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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 : Full Burst #20 - THE FIVE KAGE VS MADARA UCHIHA!

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Text Comments (23)
Yani Afu (2 years ago)
naruto sasuke fuck sasuke
ChefNeggroid Ares (2 years ago)
When Naruto makes clones he is not multiplying his chakra he is dividing his chakra that's why when he did the tairasengan the clone lost all of his chakra
Sajirou Plays (2 years ago)
I just tuned in on this video, yeah odd place to start, but it sounds like you haven't really watched/read shippuden? In this case, lemme tell you both the end to this fight and the end to the next one was NOT how it was, Madara never was defeated, Tobi never was defeated, in fact a lot of different things happened. Storm 4 will end up starting at the battle between Naruto and Tobi and go with the Manga/Anime interpretation.
Perald Noailles (2 years ago)
the last Battle is super hard dude
Marvin Galley (2 years ago)
wtf crunchy please dont leave me hanging like this please
Keshawn Brown (2 years ago)
The dude behind the mad is obito kakshia friend when he was younger
why you don"t uploading the next part i so damm wating for that :]
EdwinGetsDumped (2 years ago)
in the anime originally madara beat the five kage
Aiden Arney (2 years ago)
I beat this game in 10 hours lol
Wykell Ladson (2 years ago)
i always like that games
Lunar Empress (2 years ago)
You should really battle online with your fans.
andre stapleton (2 years ago)
i was waiting for u to upload this
ItzZebHD (2 years ago)
a 10 year old has like way more subs then you he has 500k his channel is EthanGamerTV. I'm not saying that you're not good. I love your vids of naruto ultimate ninja storm and stuff so keep up the good work crunchy
huerysblacklife (2 years ago)
press "Y" and "A" to accelerate towards the enemy
Mr. Popo (2 years ago)
Awesome video!
Haven't seen your face in awhile buddy. 😄
Legit! (2 years ago)
Naruto! <3
ZombieMGamer (2 years ago)
please make your videos longer
Young Breezy (2 years ago)
thats obito uchiha
Young Breezy (2 years ago)
whats sup
Godly Beast456 (2 years ago)
Great vid you gotten better
Marvin Galley (2 years ago)
love this vid
Marvin Galley (2 years ago)
just cause 3

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