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My Coming Out Story.

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gamer zone (2 hours ago)
k pop idols are seen as gods and its so wrong and they are for gays and stupid hair coloring and piercing and its so annoying
Bangtan & Chill (3 hours ago)
I have watched this video over 3475 times in my life and I think it's time pewds makes another one, or one on koreaboos that would be pretty funny​
Dinah_ Dinosaur (4 hours ago)
Crow Tits means try hard😂
Lemi레미 (4 hours ago)
아 정말ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 지금 봐도 너무재밌엌ㅋㅋㅋ 한국인님들 아무도 안계세요??ㅋㅋㅋ
KJiminie (4 hours ago)
"Im not attracted to this video" *watches 2 videos of BTS* "i like men" *watches spring day* "me reacting to kpop well im gay" Oh my god😂💖, it doesnt mean that if u watched kpop ur gonna be gay😂, just call yourself a fanboy😂
KJiminie (4 hours ago)
I'm sorry Pewds im an army ( fan of bts ), but i dont know why i find you reacting to BTS Not Today and its good lol😂💖. BTS is amazing, but lots of memes happen😂💕.
1 year later: I worship our one and only true savior, AgustD. Please, let me die listening to my great Prometheus.
Erica lamb (8 hours ago)
I wanna be a k pop idol
lauralye100 (8 hours ago)
R u an ARMY?
Bts 4 Life (11 hours ago)
Miranda Watkins (11 hours ago)
Crow tit means try hard 😂😂 just in case people were wondering
Laustaz 14 (12 hours ago)
Dzickdugoelse (12 hours ago)
You NEED to react to Girl's Generation.
lucasnoona_ (12 hours ago)
i want another one
Tuanna Coşkun (12 hours ago)
türkler burada mı ya korecanlar? ne dediğini anlamadım ama herhalde beğenmedi sensin gay be! :D
Addison Yastrzemski (13 hours ago)
The direct translation of try hard is crow tit soooooooo
Bts is life (13 hours ago)
I can relate to every single word Pewds said about BTS
Malec Lightwood-Bane (13 hours ago)
Lara Anderson (13 hours ago)
"well, I'm pretty gay" the biggest mood of them all
ezgs 53 (13 hours ago)
Mirasol Guijosa (14 hours ago)
Damn a lot of people want to die instantly lol
What Ever (15 hours ago)
Sehun and PewDiePie "I like men"
What Ever (15 hours ago)
And what if K-Pop react to you?😂
Aasilva Elizabeth (15 hours ago)
I like you just because you like BTS 💜
per0 lik3 (16 hours ago)
Crow titties
Millie Saiii (17 hours ago)
I saw BTS and yelled
Lani Winston (18 hours ago)
5:04 it's called 5he cheerleader effect put some people with the same look in a group and they ultimately become better.... Thank you how I met your mother
Nguyễn Kayla-ARMY (19 hours ago)
I love BTS😍❤️❤️
Udichi Usha Das (20 hours ago)
Hey crow tits hands up!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rosalio Turrubiartes (20 hours ago)
Fake Love!!!!
ippiya (20 hours ago)
Jimin from BTS sneez like a puppy 😂💕
ippiya (20 hours ago)
Watch: *don't wanna cry* *dramarama* *shine* *cherry bomb* *horololo* *serendipity* I love this songs 💕💕 THIS IS SO *AMAZING*
ippiya (20 hours ago)
i love Spring Day, this is my favourite song of BTS 💕
Jiminscheeks (21 hours ago)
Crow-tit (뱁새) är som ett ord för att kalla någon feg cx
eun jae Lee (21 hours ago)
TVXQ will turn every man gay
Ezura San (22 hours ago)
Watched this and saw BTS. Now I'm watching BTS because of pewds. And began questioning my sexuality. Who am I and why did my **** inflated a lil bit 😂
susan maguire (1 day ago)
love your video thanks for the laughs :)
Legcrafter LP (1 day ago)
ARMY !!!!!
Alexandra Olvecka (1 day ago)
Just so you know, a crow tit is a type of bird lol
The King (1 day ago)
Fuck bts
MaRy McCreary (1 day ago)
Pewdiepie complimenting BTS made my day 😂
Bts Cracks (1 day ago)
Im only here because your reacting to bts
Ngọc Mai Đoàn (1 day ago)
BTS yeah I love them
Shraddha Jagade (1 day ago)
ASS is out
Nicole Rivera (1 day ago)
why did I literally waste my time watching this lame video :( I liked your videos on the game The Last of Us, but overall your new videos are not entertaining anymore. :(
hot tea (1 day ago)
'i'm not gonna lie, it's pretty gay' im gasping for air sksksk- but where's the lie?
Cezz (1 day ago)
Anyone else reacting to KPOP: Well this is pretty gay Me reacting to KPOP: Well i'm gay Felix Kjellberg - 2017
Kookie Monster (1 day ago)
raw tits😂
Anna Encina (1 day ago)
I tried to in joy this video but no
ARMYCARAT Seventeen (1 day ago)
Lalisa Manoban (1 day ago)
Im exol and blok guyss
Hunny. Boo (1 day ago)
Pewds: - Individually they're not that attractive After seeing blood sweat and tears video: You know, that statement about them not being attractive individually? I may have to retract that statement After 1 minute: I like men now
Ann Gutowski (1 day ago)
бля, я еще вовек этак не смеялась
Alicia Colindres (1 day ago)
He said RM was his favorite SAME!!!!!!
Aaliya (1 day ago)
1. crow tit is a bird lmao 2. it has some deep meaning in korean some idiom of some sort
Vale •b (1 day ago)
Dorota Kowalska (1 day ago)
=_= #onedirection
little games (1 day ago)
Me:Hey, did you heard the new song of the a.s.s. k-pop band? Friend:No...Are you making fun about k-pop????!!!!!!!!!!!! Me:No. One day you will hear about the a.s.s. band...
[GD] JPlayz99 (1 day ago)
I love pewds sarcasm 😂😂😂 Because he hates kpop, I LOVE U NO HOMO
BTS Chim Chim (1 day ago)
이유나 (1 day ago)
nct's choreographies are the best
Như Ý (2 days ago)
reaction lạc trôi - sơn tùng mtp please <3
ani banana (2 days ago)
listen okay someone out there enjoyed the first two but my gay ass is here for bts and y'all can fight me but I don't care
LloydSim14 PH (2 days ago)
I'm SUBBING Who anyone SUBB! Back
Sinta Dewi Oktavia (2 days ago)
i kno? g dragon is a king of kpop bae 😍🔥
KDWAR케이디워 (2 days ago)
hahaha I'm korean!!!
KDWAR케이디워 okay?
Adrian Ashab (2 days ago)
Pewds retract his statement after saw jimin is so funny haha
Faisal Sal (2 days ago)
Korean rap cringe
bts fan (2 days ago)
we all are born in a wrong country
Gabrielle George (2 days ago)
There are alot of cultural references that don't translate well to English and American culture
luhyou (2 days ago)
this video made my night
Anime Lover (2 days ago)
Crow tits or baepsae doesn't really mean crow tits. It's actually a term used in South Korea to describe try-hard people. The crow tit tries to imitate the stork by spreading it's legs wide and it dies. In their songs, BTS refers to the old generation as storks and the younger generation as crow tits.
Christina Khiangte (2 days ago)
Can you please react to Big Bang???
Usukh Erdene (2 days ago)
They are not singer they ara just dancer 😂
Samantha Hintz (2 days ago)
lmao crow tit is a type of bird
sarabts (2 days ago)
Pewds: “individually” Taehyung: “indivussually”
Arya H. (2 days ago)
This video is legit the reason why I'm the biggest BTS fan ever now. Thanks, Papa Pewds. Love you ♥
ro (2 days ago)
This is my favourite video on the internet
Yoongi's Forever Wife (2 days ago)
Pewds are you Army ? *adds jimin's voice*
BtsAstroExoBlackPink7 (2 days ago)
Yay! K-pop!♥️♥️
spoopy armylicious (2 days ago)
are you now gay?
Black Tulip (2 days ago)
Finally @7:50 Choi Minho 😍my Crush❤😍 - Shawol💎💎💎💎💎
Shannon Hostiadi (2 days ago)
In Preston video (2018 minecraft video(if you don't know)) dame tu cosita GF speed your name "poo pop pie"
Rahul Jain (2 days ago)
ASS has come.
WOLFIE 44YT (2 days ago)
Ass is coming!lol hahaha😂😂
Anni Luma (2 days ago)
i dont get the title lol
Afia Zaman (2 days ago)
Lmao the subtitles😂
INFERNO ANGEL l (2 days ago)
Pewds please react to BTS FAKE LOVE
christoffkobe16 yuson (3 days ago)
react to bts
christoffkobe16 yuson (3 days ago)
Rania Azzahra (3 days ago)
i knew it pewds like GD
Aušrinė Vilimaityte (2 days ago)
Rania Azzahra He was in his concert in London, and wrote in insta that it was one of the best evenings in his life.
ARMY KIZ BTS (3 days ago)
Türk varmı .....
ARMY KIZ BTS (3 days ago)
Sunita Arora (3 days ago)
And as we all know, A.S.S did come out, but not as a band, rather as a video game
INFERNO ANGEL l (3 days ago)
love yoongi (3 days ago)
Bts is my life and u seriously put ur head in the way of my bias!
Deeds (3 days ago)
I watched this before I even knew what BTS was and didn’t know what was happening now I’m like “yes they’re beautiful yes I know yes their dancing and singing is so amazing mhm mhm yes they are wonderful human beings”
Kookies Cup Of Tae (3 days ago)
I have loved kpop and mostly started liking bts is 2014

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