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Stealing Money From Car (SHOCKING RESULTS) - Social Experiments 2016

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Text Comments (195)
Roger Da Illegal Alien (2 months ago)
Next time use counter fit cash genius lol
Matthew Gonzalez (1 year ago)
your nice😏
Brah645 Brah645 (2 years ago)
what you did for that but was the coolest thing I have ever seen
Mark Winberry (2 years ago)
all these people saying they are sorry for the last guy, well fuck him. he is one of those assholes who tried to get in but we're rejected because they were retards so they army up their jackets and pretend. oh, I was in places I can't talk about. yeah right, you say that so they don't as you technical questions about the army that you would not know how to answer. get outta here you loser go live in the shelter where you belong.
Mela Asterno (2 years ago)
you sound dumb as hell right now. Please go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.
Sam Thomson 2580 (2 years ago)
That last guy feels like one of the best people on Earth! Please like to give all respect to the last guy Paul. Thank you so much Paul. 👍
Cappuccino - (2 years ago)
At 1:30 why would a millionaire steal someone else's money?
Tripo's Motovlog (2 years ago)
America is good
bryanbeam (2 years ago)
great video, our vets should never be homeless. goes to show how fucked up our government is.
Elijah Stafford (2 years ago)
The real man is the guy to put up that money they thought he stole it good heart we can learn something from him 🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹
Chelsea Martin (2 years ago)
Brought tears to my eyes 😭❤️😇
Johnathan Ramos (2 years ago)
The last guy was so nice I was crying
xrayo xlaser (2 years ago)
you are a good man
Piet Hendriks (2 years ago)
that dude from 4:30 is the real man !!
Joey Osland (2 years ago)
I legit cried at the last guy we need more people like this is america this is so inspiring and we honestly need to spread this , these are the people we need
Jonathan Destine (2 years ago)
ur a very nice man
CORDIALI B (2 years ago)
Last one: "you obviously got a lot of the cashes"... not exactly a saint.
Matthew Leeper (2 years ago)
we need more people like that guy at the end in this world I highly respect people like him
iTz_ SLayEr (2 years ago)
the last guy was the best he need the money but didn't take it other people take it they didn't need it
Atila Ucar (2 years ago)
Ich hab gleich so das komische Gefühl gehabt das er das Geld nicht nehmen würde , im gegen teil er hatte dass sogar versteckt, damit niemand anderer das Geld entwenden kann . Wie ich das wusste weiß ich nicht , vielleicht muss man nur auf sein Herz hören.
Hot Chick (2 years ago)
Wait has that man cencer? Or was he a soldier?
x (2 years ago)
He was a soldier, but he said keep fighting because he's homeless
Sorapol (2 years ago)
whats the shocking part though o;
rumi uddin (2 years ago)
I love that army guy he made me cry 😢😢😢😢😢😛
Zeyad LT (2 years ago)
even if this is fake the results should teach someone something
x (2 years ago)
Zeyad LT (2 years ago)
+Julius Cabaya yeah..
Julius Cabaya (2 years ago)
+Noodle yeah
x (2 years ago)
Yeah :)
thegigadykid1 (2 years ago)
اسعد نفسك (2 years ago)
the last guy must be a Muslim because his action like islam
utku_x99 (8 months ago)
You dont need a religion for doing good things.
Istvan Bartus (2 years ago)
The last man awesome!!! God bless you !!!
Forest Hudson (2 years ago)
that is sad he had no place to live and he was a veteran
erikgreeno (2 years ago)
we have no business fighting in other countries. if saudis came here like that we'd kill them.
HxC_Fragman Hype (2 years ago)
The veteran biker saves the day!!
Dxddy.yvette (2 years ago)
Dxddy.yvette (2 years ago)
Awwwww he didn't even take it he put it in the glove compartment 😢😢😢😢Awww and that gift was poor
MoaMetal 1999 (2 years ago)
does someone khows where can I get patches like does? or are they only for military... btw the last guy is awesome respect for him
RAB MAN (2 years ago)
Mardon Company is where we get our flight patches for the Air Force flying squadrons.
Nicholas Spartichino (2 years ago)
Any army surplus store
Sid (2 years ago)
This guy copied the video from yesfunnyyes This is a stupid copyright!!!
Vivek Choudhary (2 years ago)
as if yesfunnyyes produces its own pranks and videos. yesfunnyyes also just copies the videos
Allison Borrows (2 years ago)
and so are u for taking him for dinner and giving him a ride and giving him 100$
Allison Borrows (2 years ago)
that guy is really sweet
Jester Roland Cuya (2 years ago)
ohhh that's fat guy is a good guy...
Jester Roland Cuya (2 years ago)
so that you will easily get the money back..
Jester Roland Cuya (2 years ago)
what if every time you have an experiment like that, you have a guy that has a big muscle or a tall bold guy that will stop the people who will get the item that making your social experiments good... :)
Julian Lopez (2 years ago)
Instead of bringing in Syrian refugee terrorists how about we bring in our homeless veterans to a house? who's with me?
Cypher Blaze (2 years ago)
The ending is so sad
A. kafi uzde nigga (2 years ago)
fuck american infidel soldeirs
Texas Toast (2 years ago)
no fuck you.
cQc Gam1ng (2 years ago)
Wow the last guy he❤️😢
Boujee George (2 years ago)
Props to the last guy that's what being American is all about standing up for proper Values against anyone
DatBoi_Ace 21 (2 years ago)
The last guy had me shocked y was about to drop a tear god bless u paul
That man service in k.s.a خدم في السوديه !!!
King Rat (2 years ago)
This looks real, I hope it's real, that last part is really awesome.
Joshua Luna-Li (2 years ago)
those patches are Velcro?
DL6UK (2 years ago)
that last guy made me speechless ! Great that there are guys like him out there.
yaseen suhail (2 years ago)
he deserves respect
riverboy02 (2 years ago)
you are doing googd for theses popel
king mustard (2 years ago)
Drew Johnson (2 years ago)
"go get a real job"....coming from the guy who walks around town taking money out of cars?
Stevey 808 (2 years ago)
horror Movies (2 years ago)
Adolfo Verdines (2 years ago)
was gonna say that
thegigadykid1 (2 years ago)
Martin Pantoja (2 years ago)
Lol I was going to say that
Watchful VII (2 years ago)
that veteran was truly inspirational
King Kanté (2 years ago)
Yesterday i asked my dad for a large loan of 5p
Tushar (2 years ago)
great video
Suraj Chouhan (2 years ago)
Homeless pepole are good.
Nathan Dooley (2 years ago)
why do people who throw at football and get tackled make millions per game but people who keep out country alive don't even make 10% of that Smh
HWC (2 years ago)
Jay Meyjer (2 years ago)
Sooo much respect for you hammy! I really like it alot!! THUMBS UP FOR THIS AMAZING VIDEO!👌 #hammytvarmy❤️❤️
Mario Panayotty (2 years ago)
Excelente vídeos :))
Randy Korba (2 years ago)
humanity is still exists
toster512 (2 years ago)
Shoony (2 years ago)
God bless you Paul x
L77kim77l (2 years ago)
Didnt you already show this 2 times?
Adam South (2 years ago)
Why the fuck would you dislike this video ?
al_king -_- (2 years ago)
Allyson Gaines (2 years ago)
Did anyone else cry
Delagha Hamadi (2 years ago)
yeah :(
John Deer (2 years ago)
+Allyson Gaines go back to school Allyson why are you here lol can your bird say Allyson yet?
Alyssa Pugsley (2 years ago)
son vu (2 years ago)
unbelievable man
ThisisArizona (2 years ago)
Weiß jemand wo es den pully bei 2:00 zu kaufen gibt? ;)
xShiqu (2 years ago)
Ist halt Nike, gibt es bestimmt irgendwo.
xFade P.S. (2 years ago)
+zNe0x haha nur in den USA
Lily (2 years ago)
God bless him❤️
Patrick Richards (2 years ago)
Who the hell disliked the video
DieTodesspritze (2 years ago)
"oh hey there. we're doint a social experiment. could you please give us our money back, but dont hurt me :'(" wtf is wrong with you?! i would punch the shit out of these ignorant fucks! last guy fake as fuck obviously...
Ahmed Khaled (2 years ago)
Saudi Arabia 😍✋✋Muslim people don't steal like other 💚💛💜
ACE 54 (2 years ago)
They go boom boom💥💥
mitchel.exe (2 years ago)
+Damian Swag 😂😂
DamianVenlo (2 years ago)
Thats because there a no muslim dumbass
mitchel.exe (2 years ago)
you do realise that Saudi Arabia was a place he fought right
al_king -_- (2 years ago)
This is the pride of the Muslims and Saudis 💚
Fatih (2 years ago)
respect to the last one. humanity is still existing. thanks god.
TheDooms (2 years ago)
itz Fusionz 17 (2 years ago)
I knoe right so much for thinking them for serving out country
Federico Zardetto (2 years ago)
RYN (2 years ago)
Wow much respect for the last guy , not everyone is bad...
DrizzyVapor (2 years ago)
Hell yes. Oohrah baby.
Malachi21 Owen (2 years ago)
Letachi Le (2 years ago)
Beauty. While watching this bi wsd like id put it in the box and write note buts he got it.
Willis Bosh (2 years ago)
I would run after them saying "police get on the fucking ground" after they stole the money.
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
+chillin with nick you're crazy then!
Willis Bosh (2 years ago)
I would take the risk.
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
+chillin with nick the area where it was snowing and he had to change the guys voice is the kind of area where not so nice people who take money from nice cars carry illegal guns. Good luck trying to prank someone and call out that you're pics, which by the way is illegal as well to impersonate an officer.
Willis Bosh (2 years ago)
+Matt Sheahan Most deaths in the us by guns are either suicides, mass shootings, or accidental killings by children.
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
+chillin with nick are you kidding me??? Look at the amount of gun violence in America!!!
KD BOOM (2 years ago)
thank you for your survis thank you for making it posibel for me to sale up and know I live in a free country thank you for being a hero
KD BOOM (2 years ago)
USA all the way
Jeffrey Murdock (2 years ago)
the last guy had me wanting to cry.
Celine Blakeslee (1 year ago)
Jeffrey Murdock me to
Lorenco 777 (2 years ago)
+Jeffrey Yeah me to I almost cried
Bo Bou (2 years ago)
+JBShadowGamer (Piston Games Official) crie for what
Bo Bou (2 years ago)
last guy was fake acting
Matthew Leeper (2 years ago)
me too
Jeffrey Murdock (2 years ago)
army proud army strong
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
I'm an Australian Army vet,that shit makes proud!!!! Thank you for your service!
Unashamed Opinion IDK (2 years ago)
100 points to Paul.
FOA Ent (2 years ago)
best one not everyone bad
Dakota Jones (2 years ago)
thats a rea run but still cool
logan sy (2 years ago)
That guy at the end is awsome
Phillip Cortese (2 years ago)
first one. real. second. no.
Phillip Cortese (2 years ago)
Melecio Estrada (2 years ago)
John Vernon (2 years ago)
not going to limit made me cry USA
fake and staged
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
dude its so obvious...
KD BOOM (2 years ago)
just stop
actors lol
Jeffrey Murdock (2 years ago)
Willking 01 (2 years ago)
This guy was really cool and he Need To keep fighting Until the end
Willie Hale (2 years ago)
honestly are you that dumb " special forces "
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
+Willie Hale ok and what does that have to do with this video?? You were SF? Yeah OK.
Willie Hale (2 years ago)
That I was in special forces for six years
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
+Willie Hale what's the first thing you said??
Willie Hale (2 years ago)
Look in the comments that's the first thing I said
Jeffrey Murdock (2 years ago)
Didn't hear special forces just heard army
itz Fusionz 17 (2 years ago)
so respectful for u for posting that and woe people are incredible and the thought that he sacrificed his life for out country and is now living in a shelter
Reanu Keeves (2 years ago)
it's an epidemic man, I'm Ex Australian Army, and we have the same issue with homeless vets, just not on as large a scale as America. Thank you for supporting our veterans!
Willie Hale (2 years ago)
I was in special forces for 6 years and met many veterans like this man people don't understand what these honorable men go through I have given three veterans homes but many men like this I met are to proud to even take help
Moslem Nabi Zade (2 years ago)
Fucking stolen valor
Moslem Nabi Zade (2 years ago)
Stfu u fake piece of shit
depressed demons (2 years ago)
I love love loved it

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