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KSIOlajidebt Picking Up GIRLS - Fame Digger Prank

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Text Comments (35)
GrindTimeAuto (1 year ago)
Watch the body language change!
George eady (2 years ago)
Ksi isn't American
solidlikeamf (2 years ago)
Knocked her
THE GRAY WOLF (2 years ago)
greenleaper r (2 years ago)
Why the fuck does he have an American accent
Phil Mitchell (2 years ago)
Are u being sarcastic
uG king (3 years ago)
look more like xpertthief
the beast (2 years ago)
rdzzaawshhffedsz..a.a. llwpa -
Majed Mooom (3 years ago)
them gamma blues doe
Eric_Q60 (3 years ago)
Setup..look how long that bench is..she's just way too comfortable with some random black dude sitting next to her. Not to mention her overly enthusiastic interest towards him regardless of his fake game. She was so quick with responses she might have been reading it off your phone...A for effort though. I had a laugh.
MegaMyriem (3 years ago)
He should do the same pretendin ordinary guy
- Kenny (3 years ago)
+Yeaaa You won a cookie! are you retarded ?
SlimeGaming 13 (3 years ago)
Best prank ever :) Like if you think same.
It's Snow (3 years ago)
Doesn't sound like him
TheDefinite Gamers (3 years ago)
Lol this video was great please do a part two
SOUHAIL V (3 years ago)
'вιѕĸy. (3 years ago)
The part with Chris Brown.. omg HAHHAHAAHHAAH
bro dont put ksi in this fuck you and thats not ksi you fucking losers i swear you need to stop trying to get veiwers
pitbolibo (3 years ago)
dude.... bitches always trying to find the easy way to life.. wow
Mohaamd_7 (2 years ago)
+pitbolibo Don't we all.
Nona (3 years ago)
Gaven Wilde (3 years ago)
That is not Ksi
Zulema Trochez (2 years ago)
Ture he is not ksi
+Gaven Wilde no shit
Zero Science (3 years ago)
Have you even watched the video? He was pretending to be KSI -.-
LivinLikeBlackLarry (3 years ago)
Hello people, you may have seen me comment before.. Today I pranked my girlfriend for my channel, 3rd prank. That also back fired.. I have yet to do a prank that I dont almost die..
Dare Dan (3 years ago)
do a robbery prank
LivinLikeBlackLarry (3 years ago)
Hey thank you man, aha I will keep hustling and subscribe, send me ideas too 
Dare Dan (3 years ago)
+LivinLikeBlackLarry i love your vids, keep up the good work :D do a social experiment
Jack (3 years ago)
that was not even KSI... lol
Fire assassin (2 years ago)
+Red Tiger ikr, I Think That Was iSecTV Or Something Like That..
Magic ASMR (2 years ago)
why the fuck do u think he was pretending u muppet
Alliyah Borja (3 years ago)
2nd comment
Stl soles (3 years ago)

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