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Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 - SSJ3 Goku Vs. Mystic Gohan (What If Battle!)

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Text Comments (96)
Kamren Messer (5 months ago)
Ssj 3 goku and vegeta vs ssj Broly and kid buu
zoom (1 year ago)
I have this game
NightShade (1 year ago)
hercule vs yarjirobe
Lorena Reyes (2 years ago)
wow gohan
Lieutenant Nomad (2 years ago)
Gohan was loosing against Buutenks, but SS3 Goku was keeping up with Buutenks.
zoom (1 year ago)
ultimate gohan is stronger
Derp Man (2 years ago)
That was filler.
Letricia Mays (2 years ago)
Utility gohan is going to win vs ssj 3 goku
Henry Orhue (2 years ago)
Do fusions
Henry Orhue (2 years ago)
Do fusions
Jeremiah Thomas (3 years ago)
ADESOLA ODUBIYI (3 years ago)
gohan would have torn apart super buu if goku had not interfered
ADESOLA ODUBIYI (3 years ago)
gohan would win
Lilian Andino (3 years ago)
Do dragon ball z gotenks vs trunks and goten
Gary Mosley (3 years ago)
Chrome Dragon saiyain (3 years ago)
E Wither (2 years ago)
super buu would win through sheer strategy
KushKidCloud9 (3 years ago)
Wasn't it stated that Kidd Buu was more evil than super buu yet more weaker and Gohan was picking Super Buu apart except he got blinsided.
Michael (3 years ago)
What if- Everyone was dead(beginning of cell saga. Btw)except trunks and vegeta, then mecha frieza and cooler attack earth. Basically vegeta and trunks vs mecha frieza and cooler
Mohamed Hassan (3 years ago)
kid buu was stated to be a little weaker than super vegeto 
SlamscapeDBZ (3 years ago)
No he was NOT. Nowhere near it in the least. And such a thing was never stated in the manga.
timothy burnside (3 years ago)
First of all goku is stronger even ass a ssj2 and why? Because goku beat up kid buu as a ssj2 and ssj3 but (kid buu kicked his ass later on)
SlamscapeDBZ (3 years ago)
Base Super Boo >>>>>>>>>>>>>> SSJ3 Goku > Kid Boo.  Manga FACT
joey li (3 years ago)
Do super vegeta vs ssj2 teen gohan
Percy Jackson (3 years ago)
I think super saiyan 3 goku would win only because he has stronger moves.
polo kid (3 years ago)
Here's a good fight request fight me ps3 polo_kid974
polo kid (3 years ago)
Tiofilo Looez (3 years ago)
Gogeta ssj4 vs gogeta ssj
GD Baldude (3 years ago)
There is not ssj4 gegeta
Tiofilo Looez (3 years ago)
Pryme Malik (3 years ago)
Janemba vs sword trunks
Joel Mccorkindale (3 years ago)
Super but gotnks absorbed is stronger than kid but though
Lazy Perfection (3 years ago)
Goten vs. Vegeta scouter
illlightning (3 years ago)
Gogeta vs gotenks
Ethan Borton (3 years ago)
ginyu force vs coolers armored squad
Dragon Man0511 (3 years ago)
Can you do gotten vs bardock
Dragon Man0511 (3 years ago)
Can you do gotten vs bardock
Dylan Love (3 years ago)
All sayins vs all bad guys except vegeta he is a good guy
Adrian Bowen (3 years ago)
Do tien and yamcha vs krillin and kid gohan
Joshua Koshy (3 years ago)
Can you do a request battle? If yes the teams are as follows: 1. Ultimate Gohan v.s  Vegito (Base) 2. Goku ss3           v.s  Vegeta ss3 3. Broly ss3           v.s  Hatchiyack 4. Gotenks ss1      v.s  Buhaan 5. SP Cell              v.s Future Trunks (Fighting, ss2)
victor kyles (3 years ago)
You should do finql form bojack,full power freiza,perfect cell vs ssj3 Goku, Vegeta,ultimate Gohon ★
victor kyles (3 years ago)
Ssj3 is strong
Patrickview (3 years ago)
You should do gotenks vs. goten and trunks
Kian Palmer (3 years ago)
Super like super buu Ussj trunks Ussj vegta lssj broly kid turns vs ssj 2 gouk kid gohan ssj2 vegto cell super and bojak
Reaper of subs (3 years ago)
ssj 3 is stronger
kyle fletcher (3 years ago)
Yo you should do freizas forms vs cell 1st form and android 14,16,17,18
Oshea Marange (3 years ago)
Crunchy Man U fucking need to upload more dragon ball raging blast2 and I wanna here on what else u think about DBZ xenorer what how ever it's spelled an my requested fight is.... Mystic gohon kid buu vegito teen ssj2 gohan vegeta ssj3 vs ssj3 broly gotenks ssj3 buhan gogeta and tarble
Yomy Lopez (3 years ago)
vegito and gogeta vs super jenemba,buuhan,and,omega shenron what if vegito and gogeta had to team to defeat the people they faced
omae wa mou shindeiru (3 years ago)
I think SSJ3 Goku is much stronger. Since he could go toe to toe with Kid Buu and Vegeta said that Kid Buu was even stronger than Buuhan, and that's Buu and Mystic Gohan.
starszak gaming (3 years ago)
You should make a random charecters fight
Ben (3 years ago)
Akira Toriyama stated himself in a book that Mystic Gohan is the strongest non fused character in DBZ
Shigufta Mehboob (3 years ago)
Do picon vs super sayin 2 teen gohan
Desiree Allen (3 years ago)
Super saiyan 3 broly vs super saiyan 3 goku and vegta
isaac martinez (3 years ago)
Kid buu vs super buu gohan absorbing
isaac martinez (3 years ago)
Mystic gohan vs super saiyan 2gohan
isaac martinez (3 years ago)
mystic gohan vs super saiyan 2gohan
The Terminator (3 years ago)
Turles vs. Vegeta
Kid buu is weaker then super buu gotenks absorbed but stronger then mfat buu
Prime East (3 years ago)
Play me Eastwoodmarine43
Antman (3 years ago)
do Gogeta vs Vegito
Eddi Batista (3 years ago)
goku will fuck him up becase if gohan lose to bu having absorved gotenks end picolo end kid buu is like hell more strong then the fiusion buu so goku is more strong then gohan
Zero G (3 years ago)
Do pikkon, bardock and future gohan vs kid buu
Liudmila Arteaga (3 years ago)
He did not lose he got absorbed
Nathan Oppong (3 years ago)
dude vs me worldsbest2640 and my older brother sonicblaster2460
ElitteVorrtex (3 years ago)
Gohan has more power but when it comes to exp ,fighting style and speed goku would win but it wouldn't be an easy fight
Christian Rivera (3 years ago)
goku is legendary (3 years ago)
do ssj2 goku,ssj2 vegeta, ssj Gohan,ssj trunks, and piccolo versus Broly lssj3 and hatiyack
retrobeast (3 years ago)
Dude in your next video please tell my y u haven't done a video in so long
retrobeast (3 years ago)
Do super vegeta vs super trunks in rb2
p m (3 years ago)
Do Turles and Nappa vs. normal Vegeta
Diann Beckwith (3 years ago)
kid buu is weaker than super buu but kid buu is more evil than super buu
unearthedgraves88 (3 years ago)
Dude you fucking suck at this game so much
Drake Z (2 years ago)
Its probably a CPU
why did not mystic gohan ever go ssj 
DoPhantom Chama (3 years ago)
Goku would rip his ass because of his skills and exp Strenght doesnt mean everything.
xPKJH (3 years ago)
Nope gohan can beat super buu but goku cant because when he fight fat majin buu he was about exact power as fat majin buu and when majin buu got mad he born a new stronger then him majin buu and he absorb fat majin buu and got alot more stronger
JOHAN SANCHAN (3 years ago)
Maybe skills idk about strength. If they had the same power level then maybe go u would win.
DoPhantom Chama (3 years ago)
Marius (3 years ago)
Yeah goku have exp and he knows how to fight like a man :D
YellowEmerald (3 years ago)
Do Nail vs Piccolo
Cool gamer Gogeta (3 years ago)
Finally a dbz raging blast 2 video
Stewie Griffin (3 years ago)
Metal cooler vs hatchiyack
XI- BadBoy (3 years ago)
More dragon ball z battel of z
ninja dog931 (3 years ago)
Do a random match on dragon ball z raging blast 2
Stewie Griffin (3 years ago)
He's done it
Furby Lover (3 years ago)
SSJ Goku versus SSJ Gotenks
Tony Montana (3 years ago)
Ssj3 goku would beat dat ass no contest 💯
McFinest shadow (3 years ago)
Do gogeta super saiyan and vegito super saiyan
Stewie Griffin (3 years ago)
He's done it
the ragingluxray (3 years ago)
tarble vs vegeta
Stewie Griffin (3 years ago)
He's done it
Fictional Nightmare (3 years ago)
Ultimate Gohan would win
Izzy Cool56 (3 years ago)
U should do all gohans against all gokus
brawlspark7 (3 years ago)
This video looks abnormally High Def
brawlspark7 (3 years ago)
This video looks abnormally High Def
super goruto (3 years ago)

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