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EPIC Arcade Fire: Abraham's Daughter (Cover) + Hunger Games Fan Trailer

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iTunes: https://goo.gl/rvZmqN [][] Amazon: http://goo.gl/SprBaX [][] Google Play: http://goo.gl/CcXVor Arcade Fire's amazing track, Abraham's Daughter from the first Hunger Games soundtrack, epic orchestral cover. Performed by Laura Fazal, friends and acquaintances. Edited, Orchestrated, Conducted, Mixed and Mastered by Ross Sampson. Recording Engineer: Adaq Khan Strings, Brass and Percussion filmed by Shaun Grimsley Piano and Electric Guitars filmed by Adaq Khan Acoustic Guitar filmed by Laura Fazal Lead Vocal filmed by Ross Sampson Lead Vocal: Laura Fazal Guitar, Drums, Piano: Ross Sampson VIOLINS Roanna Fawcett Ellie Khan Owen Hughes Anastasia Stahlmann Marc Wilde VIOLAS Jocelyn Coates Bill John Harpum Irene Katsenelson CELLI Fraser Bowles Phil L'Olive Evie O'Driscoll Laurens Price-Nowak FRENCH HORNS Hywel Dowsell Ella Finley Julia MacDonell Victoria McBride TRUMPETS Rhona Carse Matt Payne Jacob Phillips TROMBONES Anna Brown Nicolas Jones TUBA - Alan Henry Kodos - Alex Todd Snare - Ed Dunlop Toms - Rowena Smith Taiko - Craig Eriksson
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Text Comments (127)
Aram Aram (1 day ago)
great singer.... Laura Fazal
berkan ala (6 days ago)
"You better let young Isaac go" thats what we should have told with all our bravery with all our dignity.
Chris Mabbitt (7 days ago)
She needs to cover the call of duty nazi zombies songs from Kevin and elena seigma now
Aram Aram (9 days ago)
Leonel Missi on guitar
geelatté café (28 days ago)
HhHhH i wanna read the book now )):
ER Bram (29 days ago)
I was expecting a regular cover but got a cover of the whole orchestra. Awesome job. Also the trailer gave me CHILLS
yue zhao (1 month ago)
Taron D'Arcy (1 month ago)
Well this Cover ist netter thank the original! Great Work, Well done.
nico (1 month ago)
To Ross Sampson, wherever you are, please, make more songs like this one. where are you, ross?
PiscesRising (1 month ago)
Ah hello! Thanks for the kind words Nico - I'm here, big plans, just taking a little longer to get them together. Should be some new stuff coming soon early next year! Ross
Dave S. (3 months ago)
Хорошая труд!
Max82778 (4 months ago)
Сильно и весьма классно .!!!!
Michaela Quilliam (5 months ago)
Kaan (5 months ago)
Underrated song
Peter Hannah (5 months ago)
STAR TROOPER (6 months ago)
STAR TROOPER (6 months ago)
Laura fazal actually you sing it good keep it up
nana fosu (6 months ago)
Sounds so Irish❤️❤️❤️❤️
Franco Cotronei (8 months ago)
Superlativo..... stupendo
Taron D'Arcy (9 months ago)
WOW, only wow
Taron D'Arcy (10 months ago)
That hunger games part does destroy ALL imagination of this video
Emanuel Hidalgo (10 months ago)
Abraham took Isaac's hand And led him to the lonesome hill While his daughter hid and watched She dare not breathe, she was so still Just as an angel cried for the slaughter Abraham's daughter raised her voice Then the angel asked her what her name was She said, I have none Then he asked, how can this be My father never gave me one And when he saw her, raised for the slaughter Abraham's daughter raised her bow How dearest you, child, defy your father You'd better let young Isaac go
Lucas Arruabanera (10 months ago)
Letras Abraham took Isaac's hand And led him to the lonesome hill While his daughter hid and watched She dare not breathe, she was so still Just as an angel cried for the slaughter Abraham's daughter raised her voice Then the angel asked her what her name was She said, I have none Then he asked, how can this be My father never gave me one And when he saw her, raised for the slaughter Abraham's daughter raised her bow How dearest you, child, defy your father You'd better let young Isaac go
SARAL SETHI (10 months ago)
Waste of Human Resource this
Alice Dubois (6 months ago)
SARAL SETHI what are you talking about? Show me a better fan rendition of this song and then I might slightly agree with you. Might.
Hugh Guan (11 months ago)
The movie is the worst part of the song.
Zsuzsanna Circleedge (11 months ago)
W L (1 year ago)
Like it.
Mariocco Argi (1 year ago)
aaaaaah Laura
Taron D'Arcy (1 year ago)
Your best work
ImagineTimes (1 year ago)
To be honest I think it would be better without the singer and better with only instrumental or a different singer.
Syntoxic Tech Tipps (1 year ago)
I think that her voice fitts very good
Maddie Ferguson (1 year ago)
One of the best songs on the The Hunger Games soundtrack
Andrew Christiansen (1 year ago)
This is done so very well! I'm impressed!
DudeRockYouAway (1 year ago)
the voice of an angel! im in love!
Anestis Minasidis (1 year ago)
very nice very good voice. she whistle when she pronaounces "s"
MsWolverineXX (1 year ago)
Holy shit, she has a beautiful voice!
Taron D'Arcy (1 year ago)
Who is the singer? Love her voice
Felix Brunnemer (1 year ago)
better than The original (sry dir Bad english )
the best
Gabry ele (1 year ago)
sharath bubby (1 year ago)
Those who disliked this video might have kept their devices upsidedown..😎😎😎
Taron D'Arcy (1 year ago)
I would like to see making offs of your Videos
Taron D'Arcy (1 year ago)
BTW: That`s your second best. I only like that Dr. Who-Video more
PiscesRising (1 year ago)
Taron D'Arcy Hi Taron, making one for upcoming Light of the Seven... should be up August time. Thanks for watching!
Odette Carson (1 year ago)
first time ive ever seen u guys and im DEEPLY impressed u guys did a good remake of such a classic song.... IM BLOWN AWAY...
Brother Sky (1 year ago)
This is top quality music overall. It's even better than the original. Also the singer has a heavenly voice.
doxanthropos (1 year ago)
I have no idea who you people are (will look it up of course), but this vid/song is a good reason to subscribe.
doxanthropos (1 year ago)
This is one of the few videos on yt where I really wish there would be a way to like it more than once.
Rajul Saxena (1 year ago)
Although Better than anything similar , But the Music of Game of Thrones + Fan Trailer still seems best .
Vikki Ledgard (1 year ago)
By the way....which idiot gives this MUSIC thumbs down?!?! Sad, peeps, very sad.
Bluestar (1 year ago)
Vikki Ledgard I cri now
Vikki Ledgard (1 year ago)
Wow! One of the few covers that outshines the original. Truly amazing. Thanks so much for the post and to the dedicated musicians!
Scott Gust (1 year ago)
so much effort for a cover, impressive...yet how much more impressive if you created your own original music? Food for thought.
Batica Miroslavljevic (1 year ago)
So powerful and touching!
Carlos Alvarez (1 year ago)
dido djoudi (1 year ago)
laura fazal .. she has a voice of heaven .. good luck
luke cross (1 year ago)
I need those piano notes sssssooo badly !
Eduardo Melon (1 year ago)
Fantastic one more time!
mayo75 (1 year ago)
i legit like this better than the original. you can understand her better
Ana Paula Alves (1 year ago)
Muito bom
One braid instead of two.
Nightro (1 year ago)
If i must describe this Video in 1 word: "Amazing!"
Arzu.B (1 year ago)
You have the voice of an Angel it's so beautiful your really Amazing&Talented Keep it Up ^_^
Stari Vujadin (1 year ago)
+PiscesRising Dude if u have a problem paying those people (if u do), just go to music school and find kids, they will play as good as those people(maybe not that much),and still they will be proud to be on youtube and being heard in front of 1M people over the world. Love from Serbia, fantastic work, great music for ears :D 20/10
Wild Badger (1 year ago)
That's beautiful and that voice , I have no words <3
hackisack (1 year ago)
hope you record some more great songs like this with Laura - her voice is beautiful!
AlcongNegro (1 year ago)
el cabello lo carga como katniss
AlcongNegro (1 year ago)
que buena  Cover, me encanto
Sami W (1 year ago)
Voice of an angel
andres arredondo (2 years ago)
great work!!!! EPIC!!! greetings from medellin-colombia
Coriolanus Snow (2 years ago)
Before somebody wonders about that one dislike... no, that was not me. I liked it.
Good Gordon (2 years ago)
I didn't know you could play a guitar with a violin bow. I guess possibilities are endless.
danimal097521 (8 months ago)
Watch Led Zeppelin play Whole Lotta Love. Jimmy Page was using a violin bow on a guitar....in 1969. LOL
Kiersten Hogue (11 months ago)
Good Gordon That makes two of us. 😉😅😂😆
Neb (2 years ago)
I dont like it hit read more Im speachless of how FANTASTIC IT IS!
LayL JiGar (2 years ago)
Only for laura❤
Archer Zhang (2 years ago)
The most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life. Good Job !
Moemen Shahawy (2 years ago)
First... is that Messi? never gets old :P 2nd, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic... and 3rd... do Light of the Seven Cover and Trailer :)
adarsh life (2 years ago)
epic music... well done.. do u know any other videos were Laura is present.. I have become her big fan please help me out
Annybunny2000 (2 years ago)
Orchestra is fantastic! Voice is nice, but not strong enough to keep up with the background music.
atheistfromaustria (11 months ago)
therefore she is also damn pretty!
Ruffyistderhammer (2 years ago)
Awesome realy awesome and everyone knows it I mean 331 Likes no dislikes
Emperor (2 years ago)
am from ksa thet as amezn
gwen21dy (2 years ago)
I can't believe this has such little views! Its amazing!
Sabrina Rose (2 years ago)
Man, you guys rock. Blow me away everytime...
isabel (2 years ago)
laura <3
Please play, game of thrones 6 season 10 series. I BEG!!!
Fer AA (2 years ago)
Only 220 likes? C'mon people, this is AMAZING!
Syntoxic Tech Tipps (2 years ago)
Which Microphone is the solo singer using? It looks like an AKG
Syntoxic Tech Tipps (2 years ago)
Thanks, please keep doing your work. I really love your game of thrones covers - There're so awesome on good headphones.
PiscesRising (2 years ago)
It is! AKG 3000b - does the job!
Breonnick (2 years ago)
You ever consider doing a epic cover to the theme to the 1988 movie Akira? Now that would be something.
Luis Eduardo Rodrigues (2 years ago)
nico (2 years ago)
Can you upload full filming of this cover without the trailer ?
Thần Gian (2 years ago)
STRONG! the sound, the voice, the instrumental, the music, all are strond! it's amazing
Amazing, this is really great, all these musicians! What a quality content on this platform!
Hans Solo (2 years ago)
SolutionFX (2 years ago)
I guess it's... EPIC!?
M Nasser (2 years ago)
I don't remember subscribing to this channel, must've been drunk as shit. I'm really glad that I did. You're all wonderful.
Raphael Tuxen Girelli (2 years ago)
Thanks for bringing Laura back!!
Raphael Tuxen Girelli (1 year ago)
tol mos I'm not aware of any but I follow her in Instagram
tol mos (1 year ago)
she has page or channel or something?
Alan Cruz (2 years ago)
Alan Cruz (2 years ago)
Laura Fazan
Ancient-Rhino Wang (2 years ago)
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
Bobby Gainous (2 years ago)
+Hans Solo Alexis videos on YouTube and Google adult videos on YouTube
Hans Solo (2 years ago)
Not fantastic ~ EPIC
Muhammad Taufiq Ismail (2 years ago)
great job as always :D
Samer Sheikho (2 years ago)
Fantastic.. Continue
Graphic Tech (2 years ago)
Absolutely fantastic :D
Eduardo ulloa (2 years ago)
please do a Harry Potter video
Kjoergoe (2 years ago)
Didn't know Messi could play the- SHUT UP! Great music as always. Do you already know when the Zelda song is going to be released?
dido djoudi (1 year ago)
Kjoergoe looks like messi could play both piano and guitare ..
PiscesRising (2 years ago)
Only percussion left to record/film, though I'll do a test edit with just sampled percussion similar to GoT, if it works, sooner, otherwise end of the year I think!
Richard Leveck (2 years ago)
Awesome guys, I'm Brazilian and I love your musics
Basia Nocon (2 years ago)
Fabulous 😎

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