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Me playing Myscene game

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myscene game
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BubblyDayz (6 months ago)
olycat123 (5 years ago)
i played this when i was 5
Cress Wee (5 years ago)
I love mommy and daddy
Nurul A (5 years ago)
Did i just saw the year of the upload is 1970????
Andrea McFish (5 years ago)
Why does this have so many vuews?
Kartinica Holmes (5 years ago)
Du Nguyen (5 years ago)
marwa mohammad (5 years ago)
now it over 4 milion
Ismael Nava (5 years ago)
Gjgggv Mqhk.
Ismael Nava (5 years ago)
Atif Sheraz (6 years ago)
wat the flip
Mariah c (6 years ago)
Alicia keys - Wakeup
Regan McMullen (6 years ago)
Umm . . .
Procrastination Queen (6 years ago)
this is bullshit, and the nails/rings are SOOOOOOO ugly
Marco M (6 years ago)
i am angly
Marco M (6 years ago)
Grace Behm (6 years ago)
@KathyLondon112 yeah i know right?
Gensel Plays (6 years ago)
Quien querría verte jugando, yo nada mas vi el nombre de tu tonto " video " y me puse a comentar jaja es muy aburrido verte
Venusstar22 (6 years ago)
@KathyLondon112 I came to this video to find out the same exact question you asked...cause I too wanted to know how on earth this got so many views.....and then I realized that I added to the number of views by clicking on the video and coming here out of my sheer curiosity. I guess over 2million people were curious just like we were, hence the number of views...LOL.
Kathy Warbler (6 years ago)
Why the hell this has 2 million views?
mai ft (6 years ago)
Made (6 years ago)
how the hell did i end up on this vid....
KhadijahHarmony (6 years ago)
@SuperSaas you know how girls are
KhadijahHarmony (6 years ago)
@SuperSaas it doesn't matter.... at least your a girl.
PlasmaFairy5 (6 years ago)
Wtf i came here for a cooking video... and why the fuck does this video has more views and likes than mines?
Rajesh Butle (6 years ago)
QueenKristy408 (6 years ago)
IDK how I got here, but I used to play this game when I was little:)
Julia Luong (6 years ago)
I clicked on this, because I was curious why there are over 2 million views.
Batfluff (6 years ago)
SugarfreeCandy77 (6 years ago)
@dani222606 oh I'm asking that too O.o
Tamika Costello (6 years ago)
How did this get so many views?
ImYourAddiction95 (6 years ago)
How the fuck did I get here from a machine head video..... And why so many hits :S!
asil (6 years ago)
i'm 21 and i'm still playing dress up games LOL
p1nkUn1c0rn (6 years ago)
HOWWWW howwwwwwwww did this video get 1 million views o.o
Arab Ninja (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you got here from a donut video :3
Diana Alexandra (6 years ago)
why the h*ck did you post this?
TheGayBoyAlexis (6 years ago)
71 people perfer barbies
Imposing Cacti (6 years ago)
Wth am I watching this? ._.
1234rishka (6 years ago)
Over a million views?! Wow!
alayahprincess (6 years ago)
W I n it is in the playpink.com
shosho ali (6 years ago)
y the FUCK did this video has gotten more than 1,000,000 viewers !!!!!
MoonRiver (7 years ago)
tooo much rings!
Jasper Cloud (7 years ago)
justin bieber is beter than this
Momoko002 (7 years ago)
why does this have so much views
Sophia Tolentino (7 years ago)
why do this have 1 174 775 views?
Chipette Alyna (7 years ago)
Mi a szám?Nagyon kéne!
Kayla Coffman (7 years ago)
go fuck yourself
Matias Aznar (7 years ago)
cool i love it soo much
Ku Ky (7 years ago)
shiit im gonna download this game right nooow
sonya alexandra (7 years ago)
I already play that game...is so fun But kinda borring
Yanet mk (7 years ago)
hi scena
Queenofawesome25 (7 years ago)
Wtf 500K views?
Jessi The Danosaur (7 years ago)
i love my scene games the girls on it r cute i always say im the blonde one hehe :3
Rabdomantis (7 years ago)
Once i printed my super fashion nails and.... it just didn't work
mscrumpster1 (7 years ago)
ugliest nail polish ever
kanetaker11 (7 years ago)
this sucks
gay furry (7 years ago)
... wtf? How did i end up here of all places?? :(
Winry RGard (7 years ago)
omg i used to have this game when i was 5! i miss it so much. i wish i still had it
mari omari (7 years ago)
remember when i was young and found this site i was sooooo addicted! ps: you made a hot mess outta her hands xD!
nahum morales barajas (7 years ago)
que pedo con eso c u r c i l
Mslynn109 (8 years ago)
i lsy this already and your nails are ugly
Trisha Belle (8 years ago)
Nice blue rings and Pink rings :D
webkinzfaithluver (9 years ago)
wjat is that game called???!!!

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