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10 Times In Gaming That Video Games Saved Real Lives

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Video games get such a bad rap in the media, even more than Jake and Logan Paul, but often the powers bestowed on us mere humans from our endless gaming sessions go unnoticed. Accused of causing raging teenagers and loser loners, video games have so much more to offer and have even saved lives – YES, you heard that right! So we thought it was only fair to honour our beloved games with 10 of the best occasions when video games actually helped to save real, not pixelated, lives! Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Walden Green (4 hours ago)
wow thats all I can say thats great
Ken Ruma (4 days ago)
shared this with my classmates to proved them wrong
CHEESE NOODLE Man (7 days ago)
Almighty Wolf (9 days ago)
I feel like this is fake and people just want attention ;-;
Scarecrow 925 (10 days ago)
I think that the GBA hardware was used by hospitals for heart monitors
nathan k (20 days ago)
Bla bla bla stfu.
Brendan Kelly (21 days ago)
amir _ omd (25 days ago)
Showing this to my mom
SwagyPants (27 days ago)
He talks a bit too fast... But if He could talk a bit slower this video would Be perfect 👨🏻‍🍳👌 Hope you make more videos like this one😜 U are the best👍
This title gave me cancer
Nanu Venkatesh (1 month ago)
What is the 2nd game again?
NotBart (1 month ago)
I remember playing sea quest or what it is called
OriginalDarkMew (1 month ago)
You can take my money, you can take my pride, BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE MY FUCKING NINTENDO DS!
OriginalDarkMew (1 month ago)
Just link this video to your liberal retard teacher who blames video games for everything. Use your student email :)
OriginalDarkMew (1 month ago)
1:54 I'v done that multiple times with multiple friends I'v made over the years...im not saying this to get recognition but to encourage others to just be a friend rather than a dick when gaming online...
Afrika Smith (1 month ago)
All of the dislikes are from anti gamers and feminist.
Jackson Vladimir (1 month ago)
That the if had so many guns, he couldn't hold them all.
CadabraWan Gaming (1 month ago)
Time to show this to my mom.
Enlightened Perry (1 month ago)
dude you just won me soooo many future arguments. subscribed
Phantom Chimers (1 month ago)
Go Video Games!
Dr.Games XD (1 month ago)
What's that game on the thumbnail
zyklik (1 month ago)
A true Norwegian viking would know what to do, encountering a moose.
UshankaBoi (1 month ago)
Trevboski (1 month ago)
You made this video on my birthday
FLASH IGNITE (1 month ago)
This video made me smile
Kaito Kiryù (1 month ago)
Well because of video games it improved my reaction time.assassin's creed 3 History helped on our test on history so yeah i'm lucky to read every year what happend
The gun on the title screen is a man o war from COD black ops 3
Aiden Bell (2 months ago)
This is all fakenews
Bill Cipher (2 months ago)
I have a gun in my room and a bullet for it.with my pro cod skills i can take anyone down
Gryph Snell (2 months ago)
I know a Griffin Sanders plus my name is Gryphon so yeah also we are kinda friends because of that
Abyss Parallax (2 months ago)
Woah. Tender age of 10?
Matt the Wizard (2 months ago)
I know it’s you DRB you can’t hide
Nichole Flynn (2 months ago)
First one is how to tell you play to much
KongthePotato (2 months ago)
Video games are only bad when you play too much and become addicted that piss your parents off, isn’t that right?
David Pagava (2 months ago)
Great accent
GUNZURKER (2 months ago)
Gta 5 store clerk shooting back against robbers!! thats something I learned hehe!!
goldprince1 (2 months ago)
Alex221 Gaming (2 months ago)
Steal my money : It's okay Steal my girlfriend : It's okay Touch my PS4 : I will punch you Steal my PS4 : I will kill you
Fortnite Master55 (2 months ago)
Who can sub to me
Wout Wouters (2 months ago)
Olympics sharp OK daffzud exhibition regulatory note rescue cancer much transfer auto parade small.
call of the Minecraft (2 months ago)
Steal my money so Steal my other things so Steal my phone Xbox Lap top IL FIND U TRACK U DOWN AND KILL U UR UGLY. BICH SELF
Dat Boi (2 months ago)
I played Bf1 and now I am in love with History Class
Da7mALi Games (2 months ago)
twitch viewers didnt save sajedene her friend was watching the stream then (s)he saw that she was getting robbed and called the police
Darksith 2034 (2 months ago)
I get what u did there wii won’t know
Fortnite TV (2 months ago)
Kids tell your mom or dad to watch this so they cant let you play
Electric Buzz (2 months ago)
These all never happned
Thanasis Tsar (2 months ago)
Stop drugs..
VENUSOUR DOORBELL (2 months ago)
LourdAldrin R. Thompson (2 months ago)
I LOVE WOW/World of Warcraft!
TECHY AKSHAY (2 months ago)
Why you talk so fast
Hruday (2 months ago)
Was that Jonah hill?
CheChenBoyYT (2 months ago)
Hell no, jp is an ass and the most hated kid in the world.
Kyle Rowland (2 months ago)
Where was the thumbnail tho?
Jase Flowers (2 months ago)
Great video I really enjoyed the good vibes
ZACK extreme (2 months ago)
One day my life was on 1 bar and I almost failed the mission luckily I memorised the health cheat Boom gta saved my life
rfdzn (2 months ago)
Too bad my parents can hardly understand english. Well at least my english skillz are top dog thanks to games and Youtube. I don't even have to pay for costly courses. #winwin
bluespace gaming (2 months ago)
Robber:give me your money Me:ok here Robber:and give me your psp Me:ohhh you better how to use that knife cause im going kung fu kick you bitch Robber:oh shit
beqa shengelidze (2 months ago)
background music please 0:00
Neon xXagera (2 months ago)
About time
Bass Cacho (2 months ago)
When my parents say video games are bad I will tell them everything said in this video
Les Bean (2 months ago)
Bro slow the talk speed
Lost Soul (2 months ago)
4:40 You're not getting off easy because she made that pun I got my eye on you sir
Itachi Uzumaki (2 months ago)
Video Games is not a crime.
Sernet Gaming (2 months ago)
game is good but don't forget about your family :)
MxwlPlayz (2 months ago)
If you take my DS... I will make your life hell and make you wish you were never born.
Martin Tuci (2 months ago)
I like potatoes
NoHoesPanda (2 months ago)
speaking of gaming come check out my gaming montages
Cyppy747 (3 months ago)
The suicide one warms my heart knowing that i had suicidal friends
Damian Garza (3 months ago)
🌵Arizona Love🌵
DenskyBlue (3 months ago)
Okay so I'm left handed and I'm noticing that in most games, your character is right handed. When you start realizing this, it starts really throwing you off. Could I get a left handed option please? Or atleast a tip to make it less weird for me
Just a Guy (3 months ago)
Video games ruined my life honestly I never get anything done
Ares, Streamer Of War! (3 months ago)
See this is why Gamers should be more respected.
N. R. (3 months ago)
Yo chill man
Itz Voldex (3 months ago)
I don't see black ops in the vid but only the thumbnail?
kiss Ronni (3 months ago)
When u play to much World Of Warcraft
Christopher Bennett (3 months ago)
5:51 it's Peter Griffin 😂
Jamie Faulkner (3 months ago)
I am 47 year old parent and I've been gaming since the Atari console was first released. They are a great source of family entertainment that has bought the world to play online together. It's fun to see the creativeness from all the imaginative developer's unfold over the year's. It is a pleasure to play. Got to go. Lester's on the phone.
kyle hux (3 months ago)
These are beautiful
Grant Eckstein (3 months ago)
U sound fat
тrap вooѕтer ッ (3 months ago)
Save real lives...? YOU THING WE STUPID?
Joaquin Uribe (3 months ago)
I'm weak they got wrekted because they tried to steal his DS 😂😂😂
Pineapple 13 (3 months ago)
That Mario cart gameplay brought back old memories
Immersive GamerI.M. (3 months ago)
It's true games help
Ninjumper (3 months ago)
There should be tiny bits of useful information in every videogame, For example : -AC teaches a little bit of history -Every FPS can teach you how to use a gun. -Zombie games can teach you on how to make tools or medicine and survive. There should be useful information like this in videogames.
Joe Marino (3 months ago)
Great video any idea what the background music is. Thanks.
Commander Red (3 months ago)
Dude I love your voice. I would listen to you for hours!
Hyper_Noob (3 months ago)
The last one (navigation) reminded me when i got lost in a flat world in minecraft and somehow got back..
Fat Giraffe (3 months ago)
if someone took my DS I would do some ninja shit and randomly appear behind each of them and snap their necks
Himu Sharma (3 months ago)
Bhai yaar game download karne ka link to do
CaldTheLad_SLG (3 months ago)
Never mess with a gamer No matter if they have a oldass console No matter if they are young They will go full hulk mode if being robbed
CaldTheLad_SLG (3 months ago)
Why do all channels the same ones :(
Swiss Flippers (3 months ago)
And people still say video games make you stupid
Andyz (3 months ago)
*Minecraft saves lives...*
iron scimy (3 months ago)
videogames stopped me from killing myself more than a single occasion so yeah good thing there's an escape from the fucked up world we life in
DieRedstoneKatze (3 months ago)
I actually saved my virtual friend i met on discord from commiting suicide after his mother died...
Abhishek Gogoi (3 months ago)
I am really confused. I do like rev limiting my bike but why for such long durations? Whats the point besides hurting the engine
AtomicSuperMe (3 months ago)
But... you shoot guns... so it’s bad right?
Husam Al Qaracha (3 months ago)
1:16 this game is the freakin best game ever, I play it on my PS4
Gamertibs (3 months ago)
Don't try stealing this guys DS 6:32
Suliyaa Mantaw (3 months ago)
Whats.. The name of the game to operate the army personal

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