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Treasures of Machu Picchu Slot Machine Bonus Big Win WMS Slots

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Uploaded April 1st! Treasures of Machu Picchu Slot Machine Bonus round with 5x multipliers! Let me start off by saying, I got fooled! So what better way to pay homage to April fools than showing me being fooled :-) I thought this was going to be a huge epic big win! Hahaha ~Enjoy!!! Slot Machine: Treasures of Machu Picchu by WMS Slots Denom: 1c (Penny) Total Bet: $2.00 Subscribe: http:///www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kbr420 Like and Subscribe to support my channel and to receive my latest updates when they're available! Thanks and Good Luck!!!! -kbr
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Text Comments (85)
Antoinette Harp (14 days ago)
Take to long to connect, to see and play the game
billy rizio (1 month ago)
this guy sound depressed
Toy Bus Productions (2 months ago)
Pay out is terrible on this machine. But cool bonus. Top 5 lol😂
127BobbyRay (7 months ago)
You can tell that is a crap slot with that win being a top 5 bonus!
Elphxdav (9 months ago)
Thats it?
Bryan Burt (2 years ago)
Kpn thrs e weere sdsoop[3e
panzer waffen (2 years ago)
2 $ bet still low wining
Jason Chen (2 years ago)
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Robert Mitchell (2 years ago)
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panzer waffen (2 years ago)
+kbr420 - Slot Machine Videos 👍
It was, however that wasn't the point of the video :)
Shasi Dhital (2 years ago)
hockeycub19 (2 years ago)
Good shit
Headersbetter SLOTS (2 years ago)
great win! my very first handpay was on this game. my very last spin every reel was wild with lots of multipliers. 2700.00. I couldn't believe it!!!
Lvega305 (2 years ago)
625X 😂😂😂😂 next time read the menu you fool... buahahaha
Joanna Bickford (2 years ago)
Stephen P (2 years ago)
This one never gets old! Nice work.
Khongbiet Khongbiet (2 years ago)
I Hate God.
Joe Kimminau (2 years ago)
Rosa Villar (2 years ago)
O01dude 45 (2 years ago)
the action is insane!
Jose Gonzalez (3 years ago)
You sound so excited!...not really!
KCSlotChannel (3 years ago)
If it was a 625x hit for each line that would have paid you almost $39,000 just for that one hit. lol Still a nice bonus tho.
schreierroger1976 (3 years ago)
Hi OMG congratulation 4 this amazing WIN....you invested only USD 2.00 to get the free spins right? You are a lucky guy....greetings from switzerland
Still a great win, but I hate it when they do that with the multipliers: like in the 5-reel double-diamond top-dollar machines which also don't build if you get more than one of them!
+kbr420 - Slot Machine Videos Absolutely- need to check out more of your channel soon- subscribed!
+TheBigPayback totally agree! thanks for the comment!
JD l (3 years ago)
That is kind of stupid.  Why have all those 5x if they're not going to multiply on top of each other.  Might as well just have 1 5x and the rest wild. All other games I play usually pay the total multiplier.
no (3 years ago)
I noticed that these big wins seem to happen more when you already have more than $100 in credits already the machine.
+no it has no affect. I like to play with one TITO, despite how much is on it. At the end of the night, I don't like to feed multiple tickets into the redemption machine haha
Alfonso D. Politron (3 years ago)
Good win, I have a feeling that slot machines pay out more at night and on weekends. Then again RNG is suppose to make that false.
thesedays m (3 years ago)
I agree with you. I have played and won a gran or so during the day but it was far and in between. Lot's of winners at night though.
Clark Kent (3 years ago)
Hey please tell me your routine? I go twice a week take $100 each time, start with $20 in Willy wonka for example, and 24 tines out if 24 tines I been going I never win shit? Ever, im freaking out, please tell me if u have a secret or special way? I don't always bet max and I never bet small and still I walk out a loser? Any advice? Thanks for your time..
Asa Steppings (3 years ago)
+Clark Kent go and rob a bank as superman then you will not need to play anymore with worry ;)
its all about right place/right time. We can always blame the casino, machine or the players card. But in the end, it's really that specific point in time when you press that button. I do want to say that machines have their streaks...I've had many sessions where I would rack up money over the course of an hour. And other times, it's cold. 
Clark Kent (3 years ago)
I just wonder sometimes if the machines are fixed? Like so u can't win on certain times? Or idk maybe im just a loser lol
Clark Kent (3 years ago)
Thank u, ill take your advice, yea I know what u mean about that wonka machine, I went through $75 one time $2 spin and not one oompa bonus or any bonus,
Take willy wonka for example. For me, 8 times out of 10, when I play $2 a spin and invest at least $100 in the same machine, I will get the Oompa Bonus at least twice. It's not guaranteed but it's what I expect and it happens majority of the time.
What a great game!  Tough to find this one these days!  Linked from Player's Life!
motorcitydeadman (3 years ago)
nice win! :D
sauropod (3 years ago)
Congrats. Entertainment Value: 9/10  Game Value:10/10
MiMi Crosby (3 years ago)
Awesome win
Amber Dean (3 years ago)
That was awesome!
natedrewjade (3 years ago)
Nice one sir. Congratz!!!!
Djsavan Shah (3 years ago)
Did you play this at ballys in atlantic city.  I was there on Sunday and played it and won $268 playing .80 a pull.  I put a $20 in and said to myself why not.  Excellent win.
Very nice bonus kbr. It's not that bad you would think so. I like it. Well done.
Michael Reyes (3 years ago)
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Wen1515 (3 years ago)
Oh my hell! The screen shot thing is hilarious! Nice job making me giggle all day. 😄
Video Diva13 (3 years ago)
Congrats, still a nice win!
dvandentop (3 years ago)
hell yeah good win wish they all multiplied woulda been insane in hell if so
Jennifer Jahns (3 years ago)
With all those saying 5 x's, I'd have thought it'd been a much bigger win.  
I DO think they made a mistake on this game -- cause every OTHER game you get the combined multipliers.  They should have just had the multipliers on the first reel and everything else just says "wild".
Peter Parker (3 years ago)
+kbr420 - Slot Machine Videos this is similar to Valiant King games by WMS. Even though the wilds are multiplier wilds, they do not actually multiply each other. They just multiply the line. it's not like Buffalo or Great Eagle Returns. anyways, congrats!!!
Totally! This was my first experience on it and as you can tell, I was literally stunned that it didn't combine. C'mon mfg's, where's the focus tests on these games?!
wow awesome bonus
Thanks man!
KenoBabe777 (3 years ago)
AWESOME!!! Congrats!!
Ali Wheeler (3 years ago)
Thank you Kenobabe!
LOL...I think its definitely misleading to see these multipliers like this.  And if I'm not mistaken...in this same game, if you get like a 2x and 3x on this, doesn't it ADD UP instead of multiply?  There's some WMS game that does that, which I don't like.  Congrats on the bonus though, its a good one regardless.
Kevin Cummings (3 years ago)
+ShinobiYT Wolverton does the same thing where it isn't multiplied on top of each other
I think with multiplier wilds you can only get one of them on each spin like if you get 5x all other wilds come with 5x on same spin. There is no mix of multipliers
I'm not quite sure if it adds up. I haven't had too much time on this game...You would think that's the least it can do since it doesn't multiply. Thanks Shinobi!
MR.Vegas Hot Slots (3 years ago)
Still a damn good bonus!
Marylyn Mbugua (2 years ago)
+kbr420 - Slot Machine Videos nek ax
It was! Fun too! Thanks Mr. Vegas
JM Engelhard (3 years ago)
Awesome win! Congrats! ;)
Thank yo JM!
Wasn't even a super big win! Should have been. great hit but disappointing when I multiplied all those 5x too I got it wrong hehe
I believe that was everyones first impressions! C'mon wms...But, that looked soooooo amazing :-)
Silvia Slots (3 years ago)
Very nice win !! Love this slot even though I've never played it :( Is it difficult to trigger the bonus?
From the times few times I've played it, I hit the bonus every time. I would say it's on the easier side...but the retriggers are almost guaranteed :) Thanks Silvia
Wolf Foley (3 years ago)
WOW!!!!!!! I love this slot. But I've never come close to those 5X multiplier lines. I going to keep trying. It's one of those slots that got me with the what if? factor. Everyone has a slot/some slots that has that special what if? factor and this one is one of mine. I only play this at max. Great, GREAT post. You really do deliver the toppest notch slot videos on YouTube! Wolfy :)
Rott Man (3 years ago)
+Wolf Foley You have never played this spirited wolf lmao!!!
+Wolf Foley Thanks again for the wonderful compliments Wolfy! 
Wolf Foley (3 years ago)
Nope, I was being serious. Your video quality, stable images, editing, etc... ARE ALL TOP NOTCH!  Truly  A BIG FAN, Wolfy :)
This game is fun, even tho deceiving! Thanks Wolfy...but I can't tell if your last sentence is an april fools on me hehe :-)
Slot Slasher (3 years ago)
Still a great bonus! Can anyone tell me where I can find this in vegas?
Slot Slasher (3 years ago)
Thanks guys
Jakob (3 years ago)
They have one at the Mirage as well
Thanks Mcglaven! I played this last year at the MGM Grand. It was located towards the west part of the casino floor, closer to where they used to have the lions. Same bank as country girl. Also played this at the Peppermill in Reno. 
I'd be fooled too.  My math would not have gotten me to 625X that fast, but for sure I'd be thinking more than 5X!!  Still an nice win and a fun video!!  BTW...I HATE YOUR CHANNEL!  April fools to you too!  Thanks!
lol! Thanks hotforslots! 

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