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13 Pro Tips to Improve Your PUBG MOBILE Game

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Download the hottest Battle Royale game on mobile today! https://goo.gl/SSU3eU Subscribe to Powerbang Gaming for more daily PUBG Mobile content http://bit.ly/PBonYT Today Powerbang unveils 13 key tips and tricks to help PUBG Mobile beginners instantly become better players. Use these tips to start earning chicken dinners right away! Don't forget to tag us on social media with your Chicken Dinner screenshots! -PB #powerbang
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Text Comments (3046)
NegiZone (1 hour ago)
PUBG new tricks https://youtu.be/cbbAbs4XXwA
Jagan buffi (8 hours ago)
This is just a basic Tutorial
That's me in the building
Wolfs Trinkets (9 hours ago)
Hey guys. Want to improve your chance to win? Check this awesome controller out ➡️ https://wolfstrinkets.com/collections/featured-products/products/wt-f1-mobile-game-controller
Finekku Su (17 hours ago)
nice sniping
ravi lamba (22 hours ago)
You are the best bro
BJ GAMING (1 day ago)
Mr Boi Man (1 day ago)
I am in Platinum III and level 46 however i STILL see some bots
HEMANTH KUMAR (1 day ago)
Only one thing to be pro u should master in controlling
GAME CENTER (1 day ago)
The time when powerbangs didn't had any skins!!!
Arindam Sen (1 day ago)
Terminator : (1 day ago)
Patrik Käpyaho (2 days ago)
So the first tip is effectively to use your map
prithvi singh chauhan (2 days ago)
Bhnkelode pubg mobile pc me khelne waalo, khud ko loda lassn bola kro pro nahi !! 🐽
fordmustang1945 (2 days ago)
This shits the most obvious stuff ever, your screen set up is weird btw
Tushar Garg (3 days ago)
Is this pro tip ?? I thought its just beginners tips
Ali Nooar (3 days ago)
anyone ACE enter like😘
Ariz CS (4 days ago)
Fucking noobie tips
KerTheGreat (4 days ago)
This helps so much.. especially the headphone part. I played with headphones and got a chicken dinner earlier. U can check my instagram @KerTheGreat. U can see the pic there
Mubashir Alam (4 days ago)
I killed 27
Hossain Bc (4 days ago)
I got five chicken dinner
Arham Mujtaba (4 days ago)
The title should have been "how to play pubg"
amr k21 (5 days ago)
What is the mobile you are using
kxvtr1 (5 days ago)
In total I've had 2 adrenaline syringes and used none haha oof
Kvass Man (5 days ago)
I’m already better at this... But i want tips to get silver fragments and uc’s
Lz Chhakchhuak (6 days ago)
i have win 3 chicken dinner in the firsr time i play
5fgtvtvrv Vrv4h5h (6 days ago)
Why don't you do live stream
Siam (6 days ago)
lol. I know this all
very nice
very good
Sanjana Shah (7 days ago)
Now it’s become very hard to kill
Savdo Sam (7 days ago)
Never were a shoes beacuse they cant see your foot on your map.
M H (7 days ago)
Super!!! Can you give me some more tips to become a pro # my ID is Aum2005
Dustin Shane (7 days ago)
Thank you so much I got my first solo win with these tips 12 kills
xenn is dead (8 days ago)
Whats with your screen
Asrar y,ubaid (8 days ago)
Who like pubg like here
Asrar y,ubaid (8 days ago)
Asrar y,ubaid (8 days ago)
Who like Clash of Clans like here
I use my own method for winning and almost all the time it works and this guy doesn’t at all say what I do
Primetimenewsome (8 days ago)
FYI...it’s not an assault rifle, it’s a semi-auto. AR means Armalite.
fordmustang1945 (2 days ago)
It means both
Mansing Patil (8 days ago)
What is meant by bots in game
Kızgın Fok (9 days ago)
This tips are just for noobs
Ashok Kumar (9 days ago)
Sanjeev Singh (9 days ago)
Rapacious Duo (9 days ago)
Just uploaded my first YouTube ever, check it out(don’t be too harsh)
ItzYeBoi X (9 days ago)
Ok this happens to me every time’: I’m playing a normal game and I looted up up and I’m on the run and I turn around a see a random dude with a gun pointing at me . And I freaked out and shoot him a little and reload (he’s just standing there) then. I shoot him dead. Bots..... I went over 20 kills once cuz of this.
France Plays (10 days ago)
Who else thinks that it's annoying when people call wins "chicken dinners?"
NY KH (11 days ago)
NY KH (11 days ago)
How to earn cash in pubg please madarchod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a3R7ndf5hE
Roshan Samarajeewa (11 days ago)
Those aren't "pro tips" these are "beginners and noob tips "
Varun bn (11 days ago)
Thanks for this video
abdullah alnajjar (12 days ago)
Good tips...thank you💕❤
Aditya Gupta (12 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCefcSH56i4&t=1563s pubg
Bola Bows (12 days ago)
Thank you very much. Really helped me in my game🙏😇😄
Burst Finish (12 days ago)
Glad it was in my recommended
Shock Fist (12 days ago)
Super helpful
Devil Joker (12 days ago)
These are basics.
Play Comfortably: Try it now the best Gaming Headset ever: https://youtu.be/BRXo3Kakc6E
Instructions unclear, accidently masturbated instead
I am gonna subscribe who subscribe me
do khen lal (14 days ago)
Sam Plays Everything (14 days ago)
i get adrenaline shot on ground how’s that possible
bluewars 100 (14 days ago)
I just got the game and my first match was squads and I got a 10 kill and my second match after that was a 17 in solo and I used these tips use em guys they help.
Pratik Panda (6 days ago)
You're playing with fucking bots at your level. Of course you will get 10+ kills.
D3ATHROW YT (6 days ago)
They're f*cking basic.
Jagdish Solanki (15 days ago)
Please can you gift any gun skin to me (IronmanJR) Please I don't have any
10messi10 (15 days ago)
U have hendred chicken dinner in ur belly while i have a thousand 😅 sorry if this is insult im just kid
Razak Belim (15 days ago)
link do
Razak Belim (15 days ago)
j2 me PUBG chalani he
How does this man not have million subscribers
Rohit Kagade (15 days ago)
Please say how to get flare hum
SKSTONES Gaming (16 days ago)
whoa that is great awesome........ watch this too https://youtu.be/EmhEwvgxLEI
David Ahraz (16 days ago)
Which mobile are you used
SIBIN THOMAS (16 days ago)
Like this page https://www.facebook.com/Perfektgamer for more updates about games.
dance with Lakshmi (16 days ago)
I great fan of pubg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Omar Rochet (16 days ago)
Actually going prone in medium to long distance shootouts could save your life if you don’t know where the enemy is.
SecretiveGh0uL (16 days ago)
How can you get the Shadow Effects?
Pipin06 (16 days ago)
Pro tip #1: Always pick up smoke grenades. They are VERY useful!
To much bots this game :/
Pratik Panda (17 days ago)
How's this pro tips ? Please edit your title. Misleading at best. Incorrect tips as well. Adrenaline injections can be found outside the loot crates as well. Clickbait. Unsubbed.
Pratik Panda (6 days ago)
Enan Andrew stfu noob. The video says pro. This is noob stuff. Right on for ya mf!
Enan Andrew (13 days ago)
What pro tips do you wan'to know?
Enan Andrew (13 days ago)
new in pubg mobile? The video posted in May. Probably adrenaline only be found in crates. Stfu and check the changelogs.
Tanay Sharma (17 days ago)
Are you stupid?
Fusion z Gameing (17 days ago)
What graphics did he use
sangey dorjee (17 days ago)
f.k ur vedio was good but you are talking too much.so we are not interested leave it
Read More (4 days ago)
*V E D I O*
PUBG tricks and tips (18 days ago)
Fižolček 123 (18 days ago)
Your are good but im better
1v1Dogfights (18 days ago)
6:21 Can't touch this
Peter Mosrong (18 days ago)
14uxk dy 8 go Un
vishnu VT (18 days ago)
They are helpful for comple beignner but , it's not pro tips
Gabriel Gabriel (18 days ago)
ghillie suit its amazing
Arabi Borshan (19 days ago)
,tip no 1 don't throw grenade near you
Bomder Don (19 days ago)
What is this? Beginner tips!?!?
a creature (19 days ago)
lets play together
Sourabh Gurga (19 days ago)
Yusiii (19 days ago)
NICE VID! You’re my favorite Ytber
SeeLap (19 days ago)
Nice video #seelap
negatiff (19 days ago)
I watched 6 tips. This is simply HOW TO PLAY TIPS, not PRO TIPS. Dislike
Aswin Adinadu (20 days ago)
11:10 what you have to say about it 😄😄😄
Jia Roxane (20 days ago)
Bro ... how u moved ur shooting buttons?
Kayla Aurora (20 days ago)
Anyone have any tips on achieving a better aim, especially when it needs to be done super fast?
Sam123 Ma (20 days ago)
But what to do if solo vs squad
FAKERZ GAMING (21 days ago)
teach me how to know enemies from far away huhu.. BUT IF SOMEONE INFRONT OF ME THEY WILL DIE BUT FAR AWAY I WILL DIE HAHAHA
Jahir Shaikh (21 days ago)
Hi I am your new subscriber
ORXED11 Saifullah (21 days ago)
I AM TRASH AT fornite I like kill 2 pubg get 6 kills

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