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Game of Thrones - Jon Snow's Theme Soundtrack

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Compilation of Jon Snow's themes from Game Of Thrones Original Soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi. Tracklist 00:00 My Watch Has Ended 02:54 Let's Play a Game 08:45 Bastard 13:51 The Tower 16:25 Winter Has Come Buy it on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/game-thrones-season-6-music/id1126106075 All rights reserved to HBO & Ramin Djawadi.
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Text Comments (667)
Heisenberg (2 days ago)
Demandred Forsaken (4 days ago)
'My watch has ended, JON SNOW
ANIKA TASNIM (4 days ago)
Jon Snow <3 <3 <3
Charisma (8 days ago)
Can we stop with the spoilers in the comments, please? People who may not be up-to-date with the show may read these comments and it'll ruin everything for them.
Missing in Pasadena (16 days ago)
Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black
Micro Andy (24 days ago)
How could you not add 'Truth' to Jon's songs?!?!?!
Sandeep Micheal (30 days ago)
I put my trust in you a stranger... I'm asking you to do the same
Steve Jobs (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who wanted Cat stark and Robb stark to know that he's what he is?
Randy Rogers (1 month ago)
Is Jon actually Aegon Targaryen in the books? If not, don’t tell me who is, I’m only on book 3
Balázs Krausz (1 month ago)
Long live the king
wael alaa (1 month ago)
Jon snow
Paula Mariana Moreschi (1 month ago)
So beautiful !
Veenay Brtl (1 month ago)
The music of John himself. This music really is deep and made me emotional
ken berby (1 month ago)
garbage character
Claudio Sosa (1 month ago)
My Lord Commander...
TheLoneGunman26 (2 months ago)
Rheagar never kidnaped or raped Lyanna, he loved her. Jon snow is the heir to the iron throne. “His name is Aegon Targaryen” 16:02
Hussein Alsalami (2 months ago)
The North remembers, we know no king but the king in the north who’s name is Stark, I don’t care if he’s a bastard, Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins, he’s my king from this day, till his last day. THE KING IN THE NORTH!!!
Michael Joyce (2 months ago)
Do you not just wish you were jon snow
LameGamerDude (2 months ago)
We know no king but the king in the north. Doesn't care if he is a bastard!
Mustafa Karadağ (2 months ago)
he is the white WOLF
Ryan Bamford (2 months ago)
No disrespect to Lord of the Rings. Game of Thrones may not exist if it wasn't for the films. But Game of Thrones is by far better than any film I have ever watched. The depth and acting, the writing and special effects, the music and costume design. It holds the bar for me as far as media/film go. It will take alot to beat out GOT as the king of cinematic entertainment. George R.R. Martin you wonderful and clever man. You deserve all the success that has come your way.
환 환 (2 months ago)
스킨케어 마시멜로우 휨 메이커 7,000 nbr퍼트_1,000 룰화장솜_1,000 아이스룰러 나선형스푼_2,000 아웃도어용 등산컵_2,000 순수에코대나무 시원한 물 수딩 젤 5,800 롤온유리 용기_1000 베이스 메이크업 인스턴트 실크 베이스 SPF 26 PA++ 12,000원 지베르니 밀착 커버 파운데이션 SPF30 PA++ # 02 옐로우 스킨 30,000 코튼 베일 파우더 13,000원 올데이 메이크업 픽서 15,000 눈썹 아이브로우 트위져,눈썹칼,스크류브러쉬,눈썹가위,알로에젤 라스트 아이브로우 펜슬 9,000 눈 에뛰드하우스 섀도우팔레트 주스바 22,000 더페이스샵 잉크젤 펜슬라이너 04 초로라떼 8,000 아리따움 - 아이돌래쉬 6호 데일리 (속눈썹) 4000 총 = 180,000원.
Ryan Campbell (2 months ago)
The King in The North!!!
DaOcsta (3 months ago)
Jon Snow is my favorite fantasy hero in all of the literature out there.
Jeremy L (3 months ago)
This soundtrack reminds me of Diablo II
Yaffa Yafo (3 months ago)
Greatest drama ever produced for television with Westworld coming in a distant second.
Tamsin53 (3 months ago)
6:49 GO GO, find your commander!!!
operayl (3 months ago)
Jon Snow's theme is one of the best osts i've ever heard
Jim Smith (3 months ago)
Great GoT quiz for fans: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketalpha.quiz.got
Wolfgirl (3 months ago)
My hero!
Rosscar Guerrero Aguilar (3 months ago)
I love John Snow
Praetore (3 months ago)
All hail His Grace, Jon of Houses Stark and Targaryen, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm.
Abiss Player TV (3 months ago)
The tower!!!!😍😭😭😭 Winter is here!
GonzoZero (3 months ago)
GonzoZero (3 months ago)
really enjoyable
Sp0ke59 (3 months ago)
8:05 just beautiful..
Niels Vocke (4 months ago)
I want a new character with a cool Theme... Someone from the Golden Company with special Swordskills i dont know :D
sumwunelse (4 months ago)
ulan müziğin başlangıcı tam çağrı filminin müziği gibi olmamış mı? yahu tam da oruç zamanı dedim acaba jon snow imana mı geldi ahahaha
Rachid Zakare (4 months ago)
the white wolf
Donolly Silva (4 months ago)
AsenosferdenGelen İllet (4 months ago)
"He is rightful heir to the Iron Throne"
jiNNN (4 months ago)
The King in the north
The King in the north
Alexander Schellhase (4 months ago)
Mazhar Salah (4 months ago)
Matthew Mansuri (4 months ago)
is it normal for my body to be convulsing?
Im still so angry they named him Aegon
Dana The Weirdo (28 days ago)
it is stupid to named him Aegon whereas Rhaegar had already had a son named Aegon who was Jon's older half brother. I mean who named their sons with the same name? It should've been Aemon or Jaehaerys Targaryen
Louann Dameus (1 month ago)
Deathgasm HM (4 months ago)
Aegon fucking targaryen
The Lady Olenna Tyrell (4 months ago)
16:00 "I don't care if he's a bastard, Stark blood runs through his veins, he's my king, from this day to his last day, DA KING IN DA NORFF! " I didn't fight beside him on the field of battle and I'll regret that till my dying day". "He is the white wolf! DA KING IN DA NORFF! The king in the north!
Vict5or Correia (4 months ago)
The king in the north <3
Ђорђе Куриџа (4 months ago)
Aegon Targaryen A Dragon raised by the Wolves
Optimus Prime (5 months ago)
Cybertron remembers
Mido ميدو (5 months ago)
Jhon of the house Targerian The king in the north Targerian's wolf🦊
Allins Walker (5 months ago)
puts headphones on maximum volume**destroys repeat button
Daniel Knapp (5 months ago)
"Is my mother alive? Does she know where i am, where i'm going? Does she care?"
trackmaster152002 (5 months ago)
"He's never been a bastard. He's the heir to the Iron Throne. We need to tell him."
Soso DZAMUKASHVILI (5 months ago)
13:22 is to die for <3
alex brochet (5 months ago)
Forget 16:02, I came for 8:05. This has to be one of the best moments of the entire series, gave me chills
Patryk93 (5 months ago)
My watch is ended 💔
LuaxAngel (5 months ago)
Atul Sinha (5 months ago)
Luv u Jon snow
json andres (5 months ago)
Agon!! Omg 2019
Nusrat Jahan (5 months ago)
This sound is so cool.
Paul Doherty (5 months ago)
Beautiful music
Rossouw Malherbe (5 months ago)
Jon make game of thrones great again!
Vivien Petróczki (5 months ago)
6:50 jon snow on dragon..? hm?
Wake me up any time and I'll tell you the Lines starting from 16:33 - epic shit, that I've seen at least 20 times: Lyanna: I don't care if he is a bastard- Ned Starks blud runs through his veins. He's my king, from this day until his last day! Lord Manderly: Lady Mormont speaks harshly and truly. My son died for Rob Stark, the young wolf. I didn't think, we'd find another king in my lifetime. I didn't commit my men to your course coz I didn't want more Manderlys die for nothing. But I was wrong. Jon Snow avanged the red wedding. He is the white wolf- the KING in the north! >>Little Finger looks like he had seen a ghost<< Lord Glover: I did not fight beside you on the field and I will regret that until my dying day. A man can only admit when he was wrong and ask forgiveness. Jon Snow: There is nothing to forgive my lord. Lord Glover: There will be more fights to come. House Glover will stand beside house Stark as we have for thousand years. And I will stand behind Jon Snow,THE KING IN THE NORTH!
Marlena Ruckdeschel (5 months ago)
I hope he'll survive 😕😊
Sam Wise (5 months ago)
He’s my King this day until his last day
lucamic04 (6 months ago)
Loved this! Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the song that plays when Jon is crowned “King in the North,” is a slowed down version of the main theme of GoT? Just sayin’. I don’t care what anyone thinks...he’s the damn King of the Seven Kingdoms. Jon IS the reason for the story! He’s “The Song of Ice and Fire.” Now, Season 8 and the last two G. R. R. Martin books need to drop already. I’m dying ova hea!!! 😆
valentina elena savin (6 months ago)
Just perfectly awesome
Minkoo Virdi (6 months ago)
Skip to 16:00
Janice Gordon (6 months ago)
love this soundtrack.
ragnar lothbrok (6 months ago)
Jon "the cuck" snow
Nico (6 months ago)
I really want Danarys to rule the Seven Kingdoms, with Jon Snow in the North. I know Jon is the "legitimate heir" but heirs don't really mean shit in this world. Dany has fought so freaking hard for the throne, going through so much bullshit. She will make an excellent leader. Jon wouldn't know what to do with himself as King. No wars to fight? What do I do now? He knows nothing. Dany has rulership experience, ruling Mereen for three seasons. I feel like those were the seasons where her leadership was tested, and she now has the experience to rule.
Ricky Gulati (2 months ago)
Jon has gone through so much himself. He managed castle black better than dany managed meereen. And he already has the north. He has the people's support.
ali radwan (6 months ago)
Wonderful .. Greetings from Egypt
Jon Schnee _ (6 months ago)
Love Jon it's my favourite charakter
王朝愉 (6 months ago)
I am seriously fight the urge to kick some random ass now.
Scott The Artist (6 months ago)
I have something in my eye, okay?
RichmanthePizzaMan (6 months ago)
8:00 is the best part from Battle of The Bastards
luiz eduardo (6 months ago)
The Targaryen Wolf
Sr. Solitário (6 months ago)
Vai Corinthians GOT
JP Alpha (6 months ago)
When you name is also Jon 😁
Naved Rahman (6 months ago)
DrKing (7 months ago)
jon+long claw+rhaegal+ghost = night king fucked...
DrKing (7 months ago)
the white wolf.
Ross Booth (7 months ago)
8:00 is my favorite musical and visual moment of the series.
Leisha O'Flinn (7 months ago)
I vote for Jon. Jon for king of everything in 2019!
DrKing (7 months ago)
Leisha O'Flinn (7 months ago)
It snowed a few days ago. It was only a little snow.
Sven Krueger (7 months ago)
08:02 damn majestic
Christian King (7 months ago)
And his is a song of Ice and Fire.
Daniela Figueira (7 months ago)
The north remembers!
It's Rohan (7 months ago)
Bitch #Breakingbad
Alexandru Mocanu (7 months ago)
Jon... Bastard by name, Targaryen by blood, Stark by heart.
Shafigh Bahamin (15 days ago)
And knower of nothing by trade!
Micro Andy (24 days ago)
Wildings by romance
R9* Jeff (1 month ago)
Half stark by blood too*
Nick Hurt (1 month ago)
King by right.
Alexandru Mocanu (2 months ago)
The "aunt fucking" comes with the Targaryen package.
Ixsalit (7 months ago)
''The next time we will see each other, we will talk about your mother.''
Kendric Chua (8 months ago)
What the hell am I going to do when this show is over?
lorithc (8 months ago)
Someone pass me my jacket cause I got the chills
Nancy Christiansen (8 months ago)
8:13 so alone. Yet resolute. Ned would be so proud.
Dilaton Leckmi (8 months ago)
From about 5:20 on things get interesting ... ;-)

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