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Giantsbane - Part 3 Game of Thrones

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By popular request. Tormund is played by Kristofer Hivju.
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Text Comments (56)
I can't find the next episode.
King Lords (22 days ago)
lFFATH JAHAN CHOWDHURY fascist bastards !!!!! They should pay for their insolence!!!!
Roswitha Paulsen (25 days ago)
Game of Thrones episode 4
Jeremy Merrifield (28 days ago)
swines lol how dare they
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (1 month ago)
It got pulled by HBO :( Copyright Strike!!!!!
Skeptical Fox (14 hours ago)
Robb’s was much cooler
hortopiro (5 days ago)
How do you not have over a million subscribers? Keep it up brother
Nicole Bragg (6 days ago)
I adore Tormund Giantsbane. He is the absolute best. Thanks for the upload!
Ferdinand Pinca (9 days ago)
Thankz my friend...im a big fan of GOT... Your work is greatly appreciated..
MrGanaface (10 days ago)
When you come against a giant, you give up!
baz (18 days ago)
thanks for the episodes that you did get on ere :)
Sara Boxer (19 days ago)
The music when Jon looks at Ramsey like a pitbull going after a rat!!!! Gets me every time!!!!!!
Derro Farm (20 days ago)
34:57 I hope we have enough sandwiches for everyone!!
Jake Pettibone (20 days ago)
If we had giants like that around ,I just imagine them driving,or shopping or your offsprings prom date,or your proctologists.
George Loyie (22 days ago)
We need episode 4!!! I've become inadvertently hooked on this series, need more LOL!!
Tommy pedersen (23 days ago)
Jeg er først lige begyndt at se den her serie, selvom den har kørt længe, og nu ved jeg hvorfor folk flipper sådan ud over den, den er jo overraskende underholdende. Tror sku at jeg er blevet hooked på det her skrammel. Upload noget mere, og tusinde tak til den person, som har været så venlig at stå for underholdningen.
Shaun Pearson (23 days ago)
That little girl is one impressive actress.
Dn D (24 days ago)
great acting on tormunds behalf
gino diquinzio (24 days ago)
Help!! Will there be a part 4?!
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (23 days ago)
It got removed by HBO. I have no idea why. I will make another attempt at it after this copyright strike goes away. Thanks for watching in common it if you run out of stuff to watch on this channel you can also go to my other channel which is Daemon blackfyre no 2.0
Mark Jones (24 days ago)
Thanks for your efforts. A treat .
Joseph Zigmand (25 days ago)
The hound really does have sad eyes
Joseph Zigmand (25 days ago)
I hope lady mormont don't die in the last season. She's great!
SAVE MOTHRA!!! (25 days ago)
Any chance we could get Eddison tollett
Bull Cedar (25 days ago)
After reading about this period for about 60 years, I can say I'm impressed and amazed at this series....Just took a chance yesterday, and watched one episode....Wow! Only one thing, there would have been more dogs than people....
Derro Farm (26 days ago)
That giant was a bad ass
Mark Tiongco (27 days ago)
Wun Wun you da MVP!
Snigdh Tripathi (30 days ago)
I'm really a fan of yours but I think of all your predictions you mostly consider westoros for the end game, think again buddy esoss is much bigger kingdom to be ruled & half of it is still unexplored. The targarians were the sheep herders in valarian peninsula in essos, who eventually saw the first dragon eggs & became the first to train them.
Jodi Galvano (1 month ago)
Lady Mormont is my fave. She has BDE
Ben Hear (29 days ago)
She has Mormont blood you loser.
Feng L (1 month ago)
This world would end if I was the Whyte walker King just saying ! Great channel ...one of the best on YouTube !
Kai Keeper (1 month ago)
10:20 It always makes me wonder how the Northern houses choose to trust Jon Snow when most of them haven't seen the army of the dead, I mean he did capture one and show it to Cercei but did he show it to his own houses? Like saying things like this, even if it were true, might be enough to get a king killed/assassinated in real world situations because the houses would think he's crazy and make it worse for their houses... I mean I do kinda get it because he has impecable reputation but still...
Heather Day (1 month ago)
Thank you! ❤
OneofakinD (1 month ago)
p st.louis (1 month ago)
We need to convince the 1with the Dragons, or the 1 that Fucks her brother?
Verse Squared (1 month ago)
That little bitch sure can rally the troops
Phoenix 21 (1 month ago)
I'm so frigging jealous I want me a flaming sword too.. ha ha.
Phoenix 21 (1 month ago)
I hope they one day see fit to make this into a movie for the big screen I really enjoyed Lord of the Rings I'm sure Game of Thrones will be just as Epic..
Gaddy Rejano (1 month ago)
This is epic! Great job!
Zohar Uzuki (1 month ago)
Wonder what the fighting skill of the wights are.. Like do they all have the same fighting skill? Do they have the fighting skill of the White Walker that raised them? Do they have the same skill as when they were alive? So like if Barristan Selmy was turned would he have his skill from when he was alive? Or do they not have skills at all and just flail whatever weapons they have around?
Snaglebagel (1 month ago)
I'd say the wights are like drones, probably all running the same attack.exe. The stronger White Walkers would naturally have better programming skills.
Saif Shaikh (1 month ago)
I want to know about golden company
FE Rebekah (1 month ago)
“How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up and eat your liver?” “You do know her.” 😂😂😂
Sheila Jenkins (1 month ago)
Who’s the asshole who always has to put a thumbs down? 🤬
John Hampton (1 month ago)
I think Ramsay "woke the dragon" in Jon 🤣 Great compilation my friend! I really appreciate all your help through the long night! If I could, I would send you a tip to listen to some Unknown Hinson on YouTube. If you have not heard of him before, I think it will be a real treat for you! And will bring a smile to your face. Take care! Peace!
lolli (1 month ago)
OMG - What a script! Thank you, Daemon!
Dan Kaharl (1 month ago)
Ahh another rewind, hope he makes giant babies with Brianne someday!
OneofakinD (24 days ago)
Hey it has happened in the past so why not
AGaming Squirrel (25 days ago)
They would be beasts
OneofakinD (1 month ago)
rueben3213 (1 month ago)
26:O5 lolololo
Isabelle smith (1 month ago)
I just love your channel❤ The best got provider💯
lisa koola (1 month ago)
Part 3: Tormund is one underrated character ❤️ rot and bite that asshole ears! and kill the Bolton bastards!! kill them kill them all!! dammit Daemon you never fail me and the rest of the GOT fans! who’s loyal to you! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 hail to our new king Daemon 🤴 now i can sleep well.... please hit his channel and chip in! Thank You again Deamon 😘
Eve Amatta (1 month ago)
I nearly missed this
Elizabeth Flynn (1 month ago)
Hey! What a feast this evening. Thank you so,so much. Love to you and yours from Ireland,Daemon. You are brilliant to do this.
Iwant ToDie (1 month ago)
The best ginger out there

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