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Minecraft Pocket Edition - How To Make An END PORTAL (Minecraft PE)

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This video was an April Fools joke!! Here is the real video on how to make an end portal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3thXqKZ9i_E Build the end portal in MCPE! This is a tutorial on how to make an end portal in Minecraft Pocket Edition! Enter The End - fight the ender dragon and endermen, collect end stone and obsidian, and destroy ender crystals in Minecraft PE 0.13.0, 0.14.0, 0.14.1, 0.14.2, 0.14.3, 0.15.0, 0.15.1, 0.15.2, 0.15.3, 0.15.4, 0.15.6, or even 0.16.0! ►Subscribe Here! → http://bit.ly/TeamGlow ►Follow Me On Twitter! → https://twitter.com/Glowific Bio: Hey there! I'm Glowific, and I play Minecraft Pocket Edition / Minecraft PE / MCPE! I love to post exciting gameplay, funny videos, and more just for you! Thanks for watching and have a great day!
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Text Comments (7520)
Glowific (1 year ago)
This was an April Fools video!! You can actually make end portals now though. Here's the real video: https://youtu.be/3thXqKZ9i_E
Caca Annisa (1 day ago)
Is this end portal
Dawn Villarreal (1 month ago)
Hi thanks
evrithing gameplay (2 months ago)
Wow cool
Helitalksjlks Weeyu (1 month ago)
You just skite
Paul Allen Bailen (2 months ago)
gago hindi naman gumana yung ginawa ko
stela tsolaki (2 months ago)
That doesn’t work
cake like sufure (2 months ago)
You layer!!!
Sadiq Letifov (2 months ago)
Mada fakt
evrithing gameplay (2 months ago)
Te hülye bele estem csak a lávába
Death Kilerc (2 months ago)
In the lava you won't go to the Ender Portal it will just kill you
Dead Memes (2 months ago)
Most foolish noob nerver read the description.
Pineapple (2 months ago)
Wait? I’m confused 😂
Cameron Winchester (3 months ago)
That is weird
Ashlyn Hatter (3 months ago)
tushi53 (3 months ago)
So then how in survival how do you go in the lava and you di i trid in Prime
Petronilia Cummings (3 months ago)
Good video 😴
Nagara L (4 months ago)
VietGamer YT (4 months ago)
20K dislikes p/s: who watch in 2018??
Raymundo Velasquez (4 months ago)
i acctulay killed it 99 times if i kill it one more time i got 100 for killing the ender dragon
Riley Johal (5 months ago)
It a lie💩💩💩
Christian Williams (5 months ago)
Nice video dood
Te tardas mucho en en pesar uuuuuuu
Ernie Empreso (5 months ago)
Boooooooo not real the real is eye of ender
Vanity parlour (5 months ago)
It didn’t actvat
Buh das klappt nur einmal bei mir 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
XxKILLING MACHINE12345xX (6 months ago)
You troll me in minecraft pe in my house you are noob noob noob !!!!!!!!!
shankyu sikik ana siki
Aerin Gum (6 months ago)
Really?😒 You didn't even prove it😒
MC Dani08 (6 months ago)
Nem vagy normal
Ramil Hasanli (6 months ago)
FlameKiller 7 (6 months ago)
Every one a noo b
Marcus Holloway (6 months ago)
I like yours videos
panda playz (7 months ago)
Just kidding April Fools
panda playz (7 months ago)
Bro Fu!ck you
Natan Kibreab (7 months ago)
Thank you
Joey Gaming (7 months ago)
He tried to kill us!!!!
Adriana Potoschi (7 months ago)
I jumped into Lava😖😖😖
Adrian Bye (7 months ago)
HOW DO WE GO IN IT!!!!!!!!!=_=
Mlg King Meck (7 months ago)
Jayden Melendez (8 months ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that was not funny
IDEAS OF FUN (8 months ago)
It is a foolish idea
johnny v-isander (8 months ago)
Whats the beggening beat called
ONEILIA NELSON (8 months ago)
tomi macgyver (8 months ago)
are you kidding me
glen the gamer (8 months ago)
Nice intro
glen the gamer (8 months ago)
Nice kntto
I watched the video before the end portal update without reading the description and I fell for it.
Sleishman (9 months ago)
vai toma no teu cu filho da puta
Jason Ordonez (9 months ago)
You little piece of TRAAAAASHHHHHH
Yesla and Gellyformoney (9 months ago)
Did not work
Clasher guru tricks (9 months ago)
Eagle Six (9 months ago)
Nice joke man
Jonas Cawagas (9 months ago)
And this is my dads tablet
Jonas Cawagas (9 months ago)
I want to be a youtubeber
Jonas Cawagas (9 months ago)
Don't wory I have that my minecraft pe is PC version and Im a kid ok guys
Balin Stallard (9 months ago)
That's not how u do it
Dogukan Isık (9 months ago)
fac you
Jose Luis (10 months ago)
That's not zombies head
Jose Luis (10 months ago)
Not god bad
VELKSTER POISS (10 months ago)
William B (10 months ago)
It has not been working
chyrlito alcantara (10 months ago)
. . how build that in mcpe
Joshua London (10 months ago)
Faith Hotchkiss (10 months ago)
Salmaan PlayZ (10 months ago)
Commodore Turner (10 months ago)
Nice intro
Hi! Alm Helen!
mr handsome (10 months ago)
Not real
Bobby O (10 months ago)
He is totally lying😂😂😂
Lucy royale (10 months ago)
Nothing happened
Conductor 33 (10 months ago)
Eat ,y lo
Irgend- Jemand (10 months ago)
I dont let me troll😂
Luciana De La Cruz (11 months ago)
Porque no hace un portal de Belén por favor por favor por favor y no muestra de una tablet Samsung Cómo se puede servir la diversidad natural y nosotros sino van a salir
Madie S (11 months ago)
Briah Atkinson (11 months ago)
Looser it didn't work I'm never watching your vids again
Ava Balinski (11 months ago)
Kawaii Youtubers (1 year ago)
It was April 1st
Mikaela Jackson-Perry (1 year ago)
Cruz Betances (1 year ago)
Nice Intro
When I was trying to se but I event in I died and lost my diamonds😤😤😤😤😤💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Indra Rizki (1 year ago)
Ohh coool I saw something Very like a orangy red water And it took me at the forest WOW Ok I died thats how it took me to The forest ok my sis did not know What the end looks like so she Called it nether because she knows That place but she thinks she does Know wut the end looks like
Alyssa Uhric (1 year ago)
Lowrence Jada (1 year ago)
frick you
Rage Gamer (1 year ago)
It did not work
DJTT312_ Meow_Cat (1 year ago)
Cristian Fernando (1 year ago)
Boooo This Suks
ItzEnder Playz&vlogz (1 year ago)
My one I
ItzEnder Playz&vlogz (1 year ago)
urvi Desai (1 year ago)
U are a bad and a mad man i heat u
IceCreamCat (1 year ago)
Look at the date guys
Kira Tuba (1 year ago)
Kira Tuba (1 year ago)
Caroline Jolley (1 year ago)
Worst intro #1
Tyler Gervais (1 year ago)
It did not work!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Gervais (1 year ago)
If this does not work I will be very angry.
COLIWILO P. (1 year ago)
Sohib Hatim (1 year ago)
Btrickz Lopez (1 year ago)
Putang ina mo
Annabelle Lombardo (1 year ago)
Ummmmmm y would u do that we got so exited to do this 😒
jonppu playz (1 year ago)
this is face
Myisha Letang (1 year ago)
It didn't work troller

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