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The International 2018 Open Qualifier #2 with EGM, Gorgc, Garter and Lizzard

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Get the Dotaplus overlay here: http://play.overwolf.com/dotaplus/ AdmiralBulldog plays the EU qualifiers for TI8 part 2 https://www.twitch.tv/admiralbulldog Social media: https://twitter.com/admiralbulldog https://www.facebook.com/AdmiralBulldog Edited by Elaitoh https://twitter.com/elaitoh Intro made by Verrk https://twitter.com/_Verrk Outro song: Venice Beach - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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Text Comments (129)
gumikebbap (1 month ago)
bye dream
Thang Huynh (1 month ago)
Retarded and washed up streamer LUL
Drop (1 month ago)
9:00 Passive Pipe
Ken Ken (1 month ago)
Dont look back in donger
craig mabbith (1 month ago)
They need master singsong
niko galih (1 month ago)
Dont play with gorgc&garter anymore u wouldnt go far with them. So sad ur esport career be like dis :(
S Albert (1 month ago)
Gorgc and garter is actually decent, even good maybe they just lost to an actual team who has more practice, bootcamp, etc.
Kewledgykid2002 (1 month ago)
his pro career was over since ti6, hes playing for fun
Rf Light (1 month ago)
niko galih its better than play with megasubs lul
Ahmet AYDIN (1 month ago)
neden bursa ile eşleştin be bulldog :D
AbanG GedanG (1 month ago)
Lortrex Xile (1 month ago)
pick lina, auto lose
Vicente Rodrigo (1 month ago)
Gorgc is bad as shit!
Vlado (1 month ago)
Haha EPG Serbia allways win ez clap :D
Difer (1 month ago)
Buldog literally died for a rune in the last game. It was not necessary haha. I still believe their draft was crappy and could have improved. Gotta wait another year
Sergej (1 month ago)
Why is tornado banned?
Sora (1 month ago)
Last draft is so bad
Leonardo Peredo (1 month ago)
14:35 whats is this songs name?
Shangkha Brahma (1 month ago)
That almost 322 tornado "coming through"
Stiaan Smit (1 month ago)
Shroud from the counter strike community is learning dota maybe the 250kg BEAST himself can tutor him.
John Siew (1 month ago)
Mr Elatioh can you include the entire drafting phases please. It’ll teach 2k mmr players like me how to draft well
Keyboard Warrior (1 month ago)
John Siew There are full VoD's on Twitch lol
Oscar Charles (1 month ago)
Fucking lina???
Roman Holík (1 month ago)
Is it just me or as soon as Bulldog went from offlane to carry, they lost? LUL
Radith (1 month ago)
having good carry like gorgc let him playing doom instead OMEGALUL
Achmad Bintang (1 month ago)
Dont pick lone druid anymore bruh
rove (1 month ago)
bulldog carry omegalul
Diamond Jose (1 month ago)
Bulldog safelane omegalul
Luffy Monkey (1 month ago)
am i the only who thinks that Bulldog is the face of Alliance b4 cuz of his heroes?? ahahaha
no u (1 month ago)
20:45 Holy shit that dude predicted right
박승빈 (1 month ago)
3:15 song name?
Izzat Amar (1 month ago)
will they actually get DQ for using tornado?
Omega Lul (1 month ago)
I just roar him wesmart
Aditya Wardhana (1 month ago)
u trust bulldog carry? gg
semiautomaticø (1 month ago)
Rip Dream Biblethump
Candle Jack (1 month ago)
>Yeah, lets pick lina. If they had picked Troll they would've had a decent chance atleast.
marcos gun (1 month ago)
yeah its pretty obvious they would be outdrafted at the last game i mean lina and sky against BS with Lycan and clock ?? GG
José Miguel (1 month ago)
Yeahh, but gorc doesnt play Doom as good as other heroes
Kyle Abi (1 month ago)
yeah they are not taking draft seriously!! they think it's battle cup!!! so sad
Candle Jack (1 month ago)
José Miguel What? They lacked raw damage to DoT. They had a lot of burst but no lasting power.
José Miguel (1 month ago)
Candle Jack no, actually gorc's Doom isnt that good , If he got troll/morph/spec they would've for sure
Julianjohn Moralejo (1 month ago)
Pin me you fatass
BluBulletin (1 month ago)
any1 else find it super weird this man was once one of the best in the world
BluBulletin (19 days ago)
PinkMonkeyBird i mean he was a key player in the best team so i have to disagree, he had heroes if they didnt ban the other team would basicaly just lose
PinkMonkeyBird (19 days ago)
Honestly he never was. 1 trick pony back in the day. Now he can't even do his one trick anymore. Still love to watch him but he was never "one of the best in the world"
Luhung Achmad (21 days ago)
na man he's not even trying put him in a team eyeing for TI and you'll see that bulldog lul
marcos gun (1 month ago)
r u pretending dude ?? its pretty obvious they lose because of their picks at the last game right ?? last draft is so bad honestly its not even bulldog's fault the fuck with these heralds being salty to bulldog because they lose honestly
Zhi xci (1 month ago)
Oliver Warren not really.. look at dendi has a perma team to scrim and practise with.. he probably is trying so hard right now...dont get me wrong but the point is they're really great but there are just more players that are better than them right now. The only thing that they probably have advantage over newer players are their experience and game knowledge
HighSpeed Kendo (1 month ago)
no lizzard meepo PepeHands
Gio Gonzales (1 month ago)
always carried omegalul
Spread Positivity (1 month ago)
PepeHands LD is an auto lose for bulldog now PepeHands
SuperLalulalu (1 month ago)
XD carried
kneegod 24 (1 month ago)
Still have a shot on regionals. Top 16 PogChamp
Prajwal Shrestha (1 month ago)
So bald!!!!
bibban (1 month ago)
where is c00s
TheReal Shinobi (1 month ago)
Can someone explain to me about the "tornado"??
Justin Liong (1 month ago)
It's fixed, but there has been some incident saying the rules still apply, there were some matches that some teams were disqualified for this
Dede Jasindra (1 month ago)
TheReal Shinobi its been fixed
Alex (1 month ago)
Dede Jasindra you can still move you just have to move the camera.
TheReal Shinobi (1 month ago)
Is it fixed now?
Dede Jasindra (1 month ago)
In short, when tornado hit a hero, that hero cant move
Kerby Pace (1 month ago)
SKROSS (1 month ago)
Lost to a Random team PepeHands he's truely washed up PepeHands
Butch Layla (1 month ago)
Random btw Omegalul
Bijit Regmi (1 month ago)
It was Navi PepeHands
Spread Positivity (1 month ago)
Is the bug still not fixed yet?
Jamir Temjen (1 month ago)
Spread Positivity it's fixed
Aditya Pandey (1 month ago)
Pepehands Vi Lost
PsychSerum (1 month ago)
Whos watchin this in ti3
Sutan Farda (1 month ago)
bulldog suck ma deek fuck you OMEGALULBA
Paul Necesario (1 month ago)
Where is sinneddonut? Where is helena? Never lucky man
ZonZorZerx (1 month ago)
@Paul Necesario What do you mean? He had them both already. He was doing Sinned for weeks while she lived with him.
vlad dragos (1 month ago)
because he is from the boom religion.
Arief Ramadhan (1 month ago)
MoCeLoRd tell ur master to get back to doto sir :(
أبو لهب (1 month ago)
she likes mongoloids actually or she wouldn't be into KPOOP and Singsing
MoCeLoRd (1 month ago)
Paul Necesario pepehand :(
Joshua Lucas (1 month ago)
Elaitoh i appreciate your effort. these vids make me happy. thanks man
Taufik (1 month ago)
Quartermaster its 500$ a month bulldog said it on stream
Dead Knight (1 month ago)
Quartermaster (1 month ago)
I wonder how much he gets paid...
Joshua Lucas (1 month ago)
Amin Rosli he is the editor of the vids
Shady Alert (1 month ago)
Adrian Jenkins (1 month ago)
2500kg beast team FATTIES
Fuuuuck yooooooouuuuuuu
Aaaaaaggghhh gachi
David Garlitos (1 month ago)
Prince Bacarro (1 month ago)
FeelsGoodMan to be early Edit: that game 1 draft was so good. Kunkka cleave + Spec haunt + Fatal Bound. So muh damaaaaaaage!
Jacob Seed (1 month ago)
warlock golem + beastmaster aura feelsgoodman
Schneelzare (1 month ago)
they lack magic but it didn't matter in the end :D
Samuel Mikit (1 month ago)
wow im early haHAA
Batdorj (1 month ago)
trihard lul
Sorrow Pepe (1 month ago)

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