" alias d6 "s6;c6;knife_next" alias d7 "s7;c7;knife_next" alias d8 "s8;c8;knife_next" alias d9 "s9;c9;knife_next" alias d10 "s10:c10;knife_next" // b* alias will be n* when the knife is not in the quickswitch stack alias n1 "s1;switch_disable;setn" alias n2 "s2;switch_disable;setn" alias n5 "s5;switch_disable;setn" alias n6 "s6;switch_disable;setn" alias n7 "s7;switch_disable;setn" alias n8 "s8;switch_disable;setn" alias n9 "s9;switch_disable;setn" alias n10 "s10;switch_disable;setn" // set all b* aliases to d* alias setd "alias b1 d1;alias b2 d2;setd2" alias setd2 "alias b5 d5;alias b6 d6;setd3" alias setd3 "alias b7 d7;alias b8 d8;setd4" alias setd4 "alias b9 d9;alias b10 d10" // set all b* aliases to n* alias setn "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;setn2" alias setn2 "alias b5 n5;alias b6 n6;setn3" alias setn3 "alias b7 n7;alias b8 n8;setn4" alias setn4 "alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" // set all other b* aliases to n* except for c* alias c1 "alias b2 n2;alias b5 n5;c1_2" alias c1_2 "alias b6 n6;alias b7 n7;c1_3" alias c1_3 "alias b8 n8;alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" alias c2 "alias b1 n1;alias b5 n5;c2_2" alias c2_2 "alias b6 n6;alias b7 n7;c2_3" alias c2_3 "alias b8 n8;alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" alias c5 "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;c5_2" alias c5_2 "alias b6 n6;alias b7 n7;c5_3" alias c5_3 "alias b8 n8;alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" alias c6 "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;c6_2" alias c6_2 "alias b5 n5;alias b7 n7;c6_3" alias c6_3 "alias b8 n8;alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" alias c7 "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;c7_2" alias c7_2 "alias b5 n5;alias b6 n6;c7_3" alias c7_3 "alias b8 n8;alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" alias c8 "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;c8_2" alias c8_2 "alias b5 n5;alias b6 n6;c8_3" alias c8_3 "alias b7 n7;alias b9 n9;alias b10 n10" alias c9 "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;c9_2" alias c9_2 "alias b5 n5;alias b6 n6;c9_3" alias c9_3 "alias b7 n7;alias b8 n8;alias b10 n10" alias c10 "alias b1 n1;alias b2 n2;c10_2" alias c10_2 "alias b5 n5;alias b6 n6;c10_3" alias c10_3 "alias b7 n7;alias b8 n8;alias b9 n9" // s* will do the slot* command and put cl_righthand to the correct value alias s1 "slot1;other_hand" alias s2 "slot2;other_hand" alias s3 "slot3;knife_hand" alias s5 "slot5;other_hand;att_on" alias s6 "slot6;other_hand;att_on" alias s7 "slot7;other_hand;att_on" alias s8 "slot8;other_hand;att_on" alias s9 "slot9;other_hand;att_on" alias s10 "slot10;other_hand;att_on" // wanted to keep the user-bind segment a bit cleaner alias b3 "s3;switch_enable" alias b11 "lastinv;switch"
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Text Comments (182)
Casy X11 (2 days ago)
when i press q once it presses it 2 times, what do i do?
Rahul (2 days ago)
unbind q then rebind it. I haven't played the game in a few years so cannot remember the exact commands but I think it's something like [unbind q] and then it would be [bind q "lastinv"] Hope that is somewhat helpful
xxxTonytacion (13 days ago)
Does it works on the other site? I got my weapons on the left hand and i want to got my knife on the right site
ηιgнумαяє (27 days ago)
Not worck
FoXyy (1 month ago)
de1i として d (1 month ago)
great video ty
va.stebs (1 month ago)
Oof i want my awp in my ledt hand too rho
Rainboww (1 month ago)
idk what to do, i see New: and then, folder, or other, but what i put new in the cfg folder? help pls!!
botond bukta (1 month ago)
Vac or no Vac?
Gaming Buzz (1 month ago)
No Vac :D
Ney (1 month ago)
Does it work with mouse buttons ?
tabz (1 month ago)
didnt work for me
DefaultyBoi (1 month ago)
??? exec: couldn't exec View
FreezyP1xel :D (2 months ago)
that's a big ass script just copy and paste in the console thisbind 3 "slot3; cl_righthand 0"; bind 2 "slot2; cl_righthand 1"; bind 1 "slot1; cl_righthand 1"; bind 4 "slot4; cl_righthand 1"; bind 5 "slot5; cl_righthand 1"
I Am Joker (2 months ago)
Does this work for left hand gun and right hand knife
Elmira Gamzatova (3 months ago)
can you autoexec this
xRobert_Ro (4 months ago)
hey i did the file thing but i dont know how to to change when i want to throw a flash or a he i have to pres x v.....how can i cange it to 4 like it was default?
Koki Koki (4 months ago)
when i go save as> and i put "All files" and go save, after when i check is it Text document or All files i see it is Text document what do i do?
Flqshy. (4 months ago)
How to get back all in right hand
Retard (4 months ago)
wow you have the same mind of me
Carl Johnson (4 months ago)
How do i unbind it ? becuz i dont like it..
AngeL (4 months ago)
Or... you could just use this command : bind 3 "slot3; cl_righthand 0"; bind 2 "slot2; cl_righthand 1"; bind 1 "slot1; cl_righthand 1"; bind 4 "slot4; cl_righthand 1"; bind 5 "slot5; cl_righthand 1"
TraTheMLG (4 months ago)
How about knife in right gun in left ? Pls tell me
Jali Fc (2 months ago)
Just reverse 1s and 0s.
sleepy 98 (8 months ago)
what about guns on left side and knife on right side? please help
ZipL1NE (9 months ago)
This video have already done by Foekroka
Lebron Ace Dy (9 months ago)
How to unbind bro plz ?
trap (9 months ago)
Wetsuit GT unbindall in console then open the menu and go to mouse and setting and do restore defaults
Rasmus (10 months ago)
+rep worked Thanks man
PolerIsMyName (10 months ago)
i have a problem when i switch to my slot 1 it just switch the side of the hand but not the gun
Sunray (11 months ago)
What if I want my nades in left hand top? Can I change that somehow in that cfg file?
EDGERUNNER (11 months ago)
How can i switch it around
it says unknown command "setd"
Tamer Massalha (1 year ago)
Help me unbind
Nello (1 year ago)
I want change when I press 5 its bomb and 4 is nades inc :( how can I do this?
Chris (1 year ago)
Idk why, but my quickswitch doesn't work anymore, after I did exec LeftHand. And when I re-enable the quickswitch commands, it stops working. Someone help. :(
charlesgotskills (1 year ago)
thx broo ive been looking for this
Rahul (1 year ago)
glad I could help :)
Andi Hartono (1 year ago)
How to make it back to default?
Rockt (1 year ago)
] exec Nytt textdokument exec: couldn't exec Nytt
byX-manu (10 months ago)
textdokument is not a .cfg :/
RetardDream (1 year ago)
ì figured it out myself. all i did was search the commands. here it is: bind 1 "slot1; cl_righthand 1" bind 2 "slot2; cl_righthand 1" bind 3 "slot3; cl_righthand 0" bind 4 "slot4; cl_righthand 1" bind 5 "slot5; cl_righthand 1" bind q "lastinv; cl_righthand 1"
Adys (6 months ago)
RetardDream this is just ingame binds right? So not banneble?
Nicholas Martinez (9 months ago)
soooo true he should make his own video
Carl Schmidt Nielsen (9 months ago)
Better than the vid
Nicholas Martinez (9 months ago)
this worked better, and way faster
Hater Of Haters (1 year ago)
Hey ! Just a little question ! Is it safe ? Will i get Vac banned if i do this ? Or is it totally normal ?
Game Byte (10 months ago)
SnowSaN its not even a script
SnowSan (1 year ago)
U dont get VAC for it. It's a script, not an illegal inject software.
SushiCSGO (1 year ago)
hello is it possible to make it that I have my knife right hand and all other guns in left?
Aritez (1 year ago)
does this script only have to be activated once or is it constantly everytime you startup the game?
Alex (1 year ago)
what do I put if i binded it to like mouse 3 and alt
Kuzuo (1 year ago)
how do you do this but the opposite (gun on the left hand and knife on the right)
Rahul (1 year ago)
not too sure
Sidou Gamer (1 year ago)
can you speak slowly
Sidou Gamer (1 year ago)
i just will understand the video look man i like your videos but im not understand
Rahul (1 year ago)
If I did start speaking slowly right now, what difference would it make to your life?
Sidou Gamer (1 year ago)
Rahul (1 year ago)
Banana 1 (2 years ago)
I did all the steps, but in game every now and then, the knife will just switch to the right hand. Any help?
Banana 1 (1 year ago)
Thank you everyone for helping me. I got it to work but i have a question. How do i like get rid of it/ disable it?
Briann Diaz (1 year ago)
Probably, you have a cfg modificated with personal commands and in parameters load these.
Banana 1 (2 years ago)
+Rahul Well these are the screen shots of the Commands https://i.gyazo.com/745cf0c33dd51f85bb1ad67e73935d00.png https://gyazo.com/528a880948f7a37c87a2c1a9ecc17701 Also what do you mean by ' make sure you change the binds at the top of the config ' ??
Banana 1 (2 years ago)
+rahul Do you have steam? so we can communicate more effectively. My steam is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198198511338/
Rahul (2 years ago)
+me name is chikcen If you're pressing those buttons cause you have them bound to different inventory items, make sure you change the binds at the top of the config.
Sait Demir (2 years ago)
vac ban?
FIN Drummer (2 months ago)
benjamin muñoz but this is decected
benjamin muñoz (4 months ago)
If you change your crosshair lr viewmodel you get vac ban? No.
Elainevas (8 months ago)
Rahul xd
Rahul (2 years ago)
seriously? nooooo
RageCube (2 years ago)
bind in console: bindtoggle v cl_righthand equip knife, press v :O
RageCube (2 years ago)
Loved the video btw :)
TechXTime (2 years ago)
Tried this then i realized i dont have a knife
Rahul (2 years ago)
I know the feels :'(
egarutemn (2 years ago)
Rahul (2 years ago)
Giffel (2 years ago)
Hehe Vikkstar1232nd
Rahul (2 years ago)
Weed (2 years ago)
I think i messed up i followed the steps and when i launch my game everything in the console pops up in the top right of the screen everything i enter and the knife in my left hand isnt showing :/
Rahul (2 years ago)
hmm. that's odd. Did you copy the config exactly as it was?
andamangym (2 years ago)
Are you left or right handed?
Jali Fc (2 months ago)
Som_ Fun srsly
Som_ Fun (3 months ago)
Rahul right hand is better
Rahul (2 years ago)
left handed :)
teddy (2 years ago)
my toaster cant run this
teddy (2 years ago)
Rahul (2 years ago)
Did it destroy your processor?
aezakmi cordol (2 years ago)
in cs 1.6 cl_lw 0
Super Hopkins (2 years ago)
I dont understand how you dont have more subs! Great quality
Rahul (2 years ago)
haha, thanks man :D
Vinay Gautam (2 years ago)
Vulcan giveaway? ty for the script tho will be trying this ingame.
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
Vinay Gautam (2 years ago)
y trade ban?
Rahul (2 years ago)
Trade banned on that account so can't :/ Have fun using the script :)
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
We need an 'if' variable for cs scripting, like in pretty much every programming language. For example: if knife_equipped = True: cl_righthand 0 else: cl_righthand 1 For fellow programmers: (YT ignores indents :])
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
+Rahul It could be
Rahul (2 years ago)
yeh but to be fair, cs isn't really mean for programming xD
Weasel (2 years ago)
Can you not just add CL_righthand 0 into your bind to switch to.the knife and cl righthand 1 into your bind for everything else
Rahul (2 years ago)
Yeh but that wouldn't work with quickswitching
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
MY script is much more efficient fam : alias +knife "slot3; cl_righthand 0" alias -knife "lastinv; cl_righthand 1" bind q "+knife" Sit down...
RajwA XD (1 month ago)
can u help me how to unbind this EBLITZR stupid tips?
RajwA XD (1 month ago)
how to unbind this shit?
Zunne (5 months ago)
it works lol
The Black Zone (10 months ago)
Yeah man, that's not working pretty much :P
SoupyRL (1 year ago)
Bea Bearnaise unbind it in console using 'unbind q' (or whatever key you were using) then go back to the option menu to rebind it to whatever key you were using before hand which probably was last weapon used.
BOT Fishy (2 years ago)
Hey Rahul any tips for small CsGo youtubers like me?
Rahul (2 years ago)
just carry on doing what you're doing :)
Sleeve (2 years ago)
thank you i saw launders had this but i didnt know how to get it :D
Rahul (2 years ago)
+•iNSiDe • Yeh that's why mine is so long. It works with quick switch. And my wallpaper is the supreme london store
Rahul (2 years ago)
+•iNSiDe • I won't work with quick switch
Rahul (2 years ago)
Well now you know :)
Color (2 years ago)
Does it work online?
Color (2 years ago)
Rahul (2 years ago)
Yeh :D
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
VectorGamingXX XX (2 years ago)
love the stream you did
VectorGamingXX XX (2 years ago)
+VectorGamingXX XX 20
VectorGamingXX XX (2 years ago)
+Rahul almost to 30 thousand awesome
Rahul (2 years ago)
Thanks for stopping by on it :D
whynogood (2 years ago)
Much shorter bind 3 "slot3; cl_righthand 0"; bind 2 "slot2; cl_righthand 1"; bind 1 "slot1; cl_righthand 1"; bind 4 "slot4; cl_righthand 1"; bind 5 "slot5; cl_righthand 1"; bind "q" "slot3; lastinv; cl_righthand 1";
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
Everyone uses Q bro
+Rahul Thanks
Rahul (2 years ago)
+NuclearBananaProductions simply type unbindall in your console to fix every problem you have
How do I unbind this?
Rahul (2 years ago)
This won't work
uzmbe (2 years ago)
why you had stopped using your old account?
Lance T. (2 years ago)
what is the account name or link i wanna see it
Rahul (2 years ago)
around 3 years ago it was hijacked for half a year and when I got it back it had VAC ban. I've tried contacting steam to remove it but no luck
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
v v v VACCC
chris08091 (2 years ago)
chris08091 (2 years ago)
+Rahul +EBLITZR ty
Rahul (2 years ago)
It's some mirrors edge map from the workshop
EBLITZR (2 years ago)
.Toxic (2 years ago)
Ryan Heeren (2 years ago)
Yo, Rahul. I want to start out with youtube, but i always get bored when editing.... Do you have any tips for me?
Rahul (2 years ago)
edit it in parts
Ellis Hardwick (2 years ago)
watch a movie or something, mabye music or a game
azzy707 (2 years ago)
Rahul (2 years ago)
It's some mirrors edge map from the workshop

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